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Damaged Goods, A Call Girls Story and Assessment of the Trade and its Patrons

This is my conclusion of the series of unfortunate and misfortunate events of a call girl wrapped up in the life we call “the game”. Conceivably, our stories are vastly different from one another but there’s something so parallel, so familiar, to each and every one of us. Our lives are rarely simple Or systematic nor are they always stable but every day there’s a chance it’ll be our last, Or perhaps our best!

By Nicole PostonPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
Damaged Goods, A Call Girls Story and Assessment of the Trade and its Patrons
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

Money $💵, Money $💵, Money $💵

In my impression, Every girl that dives into the world of sex, drugs and money, comes out damaged, torn, inebriated and broken. It’s a sick and twisted reality that unfortunately chews up all involved and spits them out, completely annihilated, exhausted and spent.

Then Enters a dark world of sexual obsession and greed. Motivated only for instant gratification. One that invokes the demons that lay dark inside of some of us, awakened by the adrenaline and euphoria associated with the fast life.

The “game” can wreak havoc on relationships, and cause them to end with some abusive man that has no job, no future, a smart mouth and an ultimate need to protect the very woman he lives with and off of. Trust is destroyed and loyalty is shaken because at the end of the day some escorts date their clients and some screw theirs. For a lot of call girls, they are ultimately alone with a strange man for 30 minutes to an hour doing what they need to do to take as much money out of his pockets, via cash, digital currency, credit/debit cards and any other form of currency he may have on him at the moment. With the right amount of eye contact and teasing, most men would sell their firstborn to get in that tight warm spot he traveled thru to make his Debut on earth…. Yes… the power a woman holds right between her legs will turn a man’s brain to mush but also set it ablaze… I never understood why some women gave it up so easily, weren’t they ever taught that a lot of men want what they can’t have, and there’s no better way to get them to stop spending money than to give them what they want, complete satisfaction. At that point, The river of money dries up, and seconds later they are pulling out of her driveway, deleting all memories of her, including the Internet phone line they use to conceal their affairs from their wives. And You would think after they find the one that gives them the desires they so wholeheartedly seek, they would be back standing in line around the corner; Drooling like starving troops back from war, having their first hot meal at grandmas… but in reality, they came, they saw, they conquered and for them… it’s onto the next. No love gain/ no love lost. I guess the thought of stumbling upon a strange sexual experience, gases these guys like diesel fuels an 18-wheeler truck. It’s a thrill, a rush, Exciting; the ability to Adventure into the abyss unbeknownst to what lies ahead must be similar to the high addicts receive from drugs.

Little do most of them know, they may be heading for their demise, Just short of a train wreck, and fully submissive to the dangers that envoke them.

As they fall from educated and employed, some men end up becoming unemployed drug addicts that stay drunk to numb the pain of their previous normal life. Maybe they had a beautiful wife, a beautiful life, and sweet innocent children, but now their all torn up, shredded and beyond repair. Lives can be changed and devastated all due to an addiction that many people suffer from. SEX. But, at the end of the day, what can we say? We live in a country that TV, radio, media, publications, commercials ect., Are derived from sex. Let’s face it, the statics show. Sex sells. And it seems the more taboo, the more the appeal.

I feel like for some men, it gives them a high like no other, a euphoria, maybe it's a sensory overload and complete and utter psychosis, not only from the mind but from the loins. What is it about a quick thrill that would inspire A man to give up his family, his career, his hopes and dreams… All for a quick bang by a female who is likely to have done the same with hundreds that week.

It must be the same ones who call strange “call girls” and ask, without any prior knowledge of her habits and hygiene, if she will go bareback (no condom) !!!Dude!!! You might as well just get naked and shove that thing in a meat grinder; because you’ll probably have a better chance at winning the lottery than coming out alive… Healing from something you could potentially catch from some of the “treats” I see so callously littered Across the adult classifieds, and porn sites, via, could be excruciating and impossible. To me, Escort listings like the former “craigslist” or “sumo search” and “back page” pioneered the art of what some people call, “female at your fingertips” or as I like to call it, “UberWhore” and have now made possible a secret society cluttered with filth and sex. A private underground world where the rich come to self-indulge and the others come to play as wolves amongst the sheep.

The way to have a prostitute or have some “social” time with an escort could depend on many factors, but Mainly, Her mood, her boyfriend’s mood, Her marketing and advertising skills and her ability to captivate and illuminate herself inside a perverted mind. Many girls Are extremely calculated and methodical When it comes to the approach of a wealthy man, Some ladies just drop to their knees and open their mouths and beg for what they can get and others plan and stalk and research their companion until enough information is gathered to grab him by the balls with an iron fist. But Just like the “Janes”, the “Johns” have to battle the cold-crooked world of thieves and robbers, evil and diabolic girls that sometimes may be sinful and overflowing with deceit, possibly the worst of the worst. They might have to deal with some of the shadiest of characters. A lot men seem to expect a small defenseless female to give them all the trust in the world, but most wouldn’t trust them with a small amount of gas money, sent in advance, via digital cash, to help get them over to their room and into their lap.

I have come to believe this is a lifestyle of give nothing, get something while possibly receiving a headache and a few bucks, and they receive ultimate pleasure, and lustfully enjoy a healthy “O” at the expense of a woman’s dignity. After all, once she’s been stripped of all of her clothes and rode hard and hung up wet, what does she have left anyway? Not her dignity…. Unfortunately, I'm under the impression that this world started as a man’s world and continues to be a man’s world. I have always felt like Women are objects of lust and sexuality, And their main purpose on this earth is to reproduce the man’s seed And fruitfully multiply his Bloodline. I know, I sound like an angry feminist but like I said, it's my opinion.

Prostitution, escort, call girl, (whatever you wanna call it ), Was perhaps one of the first incomes for women and it could have been what powered the way towards independence and freedom and seperated them from a man’s reigns. It perceivably may have been the very job that founded the female labor force and what could’ve helped lead to women’s rights. Now, I see it on the frontline of News headlines and I can't help but think Prostitution, human sex trafficking, and child pornography and its Connections to these horrid acts of inhumanity could be a lot of what makes this job and lifestyle a hideous and embarrassing trade. If you have any empathy at all, Then please, as you start to judge these women, call them out of their name, ignore their cries for help, just know… it possibly could’ve been you…

I have found myself in many peculiar situations, around A variety of humans and oddly strange environments during my adolescence and my 20s and 30s. I feel stronger for having experienced those moments. I feel like a unicorn in a group of horses; Created to be noticed and marveled to Give satisfaction, ratification and instant gratification to those who seek it.

This is my story, Sad, stressful, quirky and flavorful; but strangely familiar to those who have walked a mile in my shoes. An adventure that embarks with confidence and excitement, astonishment and delight for fast and easy cash but quickly turns dark and evil, demonic and deceitful as you crash and burn, fall hard and fast, completely deliberated and out of gas.


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Hello! I’m from North Carolina and writing is a passion and life long dream of mine. I write many different genres and styles. Please like, comment and share. It helps give me the confidence to share. Oh and please subscribe!!

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