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Chance 1 (Part 3)

by Kole Black 2 years ago in fiction


A Story of Domestic Violence


The four of us made our way out of the club and to the parking lot; we were still laughing, dancing and havin’ a great time. It was clear to all of us what was about to go down. I got in the car with Shela and Iesha; Chance followed us in his car. Iesha was in no condition to drive, so I took the wheel. Shela and Iesha sat in the back. I watched them from the rear view mirror as Iesha reached over and pulled Shela’s dress down exposing her firm 36D tits. She moaned as Iesha began to suck her stiff nipples. Iesha moved her hand down between Shela’s legs and I almost hit the car that was stopped at the light in front of us. My clit started to swell as I sat at a stop sign with my fingers in my panties, watchin’ these two bitches wild out in the back seat. Chance rode behind us unaware of the freaky scene that was taking place just ahead of him. Impatiently he beeped the horn!

The sound of the passing traffic quickly snapped me back to focus. I stepped on the gas but I could barely keep my eyes on the road. The show in the rear view mirror was a dangerous distraction combined with the four double shots of patron that I had earlier. Shela and Iesha went at it like animals!

We pulled in the driveway and I got out first. Next Iesha got out and came around to the driver’s side door and pushed me up against the car. We kissed as Chance walked towards us. Shela grabbed Chance and kissed him on his neck. I watched them as Iesha fingered my very wet pussy. Chance looked on from the other side of the car. Our two silhouettes tangled in the dark night. Until… the porch light came on from next door. It was nosey ass Mrs. Thomas again.

“Who’s out there? Chance? Rayqelle? Is that you out there? Who’s there?” She screamed from her window with a scratchy, sleepy tone.

“Who the fuck is that,” Iesha whispered in a startle.

“That’s just the nosy ass old lady from next door girl. Let’s get inside.”

“Everything is fine Mrs. Thomas, go back to bed,” Chance said as he and Shela followed me and Iesha into the house.

Chance stood confused, almost dazed. “Wait! Will somebody please tell me what the hell...” as I lead him in the house.

“Where can I get changed?” Iesha asked, looking at my man like she was about to bite him.

“Rayqelle. What the…?” Chance tried to speak again.

“Baby? Please just trust me! Stay right here until I call you, and don’t move,” I said to Chance before I kissed him. I then led Iesha and Shela up stairs to the master bath; where we quickly showered and hurried into the bedroom. Chance disobediently eased his way up the stairwell.

I called to Chance, as I set the music and lit the last candle. When he got upstairs the room was a glow. I reached out for his hand and led him over to the bed where I started to undress him; caressing his body. Once the last item of clothing was removed I kissed his luscious lips. I laid him down on the bed, massaging his body with lavender oil. Lost in my touch… not even noticing that Iesha was on the love seat next to the bed eating Shela’s pussy. They moaned in lustful heat.

Chance tried to speak. Once again I pressed my fingers to his lips as he turned to me about to ask the obvious question. Tonight there was no need for conversation. This was all for Chance and his pleasure alone…

Chance remained motionless. His eyes danced between me, Shela and Iesha. The three of us stood at the foot of the bed watching him, almost stalkin’ him. Chance and Iesha locked eyes briefly as if they were the only two in the room. I leaned in closer to him, kissin’ and biting his neck softly. Iesha moved to one side of the bed and Shela to the other. Chance watched Iesha out of the corner of his eye in quiet disbelief; as all four of our shadows locked in a dance against the bedroom wall.

Chance and I kissed as Iesha’s hands explored every inch of his dark chocolate physique. She was visibly excited as Chance reached out firmly gripping her soft honey colored body. She obviously got more than she bargained for with Chance. Iesha apparently wasn’t listening when I said, “Don’t let the small feet fool you!”

When she pulled back the sheets all she could say was, “Damn!” Her eyes could have jumped out of her head.

Iesha was supposed to be the professional but Chance had taken full control. I gave Chance a look to let him know that it was ok to lose himself. As I let go of his hand all I could think was, “Jump in and get wet. This was my gift to you.” This would be a night of passion that he would never forget. I couldn’t believe it myself. I was actually sitting back watching one of my dearest friends fuck my fiancé.

Iesha straddled Chance, sliding up and down, back and forth on him; I moved closer. It was tough but I couldn’t stop myself. It was almost as if they had a rope around my neck pulling me in. I kissed Chance deeply, while Shela took her turn and straddled his big black dick. I threw one leg across him so that I was facing Shela as she moaned loudly, “God damn. Yo’ dick is in my guts!” Chance put his hands on my thick peanut butter thighs and pulled me over his face, licking and sucking me like I was the last piece of sweet potato pie at thanksgiving.

Iesha and I kissed each other as we switched positions. I could not believe my eyes, lips or hands. Chance buried his long tongue deep inside Iesha as she sat on his face. Shela got up as I took my rightful place on top of that big ass dick. Screaming, “Whose dick is this, whose is it? Tell me!” I screamed. Iesha breathed deeply and moaned as her climax grew closer. She clinched my hand and told me she was cumming. It was as though she was asking my permission. “Go ahead girl! Let it out! Go ahead and cum!” I said. Just then Chance moved around and got behind Iesha.

“Remember that long black dick I was tellin’ you about?” I reminded her.

Chance leaned over her and squeezed her titties, sliding the head of his big dick between her thick, wet pussy lips, teasing her ever so slowly. Then like out of nowhere, he plunged his big dick inside her; like he’s probably wanted to do since the first time he laid eyes on her. There it was… I made his fantasy come true. As he pounded her pussy from the back she started to scream, “God damn! I’m cummin’! Fuck me, gimme that dick! Give it to me, I’m cummin’, oh yes!” Shela stood behind me with her hands on my waist.

Iesha’s body quaked as she laid on her stomach gasping for air. Chance moved toward me and stretched out his hands to feel for my body in the dark. By this time all but one of the candles had burned out. Chance pulled me close and kissed me. I laid down on my back as he put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his long hard dick inside me. I moaned deeply as Iesha continued to pant. She was still worn out. Chance and I made love slowly and intimately right next to Shela and Iesha as if they were a world away or not even there at all.


With morning approaching Shela and Iesha got dressed and left. I put my robe on and walked them to the door. I came back and watched Chance as he slept. That morning he woke up to find me outside on the bedroom balcony, patiently waiting for him. This time his favorite breakfast was on the warmer with fresh juice and his favorite Chinese rose petal tea, along with a single white rose.

