Come Swing with Me

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You caught me...

Come Swing with Me
But it was a nice surprise. 

Thinking about me asking you to come over naked the other day brings a smile to your face while you again watch the video we made in the shower.

You wonder how long it took me to notice you left the vibrator you brought on the night stand for me to think of you later, you wonder how long it took me to use it thinking about you. “Why haven’t you called damnit!” You whisper slamming your finger on the return key to restart our video disappointed we didn't set up anything for next time... and so the waiting continues.

By the time Friday rolled around again you had watched the video dozens of times and were starting to get antsy for another meet. You sent me a brief text asking if I wanted to get together but didn't hear anything back.

Another week goes by and you realize you haven't gotten any real work done in two weeks. You've been spending your days watching our video and fantasizing about the next time we'll get together... day dreaming about me on my knees in front of you, dreaming about the way my pussy feels when it contracts and pulses around your cock when I cum. It's intoxicating, addictive really. By Saturday afternoon you can't wait any longer and decide to drive over to my house to see if anyone is home.

As you inch closer to my house your pants start to tighten and you grow quickly thinking about the last time... wondering about the possibility of this time... hoping I'm alone. You pull up in the driveway, the front door is open but there is only one car home... my car. You get out of your car and walking up to the door you notice your ass print has been cleaned off the glass. Remembering the shock of feeling so exposed you laugh to yourself as you reach up and knock.

No one comes to the door but you think you can see me in the backyard through the windows and your fairly certain that was my laugh you just heard. Why was I laughing by myself you wonder as you walk around the house and into the backyard... seeing me you stop dead in your tracks, jaw dropped in shock.

I was in the backyard but I wasn't alone. Laying sideways on a hammock, so her legs are hanging off in the middle, is a beautiful woman you don't recognize. Her breasts bounce in the sun as she throws her head back moaning in pleasure. Between her naked thighs you see my hair falling down my back. I'm on my knees only this time my face is buried deep in someones pussy. You stood there shocked, watching for a minute before realizing you had unzipped your pants and were stroking your rock hard cock.

You watch the back of my head wrestle around between her legs, presumably sucking on her clit as I bring her to orgasm. She looked up and noticed you standing there dazed and confused, stroking your cock. “Come here... come play”... she beckons to you as I stand up, spinning around to see who she's talking to; a smile spreads across my face when I see it's you.

Well this will be fun, I think to myself as I walk over and take your hand leading you back to the hammock, you lay down. Primed and pumped from my tongue she climbs immediately onto your cock and starts riding you. You feel her pussy squeeze around your cock and buck your hips against her. I climb up onto the hammock... onto your chest. Facing her I start sucking on her nipples as I back my ass up onto your chin.

Bending your neck forward you try desperately to taste me as I grind my clit into your chest, my ass bouncing in your face. I grab her hips and pulling them back and forth I make her clit grind on your pelvis. Finally, I back up so you can dive your tongue deep inside me. Grabbing my thighs, you pull me into you fucking me with your tongue. She massages my tits and sucks on my nipples as I grind on your face faster and faster.

Her breath starts to quicken as my thighs begin to quiver. I moan out loudly in pleasure as orgasms rack through my body, cum runs down your chin. Feeling your cock deep inside of her, my mouth on her chest and hearing me cry out is enough to push her over the edge and she throws her head back as her body starts to shake. Feeling her pussy pulse around your cock, tasting my cum in your mouth, your body starts to almost convulse as your orgasm hits the top and you explode inside her pulsing pussy.

You relax back looking forward to an afternoon of whatever this was and are disappointed when I hop off and hand you your clothes. “Thanks for coming by, that was fun... but you were unexpected and you have to go now.”

As you walk back around the side of the house you hear a man's voice holler from inside... Honey, whose car is that out front?

You slip in your car quietly and pull away quickly hoping he hasn't seen you. Wow, that was close. Wow, that was amazing, you think as you drive away with me on your breath.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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