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Club Surrender

by Allan James 5 months ago in fiction
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A journey of exploration into the world of surrender and submission

My girlfriends and I decided to check out a new fetish club that opened up. As we neared the entrance, I overheard the doorman turning people away because the club is exclusive to couples or groups in a D/s relationship. Upon reaching the door we’re asked by the doorman how we identified our roles. As expected my two friends promptly replied "Mistress", but fearing being turned away, and having a great desire to see inside, I bowed my head and said "slave Sir".

My two friends glanced at me in shock. The doorman said "welcome to Club Surrender ladies", just as another woman approached me and locked a collar around my neck and then she attached a leash. Next I hear the doorman say, "Ladies the clubs headmistress for this evening has issued an order that all slaves are to spend the night wearing a club appointed uniform with their hands bound and on a leash." this time it was I who had the look of shock. I saw the doorman open the door to usher my two friends in and heard him say "Have a pleasant evening ladies, your slave will be escorted to you, just as soon as she is prepared properly."

At the same time the woman holding my leash said harshly as she yanked on it, "Follow me, SLAVE! Let's get you ready for Mistress and your Owners," and she leads me down a hall to another room, a dressing room of sorts. Once inside the woman turned to me and yelled: " Strip slave, get out of those bloody clothes and hang them in locker sixty, in there you will find something more suitable for a slave to put on, and be quick about it." I disrobed rapidly with my heart racing and I did not want to anger this amazon any further.

Once changed I hung up my clothing neatly as ordered, then I turn fearfully to face the woman once again. She was standing there staring at me soaking up my outfit with an evil smirk on her lips, what I have on wasn’t hiding much. The outfit consisted of a strapless black bra, a small pair of panties with a zipper down the front, a set of fishnet stockings with straps to attach to the panties. “What size shoes do you wear?'' I’m asked by my chaperone. I tell her and watch as she goes to a shelf and grabs a pair. “Here, you’ll want to put these on,” she says, placing the shoes on the table. “Thank you,” I responded. I sigh with a sense of relief knowing that I didn't have to spend the night naked. I slip the shoes on and wait for my next instructions.

“You have to wear these too,” she says, holding leather wrist and ankle cuffs to match the collar that I presently wore. "put these on slave and don't be wasting my darn time, you’re not the only pretty girl I need to get ready tonight," she forcefully ordered. I take the items and start putting them on my limbs. "God darn it girl, I said to hurry up! Make sure those cuffs are good and tight," the woman bellows, before continuing with, "good that's right I want to see your face cringe as you cinch those buckles close."

Then with a calmer tone she continues, "you're doing good slave, now let's make sure those four locks are securely fastened, I do love to hear the sound of a lock clicking shut,” and a huge smile appears on here lips, as she’s rewarded with four lock snipping shut. "Good. Now come here slave and turn around... very good, now put your hands behind your back." Slowly I take small steps towards her and turn, my heart racing at the very thought of my hands being tied.

"Come on what the hell is taking you so long, do you think I have all day to wait on you, DO IT And Do IT NOW!!! SLAVE." she yells, causing me to scurry the last few steps. I turn quickly and put my hands behind my back. I feel her as she grabs my wrist and roughly pulls them closer together. She threads the last lock into the two d-licks and with one last tug down on my arms, I heard the familiar sound of a lock clicking shut. I tried a couple of quick pulls of my arms, and I found out that I was indeed securely tied up.

Once again, my tormentor forcefully orders, "alright, slave, now slowly spin around, let's see if you’re ready". I do not hesitate and start my spin. "Good, good, very good. Well it's about time, you’re ready. Now, pet, follow me!" Grabbing my chain once again, she leads me to a door on the other side of the dressing room, the door with the sign that says "To The Club" over it

When we reach it, she pulls out a key card and swipes it over the scanner. I hear the lock disengage and the door pops open. She pulls the door open and leads me through it into the club. Once through she pulls the door shut and I hear the lock engaging. It is at this very moment, I know that there is no turning around, love it or hate it. I am now indeed a slave, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

I watch as this beautiful woman approaches me carrying what looks like a tablet. The woman holding my leash leans into my ear and says " I have to leave now, slave but have a great time now you hear!" and with that, she hands the leash to the new woman, bows her head, turns, and walks away. The beautiful lady was now standing in front of me, leash in one hand, tablet in the other.

I couldn't help but notice her perfect complexion, long blond hair, piercing emerald green eyes and bright ruby red lips. Her boots came up to mid thigh which accentuated the skirt that came to about the same place. The area between the top of the boot and the hem of the skirt left to teasingly show off her lovely bare legs. The top part of her outfit is a crisp white blouse tucked neatly into the waistband of the skirt.

I parted my lips to say something but she put her finger gently across my lips and said "Shhhh!! Now pet, good slaves are not permitted to speak without permission, my name is Mistress Nikki and I am one of the clubs moderators, and it is my job to keep an eye on you and keep you safe tonight.

Club Surrender appreciates you submitting to the club and we would like to present you with this gift" Mistress Nikki says as she holds up what I thought was a necklace. But to my horror, it's a pair of nipple clamps attached together by a silver chain, with the message across the center saying " collared slave of Club Surrender". (Watch for part two)


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