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Craving Her PT2

by Author Billiejo Priestley 11 months ago in fiction
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Short Erotic Story

Quote from a book I have published.

JAKE - Chapter 2

I smile to myself as I stop outside Elena's court. Stepping out of the car, I see Ann instantly, and I smile. How can I not? She looks amazing. She fights off men though, she refuses them, but I won't be one she refuses. She didn't today. She accepted this date.

Walking to her, I smile more as her smile shows her anger. "Shall we go somewhere nicer?" I hold out my hand, waiting.

"I can walk without holding your hand, Mr Elson. This may be a date, but to me, it is business." She walks past me straight to the car and gets in it, sitting, waiting for me. I want to laugh at her stubbornness. I won't, though. Walking to the car, I get in and begin driving.

"So, where do you like to go on dates?" I ask, glancing at her as I drive.

"I do not do dates, Mr Elson, so anywhere is fine." Her words are stern and cold. Stopping the car in the middle of the road, I turn and face her.

"You realise you promised to come on a date, right? This isn't a date if you growl at me, throw a strop, and refuse to play nice. Now make it like a real date, or I will not pay up." I smile at her, a cunning smile because I will win.

"I am sure you had already planned where we would go, Mr Elson."

She isn't wrong there; I did. "Okay, call me Jake, please. This is an informal date, Ann. Second, I was trying to be a gentleman and ask, but I won't." I turn back to the road and continue driving, soon stopping outside a dirty rundown pub, and she has a look of ‘what the hell’ on her face already.

I am glad she needs to leave behind the perfect polished floors and step outside into the real world. I walk through with her behind me and don't miss the mutter and complaints from her. I ignore them, though, and carry on as before.

Stopping at the bar, I sit down, and not being a gentleman, I order myself a drink and her without even asking what she wants. Part of me knows she will say wine to try to keep herself built up. Wine isn't getting drunk tonight.

I turn and hand her the drink, her eyes on the glass before looking at me. "You have drunk whiskey before, right?" I look at her smugly.

"I have, although never whiskey this cheap." I watch the heads turn, and slowly people realise who she is, and even more, eyes focus on us now.

"Well, it's a date. I tried being nice, Ann. You didn't want it, so I won't waste mass amounts of money trying to impress you." I won't. Walking to the table, I sit down, and she sits opposite me.

"So, this date, what is the plan? We sit here and drink, and then I go home, and you pay up?" She always comes back to work.

"Stop!" I look at her, annoyed. "Forget the deal, forget work. This is a date. In the end, yes, go back to work but right now, this is a date. I won't accept any work talk. Plus, this isn't it all, a drink or two here, then we go through to the back." I watch her eyes widen and hate fuel her eyes.

"I am not going in the back with you." She looks at me disgusted. She thinks I mean for sex.

"I don't want to fuck you, Ann. That isn't what's back there."

She looks at me, shocked, but there is something else, hurt and jealously. She hates that. She hates that I don't want to fuck her because everyone else does.

"Fine." The only word she mutters as she takes a drink. Sitting, we talk for a bit, and I ensure her drinks are double. I would be lying if I didn't say I was trying to get her drunk. I am and for a purpose, and not to get her in bed. I need her drunk, I need her free, I need her to relax and realise this world exists.

I need her to see just what her father and brother take part in because they do. While she tries to hide in lavish places, pretending she is better than us. She isn't. Her money is just like ours. Useless without people, without family, without loyalty and love.

"Come on, cupcake." I smile and stand, and she follows me through the back, the music loud and thumping through and an entirely different scene to the bar.

"Why are you bringing me to a strip club?" I laugh at her words, my eyes on the women dancing.

"I brought you here to gamble cupcake." Though now, I plan to make her jealous, plan to make her crave me. I sit down at the table and give her attention while we begin to play. I watch her and see just how good she is at gambling. I also see her listening to people talk, about secret trades, about everything. She thinks she is getting information to hand back to her father, but this is all fake.

She doesn't seem affected by me at all. Instead, she is flirting with other guys. I beckon over a dancer and pull her onto my lap. My mouth near her ear. "I need to make this little cupcake next to me jealous. Can you make sure it happens?" I look at the dancer, and she nods, briefly kissing me on the cheek she walks off. I see Ann, her shocked look and all I do is smile and pick up my cards.

A minute later, the dancer comes back, her arms wrapping around me as her mouth teases against my neck. Her hands stroking along my chest. Another dancer standing beside me, holding the glass for me to take whenever I need a drink.


I turn and look at Ann. "Yes?" Is this where she tells them to go away?

"This is meant to be a date." Her words are cold, yet she is jealous.

"It is, but you were flirting with your words and looks. So, I can flirt with my hands and mouth." I turn and kiss the dancer before turning back to her. "Plus, I already said I don't want to fuck you, Ann. This is a date, just fun." I do, everyone wants her, but she refuses every man.

This arrangement will get me seriously hurt because I know full well when she realises, I am not a guy who owed her father. I was paid to try and make her loosen up because she doesn't. She doesn't do anything, and God, her father, wants some grandchildren from his only daughter.

I wanted her; he gave me her. Now I just need her to want me and accept it. Which is far easier said than done. From what I have heard, she refuses every man. Part of me wonders if it is because they cling to her, almost showing their need?

Right now, she seems to want my attention purely because I am giving it to other women. I watch as she shuffles restlessly in her seat, her eyes on the dancers as they crowd around me. She doesn't like this. She is used to men falling over her, wanting her, and making it known.

"Am I the first man to show such a lack of interest in you, Ann?" I gleam at her, knowing I am.

"It wouldn't make a difference either way Jake." She almost snarls my name. It is hot as hell, though. She isn't used to this, to not getting what she wants, to having to fight for the attention she craves. She likes the fight though, why else refuse every man who offers her what she wants?

"Okay, can we leave now?" I smile at her, feeling a hand stroke along my thigh, and her eyes glare down at it.

"Are you not having fun?" This is purely step one of my night, well step two, the bar was step one.

"Here? No, I have left behind the world I am used to, and you bring me to sit and play cards. Where is the fun in that?" She looks at me, waiting. She wants to have fun, is it because the dancers are touching me or because she wants to have fun?

"When was the last time you drank, to the point you were drunk?" I look at her. She is careful. Her father tells me she is always careful when it comes to drinking. She always ensures she keeps a level head. That needs to go.

"Never, but if that is what it takes to make you pay and so I can go home, let's do it." She stands up, waiting. Well, that was easy. I laugh slightly and nod and guide her out. A short walk later, we stop outside a club, a real club.

Stepping in, I hand her a drink, against choosing for her, which seems to really irritate her, which is good. I can see her giving in and no longer holding up that wall.

"So, we dance and drink, together, apart, you choose." I walk to the dance floor and begin dancing, her eyes on me the entire time. Is she going to give in and come dance or just watch me dance with other women? I see a flash of hate in her eyes and have to smile because, again, she expected me to be every other man and stand there with her. To give her my full attention, and now I haven't, she hates it.


About the author

Author Billiejo Priestley

Indie author of hot fiction, and taboo subjects. You can find my on all social medias and my books on Amazon.

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