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Dark Delights

by Eliza Bennett 4 years ago in erotic

A Work of Fiction

It starts with dinner. We meet at a restaurant. Me in a dress, stockings and heels. You in a suit and tie. We sit at a table. I'm so nervous I can barely keep my hands from shaking. And I'm already wet. Wet at the thought of meeting you. Being with you. And know it. You smirk at me, find ways to touch me that are innocent enough but leave me burning. Aching. You order for me and dammit, I like that.

We eat. I don't know what. We have wine. We laugh, talk, and all the while your fingers graze mine. You reach out to brush a lock of hair over my shoulder and my breath catches. You hear it and grin.

"Soon, baby girl," you whisper. I melt.

Dinner ends. You help me put on my coat, your hands accidentally graze my breasts as you do.

"Oops," you say, with a smirk that makes me realize it was no accident. I laugh, call you incorrigible.

You lean in, kiss my neck just below my ear, and whisper, "You have no idea."

I shiver. You hail a cab, we climb in. You give the cabbie the name of your hotel then you turn and kiss me. Your kisses are slow and sweet...promises of what's to come.

We arrive at the hotel. We walk in, your hand at the small of my back, opening doors for me, the perfect gentleman. It makes me even hotter; my heart is beginning to race. You nod at the front desk clerk as we wait for the elevator. I'm sure you're going to pounce as soon as we get in, but you don't. You push the button for our floor and grin at me, then pull me against you, my back to your front. You rock your pelvis into my ass, making sure I can feel how hard you are. You laugh under your breath when I squirm, but you say nothing—you just hold me against you. I'm even wetter.

We get off the elevator, walk into your room, and I'm suddenly against the wall, my arms pinned above my head by one of your strong hands. The other hand grabs my jaw, gently, as your tongue invades my mouth. I moan. Your hand moves to my throat. Applies the softest pressure. I moan again. Louder. You break off the kiss to grin at me.

"You like that, baby?" you ask.

I can only nod breathlessly. Your mouth covers mine again. Your free hand wanders down my body, pulls up my skirt, yanks my panties aside, and then two fingers shove deep inside me. I nearly come then.

I gasp into your mouth. You end the kiss, staring into my eyes as your fingers slowly fuck me. Your thumb flicks my clit and I come undone. My knees buckle. I'm upright only because you have hold of me. You remove your fingers and lick them, never taking your eyes from mine.

"You taste so sweet, baby," you say, " Taste yourself."

You push your fingers in my mouth. Your hand releases mine. I undo your belt, slide your pants down, kneel in front of you. I look up as I pull your cock out and take it in my mouth, never taking my eyes off yours as I tease you with my tongue and lips. Taking you deep, then pulling away. You start to groan and begin to thrust into my mouth. I let you. Suddenly you step back, pull me to my feet, lead me to the bed.

You remove the rest of my clothes, shove me to the bed. You take off your tie, raise an eyebrow at me. I nod eagerly. You laugh again, then tie my hands above my head. You kiss every inch of me. My neck. My breasts. You grab my nipples between your teeth and tug, gently. My back arches off the bed. You continue kissing, your hands exploring. You shove my legs apart and again thrust your fingers inside me. I shriek. Your tongue hits my clit and I'm bucking beneath you. You keep a hand on my stomach, pinning me down as I'm hit by wave after wave of pleasure.

I beg. "Please, baby, please. I want you. Now. Please."

You laugh but comply, filling me with every last inch of you.

I groan. "Oh, GOD. Oh, GOD. Yes. Yes."

You grin at me. "Like that, baby?" you ask.

I can only groan in response as you begin to thrust in and out. Bringing me to the verge over and over only to pull me back. You're teasing me. I'm a sweaty, wet, whimpering mess. You start thrusting harder. Deeper. My back arches, my eyes close. You fist your hand in my hair and yank hard, forcing my eyes to fly open in surprise.

"Look at me when you come, baby. I want your eyes on me," you growl.

I nod, helpless beneath you as you thrust deeper once, twice, and suddenly we both let go. I stare deep in your eyes, screaming your name as I come. I feel you twitch deep inside me, your orgasm throwing me further over the edge. You free my hands, collapse on top of me.

My hands shake as I run them over your back, down your shoulders and arms. I'm speechless. Breathless. Your hands slide up the sides of my neck as you push up off me. You kiss me and roll to one side, bringing me with you. I rest my head on your shoulder. You stroke my hair. I sigh. I have no words. Everything is shaking in the best way possible and as you slowly bring me down from my high, you grin at me.

"So. You like having English inside you, then?"

And I think I might die laughing.


Eliza Bennett

A girl with a dream. And bills to pay.

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