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Curiosity's Reward

by Heather Kinnane 5 months ago in fiction

Valerie has always wanted a threesome, and thanks to her newly adopted black cat, she's going to get one.

Valerie picked up Morgan, her new cat, as it rubbed against her legs, and frowned at the two men standing on her porch.

“I bring you roses of the deepest red.” The tallest, with cropped black hair and brown eyes, held out a dozen red roses.

“I’ve brought you expensive jewellery.” The second man, red-headed and red-bearded, held out a velvet lined box with what looked like a diamond necklace.

Valerie shook her head. “But I don’t even know either of you!”

Another car pulled up outside their gate, and Valerie cringed as a man climbed out of it.

“Another one?” she muttered.

“This one isn’t here for you.” Valerie’s flatmate, Nona, pushed past. “I told you not to get a black cat. I warned you.”

“You said they were unlucky. You didn’t say they’d attract strange men.”

Nona’s gaze held Valerie’s gaze. “You own a black cat, it’s like a beacon to all the single men in the past century. They’ll be haunting you for days.”

“What?” Valerie had returned home from the cat shelter to find three men waiting on her doorstep the night before, and was only able to send them on their way by telling them she was a lesbian.

Not that they’d understood what that was, at first. Her cheeks burned as she recalled how specific she had to be before they’d leave her alone.

Nona was already at the gate, greeting her boyfriend with a kiss.

“Wait.” Valerie pushed past the two men on her doorstep to chase after her friend. “There must be some way to get them to leave.”

Nona shrugged. “Fuck them? Or, I don’t know, get rid of the cat.” She climbed into her boyfriends car and they disappeared up the driveway.

“I’m not getting rid of Morgan.” Valerie muttered. She eyed off the men. They were hot, even if they were a little strange. What had Nona said? All the single men from the past century. That would explain their clothing then.

She had always wanted to try a threesome. Perhaps this was her chance.

She sighed. “Would you like to come in?”

The men glanced at each other. “Both of us?” The taller man asked.

“Yes.” Valerie nodded. “Both of you.”


Tall man introduced himself as Atley, the red-head as Griffith.

“Right.” Valerie stood in the entrance way with them. “So you’re here for sex.”

Atley’s mouth dropped open, his eyes blinking rapidly. Griffith smirked.

“You’re a single woman,” Griffith said. “ We’re here to court you, and claim your hand.”

“Look. I don’t know where you’ve come from, but you’re in the 21st Century now, and in this time, you can’t claim a woman’s hand. I’m not looking for marriage, or a relationship. I just wanted a quiet life living with my flatmate, and my new cat. I can get a fuck pretty much anytime I want, at the flick of a finger.”

Atley’s mouth was opening and closing like a fish. His face seemed to be turning blue.

“So. If you want to stay for a fuck, then you’re welcome. Otherwise I’d appreciate it if you left me alone. I’ve got things to do.”

Griffith’s grin grew wider. “You’ll have sex before marriage? You don’t need me to say ‘I do’.”

“I’d much rather you didn’t.”

“Great.” He glanced at Atley. “Wait, you mean both of us. At the same time?”

“You might find you enjoy it.”

Atley was definitely turning purple. Valerie slapped him on the back, and he coughed, rubbing his face.

“Thank you,” he said. “I’m terribly sorry. I have never been introduced to such ideas before.”

“But you’ll give it a go? Otherwise you’d best be on your way so Griff and I can get busy.”

Atley eyed Griffith up and down. He didn’t look too pleased, but he cleared his throat, and nodded. “I will join you. I’ve heard of this ‘double sex’ and I must admit a curiosity on the subject.”

“Great.” Valerie led the way to her bedroom, pulling a strip of condoms from the drawer. “Look at that, two left. Lucky for the two of you.”

Griffith pulled her into a kiss, one hand tangled in her hair, the other groping a breast.

Valerie squealed, and pushed him away. “Whoa. Slow down. God. No wonder you don’t have a woman in your own time. Be gentle, hey. Respectful. You can’t just plunge into it, we’ve got to work our way up to it.”

“What, foreplay?” Griffith snorted. “Load of nonsense.”

Valerie glared at him. “You want to get anywhere near my snatch you’re going to have to learn how to do it properly.”

“May I?” Atley stood behind her. Valerie wasn’t sure this was such a good idea anymore, but she nodded. “You’re a beautiful woman.” Atley’s voice had dropped a notch, the tone sending a tingle down Valerie’s spine.

He brushed her cheek with a thumb, his gaze burning into hers as he leaned in to brush his lips against hers.

He waited a breath, then pressed his lips against hers again, giving her a series of pecks, his kisses getting firmer with each one.

He hand cupped her neck, his thumb stroking her jaw, his touch so light she might’ve been imagining it.

He pulled away to kiss her jaw and nibble on an earlobe.

She closed her eyes, tilting her head back as his lips barely brushed her neck on his way to kiss her collar bone.

