Coming in for a Landing

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After months of flirting, their relationship finally comes together.

Coming in for a Landing

The air between them was tense as he helped her retrieve her suitcase from the baggage carousel. It was a nearly tangible tension but definitely not a negative one. Instead, it was the tension that came with having too much to say to one another. After all, the reason she had made this trip was to, once and for all, sort out their feelings, face to face, skin to skin, if it came to that.

He had hugged her as she had come past security to where he was waiting for her and her luggage. It had been too tight and had lasted too long and even when he broke the embrace, she wanted to be back in his arms. For longer than she could honestly remember, she had wondered how he would smell when she was finally close enough to find out. She was pleased to learn, or remember, that he smelled clean. Not of too-strong cologne, not of any one identifiable fragrance but of a combination of laundry detergent, rain-scented soap and mint shampoo, his long hair was still damp underneath, she noticed, tangling her fingers in it—all with a faint musky undertone she thought would be identified as pheromones.

A quiet, almost sheepish greeting had been muttered between them and they stood quietly waiting for the luggage to come off the plane. Quietly and close. Close enough she could feel the heat coming off his pale skin, but not touching. Close enough that if one of them shifted on their feet, they would touch, but not touching. She could feel something else, besides heat, radiating from him. An energy, almost palpable, almost corporeal, like electricity, making the hairs on her arm tingle.

He lifted the suitcase she identified as her own to the ground and pulled out the handle to let the wheels do the work as he dragged it along behind him. She stood watching him, allowing him to gain a handful of steps before falling in beside him, marveling at his automatic-without-being-insulting chivalry, which he demonstrated again, holding the door to let her out ahead of him. “Right,” he said as he stepped onto the sidewalk beside her and led her across the parking lot to where his car was waiting to take them to her hotel.

They walked side by side, close but not touching, strangely comfortable in their strange silence, not speaking but not needing to. Or perhaps simply not knowing what to say. He lifted her suitcase into the trunk and gestured for her to hand him her carry-on bag as well before following her to the passenger door. Despite having unlocked the doors from a few feet away, he held the door for her all the same. She reached across after he’d closed her door and pushed his open for him, remembering something a former lover had said about unlocking car doors.

He climbed into the driver’s seat and flashed her an awkward smile before putting the key into the ignition. She put her hand over his and met his eyes. She shook her head and turned in her seat to face him, her green eyes flashing in the street lamps. She reached across the center console and lifted the tail of his shirt to reveal his untanned stomach, and the belt around his waist. He watched closely, silently, as she began unbuckling his belt, then the button of his jeans beneath it. He started to protest, to tell her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do, but she put a finger over his lips to quiet him. She reached between his legs to find the lever that would slide his seat away from the steering wheel, giving both of them more room to maneuver.

She unzipped his jeans and, with his help, pulled them down, exposing his shorts and his thighs to her. She slid one hand between his legs and gently, firmly squeezed his groin before moving it up to massage his testicles. As she rubbed and squeezed his balls, his erection pushed against the front of his shorts. With her other hand, she freed his hardening member and before he was fully erect, she bent to wrap her lips around the shaft. Without hesitating, she pressed the head of his penis against the back of her throat, causing him to moan and the muscle filling her mouth to swell even more. Her own panties grew hot and wet as she massaged his shaft with her tongue, drawing more moans from his own throat.

Still gripping his balls in one hand, she guided his hand to the back of her head, urging him to let her know what he wanted. She then slid her free hand into the front of her own jeans and found her throbbing wet clitoris with two fingers. He tangled his fingers in her hair and gently pushed down on her head, pressing his cock deeper into her mouth. She pushed back against him and he took the cue, using the handful of hair to pull her off of him. As he did, she pulled her tongue along the vein at the back of his member, making his full body shudder with pleasure. At the end of his shaft, she closed her lips tightly over the soft head and sucked on him, firmly, licking hungrily at the pre-cum drizzling from the tip. As she sucked the head of his penis, she moved her hand from his testicles to the shaft and stroked it, slowly, at first, but not at all timidly, pressing against the back of the member with her thumb.

