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Dark Side Chapter Three

by Jennifer Cypert 4 years ago in fiction
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Dogged Revenge

Birds are joyfully singing in the breezy chilly air. Insects such as crickets and flies are joining in with the melody. Joseph is surrounded by trees that have turned deep reds, oranges, and yellows. He notices that he is laying on the ground his head propped up on a rock. He hears a soft spring of water in the distance. There is laughter, but there is also distress that he cannot make out. Possibly other campers pulling jokes on others. Straight ahead there is a buck. He is quite handsome with his curved face, large eyes and body. There is something rather odd about the face. The animal looks as if it is smiling in an ornery manner. Joseph could hear a noise coming from it. It was in between a cough and wheezy laughter coming from its throat. The buck starts to walk in his direction. Joseph puts his hand out to touch it as it draws near. It walks right up to him, only to face the other direction. Warm, chunky brown liquid shoots from its butt. The liquid, which is raining down all over Joseph’s chest, smells like digested chili with a hint of jalapeno peppers. Joseph is horrified at what is going on. He tries to get the feces off of him but cannot. It just gets worse as it smears and relentlessly stays on his hands. At first he cannot call out. He can not scream. His mouth is open but no words will come. Joseph takes a deep breath and lets it out in an attempt to yell.

Cecil, Jacob, and Ray storm into the bedroom. On top of the bed is a Siberian husky facing them. The husky is hulking, like a wolf at the top of his breed. Its hair is white except for flecks of grays and light gold throughout the fur. His eyes are pure rage and fire. His mouth is in the shape of a wild smile that deepens into a growl upon their arrival. The growling only gets louder as they try to get rid of the dog and retrieve their friend.

Joseph finally finds himself back in reality, but the stench and the feces still remain, only to look at a wavy tail, with its fur standing straight up, and silky fur covering tight muscular legs of a canine. Through the legs, he can see his three friends. All three of them are looking at him and the beast with wide eyes, faces stricken with terror. He notices for some reason that their heads and torsos are soaking wet. There is a heavy stench of animal urine in the air that is complementing what else is infiltrating the room. It is only that bad, because all three are standing there. The dog’s hind end is still dripping from the mess it made on Josephs chest, which is landing on his left forearm. His rage builds with each word that he pronounces.

"GET. THIS. DOG. OFF. OF. ME!", Joseph quakes.

He is not sure who or what he is mad at the most. His friends standing there like little jerk off cowards or the fact that there is a dog in his house that he has never seen before towering over him like his latest victim or that he is covered in shit. Either way, the day is starting out in a monstrosity that he has never witnessed before. Never had he felt so humiliated.

"He won’t let us move," Cecil wines.

"Look what he did us. We are soaked in his piss!" squeaks Jacob.

Ray just shakes his head from side to side as deep sobs form in his chest. He seems a little more traumatized than the others do. Post drunken bellows spill from his gullet. Joseph cannot stand the noise that is coming from his shaken friend. The more noise he makes the more irritated Joseph becomes.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Ray?" shouts Joseph

In between sobs, the grown man whimpers, "He must have thought my dick was a chew toy. I don’t know what was on that stripper’s G-string last night, but the dog sure liked it. Damn near chewed it off! It took both of these tardos to get it off of me after their fits of laughter. We didn’t know where the dog was anymore, because they wanted to make sure I still had my willy. There is blood running down my jeans. He must have pierced my balls too." This sent his friends into a rage of laughter again. By that time, the dog was a little calmer and was sitting down, but still not willing to let them move any closer. Joseph wasn’t sure if he was going to laugh himself, but with everything going on, he would have to laugh later.

"Alright! Without whining, bitching, or crying, one of you get something to lure this dog out of here. Now!" commanded Joseph

Before anyone could do as he asked they heard a loud booming voice in a thick Russian accent from the front door in the living room.

"Zakhar, come!" said the new stranger.

All three men turned around. At the door stood a man of five foot seven in his mid sixties. His hair beamed red in the autumn sunlight. He was wearing a white tank top and light blue jeans. His arms were strong and sinewy. The dog obeyed as he slid his butt across the bed, leaving with him a trail of brown across the bed all the way to the edge. As the dog was about to leave the house, he turned around with a big toothy grin on his face, looking back at Joseph, and the other part of the motley crew, then ran off to his master.

