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Clinical Sensations

Modern Love Part One of Six

By Juniper JonesPublished 3 years ago 12 min read
Clinical Sensations
Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

Chapter One

Dr. Johnathan Beckman


I recognized the voice immediately and was anything but happy to hear it. I had arrived at my new private office early to finish some paperwork I needed to catch up on and had not expected to have a surprise visitor waiting for me—especially such an unwelcome one

“Angelica, what are you doing here?” I demanded in a stern tone of voice. “And how the hell did you even get in here?”

“I couldn’t let you celebrate the opening of your new private practice alone!” she replied with a phony, yet noticeably appealing grin.

“You do know this is called breaking and entering right?” I snipped back at her, narrowing my eyes to express my obvious and apparent annoyance.

“Well, didn’t you tell me you wanted me to bring your key back?” she replied in a mockingly teasing tone.

She reached into the pocket of her tight-fitting trench coat and pulled out a single metal door key. It still had the little pink key cover over the round end of it. Just the sight of it made me literally want to spit.

“I asked you for that a month ago. I’ve already had all of the locks on my condo changed since then,” I told her matter-of-factly. “You can keep it.”

“Well, gee thanks. A key to nowhere. I’m flattered,” she stated sarcastically, rolling her alluring set of deep blue eyes at me.

“That wasn’t meant as flattery in the least,” I stated coldly.

“You’re a doctor, Jon. Your IQ is like 150. I’m sure you can understand sarcasm,” she retorted with a huff.

“Angelica, you need to leave. I have my receptionist and nurse both coming in soon.”

“Oh, but I’m sure you have time for a quickie, though, right?”

She slowly undid the tie of her pink trench coat and let it fall open. Beneath it, she was completely naked.

I quickly averted my eyes and refused to look at her.

Angelica was a stunningly gorgeous woman, but her attitude and personality did not match her exquisite outward appearance—not in the least.

She was cold, conniving and extremely self-centered. I would go as far as to call her a complete narcissist. Angelica believed that every other person on the planet was put here for her own selfish uses, and felt she had every right to use other people to get whatever it was she wanted.

As intelligent as I have been accused of being, I still don’t understand why it took me well over a year to figure that out about her. Blinded by lust and mistaking it for love, perhaps? Who knows? But what I did know was that I wasn’t about to fall back into her deviant psychological mind games.

I was done with her and that was that.

“Oh, come on, Jon. Just a quick romp. It won’t take long. It never did take you that long, did it?” a smirk appeared on her pretty little face.

“Fuck you, Angie,” I retorted with slight ire.

“That’s exactly what I want you to do,” she replied as she let her trench coat fall carelessly down to the floor behind her.

Pouting her plump, pouty lips, she slowly began to walk toward me seductively, caressing her own flawless, pert double D-cup breasts in the process.

Against my will, my eyes seemed to magnetically be pulled toward her luscious body as she sashayed over to me.

I was standing near the door of my office as I forced my head to turn away from her nakedness. She placed both her hands on my face and proceeded to press her plump, juicy lips against mine.

“Stop it, Angelica,” I demanded as I gently grabbed both of her arms with my hands and pulled them down away from my face.

“You know you want this, Jon. You could never resist this,” she said in a sensual voice as her right hand trailed down from her large breasts, past her thin waistline, and down to her cleanly shaven valley below.

Goddamn, it was hard to look away!

“You need to leave, Angelica,” I said sternly, a little more loudly this time, utilizing every ounce of will to not take in the near-goddess level of beauty that was her sex.

God, how she used to make me weak in the knees—and in the jeans, as well. However, knowing who she really was, now, even with her exquisite physical beauty, I had no interest in screwing her brains out anymore. But why did she have to be so goddamn aggressive?

“Angelica, I’m not going to tell you again.

Licking her finger, she spread the folds of her womanhood apart revealing the pink petal that used make my mouth water and my rod tingle. This time, however, I just shook my head. I knew that if I gave in, bent her beautiful ass over my desk and fucked her from behind, it would lead to nothing but trouble—much more trouble than a few moments of purely physical pleasure were worth.

Nope, not again. I refused to fall for it again. I needed for her to finally get the message that we were over and that done meant done.

“I mean it, Angelica. If you don’t leave now, I’m going to have to call the authorities. This is completely inappropriate.”

I meant every word.

“You can’t be serious, Jonny,” she said with a chuckle. “They would totally think you were a weak, gay faggot to be calling the police on a little 90-pound woman, who just happens sexy as hell. What straight manly man wouldn’t want a piece of this?”

I used to love it when she called me Jonny, but now, the mere sound of it made my stomach turn.

“This straight manly man,” I replied as I glared at her.

Just then, the lights out in the front waiting room area flicked on and I knew that either my nurse, medical assistant, or receptionist had arrived, and I couldn’t have been happier about it at that moment.

In a disappointed huff, Angelica hurriedly snatched up her trench coat, put it back on her nude body, and tied it closed.

“This isn’t over, Jonny!” she warned with malice in her tone before turning around to leave.

Chapter 2

Lydia Harold

The wind whipped at Lydia’s hair as she made her way down Main Street of a little town that she had just moved to.

Nestled in the interior of the mountains of the Dunbar valley, the little town with a main highway going right through it was called Lac Du Monte.

