Dad's Friend

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A Kylie Scene

Dad's Friend

Kylie was finally going to college after being on the waiting list an entire year, her parent's had arranged it for her Dad's friend to take her in and help her until she got comfortable in the greater Seattle area with a job. He had been around a good bit when she was younger, he was treated like her uncle, even if he actually wasn't. She was excited to finally get to study for one of the Art History programs. It also helped that he happened to be a professor, so he got her in on one of his fringe benefits to help her not be in debt. The day finally came and she packed all she could in her truck, driving from Sacramento CA to Seattle was a big thing, but she made it to his house, only for him to be sitting on his porch with a book.

"Uncle Duncan! Geez this place is tucked away, but so beautiful!" she said, as she hopping out of the truck to give him a hug.

"But you found it. I'm glad I could help you even a little," he said, moving to grab some of her stuff.

"No... I'll get my stuff in on my own..." she said, but he insisted and helped get her settled.

"I have a cat around here somewhere, his name is Loki,"Duncan said, as a black cat with green eyes popped up in a dining room chair.

She got to pet the cat as she got her stuff in and her uncle helped her, once finished she sat in the living room to watch TV with him.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay with you, I'm on the waiting list for the dorms and everything, which I can't afford until I find a job anyways..." She rambled a bit nervously.

"Oh sweetheart, it's okay. I have a spare cafeteria card for you to use and it's really no trouble to have you. So Art History? Really?" he said teasingly.

"Yeah... I want to start with that and see about repairing old paintings for museums," she told him with a yawn.

"Go turn in...We can catch up more tomorrow." He smirked.

She nodded and hugged him goodnight before going in, sleeping with her door open just a crack and Loki already snuggled up to her. Duncan passed her room and smiled at seeing her lovely form asleep there. He got ready for bed too, trimming his facial scruff and brushing his short styled brown hair. His bright blue eyes showed a happy tiredness most of the time.

Duncan woke to the smell of coffee and eggs. He got up and dressed, going down to see her making a few veggie omelettes and a side of bacon for him.

"Hey... I didn't realize I had actual food," he muttered.

"You didn't. I had to go to the store for a few things so I got more to help out while I can..." she said, all bright and perky, her hair up and her athletic wear tight.

They talked a bit, she asked where the nearest location of her gym was before going. He smiled and headed off to the school, having to go over curriculum and all that with his department. She returned and was filling out job applications when he arrived home. He sat by her and smiled.

"So, are you finding everything okay?" Duncan asked. Kylie nodded and finished up what she was working on.

"How does a chicken and veggie stir fry sound for dinner?" she offered.

He nodded happily, appreciating not having to cook dinner. Duncan had grown tired of eating alone, and she was sweet to him.

As time went on it got harder for her to find anything more than seasonal part time work that was barely paying anything above minimum wage. Duncan was fine for money and tried to tell her it was okay since she was trying, but Kylie still felt bad. One night she came home late from work and class and sat on his lap crying into his neck. Completely baffled, Duncan just let her cry until she kissed him, then he stopped her and looked into her eyes.

"Kylie... what happened?" he asked, as he moved her to the spot beside him.

"I just... I had a rough day and with the holidays coming up I just feel bad that I can barely pay my way... you're helping me so much.."

"Sweet girl, it's okay. I am just happy to have you for company and you more than help with chores... I'm more than okay with that." Duncan told her, even though his niece wouldn't calm down.

He stood her up and walked her to her room. He moved to lay her down and she sat right back up, working on his pants. She got his pants down quickly and he grabbed her hands.

"Please Duncan... I'm a consenting adult and I want to show you what staying here means to me..." she said, before pulling off her tee to show him her D cups just popping out of her black lace bra for attention.

"We... it's not right.... you're beautiful but I don't think—" He was cut off by her pulling his manhood out and quickly taking him into her mouth.

At feeling her warm mouth around him Duncan could only think of how good she was. She licked over the head as she pulled back, but would always go back to sucking on his shaft. At full mast he was a very thick, seven inches with just the right curve up. Duncan stepped back and looked down to her, she took this as an opportunity to stand and strip them both the rest of the way. He looked her over before she kissed him deeply. Duncan's need to have her took over after the redhead slid a condom on him, he picked her up and pinned her to the wall. He pushed in fully, which made her moan roughly in the kiss. His thrusts into her were fast and rough, but she loved it. He knew it was wrong, but Kylie felt wonderful and he would of course take very good care of her. Her cries drove him insane as he kept pounding into her, Kylie couldn't help but cry as she got close to her orgasm. Duncan grinned, as he pulled back from the kiss and managed to catch her nipples in his mouth one at a time and suck on them.

"AAHHH! I'm gonna cum!"

She squealed soon and he only got faster as he too was close. Her body ached for the release he soon brought her to, both crying out as they burst.

With her satisfied he laid her in bed and took his things with him as he left her room.

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