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Cold Hearted

by Lara Drew 4 years ago in fiction
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A Lusty Tale About a Female Vampire

It was a beautiful Summer's afternoon and Gringar couldn't believe his luck! Only last night at the local Alehouse had he met a beautiful lady, with hair the color of a raven, who had taken his breath away. Gringar laughed to himself as he strolled down the woodland path, thinking back to last night's frivolities.

He was sitting in his usual place, in his usual haunt for the night after a long day of working the fields, minding his own business, conversing with the local lads, when a blast of ice cold wind entered the room; nearly putting out the fire in the hearth!

Gringar looked up gobsmacked as every eye in the room was trained on the now open doorway, the figure of a lusty female standing there, cape whirling behind her in the gust. Those breasts! He had never seen anything like it! Ripe melons, bursting from the dark stranger's bodice as she stood, seeming to sniff the air all around her.

Every male in the place was frozen in time, every sex-fueled mind taking in the goddess who had chosen to grace this fine establishment, not heeding the now frosty air entering their place of comfort, for it was not every day that something as interesting as this happened.

It took Gringar a few minutes to come to his senses, he glanced movement from the corner of his eye, but couldn't bring himself to take his eyes from the heaving bosom standing not three feet away from him! It was Hrognir, the bard who made a move to entice this beautiful creature further into the warm Ale-house.

"By the nine!! Beautiful Lady! Please, enter this place and shed your cloak! You will find a warm welcome here and plenty of ale!" He sang melodiously as he flowed towards her. Damn! Gringar had already lost his chance! His slow brain already forming an image of the handsome Bard, who always pulled the ladies and this lusty maid with their heads thrown back in ecstasy.

But, wait. As he looked, the beautiful stranger locked eyes with him and in an instant, she was at his side, bringing a frosty gust of air along with her.

"Hail." She said provocatively, as she pressed her freezing cold busom up against his very warm arm. Suddenly, all the blood rushed from Gringar's brain, into his penis and he smiled sheepishly and said, "Hey, pretty lady." Honestly, Gringar couldn't remember the last time a female had spoken to him, and to be spoken to by one as beautiful and comely as this, well, his feeble mind couldn't keep up!

He felt her step closer to him as his skin prickled, the exact same feeling he got when he went out alone into the wild woods at night, and something didn't feel quite right. The shiver passed over his body but did nothing to diminish his throbbing erection. "Gonna buy me a drink?" She breathed into his ear, and for a moment he thought his heart had stopped beating.

He looked into her eyes, they were the palest red color, disconcerting as the only other creature he had seen in his short life that had a similar eye color, were the white rabbits his father kept in the barn. Strange, he thought to himself as he was mesmerized by her beauty. Gringar thought he heard whispers, ever so softly, and shook his head to try and clear his thoughts.

As he looked away from the ice cold goddess standing right next to him now, he noticed that every male head was now turned away from him and his unlikely mistress. Some men were even getting up to leave! "Don't worry about them, look at me." She half spoke, half whispered to Gringar as she took hold of his chin in her icy grip. Her black as coal mane, fell across her eyes as he heard in his mind; "Meet me at Bleak Falls Barrow, this time tomorrow."

And with that she was gone, only the tangy after bite of a cold winter's night to indicate that she had even been there at all. Gringar looked around the Ale-house with the biggest grin on his face, he really couldn't believe his luck!

And now, as he swung his knapsack along beside him, he had the most fanciful erotic thoughts in his head, because surely this beautiful maiden wanted to make a man of him! Why else would she have insisted he meet her there, just as the sun was setting on this beautiful Summers eve? This was Gringar's chance to prove himself, and he already had a bulging erection as he thought of that lovely maiden, on his way to their tryst...

The sun had fully set by the time Gringar made it to the top of Bleak Falls Barrow, the stairs were more numerous than he remembered, but he had the image of the mysterious maiden awaiting him at the top, to keep him going and fuel his passion. He stopped at the large iron doorway, there was no one around.

He knocked twice, and then felt foolish as surely this was no one's home! He gingerly pushed the heavy iron door and heard it creak open slowly, Gringar was a big guy but even this door was a task for a man like himself. Suddenly he heard a noise "Arrggghh, you're here...." Came the whispered voice, increasing the blood flow to his penis. A dainty white hand appeared from the doorway and pulled the door open all the way with ease.

Gringar stood dumbfounded for a moment, staring at the door, but his gaze was seemingly dragged upwards to stare once more into the pale red-rimmed eyes of his goddess. It seemed he lost himself for a moment, and when he came back to his senses, he was lying on a bearskin rug, in front of a raging fire.

How he got there, he didn't care to ask because the vision in front of him made his heart skip a beat, and he forgot his own name. A perfect pair of breasts swam into his vision and he heard a deep melodious laugh as she came towards him. His hands were on her in an instant fumbling with her breasts, his huge member throbbing and seemingly free of his undergarments. When did that happen? He thought as she pressed her beautifully carved marble cold flesh against his hot, aching body.

Gringar couldn't take it any longer and he expelled his pent-up contents over her breasts all in a rush, the heat of the room and the cold of her skin coming together to create an amazing feeling, one he had never felt before in his life. She laughed again, not cruelly, but mischievously and said, "Let's try that again shall we?"

Gringar didn't have time to enjoy the rush of endorphins after coming for the first time, as the lusty wench was upon him once more, teasing his cock and chasing her bone cold fingers up and down his hot and ready body. He felt his penis stir to life once more and realised that he didn't even know the girl's name.

"Serena", she responded breathing heavily. Had he even asked her out loud? He wasn't sure, but what she was now doing with her mouth stopped all thought, and he could feel the burning, ache for her building once more inside of him.

She took his burning, animal-like penis into her mouth, the sudden icyness made him gasp, but her tongue worked up and down making him moan with excitement. "Not just yet, farmer boy." She smiled up at him and he swore he could see a tiny white fang protrude from her top lip, a top lip as red as blood, her eye contact making him want her more than anything he had ever wanted before.

He made to grab her and pull her towards him, but somehow he felt that he couldn't move. His whole body felt as rigid as his proud penis poking up for all the world to see. He suddenly felt scared, scared for his life, but he had no reason to be. Either that or his muddled brain couldn't make sense of the situation.

Once again, his mind left his body as she lowered herself onto his willing member, and he felt his legs go weak as she ground herself into him. At first, it was like plunging his penis into a cold stream of water, but after a few movements, his own body heat began to warm up the insides of her dripping wet vagina.

He could feel himself losing control as she writhed atop him, and his last thought was that he surely must be the luckiest man alive. Just as Gringar exploded with ecstasy, Serena had her own version play out. At the height of Gringar's finest moment, she plunged her sparkling fangs into his pulsing, warm neck spilling blood all over his perfect, rippling muscles. She sucked and sucked as his cock continued to match each pulse, in rhythm with his dwindling heartbeat.

Serena had her own fun that night, as she licked her lips, finally satiated, she left the barrow in search of her next victim...


About the author

Lara Drew

Mother of one, designer, maker, chef, babysitter, friend, sister and trying to get into fitness at the age of 30. I love reading and writing fiction and hope to get a novel published one day. I am inspired by books, movies and real life.

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