Confessions of a Gay Teenager

How I ended up with one of the most popular guys at school...

Confessions of a Gay Teenager

During my high school years, a lot of things happened. I was what you would call a party animal, you know. There were a lot of things I did, that I regret now. But most of all, there were a lot of guys I did.

I was one of the three openly gay guys in our school. There were a lot of closeted guys, and the two openly gay guys were dating. So I was officially all alone. But unofficially, I went out with a lot of people. More precisely, did things with a lot of people.

And one of them was Joshua.

Joshua was the quarterback of the school's football team. All the girls were crazy about him, but unfortunately for them, he had a girlfriend. They were the couple everyone looked up to. Nobody compared themselves to them, because they were perfect.

Their families were extremely rich and they were dating for longer than a year when I got detention with Joshua. I came late to class too many times, and up to this day, I'm not sure what Joshua did to land in detention that day.

The teacher left right after we showed up to class. He wouldn't come back later - Mr. Bronwyn was too lazy to look after his students while they were in detention - but I didn't leave, and neither did Joshua.

At some point, I could hear him packing up, so I turned around. He was still sitting and he didn't look like he was about to leave. There was nothing stopping him from doing so. For all we knew we were the last people in the entire school. The cleaning ladies wouldn't show up for another few hours, anyways.

"Are you leaving?" I asked, and hoped that I wouldn't stay there all by myself.

"No, actually..." He jumped up and took the table to my right and slid it next to me. He took his book out of his bag and for a few minutes we were both working in total silence, side by side.

Then, I felt his leg touch mine, I didn't pull my leg away because I was already under my table, so he would have to be the one to move. And also, it felt kind of good.

Then after about a minute, his elbow touched mine. After a few seconds, the back of his hand started to caress mine slowly. I kept my eyes down, but I could feel his eyes on me. They were draining a hole inside my head.

Then, he let go of his pen and took my hand firmly and pulled it towards him. This threw me off my game, so I looked towards him. Joshua's eyes were filled with lust and he rapidly leaned in and kissed me, grabbing the back of my hair with the hand that wasn't holding mine.

He pulled out, giving me time to breathe in a huge amount of air. "What are-" He covered my mouth with his index finger, showing that I should stay quiet. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his six-pack. I gave in to the temptation of touching them, and I took my shirt off too.

Simultaneously, we raised up and Joshua picked me up and I put my legs around his waist. He carried me all the way to the teacher's desk - we were sitting in the second row from the back - and we made out over there.

All the elements were there and we were in the crazy element of lust that takes over when you're about to have sex. We pulled off our pants and socks, leaving our white Calvin Klein underwear. In other circumstances, I would've pointed out that we had the same underwear, but at the moment I was stunned by the huge bulge that was holding up his underwear.

I held it with my hand and jumped off the table, pulling off his underwear. Joshua's huge cock jumped out, and I took it into my mouth. I put it so deep that I started choking for a bit. I pulled away in fear - the guys I did it with before weren't as big - but Joshua pushed my head onto his cock.

There were gagging noises coming from my throat, and even if I was scared, I liked it.

I thought that Joshua would suck me off too, but he decided to go onto the next level. He pulled me up and when I realized what he wanted to do, I laid down on my back. I didn't acknowledge the fact that this was my favorite teacher's desk.

He spit onto his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He didn't wait, he just pushed it all the way in. I could tell that he was very experienced, which made me jealous of his girlfriend. I screamed out in pain, but covered my mouth. Soon, I got used to it, so moans were escaping my mouth.

"Oh, Pine, you're so tight," said Joshua, half-whispering, half-moaning. He was clearly enjoying this as much as I did. His cock was so big that he hit my spot every single time without even trying.

"Oh, Joshua... I'm gonna-" I didn't have the time to finish. Cum was shooting from my hard cock onto my stomach. Joshua started rubbing it all over me, and I couldn't help but laugh for a second.

As I came, the walls close around on Joshua's cock, so he soon came too. I could feel him filling up my ass, and then he picked me back up and we started making out.

After that, we got dressed slowly and on the way out, he kissed me and smacked my ass. He even held my hand until the exit, where he went over to his sports car, and I went over to my bike. He smiled at me one last time.

The next time I saw him in school, he was walking hand by hand with his girlfriend, and as he looked at me, he winked.

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