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College Tales Part 2

by Forest Green 3 months ago in erotic
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College Tales Part 2
Photo by Devin Berko on Unsplash

As a celebration for the end of the first semester, the whole English class went to a party in the dorm room of their fellow classmate, Ron. He had always been a party animal and held parties in his dorm room after the class pass completed an assignment. His friend Dave has developed some feelings for classmate Jennifer as she in turn was staring back at him. She wore a short red dress and her usually tied up hair was loose in curls. Jennifer had her eyes set on Dave ever since classes started, especially the whole entire night.

While Ron and a couple of classmates were throwing darts, Dave decided to walk up to Jennifer to talk to her, but he did not know what to say, especially since he was starting to feel an erection. But he did not want to be embarrassed in front of her or for her to embarrass him in front of everybody. He was afraid that she was going to make fun of his dick and tell everyone in the room. However it would not be the case with her as she never told anyone about her birthmark on her upper left thigh, unless she was in a bikini.

An hour within the night and Dave was bored out of his mind. While almost everyone was drinking and playing games and shit, Dave spent the entire time on his phone and Jennifer was talking to a couple of her girlfriends. His aching erection was nearing stretching out of his pants and tried to hide it. Then one of Ron’s buddies was so wasted he bumped into Jennifer and spilled his beer on her dress. She screamed in horror and Dave quickly noticed.

“You got beer all over my dress!” Jennifer shouted to the guy who quickly apologized to her. Dave went over to her and escorted her to the bathroom to help her clean up. He gathered a couple of pieces of paper towels, put water on them and handed them to Jennifer. She was able to clean most of the beer off her dress but it maintained a weird smell. She then noticed Dave’s erection poking through his trousers and smirked.

“Could you turn around for a second? And no peeking.” Jennifer quickly lifts up her red dress and throws it on the ground and makes sure Dave is not peeking.

“You can look now.” Dave turns around and Jennifer is standing in nothing but a white thong and he noticed her birthmark and did not seem to mind it. But he noticed the most was her large tits and how hard his erection is. Jennifer walks over to him and kisses him. She then unzips his pants, reaches through his boxers and feels his erection. The moment he felt her touch, he began to feel it throbbing hard. She slips her white thong off, having it fall on the floor along with her red dress and that reveals her trimmed bush. Then Dave slowly removes all of his clothes and throws them on the floor too. While they kiss and lean against the sink, Dave began caressing her huge thighs and she was rubbing on his chest. Then they both end up falling on the floor together.

“Goddamn it!’ Jennifer shouted as they fell. Then with Dave laying on the floor, Jennifer was on top of him and can feel him throbbing even more. After a few minutes, he came inside and the two were panting as they were laying together. Then they quickly picked up their clothes and put them on.

“Come on honey.” She said to Dave in a very sweet voice as she was leaving the bathroom. Ron saw Dave exiting the bathroom and was confused about what was happening.

“Dude, what happened there?” he asked Dave.

“Not much,” Dave replied in a bored tone of voice. Ron was still very confused.


About the author

Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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