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Dance a dream of red Mansions

Dance a dream of red Mansions

By Danielle ManassaPublished 4 days ago 8 min read

Many people say that a Dream of Red Mansions is a book that can be read for a lifetime.

Most of the bestsellers, in a short one or two years, high in the consumer rankings, see the bookseller's exaggerated advertising: sold a copy in less than 30 seconds! It's amazing.

However, once the popularity of the bestseller boom, like a pile of waste paper, also left no trace in the mind of consumers.

The so-called "best-selling", that is, fast "out of fashion".

In the eyes of the eager businessman, still chasing the short popularity, chasing the illusion of selling.

Bookshops are full of books. How many books are you reluctant to throw away after reading them?

Bookshops are full of books. How many have you read once and wanted to read again?

Bookstore is full of books, there is a book can always stay around, read again and again, in different stages of life to give you insight, inspiration, give you reflect, think?

A Dream of Red Mansions is a book you can read for a lifetime.

We're not just reading A Dream of Red Mansions, we're reading our lives.

"A Dream of Red Mansions" is actually a bestseller. Over the past three hundred years, it has been translated into movies and TV series from handwritten copies to woodcut typeface and lithographic copies. Instead of being "out of fashion" with time, "A Dream of Red Mansions" has had a long and extensive influence in different generations.

Booksellers in a month, or a week of bestseller list, can not understand the Dream of Red Mansions in as long as one hundred years, two hundred years really never faded "bestseller".

However, life is short to only a month, a week of care, of course, can not see a hundred, two hundred years.

"A Dream of Red Mansions" has been a bestseller for three hundred years, just like the German publishing industry in one thousand years of statistics, found that the biggest "bestseller" is the Christian Bible.

All the "classic" dishes are true bestsellers.

How many people have read Laozi, the Analects of Confucius, Zhuangzi and the Book of Songs for one thousand years and two thousand years

History has another list of best sellers.

A writer obsessed with short "hits" can't be a good writer.

Readers obsessed with short "bestsellers" are unlikely to be good readers.

The author of A Dream of Red Mansions spent ten years writing an unfinished novel. If he cared about a month's "bestselling", he would not have written this book.

The earliest readers of "A Dream of Red Mansions" copied millions of words by copying them in the fashion of popular circulation. If they cared about "selling well", they would not have done this.

Let "bestseller" be "bestseller"; Let "classic" be "classic".

"A Dream of Red Mansions" is still in many people's bed, every night before going to bed to read a paragraph, if there is enlightenment, each reading is so different, just like reading their own life.

Many people will ask "A Dream of Red Mansions" 12 hairpins, who do you like most? Who do you like least?

Lin Yutang said: the most like Tanchun, the least like Miaoyu.

Everyone probably has a "favorite" and a "least favorite."

Having watched "A Dream of Red Mansions" twenty or thirty times, I dare not answer what seems to be such a simple question.

Life seems so simple, but it's hard to say "like" or "dislike".

Tanchun is Jia Zheng's daughter, Baoyu's sister, her mother is Zhao aunt, a wench born concubine. Because of her humble origins, Aunt Zhao always seemed resentful and jealous of others. She always felt that she had suffered a great injustice and turned it into a vicious language or behavior to retaliate against others, even her own daughter, Tanchun, was no exception.

Tanchun is intelligent and powerful, trying to get rid of her mother's humble origins, she tries to create a different pattern for her life. She does things fair and not favoritism, once in a period of time acting Wang Xifeng housekeeping, methodical, profitless, showing her shrewd and able management talent.

Deeply influenced by the Enlightenment movement in Europe, Lin valued the free will of individual existence and the liberating ability of individual to break through environmental constraints.

Lin Yutang must like Tanchun, Tanchun is a typical life he reveres.

But what about Miaoyu?

Miaoyu is the daughter of a declining official family, because of the downfall of the family, had to become a nun, she foster in the temple of Jia family, it seems to be a practice, but of course the heart backlog can not be said of the gloomy depression. Miao jade lonely proud, look down on the common people, Liu grandma from the countryside, she has a serious clean obsession, self-admiration. Such a character, even today, I am afraid it is difficult to have friends, in the secular society, is always frowned upon.

