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Chicken Soup

by Max M Power 12 months ago in fiction

A Fluffer Short Story

My Book

I come home from the store with something to make you feel better. You are snuggled up under the covers in the bedroom, sleeping. I start cooking and come in to check up on you, feeling your head for a fever. You moan softly as I lean down to kiss your lips. You wrap your arms around my neck and look up into my eyes, “I love you,” you whisper. “I love you too,” I answer kissing your lips again. I fluff your pillows and make you comfortable.

“Well, we have an hour before the soup is ready, anything I can get you?”

You smile, your own fire building inside you. “You,” you whisper as you pull me back down to you.

I kiss your lips once more, caressing your face in my hands softly. With each kiss you try to devour my lips, pulling me into you deeper, gasping for air.

“Guess we need to sweet this fever out of you,” I say as I stand up and begin stripping my clothes off quickly.

You lift up the covers to let me into bed with you, you are already naked. Hugging you in my arms tightly I continue to kiss your lips deeply. My tongue playing gently with yours, sliding it in and out of your mouth, teasing you. My arms slowly glide down your back as I caress your backside, holding you to me tighter.

You climb up onto my chest, pressing your breast firmly against me, getting my heart rate racing. Knowing what you crave I break away from your lips and kiss down your neck. You begin to gasp for air, excited over the pleasure you’re about to receive. I lean you back and gently kiss your nipples, suckling the tips. With each suckle I take your breast deeper into my mouth, sliding your nipple between my teeth as I pull back, making them pop out of my mouth.

With each pop you gasp for air, giggling over the sensation flowing throughout your body. Your fingers run through my hair, driving me crazy, as you hold me to the spot that is giving you an orgasm. You have been biting your lips, trying to hold in your moans but now you can’t, screaming with pleasure you cum, your body shuddering with excitement. You collapse backward, laying on my legs, your kitty throbbing.

Smiling I pull your hips down closer toward mine. You can feel me pressing against your love lips, longing to be inside you. You bite your lips as I slide inside you, gasping for air as our hips touch. Lying on my legs you grab my ankles to brace yourself as you slide down onto my shaft.

I thrust up inside you as you continue to slide down. Slow and steady, causing both of our bodies to shake from excitement as your warm juices surround my hard shaft. You gasp for air with each thrust, electricity flowing from me to you. You whisper that you love me as you cum once again. I explode deep inside you, shaking with each squirt inside of you.

Now it’s my turn to collapse on top of you. Kissing your belly I lay my head on you. You run your fingers through my hair again and I can feel the love you have for me. I slide out from under you and kiss my way back up to your sweet lips.

“Guess I better go finish cooking your chicken soup.”

“You are my soup,” you answer, kissing my lips once more, rolling me onto my back, and climbing on top of me. Gaining a second wind you whisper, “Make love to me.”

“Anything you say, MY MASTER.”


Max M Power

My name is Max M. Power and I am a Storyteller.

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