Lydia nearly tripped on a grate while walking down the street,


Rubbing her ankle, she continued her way down the street. She was going to go pick up Cindy from the shopping district and then they were going to go to the doctor’s office so that they could find out who the local practitioners around here were.

Rounding the corner, she could see the sign showing the clothing store Cindy was waiting in. Nearly out of breath but loving the fresh cool air she swung the door open and stepped inside the quaint little nook of a store that held the latest fashions for the locals here.

“Lydia! You made it!”

It was her friend Cindy. She was Medical office Receptionist when she had left with Lydia and had thought that it would be a good idea to stop in and check on the local medical office.

“Oh, am I glad to see you, girl!”, Lydia exclaimed. Then continued to say to Cindy with a smile on her face, “How is it that you can look so perfect every moment of your life, seriously. Its windy as hell out there!”

Cindy laughed and gave her best friend a big hug. She had been lucky enough to have had a friend to take with her when she had gotten the news that an opening at the local newspaper was available. That’s when she made her pitch to her friend. They decided that the lease was coming up on their rental suite anyway and it was high time they moved somewhere where there was more opportunity. The job, if she got it, would mean an increase in salary that was too good to refuse.

“So, I got notified by one of my clients that there is a story up here I have to pick up on. There’s a Dr. Beckman and his private offices are one of the only places here in town that offer medical care here. Any chance you would want to check it out? I mean, as a customer of course.”, she winked at her friend Cindy and rested her chin on her hand waiting while batting her eyes.

“Why not? I mean you know I couldn’t refuse you.”, Cindy laughed and gave Lydia a shove in the shoulder.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Lydia helped Cindy to pay for her things and they left in no hurry to reach their destination. They had just arrived in town and were enjoying the first day after moving into their new place as roommates together.

“No, you don’t say! Really, so the mayor’s ex-wife had a boyfriend who kicked her out and she went to drop off the keys a month later? No, shit.”

“Really. Sounds a little fucked up, but what isn’t nowadays anyhow. Anyway, it’s only a small interview piece that was set up by my lead editor who needs something rounded up for the daily.”

As they were walking up the walk, they passed an older woman with an angry look on her face. Lydia wondered if she had overheard the private conversation that she was having with Cindy. She wasn’t unattractive and had a tight skirt on with an equally tight blouse. The woman stopped and turned around and shouted,

“If you bitches think you have something to offer, I doubt it. You don’t earn the paycheck.”, a sneer made her beauty melt from her face unmasking a side that Lydia had wished she had kept hidden.

Lydia just kept on going. Her friend threw the middle finger up at the woman when she had turned and kept on going.

Finally, they were coming up to the private clinic of Dr. Beckman. Cindy decided it would be best if she went up on her own first and then Lydia was to follow. That way, she would be able to conduct her interview without being interrupted.

After a few minutes Lydia made her way up to the posh medical office. The walls were all adorned with expensive prints and some she didn’t recognize. Walking up to the front desk she waited for the receptionist to look up and notice her and said,

“Hello, I’m here to a Dr. Jonathan Beckman? Is he available to ask a couple of questions for the local Bugler’s Song newspaper?”

She smiled sweetly hoping that she wouldn’t get the brush off.

“Yes, he’s in. Please, write your name down and I will see if he can see you.”, she tipped her glasses back up her nose and made her way to the back rooms to find the doctor’s office.

From the back hallway she could see a tall figure start to make his way down the corridor. Lean, muscular and with a frame that put most men to shame Lydia took a moment to catch her breath. The man’s hair was shoulder length and blonde streaked with brown giving it a warm honey color. The eyes were the feature that stood out he most though. Sea green eyes framed by thick lashes were held in place by strong cheek bones and an aquiline profile. Smitten, for a moment, Lydia forgot what it was that she was supposed to say.

“Doctor Beckman?”

“No other. How can I help?”

“My name is Lydia Harold and I am with the local newspaper. Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?” Usually, she wasn’t so blunt, and she knew why. The man was a distraction.

“Oh, no. I’m sorry…Who did you say you were? No, I don’t think I can if it has anything to do with my ex.” He didn’t make a move for the door and Lydia decided to take a chance to extend herself.

“Look, if you don’t want this to be on the record than it won’t be. I won’t push. Ok, well maybe a little, you wouldn’t even for someone who just moved into town who you don’t want to be misled by others?”

“That’s not funny. I think it’s time for you to leave. I have a lot of patients to attend to and I don’t have time to contribute to a gossip rag of a magazine that peddles to the busy bodies of this little town. Show yourself out, Ms. Harold.”

“But- “, Lydia was cut off with the slamming of his office door as he left.

“What a jerk!”

Immediately she grabbed her phone and purse and headed for the door. She didn’t even wait for Cindy who watched as she stormed her way though the waiting room to escape out the main entrance.

Funny wasn’t it?

Lydia thought, when she was looking at him, she couldn’t help but think what a handsome man he is except for his obvious temper. She didn’t know what she said, but she wasn’t going to let him off the hook just yet. She waited for Cindy to finish up which didn’t take long.

“Cindy, you can’t believe what an asshole this guy is! You should have heard the attitude on him.”

Cindy laughed her usual easy going laugh.

“Lydia, you are a reporter. Nobody likes reporters.”


“Anyways, you probably were blinded by the sheer ghastly gorgeousness of the man and then blurted out something obscene, didn’t you?”

“You bitch.”

Is all Lydia said smiling as they walked back to their apartment.


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And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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