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Clinical Sensations

by Juniper Jones 2 years ago in fiction
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Episode 09: Mature Modern Love Series

Clinical Sensations
Photo by Nadine Rupprecht on Unsplash

Chapter 10


The only thing Lydia was thinking of at this moment other than clarifying the project was how those eyes would look half-lidded, slanted with abandon naked with only the pleasure of the experience and her wrapped around him.

She cleared off a space on the bed for him to sit down. Her bedroom was the spare room and a bit smaller since she had given the larger master to her friend Cindy.

“You can sit here. I know it’s not the Ritz, but it’s all that I’ve got for now.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I want to let you know that while we were driving to the office is when I decided to drop the project. I am going to tell my supervisor as soon as I get the chance.”

“Thank you. Because if I was going to treat you like the person, I want you to be in my life I would have had to ask you.”

Jonathan leaned across her and picked up the coffee and began to take a sip.

“So, what is it that you needed to know other than that?”

“I need to know if Angelica is pregnant.”

“She can’t be.”

“You can be sure?”



“I had been with her for around a year and I knew when she was ovulating, and I never had sex with her without a condom.”

“Well that is a relief. Would you take a paternity test if she asked for one?”

He immediately began to laugh.

“You are funny, Lydia. I am a doctor. Not a gynecologist, but I have friends.”

He smiled his winning smile and sipped at the latte sized mug in his hands.

“Besides,” he continued, “she lied about it and that is what I can’t forgive. She’s not pregnant. I can almost guarantee it.

The sound of music being played in the other room interrupted the conversation for a second. Lydia smiled and remembered what Cindy had said about if she ever had a “friend” over she would play the music loud enough for her to hear.

“Did your friend leave the music on or is she home?”

“No worries. She let’s me know when she wants to be alone. This is what she does. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

The thought about what they had done earlier still lingered at the back of her mind. Her body still yearned for him to do all the things he loved and more.

“Can I say something to you?”

“What’s that?”

“I loved what you did to me.”

“Did you want me to do it again?”

The air seemed a fraction warmer than it did a moment ago and Lydia was wondering what this man couldn’t do. She grabbed the files that were lying on the bed that had been separating them and put them back in the respective folder to which they pertained.

“I do.”

With that he set down his mug and brought her to him.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to place your hands – here.”

Lydia turned around and exposed her back to him once again. Letting her hair hide most of it waiting for him to move it out of the way. Jonathan waited then swung a leg over her so that she could sit between his own the heat between them steadily rising unseen and building tension.

She had nothing to hide from him in the light that he couldn’t have mapped out with fingertips earlier this morning. Expecting him to touch her body she tensed when she heard his belt being undone and zipper pulled down so that his hand began to knead her from behind to relax her.

The smooth contours of her back were supple, and she nudged her hips into his from behind feeling the heat of his penis that had become engorged and swollen.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Put your hands on me. Use your body if you want.”

Lydia was enjoying the feel of him behind her then suddenly felt him pull her on top of his erection letting her see him while being able to reach around and grab her nipples the way she liked. She had showed him in his office what she liked, and she was looking forward to seeing what else he could do to her.

She thought that she might give him something to think about and she put both of her hands on him starting at the base and drawing him up to meet her cupping him gently while she did so. She heard a sharp intake of breath and knew that there wasn’t going to be any complaints. He grabbed her instinctively around the hips and pulled her in grinding his pelvis up to meet her hands.

Lydia had left her hands dry when she had brushed the tip of him gently massaging the flesh in small circles then taking the pads deftly to the trunk feeling the ridges and veins there. The hair around the base was soft and silky. She absolutely wanted to spend her time letting the tight curls be played by her fingertips.

Jonathan stopped long enough to put a hand between her thighs and again was teased uncontrollably by what he found there. He parted her and ran his fingers along her outer lips making sure the tips of nails never touched her and were moistened by her own gleaming wetness. He brought his hand to his lips again to take in her scent and taste her again. He would never get enough of this and he knew it, Lydia didn’t have to see his face to make any uncertainties vanish. All she had to do was look down to see how much he desired to be inside her.

Lydia finally broke and arched her back raising her bottom up and over him to come down on him swiftly. It was Johnathan’s turn to nearly break. Beads of sweat had begun to form on his chest and were gathering along his stomach from the tension. Lydia began moving in the form of an “S” sliding forward than back. It only took her a second or two to get used to his size and she began to let herself move her muscles around him.

Jonathan couldn’t contain it for very long and Lydia knew it and stopped grinding into him. She could feel the pulses starting to come closer together and she wanted to make it last.

Jonathan circled one of her ankles looking for an anchor in the rush that was gripping him and bringing him to his climax. Right before he did though she got up off him to turn around.

Lydia opened the drawer to her nightstand where she kept the condoms, opened one and came back to him.

“I guess this would be a good time to ask if there was anything you needed to tell me about yourself. Anything I should need to know before I put you deep inside me.”

“Nothing. You’re safe with me.”

Lydia made her way over to him and easily placed the rubber on the tip and rolled it down. She smiled then and it was honestly the happiest she had been in a while.

Jonathan pulled the comforter back and motioned for her to jump under the covers. She did only after getting completely undressed in front of him.

The music next door never turned off the whole time they were together and only suspiciously got louder at certain intervals.

To be continued...

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About the author

Juniper Jones

A woman with an inked and indented index finger bent over a keyboard wondering: "Am I really going to do this?"

Writing hopefully will be able to support my renovations.

And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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