Chance walked from the bedroom and sat on the edge of the balcony, leaning against the rail. He reached for me with one hand, and reached for the rose with other. He looked at me with a look that I had never seen, brushing the petals of the rose softly across my cheek. He then put his arms around me saying, “Last night was incredible. What made you do it?” I told him that I could see how he was attracted to Iesha from the very start, and I thought that she might make a pleasing gift. He told me that last night was absolutely incredible and he thanked me again; adding that it was the sweetest gift any woman had ever given him.

After watching Chance enjoy his breakfast I immediately got myself dressed and headed out for the gym. As I drove down the road the events from the previous night started to play slowly in my head. I could picture every scene in vivid color almost as if I was reliving it all again. The candles, the breeze through the window, and the smell of Chance’s cologne coupled with Iesha and Shela’s perfume. For a matter of moments I was there again. Last night swept me away. It was even better than I thought it would be, especially with Shela being an unexpected addition.

Not knowing exactly how much time had passed, I arrived at the gym. I can’t even recall how I got here, but there I was in the parking lot of the sports club. My cheeks were flushed, nipples hard, and panties wet as hell! As I got out of the car and made my way inside, I could still feel Chance’s touch all over me. So, before I could even begin to concentrate on my work out, I was gonna need to cool the fuck off. Quickly I rushed to the locker room and got my clothes off. Maybe the cold water would knock some sense into me.

Now after taking the coldest shower of my life, I stood in the locker room; drying off and still reminiscing about last night’s freaky interlude. It made me question everything about myself, my judgment, sexuality, and even my sanity! I just felt so relaxed and comfortable. I guess it felt as though I could let go of all my inhibitions and lose myself in the moment. Sure, I planned last night for Chance but I enjoyed it too. It was a night that I would truly never forget.

There I was, standing alone in the quiet echo of the women’s locker room drying off and feeling the pleasure of my own touch at the same time. I almost allowed my mind to bring my body back to the place that required the cold shower to begin with. A loud bang from a nearby closing locker quickly brought me back to a sober reality.

After my work out I returned home to get changed for an afternoon appointment. I hurried through the front door. Once inside I went up the stairs and quickly moved to get undressed. I couldn’t help but stop for a moment to look at what remained of the night before. Everything had been left just as it was. The room seemed quiet and undisturbed. Chance had already left for an afternoon therapy session, so I was at home all alone.

In the stillness of the room I paused, listening to the almost inaudible rotation of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I was again transported back to the passionate calm of our intimate four-way encounter. I laid across the bed in the light of day with my eyes closed. The scent of Iesha’s perfume faintly lingered along with the strangely pleasant thought of her lips against my body. The afternoon’s sun set high in the sky. It cast a peculiar light against the same wall that had just held the shadows of four figures engaging one another in heated passion.

The light of day had an interesting way of making things clearer. When looking back, I guess the expression on Chance’s face was all I needed to see. I sat there quietly reflecting… all that mattered to me was Chance. I looked at the candles in each corner of the room, remembering how beautifully they shined against his chocolate skin last night.


As I watched the leaves on the trees outside rustle calmly against the suns backdrop, my cell phone rang. It was Iesha and the sound of her voice quickly snapped me back into reality.

“What’s up girl? I just called to see what you were doin’ today. Congressman Franklin Jordan is havin’ a barbecue at his house in Sky Vista and I was wonderin’ if you might like to come as my guest.”

“Oh for real, how do you know him?” I asked.

“Girl I know everybody! He was the client I was meetin’ the night I ran into you and Chance at the restaurant. Anyway, he asked me to come by and he said I could bring a friend if I wanted. It’s just gonna be alotta politicians and shit. I just didn’t wanna be there by myself without anybody to talk to. He will be pretty busy hob-nobbin’ and schmoozin’ for votes and contributions. So, I thought maybe you might like to go and keep me company” Iesha said.

“Alright Iesha I’ll go but don’t be tryin’ to get me caught up in one of yo’ damn hoo-chee-ramas; havin’ that man thinkin’ I’m for sale or no shit like that. I ain’t even on it! You hear me?” I said, making sure that Iesha understood me clearly. Iesha was also known for being a master of last minute surprises.

“Girl quit trippin’. It’s just a barbecue and I would never even put you out there like that. What I do is what I do and I would never put you in the middle of it. It’s just a fundraiser for his new campaign. I just don’t wanna be there without anybody I know and who speaks my language. Look, it’ll be fun and the food is gonna be the bomb! He is havin prime rib, lobster, shrimp and chicken.” Iesha was also greedy as hell!

“Alright, alright! I did have a class to go to this afternoon but I guess I can skip it, and Chance had a therapy appointment to go to. That should keep him busy until I get back,” I said.

“Therapy? What’s wrong, he got a bad back or something? He seemed fine to me?” Iesha asked.

“No. Chance is slightly manic-depressive. He’s on medication and goes to therapy twice a week to manage it. He’s doin’ fine though,” I explained.

“Oh hell naw! You mean that nigga’s crazy?” Iesha said.

“No Iesha. He is not crazy! Fool! Maybe if yo’ crazy ass went to see somebody about yo’ issues you could learn to stay in one place and quit bouncin’ all over the country from pillar to post!” I snapped at Iesha.

“Well excuse me for bein’ concerned about yo’ funny actin’ ass! When they find you floatin’ in Lake Michigan all chopped up in little pieces don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Iesha responded.

“Look, wit’ all the foul shit you be doin’, they’ll find yo’ ass floatin’ long before they will me,” I said.

“Anyway girl. Where do you want me to meet you?” I asked Iesha.

“The address is 3514 Sky Vista Dr. Pull into the circle driveway and I’ll be inside. Just come on in. I’ll see you in about an hour,” she said.

“Alright then bye.” I said slamming my cell phone shut.

About an hour later I arrived, pulling into the driveway in front of the house like she said. A valet approached. I felt just a little out of place handing him the keys to park my Toyota Camry, with all the Hummer’s, Benz’s and Jag’s parked everywhere. I walked up to the big wooden door and before I could ring the bell the maid opened the door. Iesha was standing off to the side just behind her.

“Damn girl. Finally! I thought you changed yo’ mind about comin’… Let’s go outside. I want you to meet the Congressman,” Iesha said as she ran up and grabbed me by the hand.

