Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue

by B.B Cummings 11 months ago in fiction

"He messaged me right away, 'I’d love to take you to the beach this weekend.' And I felt excitement radiate throughout my body. It was exactly what I wanted someone to say to me...I was so ready, that was already enough to turn me on."

Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue

Chapter 1—Five to One

My family can be a bit stressful, especially on road trips. My grandmother was sick so my parents and all of my five siblings came together from different parts of the country to drive to see her in Virginia Beach. My older sister, Laura moved there recently so we were staying with her.

As we were walking on the beach that first night she told me all about living there and how much she liked it. I complained to her about the type of guys that had been hitting on me in New York; either stiff Wall Street guys that I could barely tell apart or totally way too young college guys. I told her how I had lost my bartending job and how stressed out I had been about money as well as basically every aspect of my life. Although I just got hired at a new bar job, I had no idea when I would be about to start.

“You should just stay with me this summer! You’ll find a job and you’ll definitely find a guy! Seriously, the male to female ratio is five to one. Five. To. One.” She said her smile getting bigger and eyebrows getting higher with each stressed syllable.

“Is your Tinder active here?”

I just laughed and kicked a little sand at her as my response.

“You have to turn it on!” Laura laughed while flicking sand back at me.

I was lying awake that night on her couch, I began to think more about what she said.

“, more than half the guys here are in the military. The Navy and Coast Guard guys are the best, I love them.” She had said, “They really just like...know how to take you out and show you a good time, very respectful, pay for everything, open doors, plus you already know they are in great shape and their dress whites are not hurting anybody.”

I kept thinking about my last relationship, which was long distance, and how I was so absolutely in love with him, it made it so easy to not look at other guys and go months and month without sex of any kind. Now that he decided to stay in his country and we had no choice but to end things, I was feeling really, really ready to move on. I was so in love with him, I always thought he was sexy and we did have amazing sex but looking back I thought about how he was kind of scrawny. I began to wonder exactly how in shape these military men really were.

I got up off the couch, snuck past several sleeping family members scattered on blow-up mattresses throughout the living room, got my phone from where it was charging and went to sit outside to look at the stars for a while. I thought about my long distance love and how I would try not to do that ever again because it really was hard on me. I thought about how even though we had only been broken up for two months, it had been at least six since I had sex and it felt even longer. Even though I was upset about the breakup, I did feel as though weight had been lifted. It was the weight of missing him and I was happier without it.

Now I finally had the time and focus to get back into running. I needed to run to deal with it all actually. I thought about how today, before we went to the beach, it was really the first time I had any reason to shave and exfoliate for months and was a little embarrassed at how long it took me to do it. I was in the absolute best shape of my life, all soft smooth, sun-kissed and there was nobody but my family around.

“What a waste.” I thought to myself. I sighed, picked up my phone, downloaded Tinder, and began swiping.

All of my sisters are obsessed with guys in uniform. Not the same uniform though, they all have their own thing for different occupations. I always roll my eyes when they get to talking about it because, as the hippy black sheep of the family who went to art school in Vermont, nothing turns me off more than a guy in uniform. Cops, guns, wars, and people who can’t even smoke thank you. Now though after reflecting on how skinny my ex really was and how badly I needed sex, I kind of got it in my head that I wanted to be with someone really, really big and in shape and soon too. Based on what my sister said, it was likely that if I found that guy here, he was going to be in some branch of the military. So I resigned myself to that fact and kept swiping, trying not to be so immediately turned off by the uniformed, buzz-cut, bathroom selfies.

I found a few guys I liked, got a few matches but nothing that really excited me too much. I kept swiping for about ten minutes, asked myself what I was really doing and went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning to several match notifications and a few flirty messages but ignored them and just devoured my romance novels on the beach that day, not even looking at my phone again.