“I’ve been wanting this for months,” he muttered, losing his grip on her hair and letting her regain control. In response, both to him relinquishing control and to his confession, she slid her mouth back down his penis, until every inch of him was in her hot, wet mouth. Keeping her lips tight around him, she positioned her head a few times, pulling away until she almost let go then back down to where her nose touched the skin of his pelvis and back again, slow then faster each time, until she was fucking him with her mouth, challenging her own gag reflex as his cock rammed the back of her throat.

After a few times, she pulled her mouth completely off of him, gripping him with her hand, stroking him while she looked up into his eyes. “I love the way you taste,” she whispered, “Would you like to taste?” He met her mouth to kiss her, running his tongue along the inside of her lips. She quickly broke the kiss and spoke into his mouth, her voice commanding and direct, “I want to suck you off. I want you to come in my mouth.” To punctuate her statement, she squeezed the head of his dick with her hand before lowering her head to put it back in her mouth.

He pushed her away at her shoulders and twisted in the seat to face her, and leaned forward to reach down the front of her jeans. He forced his own fingers between hers and inside her pussy, pressing them into the front wall. She could feel cum run out around his fingers and over her own before he pulled his hand back out and slid his fingers in her mouth. She sucked her own cum off his fingers before pulling him in for another hot, aggressive tongue kiss. “Do you like the way I taste?” She breathed into his mouth without breaking the kiss.

“You taste delicious. Let me eat your pussy.”

She broke the kiss and smiled at him. “Later. Right now, I want you to tell me how to make you come.” She bent her head back down to his lap and again took his penis all the way to the back of her throat. She put both of his hands in her hair and pushed against them, gently, telling him to guide her.

This time, he pushed and pulled against her head with his hands more aggressively, moaning instructions as he did. He pulled her off his shaft and moaned, “Suck my dick,” holding her head so only the tip was in her mouth. As she sucked, he pushed against her head, guiding her back toward his pelvis. “Switch hands,” he told her, “rub your juices on me, but don’t stop touching yourself. I want you to finish with me.”

She did as she was instructed, rubbing her wet, cum-soaked hand against his scrotum, massaging the soft flesh behind his balls with her fingers. He let his head fall back against the window and moaned loudly at this, reaching between his legs with one hand to push against hers. “Harder,” he sighed.

She squeezed his testicles, pressing two fingers harder into his taint, vigorously massaging her clit with the other hand. She moaned into his penis, the vibrations of her vocal cords making his body jerk and convulse. With his hand still covering hers, still pressing her hand against him, she moved her hand back farther between his legs and pressed the pads of two fingers on either side of his asshole. He moaned louder and rolled his hips into her mouth. Using her lips as a buffer, she massaged the base of his cock with her teeth, gnawing at him with her lips in between.

He arched his back and pressed his hand against the back of her head, moaning, almost unintelligibly asking her to suck him dry, asking her to cum with him. She rolled her own hips into her hand, repositioning herself for the best orgasm she could manage, and worked her clit, hard and fast.

He filled her throat with hot, salty cream, pressing her head against him, not letting her pull away. She fingered until she could feel her own orgasm spilling out over her hand, soaking her panties as she drank ravenously from his throbbing cock. She pressed her tongue against the back of his member, feeling his orgasm working through it, pulsing out of his body and into hers.

When she was certain he had finished and there was no chance of missing a drop, she stopped sucking him and slowly licked her way off of him. She licked around the base of his penis, licked his balls, making sure that she had cleaned every ounce of cum off of him before she brought her own fingers to her mouth to clean them. He pulled her hand to his own mouth and sucked her pussy off of her fingers before hauling her up by her shoulders to a level he could comfortably kiss her.

“I want to fuck you so hard.” He whispered into her mouth.

She kissed him hard, passionately, lovingly, and turned back to her own seat. “Later.” She smiled.

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