However, the author of A Dream of Red Mansions, very tactfully, also makes people feel the hidden passion behind the beauty of jade clean obsession, she loves treasure jade very much, but her love is impossible to say. Her egotism became a kind of protection against injury, like the softest clam, often need the hardest shell for defense.

Miaoyu's inhumanity is a hard shell of defense.

Can we "dislike" Miaoyu?

Can we laugh at Miaoyu?

The author of a Dream of Red Mansions, no "ridicule", only "pity"; There is no dislike, only tolerance.

The author of A Dream of Red Mansions leads us to look at different forms of life, noble, humble, cruel, rich, poor, beautiful and ugly.

"A Dream of Red Mansions" the author through a different form of life, so that we know why they "aspirant", why "clean", why "love", why "hate".

Life is a kind of "cause and effect", see the "cause" and "effect" of the cycle, there is the real "mercy".

"Compassion" is really "wisdom".

A Dream of Red Mansions enables readers to understand the meaning of compassion at different ages.

"Compassion" is not innate, "compassion" is the real growth of compassion and forgiveness after seeing the different forms of suffering in life.

A Dream of Red Mansions is a novel, but every chapter and every turn of a Dream of Red Mansions can be viewed as a short story.

For many years, "A Dream of Red Mansions" in my bed, before going to bed I always casually turn to a page, casually look down, see tired, also drop not see.

In fact, A Dream of Red Mansions does not have a certain "beginning", nor a certain "end".

As our own life, even trivial, bit by bit, look carefully, also should be intriguing.

The most fascinating part of A Dream of Red Mansions is all in the details of life, not the plot.

Therefore, reading as little as you can every day may be the best way to read A Dream of Red Mansions.

"A Dream of Red Mansions" read for a long time, you will find yourself in "a Dream of Red Mansions", sometimes is Daiyu, like loneliness, sometimes is Xue Baochai, care about the success of reality, sometimes is Shi Xiangyun, frank and naive, do not care about details.

Twelve Jinchai, maybe not twelve roles, they are like our own twelve different life stages of the mood.

Baoyu cared about everyone, concerned about the different situations of each kind of life, he did not dislike or hate any form of life, including lowly wenches, servants, in his mind, should be respected objects, can be appreciated beauty.

In the bustling world, he saw all living beings. It seemed that every person and every life was like a flower in nature. He did not compare, only appreciated, only admired.

Bao Yu is actually a Bodhisattva in A Dream of Red Mansions.

Baoyu loves everyone, his love is not persistent and possessive. The Diamond Sutra says, "You should have no place to live and you should have a heart." This is the nature of Baoyu.

The reading of A Dream of Red Mansions, therefore, is a process of learning tolerance.

When I was young, I read a Dream of Red Mansions. I liked Daiyu, her pride, her absolute, her loneliness and sadness. I will also like Shi Xiangyun or Tanchun, like their intelligence and talent, like their generosity, like their positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

After reading A Dream of Red Mansions over and over again, the characters you see may no longer be Bao Chai, Wang Xifeng, or the beautiful protagonist, but Jia Rui or Xue Pan, written in the author's most sympathetic way. They are addicted to passion, they can not find the motivation of life, they fall or sink, but the author only narrates, but does not despise or criticize.

Few of the world's literary classics, like A Dream of Red Mansions, can accommodate even the humblest characters in every book.

Of course, I will also see in myself Jia Rui, Xue Pan, see the other side of my own depravity or degradation.

A book, can let you constantly see "yourself", this book is a can read a lifetime book.

"A Dream of Red Mansions" read a few times, come back to the real life, see the family and friends around, originally are in "a dream of Red Mansions", everyone bearing their own fate, towards their own fate, maybe we will have a real sympathy, will no longer casually say: like what people, or don't like what people.

In recent years, when I read "Dream of Red Mansions" closely, I have an understanding that "Dream of Red Mansions" is actually a "Buddhist sutra".

I read a Dream of Red Mansions as a Buddhist sutra, because there is compassion and consciousness everywhere.


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