I went for a run in the evening and began stretching on the beach. I noticed how much my body had changed in the last two months; I was thinner where I wanted to be and thicker where I wanted to be. I had more of an hourglass figure than I ever had before and now after two full days on the beach, I was getting pretty tan and my hair was already getting lighter. I couldn’t believe how much the flexibility in my hips had increased and on top of all that, even though my breasts were a little smaller because of the weight I had lost, they were firmer, perkier and for some reason, way more sensitive than they ever had been before.

I got back to the house and undressed in the bathroom. I looked at myself for a long time, letting the shower run hot enough to fill the room with steam. I turned all around to survey my new tans lines and my brand new muscles and began to turn myself on standing there looking at my reflection in the steamy mirror. I got excited to check Tinder out again when I got out of the shower.

When I went swiping again, I came across some guys that were exactly what I was looking for and matched with pretty much all of them right away. They were over six feet, buzz cuts, big muscles, blue eyes with country lyrics in their bio. I got really, really excited imagining their slightly Southern accents. I was even surprising myself as this is totally not my type.

My tinder bio read: Looking for a cute boy to take me to his favorite beach this weekend, Southern accents preferred. One guy messaged me saying, “Fuck the beach, I’ll take you to pound town sugar-tits!” There were a few messages following suit in this way and that really disappointed me after what my sister had said about so called “southern gentlemen” and military men knowing how to treat a girl well. I pretty much blew off the whole Tinder date idea at that point and just decided to enjoy the beach with my family and keep working on my body. I was irritated though because I had been so excited and so ready for some fun.

Chapter 2—Caballero

I’ve always had a thing for Latin men but I got it so in my head that I wanted to be with a big corn fed blue eyed blond haired American military guy that that was really all I had been searching for on Tinder this time and actively tried to avoid my usual attractions. Though I just couldn’t resist when I saw Diego’s picture. He was tall, dark and handsome, exactly my type with beautiful classic tattoos covering his well defined arms. He didn’t have a buzz cut, rather his jet black hair was a little bit longer on top and swept back to the side, he had a very sweet sideways smile, I felt like he was transported from another time just to show me a good time.

He messaged me right away, “I’d love to take you to the beach this weekend.” and I felt excitement radiate throughout my body. It was exactly what I wanted someone to say to me; not "heyyy," not "hi," not "ur cute" or some cop-out emoji bullshit. I was so ready, that was already enough to turn me on. We talked about the beach he wanted to take me to, why it was his favorite and the fun stuff there was to do there and made a plan to see each other. I wasn’t interested in chatting with him or sexting him or anything, I just wanted to meet up and see how it went, how it felt and if he was really as sexy as I already thought he might be.

When she showed up at my sisters house in his bright red matte finish Dodge Challenger, my sisters all began laughing, and I was a little shocked and kind of regretting every decision that lead me to this; meeting a random guy who owned this terrible muscle car and agreeing to get in it and spend the entire day with him. I was seriously doubting my own judgement and already thinking we wouldn’t get along well. He stepped out of the car in his American flag swim shorts and white muscle tee, walked right over to where I was standing with my family (who thought this was the funniest thing ever) shook the hand of my brother and sister, told then what time he would have me back and where he was taking me. My brother made a joke about taking a picture of his license plate and he joked right back saying he could have his military ID if it would make everybody feel more comfortable. I thought he was cute for sure and then gave me a hug and I smelt him, everything changed. I wanted to jump in his car and drive as far away from my family a possible. I was suddenly a nervous in a butterfly way rather than nervous that I was going to have an awkward day kind of way and maybe already getting a little wet.

He opened the car door for me, asked me if I wanted to pick a radio station and we went on our way, trying to ignore the laughing and hooting and hollering from my family. He told me he was Venezuelan and I asked if he spoke Spanish, he said he was fluent of course and I felt my blood getting even hotter. I bit my lips and tried not to let him notice how red my face was getting. I was trying to play it cool but was absolutely shocked at how suddenly he had changed my mind and turned me on. He was already being sweet, respectful and, so sexy. He was a gentlemen for sure, or in Spanish, un caballero de verdad.

