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Cold Sheets

by Valentine Casey 2 months ago in tech
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Cold Sheets
Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

The year is 2036 and everyone has fallen in love with their pets. But, doesn’t everyone already love their pets? Yeah well, this update in culture is a bit further than what the Simpsons predicted. No don’t worry, no more horse video, no bestiality, and the furries haven’t taken over. Emotional support animals have practically turned into human beings. Silly little fur people if you will. It all started when the AI gave us the gift of speaking to our pets.

About time right? We’ve been talking to our pets for years and finally we can communicate with more than just gestured assumptions. It was great at first. Well for the people who treated their animals with love. As for the ones who disrespected them, let’s just say they had their words with them. Even put a few people in jail. The News Channels were pretty silly that year, but it was needed after all the chaos we experienced a decade ago. Our attention spans came back! What a relief that was, but our oversharing met a max capacity when are pets created their own accounts to out us for our darkest secrets. Anonymous at first, but those kind of things don’t last too long, especially when you sit on clout for a certain amount of time. Aside from the hiccups, which were to be expected with any new fancy technology, it was a new level of bonding for species. As for the fish, they’re still working on the waterproof tendencies, you know reaching depths outside of a simple splash to the face or messy drinking. Birds definitely took advantage of their experience. They would fly by saying random creepy stuff as people looked around to find no one near. It definitely made people question their sanity. With giving something a voice, no harm came to play, physically.

If you ask me, mental abuse is worse. Both leave you scarred for sure, but speaking had a sharp tongue that stabs not with words, but allusions. I couldn’t speak for myself because my dog saw what I grew up around and experienced some of the faults herself so she didn’t take anything out on me, we were kind of in it together. Like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. I just know that there are some talks going on that are either breaking partners up or putting people in psych wards to say the least.

Most already had unconditional love for their pets and it didn’t take long for others to follow in their steps. As for the circumstances on how they got to that point, is where it gets a little weird.

I’m sure you remember the hookup culture. Lusting over each others bodies for a quick fix of serotonin, ego boost, or self sabotage, even distraction from reality. All fun and games until people get even bored of running from body to body. After the realization that most people don’t have an interest in getting to know who you are outside of your aesthetic, people stopped going out in hopes to find someone. Even on the dating apps. Yes, the apps. Those got deleted when people found out that all conversations were being sold to create bots used for sex trafficking. Unfortunately that’s still going on. More so for taking eggs and sperm. Odd right? This mostly happens to wealthy people because they still believe they hold the best genes of high functioning brain cells, which after 2025 isn’t actually realistic. Money is no longer a huge currency. Most people went back to trading, they trade time, energy, and everyone kind of owns free sharing land. At the end of the day people just want pools so everyone has that and built around it. Neighboring homes tend to host community common shares which is random niches that people enjoy and they just talk about that all day and play with whatever they like. As for the sneaker heads, thats a whole other thing to get into. Back to the hookup culture. People would rather go home early, cook a fun meal and have their winding down routine as they curl up into bed with their pet and talk about their day, how they feel, what their new fixation is on, and off to bed. People no longer call over a booty call with all those new vibrators and pussy flashlights.

I wish it stopped right there, but AI has a choke hold on all our kinky assess. The sex bot. Nothing new there, aside from the updated system allowing more than just random goo and chocolate sauce to cover it’s body without electrocuting itself. They finally came out with a model that has pecks and dicks instead of tits and a vagina and all are pleased. Of course some people still booted them in general, not approving of it’s unnatural state of pleasure. As time moves forward, people eventually caved to their curiosity, especially when they go on sale, and the wave caught on. Almost everyone was doing it. It became the new culture. Our pets became our emotional supporter, those we trust, those we love. Sure we had friends, but unfortunately people still have yet to realize that we can touch each other without it being sexual, to cuddle without it leading to someone falling for one another, to understand love for love and not “ you’re someone I’m attracted to too, so if I love I must also want to fuck.” We got close for a second, everyone starting kissing everyone just to say hi and bye, kind of like the Europeans, guess they were kind of on to something. Unfortunately, some people had to ruin that by making everything an orgy. The swingers were offended. I have to say their sexual experience makes sense, they’re all friends the energy is always shared regardless so doing it together became even more powerful in the bedroom. Those damn lusters however found a way to mimic their way into those groups and blowing the wrong intention. So it came down to only having sex with the bots. Crazy right? People fully detached sex from something you share to something so selfish. In a way the means is some what respectable, the idea that people started to understand oh yea I shouldn’t be using them for their body. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually the learn that they can just not do that, but instead they trained their bots to their liking so instant gratification is still a way of receiving serotonin. Oof, whats worse that or the fact that we ran out of weed. Sad right, mother nature really burned it all up after the government started profiting off of it. I’m sure it’ll find it’s way to us again, maybe in some other form. After all bearded dragons weren’t spotted until the 1990s and you’re off your oxygen if you think they don’t some what resemble dinosaurs. But yea, people don’t haven’t sex with each other anymore. At least, for the most part. Don’t want to exaggerate the new society norm, but thats kind of how it shifted. People looked at you funny if you said you were in a relationship with someone, having sex with someone, sharing a bed with someone.


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