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You can do a lot in the dark.


I crossed my legs anxiously, adjusting every second. I felt her warmth next to me as I tried to focus on the movie. Thank god nobody was around us, it was pretty empty for a Saturday night… her hand touched mine and I leapt. Jesus Christ, my nerves wouldn’t calm down. I felt her hand brush my arm and land on my neck, I tensed.

Relax, babe.

Her hand slowly massaging my neck as I eased up. My heart still raced, I’d never been this nervous around a girl, not one as perfect as her… the darkness didn’t help as I tried to find her other hand. She grabbed mine and placed it right on her thigh, I held my breath. I tried focusing on the movie, but my mind was going a million miles per hour. I realized suddenly her hand had moved, and she was grabbing my thigh. I crossed my legs without realizing it trapping her hand between them.

Next thing I knew she was right up against me, massaging my thigh. I groaned slightly, I knew what she was up to and then suddenly so did my body. My hand moved between her legs, massaging just as she was doing to me. I could feel how hot she was down there... even how wet she was getting. She kissed my neck softly, making my skin prickle. Enough with the playing around, I went for it. My hand swiftly undid her jeans and slipped in. She was soaking wet, as I rubbed her clit. She held back moans, subtly moving against my hand. I teased her lips with my finger, in and out.

I felt her hand between my hands falter as I kept going. She tried staying quiet as I slipped a finger in. She was tight and soft, I felt her get wetter. I grabbed her hip with my free hand and pulled her closer. She moaned into my ear, making me go even more. I reach a hand under her shirt and her bra, massaging her breast. By that point I didn’t care who heard or saw, I was determined to get her to come for me.

I turned her head towards mine, kissing her trying to stifle her moans. Her moaning into my mouth made it even better. I went slowly and steady, building up more and more. I could feel her tensing as I slipped another finger in. She grinded against my hand more and more, as I went faster and fast. Her sweet, wet lips against my hand... her body pressing even closer to mine. She let out a moan, my hand darted to her mouth.

Shh, baby girl...

I went faster and faster, I could her how wet she had gotten. I moaned slightly, thinking about how I was going to strip her down and fuck her later. I could feel her body tense suddenly, and her moans stopped. All I could hear was her shallow breaths and my heart still racing. She turned to me and kissed me right as her body shuddered.

I came as I opened my eyes. Goddamnit. I rolled onto my stomach and looked over at my phone: Nothing. I groaned, yanking up my shorts, and wiping my fingers off on a towel. I rolled back, and stared up at my ceiling. I really should stop dreaming of her. Of the girl I could never get. Because I was a girl, that no girl ever wanted.

Colorful Chaotic
Colorful Chaotic
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