We got to the beach, Diego got us some rum buckets to drink and we made our way into the water. He looked very, very good when he took his shirt off and I got to see the rest of his tattoos and his strong chest. He wasn’t too muscular, not too skinny either. If anything he was closer to the chubby side in the sexiest way possible. After a few sips of the very strong drink, I began to feel more comfortable and things were very fun and easy. After we finished our drinks, he got out of the water to put the cups in the trash and I even saw him picking up a few other pieces of plastic on the beach. I smiled to myself and turned around before he could noticed.

He told me about his job; he was a helicopter pilot and rescue swimmer in the US Navy. I giggled and asked him if I started to drown, could he save me. He swam over closer to me and asked if he could put his arm around me to demonstrated exactly how he was trained to do it. I happily obliged. He told me to try to go totally limp in the water and I obeyed. He put himself next to me, slightly behind me and wrapped his strong right arm around my chest, the top of his arm pressing firmly across the bottom of my breasts, his hand on my left side boob and began to pull me along gently, but so securely while explaining everything about the technique to me. He smelt so good, even in the water and I could feel his somewhat labored breath on my neck as he dragged me along talking and laughing. I tried to ignore how visibly hard my nipples were getting and wondered if he had noticed. I smiled and closed my eyes as I grabbed onto his arm with both my hands and took a moment to appreciate the feeling of the warm sun, cool water and this handsome sailor dragging me around in my warm, tipsy state. I was already so happy that we matched.

When he released me from his hold, I grabbed his hand and he pulled me towards him, my legs almost involuntarily wrapping around him and him holding the back of my upper thighs as if it was a perfectly orchestrated synchronized dance routine. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes, placed my hands on the back of his neck we kissed so passionately, so sweetly and deeply for a very, very long time before taking a breath. I could taste saltwater on his lips and traces of the rum bucket on his tongue. I stayed looking into his eyes and caressing his neck for a while, my other arm drifting down to his tattooed biceps and my heart racing. I felt my blood pumping everywhere and wondered how red my face was.

I was feeling so strange and so far away from my own body these last few months, I didn’t feel sexy or aroused in so long and I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t for a while but that all changed in an instant with Diego. I felt his arms wrapped around me, his thick arms in my hands and could feel his hardening bulge against my already throbbing clit. It had been so long since I felt this way and apart from being so sexually aroused, I was instantly so happy and relieved on a cellular level. I felt as if he had fixed something broken inside me and I knew it was only going to get better. Still holding on to him and looking into his eyes, I told him how much I loved his smile.

He chuckled, finally breaking eye contact and saying, “No, my smile is crooked.”

“Well Diego, I guess I like your crooked smile.” I told him and kissed him again.

We kissed even more intensely than the first time. I don’t know how long we had been kissing or he had been holding me like that but all the sudden I realized the sound I had been hearing was a group of girls cheering us on so we must have looked just as good as we felt. We laughed and took a breath upon realizing this but stayed just holding on to each other for a while. I hugged him and rested my head on his shoulder, taking a deep breath and smiling at the girls who were now clapping for us. It felt like the most natural comfortable thing in the world and I wanted to stay like that for ever.

Chapter 3—The Barracks

We stayed at the beach for a few more hours and then he asked me if I wanted to see the Navy ships and Blackhawk helicopters he worked on, if I wanted him to take me home or if there was something else I wanted to do. We drove to the base listening to oldies while the sunset and excitedly kissing at every single red light. He asked me one more time if I was sure I wanted to go on base with him and suggested dinner after the tour. I, of course, said I would love to.

