Covered and Smothered and Wet

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Some fantasies ARE meant to come true.

Covered and Smothered and Wet

The first time she heard about bukakke was by accident. Her friend brought it up in a joke, and she became rather intrigued about the idea. That night, she went home, took out her vibrator, and started to fantasize about being in a room full of men with rock hard cocks being brought to the edge, and unleashing their fluid all over her. It turned her on like crazy, and she thought about it for years. Every time it did enter her mind, she would get wet. Sometimes she would be at a restaurant, and she would look around. If she saw a table of men, she wondered what it would be like if all of them came over and jerked off onto her, right then and there.

Then one night, she decided that she was going to go beyond just fantasizing about this. She was going to experience it for herself. There was at a local bathhouse that catered to a co-ed clientelle. She had heard about it, and knew that if she was going to make this bukakke thing happen, this would be her best bet. She had a friend, Steve, who she knew would come along with her and help coordinate and control the situation. She felt safe with him.

They showed up at the bathhouse at 11 PM. It was a Saturday night, and the place was full of both men and women... but mostly men... very horny, lonely men. And as soon as she walked in, the men took notice of her. And how could they not? She is quite gorgeous, with smooth, clear white skin, long blonde hair, pouty lips, and succulent long legs. She was a classic beauty with a kinky streak.

The bathhouse was a common area where all kinds of naughty things would go on. If you were there at the right time, you could find yourself in an orgy. Or you could find yourself watching a BDSM show. Or you could find yourself wondering where the heck everyone is. Tonight, she was determined to be the show.

She went to the center of the room, stark naked. Steve stood to the side, keeping an eye out and ready to protect her if need be. Like bees to nectar, men started to stream into the room, coming in to see what was going to happen, and if they could be part of it, which is exactly what she wanted. She didn't really care what they looked like, just as long as they had a hard cock, and a load of cum for her.

After getting down on her knees, she smiled, and used her finger to call the men over to her.

"Come here, guys. I'm ready for you."

They formed a circle around her, masturbating, and preparing their cocks for the finale. She reached out to grab two of them, stroking them, while looking up at all the men, smiling seductively.

One cock came closer to her face, and she moved her head towards it, opening her mouth, and drawing it in. It was thick and long, and felt heavy in her mouth. Now her hands were full, and so was her mouth, and she was loving every second of it. And clearly the men were as well by the sounds of grunts, and the looks they all had on their faces. Her friend Steve couldn't resist stroking his own cock as he looked on this hot scene unfolding in front of him.

The first few drops of warm, wet, salty cum struck her cheek. It was soon followed by a long, thick stream that covered her cheek, over her eye, onto her forehead, and into her hair. She closed her eyes to keep them protected. But, she loved the feeling none the less. And this was just the first load of many more to come. She had surrounded herself with ten guys who were all anxious to spray their cum all over her beautiful face.

She stopped sucking the cock that was in her mouth, and tilted her head back, showing how ready she was to be drenched. Sure enough, within a few seconds, a second stream was shot all over the other side of her face in the same way. Then a third, which came from behind her, covered her chin and lips with a large puddle of cum. A fourth stream hit her chin, her neck, and ran down onto her breasts. A fifth filled her hair. A sixth went all over her nose, cheek, and into her ear. A seventh was aimed right at her mouth again. The eighth as well. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking the warm cum from her lips and chin. The ninth shot hit her chest. And the tenth and final shot hit her cheek and forehead.

By the time everyone had cum, she was covered. The first shots were cold now, and caking on to her skin. The newer ones were still warm, and she put her fingers into them and rubbed them into her skin. She had never seen this much cum before, let alone had it all over her. It definitely felt weird, but it was also exhilarating. All of those men being so turned on by her, then cumming all over her face and chest. It was just as thrilling as she hoped it would be.

Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson
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