I followed Iesha through the wave of snobby looks and turned up noses. The house was huge and beautifully decorated. It seemed like we walked a damn country mile to get to the outside pool area where the Congressman was. This house was amazing, like something you would see in Architectural Digest or some shit. I felt out of place, so I know Iesha’s ghetto ass must’a felt like little orphan Annie.

As we stepped out on to the terrace, the Congressman immediately spotted Iesha and motioned her over to where he stood. He was very handsome, tall, and well built. He was in in his early forties, with smooth caramel colored skin and wavy salt and pepper hair. He also had quite a reputation with the ladies; a most eligible bachelor and very, very wealthy. I thought to myself, “what the fuck is he doin’ with Iesha?” I guess he must have been slummin’.

“Hello, my dear. Are you having a good time?” the congressman asked as he greeted Iesha with a warm kiss on the cheek.

“Yes Franklin, I’m havin’ a wonderful time. Thank you for asking. There’s someone I’d like for you to meet. This is my old college roommate Rayqelle Davis. Rayqelle is a grad student at Illinois State studying psychology,” Iesha explained to the congressman in this fake proper, wanna be bouzhee ass tone that made me wanna throw the fuck up.

“Well, young ladies with brains and beauty seem to travel in pairs. Iesha is quite the young woman, in every sense of the word. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Please eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves. If you need anything just yell for me. I have to go mingle but we’ll talk some more later. Oh by the way, Iesha... Did you get settled into your room alright?” The congressman asked.

“Yes Franklin I did… Thank you again for everything. I really mean it,” Iesha responded to the congressman.

“Good, I’ll see you in a bit. Rayqelle, again it has been nice meeting you and please make yourself at home,” said the congressman as he again kissed Iesha on the cheek and made his way over to a small crowd of old moneybags. They were shaking hands and faking smiles.

I turned to Iesha with a look of utter amazement and curiosity. Iesha knew exactly what my next question was.

“Did you get settled into your room? Yo’ room? You have a room here? In this mansion? What in the world did you do to that man wit’cho ghetto ass? You got his old ass sprung! What kinda’ game you runnin’? You know what, I don’t even wanna know,” I told Iesha.

“Wait a minute... Franklin is just a good friend, a very good friend. I met him last year in Miami and we have an understanding,” Iesha said.

“And what might that be?” I asked.

“Franklin wants to be near me, I understand that. So, I let him. It’s that simple, and i’m only staying here until I find a place here in Chicago,” Iesha said as she fixed her make up in a tiny compact mirror.

“It’s just that simple huh? Whatever… Girl, you are too much. How did you manage to…? Never mind. I don’t even wanna know. Just be careful. You ‘bouta have that nigga lookin for yo’ ass wit’ a flashlight in the daylight,” I said with an even more curious inflection in my voice.

Iesha smiled with her head down.

“Let’s get away from all these people. There’s a beautiful aquatic garden down this way. Come on,” Iesha said as she walked toward the water garden, taking off her sandals. We stood at an obviously awkward silence, just listening to the tiny ripples over the rocks in the falls. Sometimes silence can speak louder than a thousand screaming voices.

“Iesha, have you ever been in love? I mean, really in love; so much in love that you could see the sun rise and set in someone else’s eyes? Have you ever met a man that makes you melt every time he walks into the room? Or a man that takes a part of you with him every time he leaves? Have you ever met a man that filled your heart with more love than you could possibly imagine?” I asked.

“Damn! Look at you gettin’ all mushy and shit.”

“No Rayqelle I haven’t. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to. I’d give anything to have what you have with Chance. I may never know that kind of love. You landed a really great guy and I can’t say that’ll ever happen for me,” Iesha said as she watched the water flow against the rocks.

“Iesha... I think I may have landed more than just a great guy. I think I found my soul mate, and I thank God for him every day; I mean, you know all the shit I’ve been through wit’ niggas. I didn’t think it was a good man out there to be found until now. But I had to change. I had to start lookin’ at myself differently, and I also had to start seeing myself as more than just something to be bought or sold. I had to also stop looking at what I could get out of a nigga; like if he didn’t have this or that. You know me, I wasn’t fuckin’ wit him. Look at what that got me. I ended up wit’ a nigga like Tico who flipped the script and sold me a fuckin’ fairytale that turned into a nightmare! I’m just so glad I don’t have to live like that no more...” I said to Iesha.

“Yeah... I guess you have been blessed,” Iesha said softly.

“Well… what about the Congressman? It seems like he’s crazy about you. What’s that all about?" I asked Iesha, even though I already knew what it was about. It was about money, just like it always was.

“Rayqelle I don’t know, I don’t know nothin’ anymore. Sometimes I don’t know whether I’m comin’ or goin’, leavin’ or stayin’... I wish that I could find somebody who loves me for me, and that doesn’t want anything more than just to love me… Ya’ know... I watched the way Chance looked at you last night; the way he touched you was special. I laid there next to y’all after he finished fuckin’ me and listened with my eyes closed while he made love to you. He fucked me, but he made love to you. I would have given anything to be you at that moment. I mean, you have it all, a great career doin’ what you love to do, and a wonderful man that loves you. You’ve got it all and I have nothing... I don’t know, maybe I’m gettin’ really sick of sellin’ my soul and my pussy to the one with the biggest bank roll…” Iesha wept.

Iesha turned away and though I couldn’t see her face I could hear the tears in her voice as she spoke. She was my girl and I could feel her soul aching. Iesha hurried to dry her falling tears, as the sound of the Congressman’s approaching footsteps against the gravel walkway grew nearer.

“Here you two are. I’ve been looking everywhere. Iesha, I want to introduce you to Senator Bob Tilson, he’s an old friend of mine. I’m sorry... am I interrupting something? Are you two alright?” The congressman asked.

“Yeah honey, everything is fine. Let’s go meet the Senator… Rayqelle, are you comin’?” Iesha said as she looked into the tiny mirror on her compact to fix her make up.

“Yeah, I’ll be along in a minute. I just wanna enjoy the water for a few more minutes. Is that alright?” I asked the Congressman.

“Of course it is Rayqelle. Stay as long as you like. We’ll be inside. Come along my love” the Congressman said as he and Iesha walked away hand in hand against the pink dusk of the sun. There was a strange calm but underneath was great uncertainty.