I would absolutely be lying if I said it wasn’t a huge turn on to see him on the base. Everything about him and his demeanor changed and was even more sexy than it had been on the beach when he was just a civilian. I wanted to rip off his swim trunks in the back of that helicopter wreaking of gasoline. He explained to me what all the wires, buttons and gears did but I didn’t hear a word of it. I was just watching him; his arms and his beautiful tan fingers turning things on and off. It was as if all I could hear was the sound of the ocean still and I was watching him from underneath the water, letting these waves of intense desire wash over me. I was drowning and the only thing that was going to save me would be to finally have him inside of me.

As we drove around to different parts of the base, we continued to kiss at every traffic light and I took great pleasure in holding on to his right arm with both my hands as he shifted the gears of the Challenger. Moving my hands up and down, tracing the lines of his tattoos, giving him a squeeze now and then and feeling him flex underneath my hands as he laughed and pretended like he wasn’t flexing for me. I had never been with a military man or even on a base before so I asked a lot of questions about the sleeping arrangements and such, trying not to reveal just how badly I just wanted to know if I would be able to have him that day. He told me that he had a shared room but that his roommate had just moved out and he hadn’t been assigned a new one yet. Finally, I asked if he could have people sleepover and he said unfortunately not. So now I realized we had a curfew to work around. Even that got me more excited. I knew that I wanted him so badly, it didn’t matter where or how or how fast it had to be. I just had to have him as soon as I could. I told him I really wanted to see his room and get changed out of my damp bathing suit.

Diego opened the car door for me and lead me by the hand into the dormitory like building known as the barracks, adorably and nervously explaining all the while that he would soon be able to move out of there once he changed rank. We had to check in at the front desk, I had to give my ID to an older officer who wrote down all the numbers, made a note of the time and warned us that we had just over an hour until civilians had to be out of the building. I knew that he knew what we were going to do, I was pretty sure everyone around us did except maybe Diego who was still being a gentlemen. My face said it all, my lips and cheeks were flushed red and if that wasn’t enough, my nipples were rock hard, showing through my bathing suit and thread bare tank top, my chest rising and falling quite a bit with my nervous and excited breath. Diego was playing it so cool, I was even more impressed and turned on my him.

We walked down the hallway and stopped at his room, he unlocked it and let me inside first. There was a small kitchen area, and the bathroom, he pointed out, was through the bedroom. His room was bare to say the least, everything grey and navy blue and just some prints of paintings similar to his own tattoos on the walls for decoration. I saw all of his nicely pressed uniforms hanging up in his closet and smelt the familiar smell of his cologne in the air. Diego told me I could change in there and he would get me a clean towel if I wanted to rinse the salt water off before putting on my clean clothes before we went to dinner. As a response to this I took him by the waist and kissed him deeply, pressing him up against the door frame that separated his sleeping quarters from the kitchen.

I kept kissing him while lifting up his shirt and feeling the sides of his torso. I pulled away from him, helping him to slip his shirt over his head and keeping my eye contact as well as a hand pressed to his chest and took a step back from him. He smiled nervously, my heart skipped a beat and I felt blood rush to my clit. I took another step back, this time walking into his bedroom. Still staring at him I began to undress. First I took my tank top off, then I unbuttoned my jean shorts. He took a step towards me and I took two steps back, looking him up and down slowly and smiling. I turned around, bending over and taking my shorts off and then motioned for him to help me with the tie of my bikini top. He gave me a look as if to ask me if I was sure I wanted him to take it off and I gave him a look that said definitely.

Diego untied my bathing suit and then very swiftly pulled me in close to him, slowly but firmly taking my breasts in his hands from below. He kissed my neck and began to move his hands down my sides and caress hips, my belly and finally began to roll my bathing suit bottoms down my legs, helping each foot out of them. While he did this he kept kissing me, from my neck to my shoulders, then he knelt down kissing down my whole back and my right ass cheek.

