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by Zeddicus Zane 3 months ago in fiction
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The Sexual Mission of an Alien God

One upon a time in the Milky Way

Sat a planet that organic life just may

It was relatively new and ready for life

'twas time for Adam and Eve, his wife

"Let the experiment begin", they did say

The gods, aliens to the planet, came

With panspermia, they would tame

Their DNA was used to jump start

The evolution of life that was smart

And, therefore, planet Earth became

Millions of years later, they returned

Because their experiment had burned

Most of the life had been destroyed

So a new plan had to be deployed

They stayed because they were concerned

One species showed the most potential

To modify the hairy ape was essential

Ape and alien DNA was thus combined

And, thus, a new ape species was defined

Soon, the gods would be deemed unessential

As the alien gods watched, gold they mined

But humans became smarter, as designed

They turned against the gods and fought

It was freedom from mines that they sought

Humans and gods where no longer aligned

10,000BC, it is estimated to have come

Deep space, the iron meteorite was from

Knowing of the impending doom, they fled

The gods had left their creations for dead

But extinction was not the actual outcome

Humans survived, barely, but they did live

Survival of the fittest mad them combative

But in 12,000 years, they had over populated

And the Earth they had totally desecrated

Earth didn't have any more left to give

It was now time for the return of the gods

They had to come back to even the odds

With humans they couldn't directly interfere

Due to mass hysteria from the human's fear

But they could insert invisible sleeper squads

The squads would be the gods very own bloodline

This plan became the alien's two part design

Be impregnated by men and impregnate the women

This is where our god, and his chosen, tale will begin

Our tale, a close, sexual encounter of the alien kind

The god, formerly known as Kamadeva descended

This "Cupid" was to find a surrogate as intended

His eyes landed on short, black haired female

This woman was the one he was going to nail

His hand, to her, was therefore fully extended

Kamadeva took Ashley aboard his spaceship

His lips to hers began this unearthly courtship

Blind folded, Ashley's other senses heightened

Her pussy became wet and her thighs tightened

She, subconsciously, began to slowly strip

He picked her up and pinned her to the wall

Faint moans floated from her as he stood tall

Her thighs squeezing his waist to pull him close

His massive cock went in and curled her toes

He pushed in deep, but she didn't mind at all

His rapid thrusts increased her pleasure

Her ecstasy was unbelievably beyond measure

His hand encircled her small, tender neck

As the other hand makes a downward trek

Upper hand begins to slightly squeeze

As lower hand starts to rub and tease

A low grow enters her ear with aggress

"You had better cum for me, princess!"

She replies, "For my god, I will appease."

She screams out as she orgasms on his rod

He smiles and his head begins to slowly nod

Being a good girl she kneels on his command

Taking his fat cock and balls in her hand

Her throat prepares for the receipt of his wad

Taking all of his long fat dick in her mouth

She is delighted to be on knees down south

One hand and her lips slide down his stick

The other hand rubbing balls to bring cum quick

He grunts loudly as his cum fills up her mouth

Again, being the good girl, she swallows it all

Making him shudder, stutter, sputter, and then fall

He picks her up and moves her to his bed

And spreads her legs to give her some head

Which makes her squirt hard like a waterfall

He then rises and pull her closer to his body

All the motherly qualities she really did embody

So, close to him, he slid his long, fat cock in

And to the bed, her hands he would tightly pin

As his lips move gracefully up and down her body

Her back arches with the sensual touch

She is lusting for alien seed soooo much

"My god, just fuck my brains out", she begs

He further spreads her long, smooth legs

And begins to pound and stuff her as such

With thrusts that are fast and extremely deep

He aggressively penetrates her inner keep

Her loud moans turn into low grunts and growls

The with his final push in, he holds and she howls

So much seed is injected that she begins to seep

As she lay there shattered, dripping with his seed

She realized that he had completed his alien deed

He had impregnated her with his alien bloodline

Her child, will grow into alien abilities in due time

And lead the new, Earth-saving, human breed


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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