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Curiosity leads the tongue

by CR. Phoenix about a year ago in erotic
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And one wish to a lasting memory

Light and Love Stretches-Photography by Author

Sitting with wondrous ambition and an increased curiosity, Sam swallows the visual contents of a picture holding the beautiful Clare. A mounting feeling of temptation grows, lingering under the burning hunger within his veins.

It begins to pulse more vigorously, charging like a stampede of wild mustangs, storming through the valleys of his heart, pumping the chambers with blood and boiling desire.

Holding her reflected image, he’s vividly reminded by the memories threaded tightly in his thoughts and they energize his passion once more. Sam recalls the pleasure he felt when running his fingertips upon her silk, the milky tenderness of Clare’s skin.

This fever tears into his psyche, burning deeper within his body. A craving he can no longer sustain. He begs the gods to see her again, hold her again, and kiss her again. That he would sacrifice all his worldly possession for that second chance to feel her love and ease his precious ache.

These prized recollections won’t soon subside long enough for him to think straight. Sam’s other senses demand their share of payment and they demand it be paid in full. His libido yearns to joyfully join in this adventurous exploration for some sinful exploitation.

An insatiable desire to feed this aggressive appetite and trace the fine details of her sensual model. He felt an explosive longing to be extremely close to her, skin on skin, and embrace Clare’s sweet scent along with the hint of vanilla, such a sugary fragrance.

A sultry spell lending to the intoxication of the moment. When suddenly ... Sam found himself standing in an almost vacant room, adorned with a grand mirror in the centre. He faintly saw a figure roaming on the opposite end and as he drew closer, he walked through a waving pool of liquid. Sam now stood a few feet behind his love, Clare.

He could see that she was holding a similar frame in her hands holding an image of him. Could she have asked the universe for the same wish? Neither could understand or comprehend the improbability at that point nor would they question the mysteries hidden within the mirrors offer.

All they knew was not to squander this extra time they had together.

Clare dashed towards Sam and he moved to her in unison. They held each other for a period longer than a second to ensure they weren’t dreaming this magic.

Sam spent that brief time staring into her eyes, only to find his resistance broken as he pulled her close. He rose a hand to brush her hair away from her soft cheek and kissed her deeply. Clare could feel the intense energy projected from his lips and sensed a mass from his crotch.

Her thirst to explore his body needed attention. Lowering her arms, her hands freely swirled over Sam’s rippled stomach then met at his waist. Finding the loose end, she plucked at the drawstring and untied the knot to his athletic pants.

Releasing the snug fit from his waist, she felt his girth throb forward in anticipation. A pulse so magical she had to feel how much sturdier it may become.

Sam ran his hands down to the edge of Clare’s shirt and lifted the material over her head. The soft bounce from her lovely mounds brushed against him. He was struck by how well their elegance and shape were wrapped so wonderfully in a pink lace bra.

Gently Sam unhinges the binding clasps and unleashing Clare’s milky breasts. They dropped fluidly like a tide crashing against the shore. The fresh wash of freedom raised and aroused her cherry-colored nipples; they pierced the air beautifully.

Sam spun Clare’s body around, they now faced the mystical mirror. They gazed over one another through the reflection, staring at each others’ intense eyes momentarily. His large hands fall upon her shoulders, rubbing them slowly and tenderly.

His head soon follows the flow pulling Clare’s long brunette locks aside, his mouth closes in on the nape of her neck. The sheer warmth of his breath initiates a soaring reaction in Clare, and he notices her chest leap forward, rising with exuberant pleasure. He feels her excitement carried along with a small vibration over the rest of your body.

His warm breath climbs over her cashmere skin, it radiates like a stretching fog. She can feel her body reduced to a mass of Jell-O. Sam continues to drag his moist lips diagonally from the nape of Clare’s neck to the furthest edge of her delts.

On his return trip, he leaves a trail of kisses heading back when he stops to nuzzle playfully beneath her earlobe. The sensation rips through Clare’s body, a breath leaps from her lungs in exasperation, torn with the desire to feed on Sam or melt beneath his sensual command.

His hard-working hands roam across the upper edges of her shoulder blades. He feels Clare’s muscles twitch and quake with each soft touch.

Sam’s fingers spread their range, branching further across Clare’s back. He slowly glides them gingerly down the length of her lats then prances upwards caressing her flesh along the centre crease of her spine. Clare arches forward with delight.

Sam feels her stuttered breath and knows the sensation he’s conjuring. The might in his hands directs the flow but it’s the touch that cools Clare’s soul. The heat from his palm’s cascades over her velvety surface, Sam warrants to press onward crawling around her ribcage with full intent to meet Clare’s heaving breasts.

Sliding his hands firmly over each and cupping their plentiful shape. Sam began heartily squeezing them with reckless massaging waves. The swaying motion electrified Clare’s senses and the thrill of pleasure spiked outwards from her piercing nipples.

Sam continued to corrupt every inch of her body with every deliberate caress, he didn’t want to waste an ounce of his desire for fear they would not have this glorious chance again.

Clare’s arched spine is tucked deeper, curved exactly right to meet Sam’s face. He holds her head and balances her body, eagerly blends his lips with hers. Their intertwined warm tongues, prance together, swaying, kneading, and molding the intensity. The sweet taste spills over with every twisting combination.

Sam lowers Clare’s frame slowly positioning her parallel to the floor. His strength shown as he holds her up with one arm cradled behind Clare’s shoulders and still pummels her mouth with passion.

Her head is held just above his knees, Sam’s body climbs over hers, he now hovers above her sensual figure. Breaking free from her velvety swollen lips Sam’s hunger to explore changes and leans lower to take one of Clare’s luscious round breasts into his mouth.