My knees were shaking at this point and he slowly turned me around to face him, looking in amazement at his own hands on my body. Looking down at him on his knees, I couldn’t believe how sweet and how sexy he could look simultaneously. He took one hand and raised it up to squeeze my nipple while gently running the fingers of his other hand up and down the inside of my thigh, I was dripping wet and breathing very hard at this point, I could feel his breath on my stomach and I was already starting to moan softly. He finally, gently put his finger on my pussy to feel how wet I was and all he could say was a very genuine and surprised, “Wow.”

He lifted me up and held me just as he had been holding me in the water and placed me on the edge of his bed. He pushed the hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear with two fingers and kissed me on the mouth, biting and sucking on my lower lip and grabbing the length of my thigh and ass cheek. He kept grabbing and rubbing me like that as he kissed my from my earlobe to my belly button, stopping along the way to hold each of my titties and suck on my nipples. He kissed all around there, showing me that the underside of my breasts had been very under appreciated and very sensitive. I couldn’t help but moan here and he let out a small laugh as if to say it was only going to get better.

And oh my god, it did. He knelt down and positioned himself strategically in between my legs. Looking deeply into me, he took a sharp inhale of breath clearly excited and loving what he saw, almost unbelievingly so. He lifted my legs and kissed underneath each thigh. He placed them over his shoulders, then he grabbed my ass and pulled me even closer to him. Diego looked me in the eyes and he began to spread open my pussy with two fingers getting me even more wet. He took his time touching every fold and spreading my wetness all around me while he kissed my legs more and more. I felt dripping onto my ass and couldn’t believe I was this wet and he hadn’t even started with his mouth yet. I knew he still wanted to be a gentleman and take his time with me. I swear I almost screamed for him to just fuck me but I was totally entranced by what I knew he had in store for me and I tried hard to be patient.

Finally, he put one finger inside of me and raised his eyebrows while looking at me as he did it, feeling my muscles already starting to spasm around his finger, he bite his lip looking up at my eyes and finally placed his whole flat tongue on my cunt, barely moving it. He just pressed it to my clit and looked at me and I was already having my first orgasm. I looked at him with complete shock and awe at what was happening, he realized too and moved his index finger slowly in and out of me while keeping his tongue firmly in place and holding my gaze. My legs clamped around his neck and my knees were absolutely vibrating, I could see my right foot twitching every time he moved his tongue ever so slightly. He placed his free hand on the small of my back that was now way off the bed and held me close to him even though I was involuntarily writhing away from him, pinching my own nipple and weakly, halfheartedly trying to push his head away. I covered my mouth to stop from screaming or crying or both and he very gently and slowly disengaged his tongue, slowly licking me through every wave of my orgasm. He continued to give me random, wet first kisses on my thighs, belly and under my boobs as he made his way back up to my mouth and climbed onto the bed. Every kiss made my foot twitch again and moan explode from my mouth. I was coming and coming and coming and he was just kissing me and watching me in awe.

When he finally reached my lips, I wrapped my legs tightly around him and stuck my tongue deep, deep into his mouth. I kissed him while still feeling the aftershock of the orgasm he had somehow just given me, moaning all the while, sucking on his tongue and grinding against him. We kissed and kissed and kissed until I finally felt that my orgasm was really over and he collapsed next to me. I looked at him with total amazement, I would have done absolutely anything he asked me to do in that moment and I knew exactly what I wanted to do to begin to thank him for what he had just given me.

I slowly made my way to kneeling beside his waist and kissed him from earlobe to belly button, making sure I licked every line of is chest tattoos and continued to hold his biceps tightly in my hands. I got to his bathing suit and, looking him in the eyes, ran my tongue across the inside of the waist band. Carefully pushing it a little further down with each horizontal pass of his abdomen, enjoying the feeling of his belly rising and falling quicker and quicker with each moment of anticipation I was putting him through by doing his. I took my tongue out of there and cradling his balls in my hand, opened my mouth wide and blew on the rock hard tip of his dick through his shorts, while using my other hand to gently scratch up and down the inside of his thigh. It was this that finally made the first moan escape from his beautiful mouth. I smiled, untied his shorts and helped him out of them. I threw them across the room and got in between his legs.