Before the Russian man left, he said, "If you do not keep your door shut, my dog has no qualms about coming in to take your food." Then he and his dog walked down the stairs.

By that time, Joseph was laying there a little beside himself. He was furious, but exploded in loud fits of laughter. Each time he laughed, the smell traveled farther up his sinuses. This made the laughter turn into instant nausea. Instant nausea turned into him vomiting on the floor on his side of the bed. After much of the contents from his stomach were upon the floor was when he truly noticed that Sarah was not in the room with all of them. It was obvious that she was not in his bed, but a drunken nightmare turned into partial reality.

Joseph got himself showered, shaved and dressed. As Joseph did that he thought of all of the calling that he had to do to find his wife. He wasn’t really sure why he cared anymore. He knew all of the benefits of keeping her, but other than that, he was in love with someone else. He thought of how disgusting she had gotten. It wasn’t long after they had started dating that she had begun to change. It was as if she stopped caring about what she put into her body. With each nauseating pound he had begun to love her less. He thought of all of the punishment that he would perform on her. How he would tie her up in his most favorite way and fill each orifice of hers with something of his. Joseph reveled in that idea. It is what he lived for when she disobeyed him.

Cecil, Jacob, and Ray were ordered to clean up the apartment. By the time Joseph walked into the living room, they had rounded up two trash bags of just what that dog had gotten into. That included large chunks of the couch cushions, large chunks and claw marks in Joseph’s favorite oversized black leather chair, and all of the contents of the refrigerator either bitten into or just spilled on to the kitchen floor. Seeing all of this took him to a place of rage that was more than palpable. The three that were cleaning stopped dead to look at Joseph. The fact that they looked so clueless staring back at him pissed him off all the more. His face began to turn red, as veins were popping out of his skull. In an earth shattering voice he bellowed, “What are you bastards staring at me for?! Get your asses back to work! I want this place so clean, a baby could eat off of it!”

Suddenly, Joseph’s phone rang to the tune of "Cherry Pie." It was Trixie. A shot of dread and calm filled Joseph’s cold black heart.

Joseph answered the phone. “Hey babe.”

"Hey there. I have just pulled into town. I was wondering if you want me to pick up anything from the store before I got there," Trixie said.

"No. Not this time, love. I think you and I are going to hang out at our hotel for the weekend. Somehow the door got left open and this dog got inside and tore this place to shit. I really don’t want you to see it. Just pull into the complex, text me and I will meet you out front," instructed Joseph.

"Oh my god! I don’t even want to know. Are you guys are okay?" exclaimed Trixie.

"Yes baby, we are fine. Let’s get off of the phone now, so you can drive. I hate it when you talk and drive. Just get here safely," soothed Joseph.

"Okay, handsome, I love you," said Trixie.

"I love you too, Trix," replied Joseph.

After Joseph got off of the phone, he went to the bedroom. He found his four foot duffel bag which harbored all of the things a traveling kinkster such as himself would desire. After all that had happened, he was in the mood for something hot, wet, and spanked. He would have to do more than mentally try not to take out his anger on Trixie. He would have to center himself before he put his hands on her in the way that he craved when he was with her. The only way to do that was to take it out on someone else.

He had at least thirty minutes before she would be there. Joseph went back into the living room. What he was about to do brought back fond memories of when he was single. If his friends thought they could get away with any pokes and jabs at Joseph, they would pay for what they said.

At his command, they stopped what they were doing and looked at him. They noticed that a long black leather whip was in his hands. Immediately all three of them got onto their hands and knees then turned around with their butts in the air, and their faces down on the floor. He walked over to them and whipped them mercilessly on their behinds. By the time he was done, Trixie had texted him. He told her to wait a few minutes, then he would be down. He sat down on the disheveled chair that was once his beautiful ebony throne to catch his breath. The three grown men lay on the floor quietly sobbing. After Joseph had collected himself, he said,” You will continue to clean this shithole up while I am gone. When I get back it had better sparkle… or else..."

They all said in unison, "Yes, Dom."

Joseph, got up, threw some money onto the floor and left.


About the author

Jennifer Cypert

A lover of all the impossibles if only they are in my head.

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