He pulled away. “Was that to your satisfaction?”

“Whoa.” She breathed the words, blinking to refocus her gaze on him. Moisture pooled between her thighs, and her nipples hardened. “Perfect.”

Griff snorted, but with a little less certainty this time. “So it really does work then?”

Valerie turned her gaze to him. “Have you ever had a woman so wet for you, you just slid inside her, no problems at all.”

“Wet? What?”

“Agh!” She rolled her eyes, fumbling with her fly. She dropped her jeans, sliding her knickers down to her ankles so she could kick them off. Griff’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “You don’t hold back these days, do you?”

She took his hand, and pressed his fingers between her legs.

“You’re… slippery.” He kept playing, sliding his fingers over her folds.

“Yes.” She had to grab his arm, her knees nearly giving way as the heel of his hand rubbed her clit and his fingers delved deep. “Damn, that’s good.”

“See. Not the only one who’s good with the ladies, Atley old boy.” Griff smirked. He stretched his hand to slide his fingers deeper, breaking contact with Valerie’s clit.

“Whoa. Do what you were doing before.” She had to explain exactly what it was that held felt so amazing.

“You’ve got a button there, that sends you wild?” He was rubbing it again, the pressure so perfect Valerie could only gasp.

“Keep, doing, that.” She spread her legs, closing her eyes to focus on the energy running through her body.

Atley stepped in closer, lifting her top so he could cup one breast, his warm wet mouth sucking the other and making her gasp even more.

“Holy fuck. That’s amazing, keep going.”

Valerie might’ve always dreamed of a threesome, but she had never imagined it would be anywhere near as good as it was proving to be.

“Oh my god.” She rubbed her snatch against Griff’s hand, her fingers weaving through Atley’s hair as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple.

“Shit. Fuck. I’m coming! Oh. My. God. I’m coming!” She squealed as an orgasm tore through her, gripping both men so tight she was sure she’d left marks.

They stopped, stunned, and she stumbled back onto her bed as they let go and her legs couldn’t hold her.

“Damn. I was not expecting that.” She shook her head, panting to catch her breath.

“Neither was I,” Griff admitted.

She caught his gaze. “If you can do that to a woman, she’ll be putty in your hands. As long as she wants it, of course. As long as she knows it’s coming.”

“Right.” He nodded, slowly.

“So.” She spread her legs, running her fingers through her public hair. “Who’s going to fuck me?”

“Me.” Atley stood between her and Griffith. “I will.”

She slid back on the bed to give him space and he removed his trousers, climbing between her legs. His cock was long, slim and circumcised. “You be gentle with that thing.” She reached out to wrap her hands around it, stroking it a couple of times before rubbing against her slit.

Atley leaned over her, kissing her again as he eased his way inside.

She bit her lip. “That feels so good.”

“I’m glad.”

“So what do I do?” Griff asked. “Watch?”

“If you want.” Valerie giggled. “Or you could join in.”

“How? Doesn’t look like there’s any space for me.”

“We could roll over and you could fuck my arse.”

“What? I’m not gay.”

“And I’m not a guy.” She rolled her eyes again. “It’s a nice tight hole.” She spoke in a sing-song voice, trying to tempt him, but he shook his head.

“Guess I can suck you off then.”

“That sounds nicer.” He came over to kneel on the bed by Valerie’s head, undoing his trousers to release his cock, she reached out to pull on it. Griff moved closer, and she licked the tip, opening her mouth to suck the end as Atley began to thrust inside her.

It was hot. Far hotter than she’d expected, and she relaxed the muscles of her throat to take Griff deeper as Atley’s cock drilled her.

Soon they were both thrusting, the thrill of the experience setting Valerie’s body alight as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her. She couldn’t get enough cock. She wrapped her legs around Atley’s as though doing so could pull him deeper, and grabbed Griff’s arse to pull him closer.

It didn’t take Atley long to come, and Griff came soon after another orgasm exploding through Valerie as his warm cum shot down her throat.

Both men pulled away as Valerie sank back into the bed.

“Damn, that was amazing.”

Atley nodded. “It was certainly better than I expected it to be.”

Griff shook his head. “Incredible.”

“Guess that’s it for you fellas then? You’ll be heading back to wherever you came from?”

“I guess we shall.” Atley nodded again.

“Shame.” Griff looked at her. “I’d like to experience that again.”

“I’m sure there are women in your own time keen for the experience. You just have to find them.”

They dressed, and Valerie followed them to the door to wave them off.

It was a shame, really. She’d love to experience that again, too, perhaps with some anal next time. Morgan appeared from somewhere in the house and began to rub against her leg. Valerie reached down to give her a pat, and was about to close the door when she spied two more oddly dressed men wondering up the street towards her.

She grinned when they both turned to come through her gate.

Nona said keeping a black cat was bad luck, but Valerie was beginning to think a black cat brought the best luck ever.


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