As the festive get together came to a close, I politely thanked the Congressman for his hospitality, hugged Iesha and said I would talk to her soon. I looked over my shoulder as I walked away, I could see Iesha watching every step I took; like a puppy looking through the window at a pound. It was the most sorrowful look I had ever seen on her face, almost longing; crying out for me not leave her or maybe wishing she could go to my place. I could see Iesha through the rear view mirror as I got in the car and drove away. I watched her stand in front of the house until I was too far away to see.


All the way home I thought of how Iesha kept reminding me how great my life was and how lucky I was to have Chance. Yeah, I was truly lucky and I don’t take it for granted. I couldn’t help but be just a little envious too. Iesha was still wild and free. She had no limits, it was all about her and there’s a lot to be said for the ability to just be. It’s a kind of freedom I’ll probably never know again. Now she’s living with a Congressman in his mansion for God’s sake but at what cost? I wouldn’t trade places with her for anything in the world. I could never go back to the life I use to live, not for all the money in the world.

As I arrived home and pulled into the driveway, I could see Chance through the window of his studio, quietly perched in front of his easel with brush in hand agonizing over each and every stroke. Chance painted the same way that he made love, deeply, passionately and brilliantly. The soft scent of jasmine drifted from the open window, along with the soothing sound of his favorite smooth jazz C.D.; the one I bought him for his birthday last August.

Just watching Chance work, pouring his heart and soul onto the canvas made my body weak all over. For the few moments that I sat there, I imagined myself as his canvas; as he used his brush creating long, deep strokes. I imagined him taking his time and covering every single inch of me with his color. Sitting anonymously in the dark of the driveway I lifted my skirt, reaching into my panties, sliding my fingers past the soft silk, to the waiting heat of my pulsating vagina.

Each time Chance moved his brush up and down, I followed his strokes with my fingertips pressed softly inside the wetness of my pussy. The longer I sat in that car, the more I wanted and needed his actual touch. All of a sudden, just the sight of him was more than I could stand. He didn’t know it but he was about to be my chocolate nightcap. This is a much needed and very sweet ending to a very long day.

I walked in through the main door of the house, staring down the long dark hallway at the ambient light peering out of Chances studio. I quietly got undressed at the door, dropping each piece of clothing one by one at the staircase. I tip toed lightly down the hall toward the room that contained my dark stallion. The stallion that I was going to ride all night.

As I approached the end of the hallway, all of my senses began to heighten. I could smell the hinted jasmine mixed with the aromatic fragrance of Chance’s cologne; combined together with the sweet melody playing in the background, put me into a mild trance. My senses were totally over loaded by the thought of his hands on my body.

I was only a few steps away from ecstasy, so close that I could almost hear his heart beat from where I was standing just at the eve of the door. For a moment I stood captivated, slowly turning toward the opening of the door. I caught a full glimpse of my tall dark lover, washed in the light that danced across his big broad shoulders. There stood my prize...

The floor creaked as I moved forward, passing the jam of the door. Chance’s dark brown eyes glided around to meet me. I was naked, more naked inside than I was on the outside. I was transparent and completely open to anything he wanted or needed from me. Whatever he desired, I was to be. All my inhibitions were gone. Chance moved toward me slowly and intently with the look that could only say one thing. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. After making his way closer to me, he reached out, squeezing my breast, rolling my hard mocha colored nipples between his fingers. He leaned in to kiss me with his full beautiful lips… he whispered, “What did I do to deserve this?”

And I answered. “Everything…” as I reached toward him to softly run finger across his eyebrow.

As he took his other hand and rubbed my thigh, he traced along my hips, and squeezed my ass; kissin’ me but only much harder and deeper. Guiding me with his whole body, Chance maneuvered me over to the futon that he had sitting directly in front of the window. The same window I watched him through just moments earlier, while playing in my own wetness but now it was his turn to play in it. This was his time to dip into my juicy passion fruit.

We both stood in front of the futon by the window, touching and caressing each other with the desire of two animals in heat. He slid down on his knees, slowly kissin’ and suckin’ my nipples, and licking my stomach. Chance bit me and tickled me with the lush, bushy hairs from his mustache. Slowly he moved from my stomach, following the neat little trail of hair that led to my treasure.

Chance took his time, softly caressing the insides of my thighs, kissin’ the top of my pussy, then moving farther down. He wrapped his tongue around my swollen clit and then slid it in and out as he opened me up to expose all my wetness; lifting my leg up so that my foot rested on the arm of the futon. Chance gently took his fingers and spread my juicy lips, pushing his tongue as far inside of me as he could. I moaned and gripped his head as he explored me even deeper. With every lick that he took I moaned, softly at first then louder.

“I’m finna’ cum, suck it, oh yes, I’m cummin!”

I moaned loudly as I shot my pussies essence into his mouth.

“Did you taste it? Was it good babe?”

I asked as he stood to his feet, taking off his tank top and loose fitting jogging pants; exposing his long hard dick. I fell back on to the futon with my legs open wide. The look on his face told me he was ready.

“Please, gimme some dick! You gotta fuck me now!”

Chance put his face between my legs; taking one more long lick from my ass to my clit and then back the other way again. He almost sent me into cardiac arrest. My insides were screaming his name! He stood over me with his dick at attention, just looking for a moment. Then he kneeled down and stuffed it into my mouth. I dared not gag. Yes, he shoved his long, horse dick down my throat and I wasn’t mad about it at all. This only served to make my pussy even wetter and ready for what I knew I had coming to me.

Chance laid on top of me and pressed his face against my titties, gently sucking and pulling on my hard sensitive nipples as if he was gonna devour me. I could feel the head of his dick lodged against my pussy. Inch by inch he pushed his love inside. I moaned deeply and dug my nails into his back. His dick is so big! It was almost too much for me but I wanted it. I wanted him! As he moved in and out of me, I could hear the sweet sound of my juices flowing around the stiffness of his manhood. He pushed deeper, spilling my nectar on to the futon.

In and out, his long chocolate nightstick plunged against my sugar walls and sent me into one of the strongest orgasms of my whole life. I could feel it in the depths of my soul! I was shaking all over… I never thought that there would ever be a man who could send me into a guaranteed orgasm each and every time he fucked me, yet here he was.

