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Chance meeting

Team building

By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Chance meeting
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I sit here writing this story over the wonderful time I had in Chicago for a team building conference. My name is Carrie. I grew up in a small town and was adored by most everyone. I am quite beautiful with long red hair down to the middle of my back. I have a wonderful set of breasts that would please most men and even a few ladies. They are topped with nice perky nipples even in the summertime. I stand five-foot five without heels. My bush is always bare. Plus, as of last week my divorce was final after fifteen years of suffering.

I was sent to a team building exercise for our company. It had all the branches send in their management teams so we could be involved and see who was on the other end of the phones. I was part of the headquarters in Chicago but they still booked me a room at the hotel so I would be around when everyone started showing up.

It was the first day and I was busy checking everyone in and assigning rooms and making the schedule available to everyone. I was about to close for the day when Jeff showed up. He was part of a branch in Nevada. It was a small one, so he was the only one to come for them. I knew Jeff from my hometown. We had been to a lot of the same parties growing up. We may have exchanged some heated necking sessions in our youth, but we never went all the way. I was a virgin till I met my ex-husband as my mother wanted me to be.

Jeff remembered me and I offered to take him for drinks and catch up. We went to the lounge and ended up having a late dinner. The more we drank the more friendly we got.

We were sitting at a secluded booth, back in the dark with only a candlelight providing the mood lighting. I slipped off my heels and slid under the tablecloth and over to Jeff's side. I pulled him down enough to get his pants undone and pull out his hunk of meat which was already quite firm. I put the tip in between my lips and started sucking it while flicking my tongue against his head. I started sucking him deeper and deeper. I had him all the way into my throat and was licking his balls. They were so plump and jiggling with every move. I started a nice pace and was making slurping noises as I sped up. I felt him start to throb, so I increased my speed even more. I could feel his whole body tense up as he unloaded a massive load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. I did not want to waste it I was so horny. I have not done anything in public since I was on my honeymoon.

The waitress came over just as I was getting out from under the table and with a big smile, she offered us some after dinner drinks. We both ordered and she went on. I noticed she was whispering to her coworker as they were giggling while making the drinks.

Jeff made an excuse and went to the bathroom while we waited on the drinks.

Our waitress came back and set the drinks down. She then turned and wiped off the top of my breasts with a towel and said, " You missed some honey, but I got it. The women's restroom has a nice big couch if you would like to continue having fun. "

I blushed and smiled back. I got up and grabbed Jeff's hand just as he came out of the restroom and hauled him into the lady’s room. I threw him on the couch and pulled him out again and I saw how big he was for the first time in the light. I knew he was big from sucking him. It did not take long, and he was hard from simply rubbing him. I straddled his crotch and slid his manhood into my wet waiting love nest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started riding him. I was using his whole shaft. It had to be twelve inches long. It felt so good when I hit bottom. I kept pounding him and moaning so loud. He was great and lasting so long this time. I rode him for nearly twenty minutes until he let out a loud scream of joy. Bursting deep into my body.

We cleaned up each other and tucked away everything. We walked out of the hallway from the bathroom to a round of applause and whistles. The whole staff were sitting at the tables. They had closed already, and we were the last ones in the place besides the staff.

Our waitress came over and said, " Your meal and drinks are on the house. We have never been so entertained and turned on at the same time. We hope you enjoy the rest of the night and here is some dessert to take with you as we know you will need the energy. "

Jeff was beet red, and I was blushing about as much from the looks we were receiving. I said in a low voice, " Thank you for your hospitality."

Our waitress walked us out and opened the door with her keys. She stuffed her number in my pocket of my purse as I brushed past her. She waved as she was locking up for the night.

Jeff walked me up to his room and invited me in. Before the door could even close, he had my dress unzipped and on the floor. He stripped off my panties and ripped off my strapless bra. Picking me up and throwing me into the bed.

He grabbed my legs with his arms and lifted me up to his mouth. He was so forceful. He opened his mouth and stuck my whole mound into it. He bit into me so wild he left impressions all over my bare beaver. He sucked my nubbin into his mouth and started rubbing his tongue up and down on it. I was moaning so loud. He was moving my whole body to his mouth. He was so strong. He had sucked nearly my whole set of lips into his mouth. I was creaming the whole time. He worked back to my nubbin and sucked it so hard that I let loose a squirt of my own deep into his mouth. I had never ever climaxed like that in my life. My body was quivering and my juices just pouring out of love nest. he lapped it all up and swallowed it.

He stood up and pulled off all his clothes and flipped me over on my stomach. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, so my feet were dangling off it. He stuck his now massive member into my love nest from behind. He was slapping my ass as he buried his shaft deep into me. Stroke after stroke going so deep. He was a wild man. My ass felt pleasure and pain from his repeated slaps. I was already moaning, and my climaxes were happening one after another nonstop. Just when I thought I could stand no more I felt something enter my booty. It was his finger. He started moving it in and out with each stroke of his member. Timed just right.

I heard him scream in joy as he collapsed on top of me with his shaft still deep and throbbing. Delivering his juices deep inside of my love nest.

He finally pulled out and crawled into the bed. I crawled up beside him and started rubbing his very hairy chest. His member just sitting there still throbbing and leaking his fluids all over his leg. I started rubbing the head and milking the rest of his juices out of his member. He moaned lightly but stayed limp.

He put his arms around me and pulled me onto his chest where he sat me down straddling his belly. He started massaging my breasts and playing with the nipples. He pulled me closer so he could suck on them as he massaged my whole body with his big hands.

I scooted down and put his limp member into my hot love nest and laid on his chest. We fell asleep with me on top of him.

I awoke the next morning hanging upside down with Jeff starting to eat my love nest while standing up next to the bed. My head next to his very hard staff. He had my legs on either shoulder with his tongue buried deep in my love. I wrapped my arms around his but to hang on and started working on his hard member. I have never done a sixty-nine while standing. It was so hot. He was moving his tongue around my nubbin so well. I was starting to cream all over his face and it had been only minutes. I was bobbing my head up and down his huge staff.

I heard a knock on the door. Jeff's hand moved to the back of my head and kept me there. I kept sucking on his shaft like he wanted.

Jeff replied to the door, " Who is it ?"

A dainty woman's voice replied, " Room service."

He said, " Come on in."

The room service waitress opened the door and brought in the meal. Jeff was busy licking my nubbin and I started moaning while she was there. This must of turned Jeff on because he let out a healthy groan. His shaft throbbing shot a huge load down my throat.

He very gingerly spun me around and set me at the table where the waitress put the food. With drops of his juices still pouring out of his member he reached over and signed the bill leaving a big tip for the server.

The room service server grinning ear to ear and her eyes never leaving Jeff's crotch simply took the bill and went back out.

We had a wonderful time the rest of the stay. We would meet up whenever we had time between the meetings and team building exercises. I really regret not ever taking it further with Jeff when I was younger but this chance meeting was destiny. I pulled some strings and got him assigned to the home office and we are now living together. He had a terrible first marriage too so we are both happy living together.

I have more stories to tell but I think this is the best one by far.

If you enjoy my stories please Contribute to my page for more stories, have a favorite topic or want a personal story feel free to email me. Enjoy and thank you for reading my stories I am glad you like them.


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