Confessions of a Teenage Scene Queen — Part 1: Preteen Cruise

by Zak James 2 years ago in lgbtq

Stories of My Early Days in the Gay Scene

Confessions of a Teenage Scene Queen — Part 1: Preteen Cruise

Being gay on TV shows and in films always comes across to the curious individual as dangerous, scary, and you always had to be brave to even think about being part of that community. In my opinion, it's not all doom and gloom. In fact, in my experience, going through most of my teenage years as a fully out gay boy, it was like being in a sweet shop 24/7 with so many new things to try out and dip your toes into. Looking back at what I used to get up to absolutely baffled me and when I tell my friends they can't believe it but I figured if I write it all out it could be a good laugh for all those who read it.

When a person first comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or otherwise, I think of them as almost getting reborn. They shed the old life they lived pre-coming out and start a whole new one where they can finally be whoever that person wants to be. Now all of this sounds so fun on paper but from my own experience, I like to make the comparison with Twilight, when someone becomes a vampire they have this insatiable thirst for blood and that is exactly what happened to me when I came out except that thirst was for dick!

My earliest hoe-like memory takes me back to being in my first year of secondary school. Where I had chosen to go to school was too far to walk to and there was no direct school bus to take me there from outside my house so I would have to take a bus from my house to the bus station and then another to my school. Now I would never give myself enough time to go to the toilet at home after eating my breakfast and I would always just about make my bus. This then meant that I would need to use the public toilet at the bus station.

Stood at the urinal releasing the valve, I remember looking around and noticing there was another man stood at the opposite end of the urinal flapping his willy around. For reason unbeknownst to me at the time, this started to get me a little excited and regardless of the obvious ridiculous age difference between me and this other man, we would proceed to fool around in the public toilet. Before school. Me in my school uniform. Him in his businessman looking suit. We would start to stroke ourselves and then move closer, urinal by urinal every time the coast was clear and the start to do it to each other.

This debauchery would happen almost every day before and, if I was lucky, after school and it even reached the point where if I was to go into town with friends or family I would go into any public toilets and cruise them until someone took the bait. The people I would go with were rarely ever my own age and always businessmen types, most likely married with kids around my age. Neither of us cared and both of us were just after some no strings fun before I went to learn algebra and he probably went to have a business meeting and attend their kid's piano recitals.

I'm not sure whether everyone did stuff like this but I did this up to the age of probably 17 and I have a lot more short stories/confessions that I could share. If there were people that were interested in reading.

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