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by Jay Taylor 2 months ago in erotic
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I do my best work in front of the camera when I'm trying to play with the person behind it

Photo by Kim Becker on Unsplash

I wasn’t sure if these could be considered “nerves” or not… I always got jittery before shooting, but this was a bit different. When I shot for him I felt flushed; sexy, powerful. The emotions I portrayed for him were real; if anything, I had to pull them back. Though I am usually a complete professional, this man elicited a response from me that contrasted with the others. He turned me on. So, the erotic content we shot was some of my best work. I was very proud of it, and it was well received by my fans…

“Jay, focus,” I was snapped out of my reverie and looked up into his face before quickly blushing and looking down. “That’s it. Nice smirk. You know what I want…” I hated him having the upper hand, but I had to admit those butterflies in my belly felt delicious, and it was written all over my face. Dirty little attention whore… I couldn’t help it. I needed them to focus on me, so I’d tease; when these much more experienced men knew how to push back, I didn’t really stand a chance…

“Give me a bit more, baby.” I wouldn’t let anyone else call me that, and I smirked. I loved showing off for him. Shooting for Chase was an erotic experience for me, and I got wet as I undressed. I licked my first two fingers and slid them between my legs, spreading myself. I stared into the lens… 'Can you see how wet I am?' my eyes said, 'Don’t you want this?' He smiled. He knew it was very rare for me to have this kind of reaction in front of the camera, as I’d mentioned it to him a hundred times…

“Good girl. Make me wanna fuck you.” At that, my usually bashful nature snapped, and I straightened up, “Get over here, Chase.” He lowered his camera, “Excuse me?” I couldn’t be the good girl anymore, “I want you to touch me.” He set down his equipment, stood still in front of me, “Do you now?”

I looked at him. Forty-ish. Sexy. Worldly. Incredibly charismatic. I’d only been with virgins, and I couldn’t read his expression… “Yes,” I exhaled, raising my hips to him slightly, “Please?” He came and sat on the edge of the bed at my feet. He began caressing my legs, watching his hands. He had never touched me before, and it felt electric. I gasped. “Jay. Look at me,” he commanded. Fuck. I hated being unable to hide. My eyes snapped to his as my heart raced.

“Is this what you wanted?” his hand moved farther along my thigh. “Yes,” I breathed, looking down. He continued to stroke me with just his fingertips; my feet, my calves, my thighs... my waist, my neck, my breasts, my nipples hardening at his touch. I raised my hips when his hand brushed across my pussy, but he moved right past it. I could feel my wetness dripping down to my ass, “More. Please.” He stopped, looked at me, “Hmm?” I sat up, my brow furrowed, “Touch me Chase.” He kept eye contact with me as he reached between my legs and carefully massaged my clit. “Oh god,” I moaned, falling back, “Yes.”

He played with me while my chest heaved. I felt his other hand wrap around my leg, he began kissing it. I sighed. “Lick me,” I whispered. I felt his tongue slide along my thigh… I bit my lip, then tried again, “Lick my pussy, Chase.” I looked up at him, watched him kiss me. He smiled, “Why?”

“Please?” I begged, “I need it. I need to feel your tongue on me. I need to feel my clit in your mouth.” I looked down, embarrassed by my outburst. He kissed faster down my leg, wet his lips, and gently rubbed them against mine. I tried to push myself into him, but he deftly moved back, almost giggling. “No…” he said, “Don’t move.” I nodded. My body tensed but I lay still. I felt the end of his tongue trace along my slit, barely touching. My breath shuddered through me. He finally set his mouth over my cunt and began to softly lick and suck at my clit. “Thank you,” I breathed.

As he slowly worked me up to my climax, I got the feeling he wasn’t even trying. He had this way of rolling his tongue against me that I’d never felt before, and it was interesting to be with someone who could get responses out of me that even I couldn’t. I inched my hands lower, and when I finally got up the courage, grabbed at his head. He looked up at me, raised an eyebrow, and started trying. My orgasm rushed to the surface, and he held me there. I stared at him, and even ground myself into his face, but there was nothing I could do. My orgasm was at his discretion. I mouthed the word “Please”, and he grinned at me. “You want it?” he teased. “Come for me”, and he let me have it. I came explosively, bucking against his face, but he moved with me. He kept me coming until he was satisfied, then left me panting. I was trying to recover when I felt him slide two fingers into me, then slightly up against my gspot.

Instantly my eyes grew wide and I lifted my head. My gspot is highly sensitive, and after years of training swells without direct stimulation. Right now it felt like a golf ball inside of me and acted as a figurative leash. He owned me.

“Ooh,” he smirked, “Right there, huh? You like that? You want more?” I stared at him with pleading eyes, but talking was difficult… “No,” he said, applying just enough pressure to yank the leash, “How do you ask for it?” We looked at each other, my breathing was shallow, then I enunciated, “Please. Fuck me. Sir.”

“Good girl,” he growled as he began moving his fingers expertly inside me. I begged for it like a whore, “Thank you Sir. Harder please Sir.”

“There it is,” he murmured, glancing at my face. “Jay, are you going to squirt for me?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied. I could tell how close I was, and I knew he could do it. He began fucking me harder, and I cried out as my second massive orgasm was ripped out of me. I looked down and watched my juices splash on his forearm.

Almost immediately he was on top of me. Strong arms on either side of me, reaching down to undo his pants. As he leaned down to kiss me the walls began to shake and crumble. It got darker. Everything was so loud…

I rolled over in my own bed, groggy as hell and very irritated. “Fuck.” I swore as I picked up my vibrating phone – *New Text Message from Chase!* I can’t wait to shoot today! See you at 12:30! 😉

I groaned and threw the phone across the room, pulled the covers over my head, and tried to go back to sleep.


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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. Just here for another place to post my pieces. :)

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  • Angelina F. Thomas2 months ago

    good job.

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