After my epic explosion, I turned Chance around and sat him down on the futon. His dick was hard than a mutha’fucka’! I climbed on top and rode him like I was on a horse at the Kentucky Derby. Chance clenched his teeth together and yelled, “Rayqelle, I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’!” I bounced on his dick even harder; until I could feel him squirt it all inside of me. It was warm and sweet. His body trembled in ecstasy as he leaned forward and laid his head against my breast, holding me tightly until we both drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. Then the phone rang!


The phone rang once, twice, then three times! The phone rang over and over again. It would stop then start right back up again. My grandma use to say, “When a phone rings like that, it can’t be nothin’ but bad news.”

I reached over and grabbed the phone from the nightstand. Chance jumped as I accidentally knocked the alarm clock on the floor.

“Hello? Who the hell…” I answered angrily.

“Rayqelle, it’s me Lynn.” It was one of my baby sisters. From the sound of her voice I knew something was very wrong.

“Girl… what is it? Is Davis alright?” I asked with the sickest feelin’ in the pit of my stomach. I got out of bed trying not to wake Chance.

“He’s gone Qelle! Daddy died in his sleep last night. His heart gave out,” she said almost in a whisper.

I sat down in the chair next to the bed. I was completely knocked off my feet. The tears started to fall down my face. I began to weep; silently at first, and then all at once until it began to be too much to hold in. I dropped the phone as Chance got up and rushed over to me. “Baby, what’s wrong,” he asked as he picked the phone up off of the floor. “Who is this,” he shouted.

“It’s Lynn Chance. My dad died last night. He had a heart attack,” Lynn told Chance as I reached up toward the phone.

“Gimme the phone… lemme talk to my sister,” I said in a soft tone. Chance handed me the phone and placed his hand on my back to comfort me.

“It’s me girl. I’ll be on the first flight I can get! Have you talked to Letah? Does she know?” I asked.

“No… I can’t tell her over the phone. You know how close she was to daddy. I’m just goin tell her that he is sick again and she needs to come home,” Lynn said.

“Alright... I’ll be there tonight. I’ll call you from the airport when I get to San Diego. I love you.”

“I love you too. See you when you get here,” Lynn responded.

I hung up the telephone and fell into Chance’s arms. He held me close as I cried for another hour. I got myself together to go to San Diego. I had to help make arrangements to bury my stepfather. Chance wanted to go with me but I told him that he needed to stay and prepare for his gallery opening. It was too important and he had worked way too hard. He needed to be here. I just told him to come to San Diego in enough time for the funeral. Me and my sisters were gonna need to be alone anyway. Chance hesitantly agreed to meet me in San Diego in a few days, and then he took me to the airport. This was gonna be the first time we had been apart since we met but I had to go.

So, I took one last look into his beautiful face, reached toward him and ran my finger along his right eyebrow as I took a deep breath and touched his face to kiss his lips goodbye.

Later that night when I got to San Diego, I called Chance to let him know my flight had landed and that I would talk to him when I got to the house and got settled. When Letah and Lynn got to the terminal to pick me up, I could tell just by looking at Letah that Lynn had already told her. She sat in the front seat with a blank stare, looking straight ahead with her eyes were glazed over but without tears. Lynn said that Letah hadn’t said a word since she told her. She didn’t say anything the whole way home either. We all just sorta’ sat quietly, feeling each other’s pain. Officer Davis wasn’t even my or Letah’s real father but he was all we had. The pain in Lynn’s face was so evident.

As we arrived at the house, my cell-phone rang. “It must be Chance,” I thought to myself. It was a Chicago area code but I didn’t recognize to number. I answered the call anyway. It was Iesha.

“Hey girl... I just heard the news. I called your house and Chance told about your dad. I’m so sorry. Are you aight’? Is there anything I can do?” Iesha asked in her own sympathetic way.

“No. Just keep us in yo’ prayers. That’s all girl. I’m just so fucked up. I still can’t believe it. He was fine and then…” I said still in shock.

“Yeah, and I think it’s real fucked up that Chance ain’t wit’chu at a time like this. That’s shitty as hell!” Iesha said.

“What? No! He had to stay behind to prepare for the gallery opening. I told him to stay and just come out here in a few days for the funeral,” I replied correcting Iesha.

“Yeah… whatever! Anyway... I’m here if you need anything. Aight? Do you want me to go by and check on Chance for you? I can make sure he’s eatin’ and takin’ his medication?” Iesha asked. Anytime Iesha offered to do anything for anybody out of the kindness of her stony little heart I always got a cold chill.

“Naw girl. I’ll just be gone a few days then he’s comin’ right out here to be with me. Anyway, he’ll be busy gettin’ ready for the gallery openin’ and he does not like to be bothered while he’s workin’. He’ll be fine,” I said to Iesha hoping that she got message to keep her high yellow ass away from my house while I’m gone. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the concern but I just didn’t trust her any farther than I could see her.

I hung up the phone and opened the trunk to get my bags out to take them in the house. As soon as I walked through the door I heard a scream come from the kitchen. I dropped everything and quickly ran in to see what was going on. Letah was on her knees cryin’ and screamin’. Lynn was on the floor clutching her chest. She was white as a sheet! I quickly called 911 and tried to keep Lynn conscious until the ambulance got there. She was struggling to breathe and sweatin’ like a pig! When the paramedics arrived they quickly got Lynn stabilized and took her to the hospital. Letah insisted on riding with her in the ambulance. I drove Lynn’s car and met them there.


When I got to the emergency room Letah was talking to the nurse. She told us that they would have to run some test and it could be a while before they knew anything. I put my arms around Letah and we sat down in the waiting room. About an hour later the doctor came out and told us that Lynn had suffered a massive heart attack but she was stable. The doctor also said the she was gonna need an emergency bypass. She had a collapse in one of her major arteries and that she might need a blood transfusion. He asked if we could both donate some of our blood just in case.

“Of course!” I said.

The nurse came out to take us to a room and draw our blood.

“Follow me please,” said the nurse. I walked behind her and was about halfway down the hall before I realized that Letah was still standing in the waiting room. I stopped and turned around.

“Just a moment please,” I said to the nurse. I turned to walk back down the hallway; Letah stood perfectly still as I approached.

“What? What are you doin’? The nurse is waitin’, Lynn is waitin’. What’s the problem?” I asked.

“I can’t,” she said blankly.

“You can’t what? Girl… come on here and quit bein’ a baby. I know you ain’t still scared of needles. It’ll be alright, you’ll just feel a little pinch and that’s it. Come on. Do it for Lynn.” I said, growing more frustrated.