The exhilarating feeling surges through the rest of Clare’s senses. Every pore screaming for more, her legs begin to extend and tremble from Sam’s drifting tongue acting to devour her cherry into submission. It swirls around the taut juicy nipple, closing his mouth on her and plucking away between gnashed teeth.

Sam lifted Clare off her feet and placed her onto the ottoman. He scurried around to the other end. Gazing upon her golden skin he spoke the only words heard this evening, “I desire to serve you, my sweet love”.

Then knelt on one knee like a knight by her legs, extending his long reach towards Clare’s hips, cradled his fingers around the seam of her skirt, and pulled them clean off.

He noticed a similar pink lace effect clinging to her shapely moist labia. Clare’s juicy lips hid beneath the pattern to the matching bra that was stripped away earlier.

Sam grabbed at the frilly ends hugging Clare’s sensual high hips and with a firm grip fiercely peeled them away, slipping them past her tender inner thighs, swooping them over her knees, until finally, they fell off the tip of her pink painted toes.

Clare sighed with a jitter of anticipation and moaned at the slight whisper of a breeze that rushed between her legs. Guided by the silk of her skin, Sam slid his eager hands from the soles to her toes and further along her finely cut ankles until his fingers surrounded the delicate cap of her knees.

Watching her shudder under his touch Sam trailed lines of pleasure up along the inside and upper thigh when his desire to dive took over. Pulling Clare’s legs apart, Sam dragged his fingers towards the glistening succulent slits. He wanted to taste her divine milk, playfully extort her secrets, and savour her soul completely.

Sam wrapped his index with his moist lips, spilling warm saliva off the end, and began enticing the sultry edges of Clare’s tender mignon fillet. Gently he rubbed the ledge, rolling in through the depths of her soaked hills.

Clare’s breath grew heavier with each stroke. Sam timed the beat like an algorithm, maximizing her pleasure, but he hungered for a taste to quench his thirst with her sugary nectar. Sam started nuzzling, brushing, and pressing his lips against Clare’s magical core. Her sweet scent drove his appetite chasing. Massaging the waves of her pussy, Sam struck her clit and Clare erupted, she euphorically yelped with approval.

Looking to penetrate her honey kit, Sam pushed her legs up and back. The motion brought a satisfying groan from Clare’s mouth; she knew what to expect.

Sam dropped his tongue and drove it into the tight seam above her rear door. He lapped up the juices that were dripping off the end of her luxurious folds. He feasted slowly laying his pallet flat, separating, and opening her layers wide.

She soared with every wanton pulse delivered by Sam’s tongue. He climbed sweeping and teasing the entrance to her glorious temple. And she cooed more loudly whence he closed his mouth over her clit, sucking and lashing on its swollen edge.

Clare lifted her hips to meet his every drive and relentless pressure. Sam slid and poked inside her drenched canal, then back over her quivering button, rubbing, squeezing, and sucking on her. Her clitoris would be stimulated to twice its size and Clare was inching closer to nirvana.

Sam tightened his mouth on her swollen nub, plucking more intently when he surprised her senses, giving Clare a jolt, taking her clit between the slow grind of his teeth, over and over.

Clare lost and flushed with ecstasy, she wasn’t aware that under the strumming of Sam’s mouth on her sexual instrument, he was pulling off his shorts.

Sam’s rigid shaft swung up from its strained release. His hard throbbing cock pulsed with designs to please. For a moment, his instinct was to dig deep like an oil rig searching for that liquid gold.

But his heart severed that thought just as quick, this night was about Clare and how much he loved her completely.

Sam rose from Clare’s juicy fruitful goodness, gazed into her eyes, and ran his hand over his pumped rod before dragging the head between Clare’s smooth soaked vaginal lips. She grunted under the electric sensation and arched her body begged to feel the weight of his mass stroke her again.

He wouldn’t have her wait long, Sam pulled his hardened head back over her pussy, carving a trail through the waves of her lush lips like a ship passing in the night. He helmed this vessel plowing forward with great force.

Then retreated until the bulb at the end of his thick muscle plunged past her thighs. He continued to plant his strength upon her gorgeous cut of meat. Clare was filled with such crazed excitement, bordering on sexual lunacy.

Unbeknownst to Sam who was pushing her closer and closer to that passionate release, Clare wanted and needed him to complete that void in her heart. She had starved to feel his measure and girth deep inside her pussy.

The thrilling, electric motion between lovers who love to fuck, and she didn’t want to waste what may be their last moment together. Clare decided that this memory was going to be drilled into their bodies literally and figuratively.

She curled inward leaping forward to grab a hold of his solid meat and took Sam’s throbbing cock, pointing the round head's tip at her eagerly awaiting pussy.

Sam didn’t hesitate, he held his shaft on the edges of her perfect folds, teasing for a second then pushed with force, plunging past her engorged lips, and split to open her sweet juicy cavern.

He leaned closer to her face, took a handful of her hair, and kissed her something fierce. She rolled forward guiding Sam’s pulsing post deeper. A guttural moan escaped from both their mouths as they carried their momentum, rocking back and forth like a pendulum. He held her and she held him, both swayed as though they were riding a wave that roared with gushing loads of honey.

Their bodies vigorously slammed and crashed into a melting core of erotic release. She could feel the heat of his liquid spewing like an erupting geyser, and he sensed her beating muscle squeeze around his meaty soul. They had stewed in their cum and soon after curiosity leads the tongue, the magic in the mirror faded and only the memory remained.

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About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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