Kissing one thigh while continuing to slightly scratch up and down the inside of the other one. I breathed slowly and warmly on the tip again and quickly stole another deep, deep kiss that made him moan into my mouth. Even though we didn’t have a lot of time, I wanted to tease him and give him something as special as he had just given me. I brought my head back down to his dick and slowly licked him from base to tip with the tip of my tongue. When I got to the top, I went right back down again, licking him in spirals like a big ice cream cone I didn’t want to waste a drop of. I licked him from top to bottom, time and time again, making sure to get every inch of him completely dripping wet with my saliva before taking all of it in my mouth.

He tried to put his hands on the back of my head but I hate that so I stopped what I was doing, took his hands in mine and sucked on his middle finger for a few seconds. Then I held his hands down at his sides, intertwining our fingers and pressing them into the bed. I began licking his balls, pushing them up and around with my tongue, sucking one then the other one in my mouth, getting them totally wet. I wondered if he could feel the vibrations from the moans I was trying not to let escape my mouth on his balls. I let go of one of his hands and used my hand to keep massaging his balls while I sucked his whole dick into my mouth. I was getting so into now; kneeling on the bed, I put on leg over his now and I was moving my whole body back and forth, grinding my pussy on his thigh and moaning, moving up to kiss his stomach, pushing his balls around with my boobs and feeling how wet they were from the saliva dripping down his dick.

With his free hand he grabbed my head again but this time, instead of trying to push it down further, he pulled it up to him and kissed me. I climbed all the way on top of him, held his dick flat on his stomach and moved my clit back and forth along the length of it until I thought I might come again. The he flipped me over and finally, finally began to fuck me in classic missionary. Diego spread open my pussy with his fingers, lowered his dick down into me one inch at a time, taking it out and then giving me more each time. He stuck his slippery fingers in my mouth for me to suck on, bite and use to keep myself somewhat quiet for a second until he took them out and started kissing me again. He grabbed my ass and pulled my legs higher so I could feel him inside me even deeper.

He was fucking me at an amazing pace. Not to fast, not to slow. I could tell he was trying extremely hard not to come until I did and I loved every second of watching him resist it. Diego’s smile was even more adorable while he was fucking me and focussing so hard. He kept kind of grinding his jaw to the side to focus and little beads of sweat formed around his mouth. I grabbed his face and kissed them off of him, everything he did was sexy, everything he did was turning me on more than I could imagine. Poor baby seemed tired so I got on top and he helped me to ride him by putting his hands under my ass and pushing me up. I decided to give him a break and just grind back and forth, back and forth which is exactly what I needed to come. It was perfect, feeling him totally and completely inside me, watching him watch me and grinding me clit on his body.

I kept doing that, going deeper and deeper, faster and faster, moving my hips in a more and more exaggerated way and pinching my own nipples until I came. Hard. Long and hard. While I was coming he lifted my ass again and fucked me really, really fast from underneath. I couldn’t move my hips anymore, I was totally consumed by my orgasm and just let him fuck me like that while I moaned into the pillow next to his head and clawed at his back and arms.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I managed to say to him, “its been so long and I’m still coming. Oh my god, oh my god Diego.”

When he finally came, he was silly enough to ask me if I had come too. I laughed and asked if he was insane and he said he just wanted to make sure because he would go down on me again if I hadn’t. While we were laying there trying to catch our breath, someone knocked on the door and we realized we had been having sex for a full hour! It was absolutely amazing and I was starving.

Diego and I rushed into the shower together for about twenty seconds, got dressed and took our walk of pride out of the barracks. Then we got back into the Challenger, put on some more oldies, continued to kiss at every red light, had pizza for dinner and then he brought me home. Our first date was eleven hours long and perfect.

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