“No! I can’t!” she shouted.

“Why,” I asked. Letah turned away.

“I just can’t! So… stop askin’ me!” Letah shouted louder.

“You selfish little bitch! Our sister is layin’ in that operatin’ room fightin’ for her life, and you can’t? No, wait… You won’t take a little needle stick? It’s always about you ain’t it? You always have been a lil’ self-centered heffa’! I don’t believe you! This is so…” I said as Letah interrupted.

“She can’t have my blood! I’m sick Rayqelle!” Letah shouted!

“Sick how? What? You got a cold or somethin’? What is it? We ain’t got all day!” I demanded.

“Rayqelle I am sick! I have HIV!” Letah shouted again as she broke down into tears.

“What? Oh my God! No, please God? NO!” I said. “What? How? Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked putting my arms around her.

“Please... time is of the essence,” the nurse said from down the hall; unaware of the serious conversion that was taking place.

“Miss Davis, please!” the nurse said again.

“I’ll be right back,” I whispered; kissing Letah’s forehead as I headed back down the brightly lit hallway with the nurse.

“It’ll just be me,” I told the nurse as she led me to the exam room. When I got back to the waiting room Letah was asleep on the stiff vinyl love seat that was neatly situated across from the partitioned nurses’ station.

I sat down quietly, struggling not to wake my little sister as she seemed to sleep so soundly.


Letah was my baby. I remember when Ladybird and Davis brought her home from the hospital and I held her in my arms and fed her. I use to rock her to sleep. She was so precious to me. Now to find out that she’s HIV positive, I couldn’t believe it. Lynn in that operating room about to have open-heart surgery, and Davis was gone. I just don’t know what to do. I’m an emotional wreck. How do I move forward from here? How do pull myself together enough to be able to bury our father in just two days from now. How am I gonna get through this; especially if Lynn dies. I wont be able to do it, but I gotta be strong for Letah. She’s gonna need me, I thought looking at her as she peacefully slept.

Me and Letah sat in the waiting room while Lynn was in surgery. It seemed like forever! One hour passed and then another and another… Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes like hours. Then finally there was a knock at the door. It was Dr. Bauer. He had been Lynn’s doctor since she moved to San Diego. He was the best cardiologist in Southern California.

“Miss Davis. Well we’ve done all we can, and now it’s...Well, all we can do is wait and pray for the best. We’ll be moving your sister into recovery. The next twenty-four hours are going to be the most critical,” said Dr. Bauer.

“Well can we see her?” I asked the doctor.

“Sure. She’s heavily sedated though so don’t stay too long. What she needs more than anything is rest,” said the doctor as he moved toward the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, and try to get some rest yourselves,” he added.

“Thank you Dr. Bauer” I said softly, still sitting with Letah asleep on my lap as the doctor left the room and the door closed.

Quietly I prayed. “Dear Lord, it’s me. I know it’s been along time since you’ve heard from me and I know I don’t talk to you as often as I should but, I’m comin’ to you now. Lynn needs yo’ strength. Please touch her Lord and make well again, cuz’ we need her. And please Lord, just lay yo’ hands on Letah. I know they say that there’s no cure for the disease she has, but it’s in yo’ hands.

About ten minutes went by and then I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in, it’s open…” I said softly.

The door opened as a tall, broad figure entered the dimly lit room. I could not make out who it was, but then a deep voice spoke.

“Hey baby... I came as soon as I heard... Come here, I’m gon’ take care of you. Come give yo’ nigga a hug and kiss… Damn! I ain’t seen you in over three years! Girl, you look good!” It was Tico Vega! The depth of his voice shook the room like the aftershock of a Southern California earthquake as I quietly trembled!

“What are you doin’ here Tico?” I asked as my voice shuttered in fear.

“I’m here to take care of my girl. I mean… you still my girl, right? “

Tico asked in a tone that demanded an answer of his liking.

“How did you find me?” I asked him, though I suspected I already knew the answer.

“I called Iesha to see if she knew how to get in touch with you and she told me where you was at.” He said as he moved toward me, touching my cheek with the back of his rough hand. Tico thought he was the shit! He was a tall, stocky built nigga’ with an odd colored bronze skin. His father was Haitian and his mama was a full-blooded Mexican-Indian, which gave him a most unique appearance. His eyes were deep set and slanted. His lips were full, nose was wide and prominent, and his hair was thick, black and wavy. He was a light skinned, funny lookin’ nigga’; kinda’ put you in the mind of Max Julian. The man that played in -The Mack-, and that’s just who he thought he was too. He was really sort of ugly, but he had game like a mutha’fucka. That more than made up for what he lacked in looks. I mean this nigga’ could talk the funk off a skunk! It was just something about him that made all the bitches wanna say “yes!!!” to whatever game he was runnin’. Believe me, I know what I’m talkin’ about, because that’s how he got me.

“Did Iesha also tell you that I was engaged?” I asked.

“Yeah. She told me about some lame ass nigga’. So what? You just needed something to tie you over ‘till I got out. I understand that, but Daddy’s home now.” Tico said as Letah started to wake up.

“My daddy is dead, and so is anything I ever felt for yo’ sorry ass!” I said as my fear slowly turned to anger.

“What’s up Letah?” Tico said touching her hair.

“Nigga don’t touch me! What the fuck is he doin’ here Rayqelle?” Letah shouted as she looked at me with confusion.

“Tico, you gotta go. I want you to leave, now!” I said as I tried to restrain myself from shouting in the hospital. The last thing these white people needed to see was a bunch’a niggas in here clownin’.

“Iesha said you needed me baby. That’s why I’m here,” Tico said as he leaned in to try and kiss me.

“She lied! Now I want you to leave before I go get the police Tico!” I shouted.

“The police? Oh… it’s like dat’ now? What? I ain’t seen you in over three years and this is how you gon’ do me? What? You think you better than me now cuz’ you graduated from college and got’chu a lil’ job? You think you better than me cuz’ you got some punk ass nigga wit a lil’ money payin’ for the pussy?” Tico said as he began to get angry.

“He ain’t ever had to pay for this pussy! You da’ the only nigga that paid fa’ dis,” I said as my anger intensified.

