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by Max M Power 10 months ago in fiction

A Fluffer Short Story

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I walk in the door and turn on the lights as you yell, “Surprise!”

Seeing you in your old high school cheerleader uniform, your hair pulled back tight into a ponytail, with a ribbon holding it in place, my jaw drops, and I’m stunned frozen. You smile wide, hunger and lust in your eyes, as you lean forward and shake your pomp pomps at me. I’m speechless but the rest of my body is wide awake, the evidence visible through my pants.

Since I can’t come to you, you skip over to me, bouncing slightly, before placing your lips in front of mine, so close I can taste your breath. I lean forward to kiss you but you pull back just enough for me to miss them. Now my body is completely alive, having been denied what it craves.

I reach out and grab your shoulders, spinning you around as I pin you to the door, slamming you so hard you moan and gasp for air. Cupping both your cheeks in my hands I lean forward and kiss you passionately, slapping your tongue and ravishing your sweet lips.

I wrap my arms around your waist slowly, hugging you close. Each kiss becomes more passionate than the last. My left leg slides between yours as I lift you up close to me. I can feel the warm heat coming from your kitty.

You wrap your legs around me tight, pressing your kitty against the bulge in my pants. Kissing you harder I begin to pull your sweater top down around your waist, exposing your sweet beautiful pomp pomps.

I break away from your lips, ripping my shirt off, I start kissing down your chin, cupping your breast in my hands, rubbing my thumb against your nipples, making them hard between my fingertips. I nibble softly down your neck, causing you to gasp quickly with each bite.

My hands slide down from your breast to your hips, sliding backward to grab your tight ass. Squeezing hard I lift you up higher until your breast are in front of my mouth. Your legs wrap around my chest, crossing your ankles so you lock yourself in place as I press you into the door tighter.

My lips wrap around your nipple, suckling softly, drawing your nipple deeper into my mouth with each suckle until my entire mouth is filled with your breast. I pull my head back softly, stretching your nipple until it pops out of my mouth. You gasp deeply as I lean forward and recapture your nipple between my teeth, biting and pulling back again, making your nipple pop.

I kiss my way over to your other nipple and take it in my mouth, slapping it softly with my tongue before swallowing it whole. Reaching down you run your fingers through my hair, grabbing handfuls as you hold me to your breast, driving my insane.

Your kitty begins to throb, soaking your panties completely as you cum against my chest. Smelling your sweet juices in the air I begin to ravish your breast once again, sucking hard as I bite the tip of your nipple before ravishing your other nipple. You push your hips against me, trying to keep from falling as I take one hand away from your ass, sliding it up to your little cheerleader. Pushing your soaked panties aside my fingers rub against your throbbing clit, sliding smoothly between your lower lips. One finger then two gently thrust inside you, sliding in deeper as you arch your hips so I can go in deep.

Finding that sweet spot, I push over it, making you moan loudly, stealing your breath away. You bite your lip, trying to hold your screams in, letting the fire deep in your belly burn brightly, roaring with each thrust of my fingers.

Tickling your G spot, you scream out, unable to contain the fire that’s consuming your entire body. Over and over you scream out, begging me not to stop.

You scream, awakening something primitive in me, causing me to thrust in harder as I suck your nipples deeper than before. Inhaling deeply I know you’re about to cum again. A low growl begins to build deep in my chest, I want you to cum, I crave for you to cum. I can feel it inside you, the flames that are about to explode all over my chest. Like an animal, I thrust in faster and faster until your juices fill the air once more.

I throw my head back, desperate to take in a deep breath. As I fill my lungs my head collapses on your chest, between your breast. Laying there I can hear your heartbeat as it too tries to slow back to a normal pace.

“I think it’s time we to the bedroom,” you whisper. “Ready?”

“Okay,” I answer with a soft smile.


Max M Power

My name is Max M. Power and I am a Storyteller.

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Max M Power
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