“Yeah. Me and every otha’ mutha’fucka’ you tricked wit’. I pimped you bitch! Did you forget? I gave yo’ pussy a purpose, you were nothin’! Bitch. I made you! I guess you forgot. You just a ho’! I own you. I’m a real balla’. A boss! You ain’t shit without me! You better remember that!!” Tico said pointing his rusty finger in my face that smelled of stale Kool Filtered Kings; his cigarette of choice.

“Get the fuck out Tico!” Letah stood up and screamed as she snatched away from me and rushed toward him.

“Get back bitch,” Tico said as he slapped her to the floor.

“Nigga you ain’t shit! You ain’t never been shit but a liar and a user!” Letah said as she grew more and more out of control.

“Yeah… and I used yo’ ass good didn’t I? I bet’chu ain’t tell Big Sis about that one,” Tico said.

Letah lowered her head as if ashamed. “Oh what? Don’t get quiet on me now. Come on! You mean to tell me Rayqelle don’t know?” Tico asked, looking back and forth from me to Letah, grinning crookedly.

“Know what Tico?” I asked.

“About me and Letah,” Tico said.

“What about you and Letah?” I asked as my stomach tied itself in knots.

“When you left… as soon you left. This lil’ bitch couldn’t wait to get her mouth around my dick! You couldn’t a been gone more than 24 hours before she had her lil’ hot ass over at my house, fuckin’ my brains out!” Tico said.

“Shut the fuck up Tico! I mean it!” Letah said leaping to her feet.

“What?” I asked in shock.

“I don’t know what the fuck you gettin’ all salty about? You wasn’t givin’ me no pussy anyway. After you got all high and mighty. Started talkin’ bout ‘cho education and how you needed mo’ out of life… you uppity bitch! But that’s o.k, lil’ sis’ stepped right on in and made up for the six months worth’a pussy you shorted me on. She gave it to me good too. Didn’t you baby girl? And in return, I gave you your first taste of some real dick!” Tico smirked and laughed.

“What you gave me was HIV mutha’fucka! You gave me HIV!” Letah screamed at the top of her lungs as she started to weep.

We all stood in silence as the smirk on Tico’s face slid away.

“Bitch! What the fuck you talkin’ about? I ain’t got no fuckin’ HIV! You nasty ho! If you do have it, you ain’t get that shit from me! Lil tramp, you lyin’! You was a ho’ anyway. You was fuckin’ yo’ own daddy!” Tico said shaking his head in stunned disbelief.

“I loved you,” Letah sobbed as tears streamed down her face and I began to tremble.

“You told me you loved me and that you loved me from the first time we met!” Letah added through a mass of tears.

“Lyin’ ass bitch! I ain’t ever say that I loved you! You was just some pussy to hold me over ‘til some real shit came along. Besides, I was just lettin’ you hide out from yo’ crazy ass daddy, cuz' he was molestin’ yo’ ass! Oh? What? Don’t tell me she don’t know that shit either,” he said as he looked back and forth between me and Letah. Tico laughed arrogantly.

“Shut the fuck up Tico!” Letah shouted.

“What? What is he talking about? Did something happen? Did Davis do something to you?” I asked as I stood stunned.

Letah cried, “He said if I told that he would make something happen to you and Lynn! He said that he needed me, and that if I told nobody would believe me cuz' he was a police officer. When Ladybird found out, she blamed herself.“

I threw my hand up into the air and interrupted her. “What are you saying? Are you telling me that Ladybird knew that Davis was hurting you, and she didn’t do anything about it? Is that what you are tellin’ me?” I asked in disbelief as I grabbed Letah by the shoulders.

“I heard them argue. She told Davis that she was taking us and leaving. Davis said that everybody knew that she was crazy and nobody was gonna believe her. He said that if she told he would have her locked up forever and she would never see her children again. That was two days before yo’ fourteenth birthday. The next day she was dead, she had hung herself. Everybody was just going through so much, so I never told. After you left to go back to Chicago for grad school, Tico called and told me all this shit about how much he loved me and that it was me he always wanted. I told him about Davis and he said that he would protect me and that he wanted me to come stay with him. So I stayed there for a few months. Really just to get away from Davis, but Tico just wanted to pimp me. So I ran away from him too! Then I was going to join the army to get away from town and try to make something of myself. When I went for my physical I found out that I was HIV positive,” she struggled to speak through a waterfall of tears.

“This bitch is lyin’ to you baby! I ain’t sick, come on baby… look at me! Do I look sick? ” Tico said to me as he reached out to touch my hand.

“You don’t have to look sick to have HIV you stupid mutha’fucka… Oh no! Oh no! You mean to tell I might have HIV? I just got tested last year... I gotta’ get tested! What about Chance? Oh my god. I just shared me blood with Lynn! I need to find out if they gave her any of my blood. Oh God!” I said as I stormed out of the door pass Tico. He grabbed at my arm but I yanked away.

“You gon’ get yours nigga… I swear on everything I love!” Letah shouted to Tico as he quickly walked out of the door following behind me, leaving her still sobbing.

I ran and found Lynn’s doctor right away to make sure that she hadn’t received any of the blood they took from me. I explained the situation to him; telling him that I might have been infected and I needed to be tested immediately! He set up the tests right away. Luckily there was a lab on site at the hospital. They were able to run some kind of rapid test that came back in 4 hours…

And the clock began to tick!


The wait was pure torture! I sat in the waiting room with Letah. She kept apologizing and trying to explain, but I didn’t even wanna hear it. All I could think about was Lynn and Chance. The frustrating part was that I didn’t even wanna tell him until I knew something, one way or another. He called several times while I was waiting on the results, but I just kept sending him to my voicemail. I couldn’t talk to him yet. What if I had infected him with this virus? What if… Oh my God! What about Iesha and her friend Sheila? We had just had that threesome! Oh God please! I begged.

Then the nurse came around the corner.

“I have the results of your test,” she said as the terror caused my heart to stop beating for just a moment.

“It was negative for HIV but because there is possibility that you have been exposed to the virus. You’ll need to get tested again in six months,” she said as I sighed in relief and breathed again.

“Thank you Jesus!!!” I shouted out loud.

Letah stood quietly looking out into space. I wanted to slap the shit outta’ her ass for betraying me, but there were too many other things going on that we needed to get through.

Lynn was still in intensive care and we still had Davis’s funeral to prepare for. After we went and looked in on Lynn, Letah and I headed back to the house to get unpacked and to start making the arrangements for our stepfather’s burial. As it turns out, Letah was infected before she even started messing around with Tico, and Davis had to be the one who infected her; after years of having countless unprotected sexual encounters with prostitutes. It was all too deep and sorted, and I wanted to discuss it. But I was way too tired! I was on the verge of a nervous break down, and all I could do was just get us home without wrecking the car.

The ride home was dead quiet and once we got back to the house, I just wanted to lay down and try to close my eyes for a few hours. I drug myself upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms, got undressed and fell into bed. When I turned the lights out I could see Letah’s silhouette standing in the doorway. She looked just like a little kid. The way she use to stand outside my room at night when she was scared.

“Come on in here” I said softly, just like I use to when she was a kid. Letah entered the room without a word and just laid herself down beside me and put her head against my shoulder. We were still sisters and that night we both struggled to sleep… with what seemed like the weight of the world heavy on both our hearts.

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of a ring tone playing. It was me and Chance’s favorite song on my cell-phone, (Bruno Mars, "Locked Out of Heaven"). It was Chance. He said he had been trying to get through all night. He wanted to know how everything was going, and that he missed me. He also wanted to know why I hadn’t called. I told him that with everything that was going on I hadn’t had time. I wanted to tell him about what happened with Tico so badly, but I knew better. I wanted to tell him what I had learned about Davis too; but, if Chance had any idea what the fuck was going on here, he would be on a plane faster than I could even finish telling him. I also knew that this would be a real fucked up way for him find out about my past. So I decided to wait, even though I knew there would never be a good time to tell him. I just knew that the time wasn’t right now. I had enough shit to deal with!

Chance asked if I had talked to Iesha. He said that she stopped by a few times already, ringing the doorbell. He said that he didn’t answer… he never answered the door even if I was there. He wasn’t really much of a people person anyway, and he really didn’t like to be bothered. He just wanted to know why she would keep coming by knowing that I was away. I had a pretty good idea about why, I’m just glad he didn’t open that door. There’s no telling what that skank was up to.

Chance said that he was just about ready for the gallery opening and that he had been driving himself crazy thinking about me! It was so nice to hear his voice. I guess I didn’t realize how much I would miss him either, but it was really hard to think of anything except this mess with Davis. I told Chance that I still had to go downstairs to his room and pick out a suit to bury him in then take it over to the funeral home. Chance said that he would be here tomorrow night about eleven o’clock. I could not wait! I needed my man to hold me.

Just then the other line on the phone beeped in, it was the hospital. I quickly told Chance that I loved him and I’d call him back later.

It was Lynn’s doctor, he said that she was doing better but couldn’t be moved from the ICU for another few days. That would mean that she’d miss her father’s funeral. He said that there was no way she would be able to make it. He said that we could come visit but only briefly, because she still needed her rest. I thanked the doctor for everything and got off the phone.

Just then the doorbell rang. Letah answered and yelled up the stairs for me to come down to the door. It was a police detective from the San Diego County Sheriff’s department. He said he had come by to ask Lynn a few questions about Davis’s death. He said that the toxicology report from the autopsy showed a high level of arsenic that suggested he had been poisoned either accidentally or on purpose. I explained to him that Lynn was in the hospital in intensive care and we didn’t know when she would be home.

The detective had a team of crime scene investigators waiting outside with a warrant to come in and search the premises. They came in, looked around for about an hour, put a few things in some bags and boxes and left. The detective said that he would be in touch. I stood puzzled.

“Why would Lynn wanna kill her own father? There had to be some logical explanation for all this shit!” I thought.

Letah sat quietly on the sofa, gazing into the ashes of the empty fireplace.

The next day Chance’s flight was delayed so he arrived to the house just as we were leaving for the funeral. He parked his car and jumped into the limousine with me and Letah. We got to the funeral home at about 11 o’clock that morning and Lynn was still in intensive care. The funeral home looked like a policeman’s ball. The place was jam-packed. It seemed like every cop in the city had come to pay their respects. I’m almost ashamed to say that I hardly knew anybody there, except the detective that had come by the house yesterday. He stood off to the side and just watched us as we accepted the condolences of Davis’s friends and colleagues. It was amazing to see how many people’s lives he touched. Even more amazing to see how many people he had fooled.

It still didn’t seem real. It was like I was stuck in a badass nightmare, but it was all too real. The comfort of all my step dad’s friends warmed my heart and sickened me all at the same time. Then all of a sudden I got that just much sicker! An ice-cold chill crept down my spine and I froze. Chance asked me what was wrong; he said “Baby you look sick. Are you ok?” I thought I was about to swallow my tongue. It was Iesha and right behind her was Tico. Everyone kept coming up hugging me and saying how sorry they were but I couldn’t hear a word they said. I was in a complete daze. You coulda’ knocked me over with a feather! I began to sweat like I was wearing a full-length fur coat in 120-degree heat. Chance looked back over his shoulder. “Oh, hey Iesha, you made it. Good to see you,” he said to Iesha as she walked over to me with Tico at her side. He was wearing a tacky ass orange suit. I almost threw up.

“Hey girl?”

”Hey Letah...” Iesha said hugging the both of us as Tico stood to the side grinning like Chester Cheetah.

“Hey Letah, hey Rayqelle. I’m sorry about y’all father. He was a great man. We will all miss him,” Tico said as I started to tremble all over. “What’s up man? How you doin’? I’m Tico Vega, a real good friend of the family. We all go way back. You must be Chance. I’ve heard alotta’ about ‘chu.Yeah, a whole lot! Ha-ha,” Tico snickered as he reached out to shake Chances hand.

“Good to meet you Tico,” Chance said as he gave Tico the brother shake.

I was about to faint. What the fuck was this nigga’ doin’ here and what the fuck was he doing with Iesha?

Tico forced a fake casual conversation with Letah. Her facial expression told me that she was just about to go off. I mean this nigga gonna prance up in here like ain’t shit happen two days ago? Like he ain’t just tell me that he was fuckin’ my seventeen year old baby sister, or like she ain’t HIV positive (probably cuz’ of his ass), and like he was just some old friend of the family… I wanted to hark somethin’ up from the back of my throat and spit it right in his face! I had to be cool and he knew it. If I had flipped out Chance was going to find out the whole truth today for sure. Tico would make certain of that! I couldn’t wait to talk to Iesha alone! She had alotta’ nerve bringin’ that piece of trash nigga’ in here. What the fuck was she up to now?

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