Chance 1

by Kole Black 8 months ago in fiction

Part 2

Chance 1


I woke up the next morning with Chance lying next to me, watching me as I slept. He had the strangest look on his face, as though he was almost mesmerized. He said that last night had to be about the hottest sexcapade that we ever had, and I agree! The passion over flowed from every angle. When I got out of bed he grabbed my hands and said, “You better go get those nails fixed. They’re lookin’ a little rough,” and he laughed.

“Oh! Thanks for remindin’ me. I need fifty dollars and don’t even give me that look. If yo’ damn dick wasn’t so big I’d still have my nails! So… cough it up Big Daddy! Never mind. I’ll get it myself, I know where yo’ wallet is, and I need to get a few things from the grocery store anyway. So, better make it an even hundred,” I said rushing to beat Chance to the shower.

That evening as I returned home from the grocery store, the telephone rang. The caller ID said Chicago Hilton. “Who could this be?” I thought to myself as I answered.


“Hello, Miss Davis. I know you ain’t forget to call me?” It was Iesha.

“Girl… I was just about to sit down and call you; I just got back in from the store. What’s goin’ on?” I asked excitedly.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t wait to talk to you; so I looked you up... Luckily it ain’t that many Evan Chances in the phone book.” Iesha said, sarcastically.

I guess I forgot to give her my number at the restaurant. Anyway, we got to talkin’ about old times and gettin’ caught up on the latest gossip; like, how this person was doing and who that person was doing. We use to girl talk for hours. Iesha told me that life in the world of high fashion wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, and actually she wasn’t even all that involved in it at the moment. She said, “Girl listen, I had to make some hard choices. In New York City you grow yo’ ass up quick, fast, and in a hurry! I thought LA was tough... All I had to depend on was me but I surprised myself. I realized that I had talents and abilities that I wasn’t even aware of, like this amazin’ power over men! I started to find that men just wanted to be around me and would pay a lotta money for the privilege. I learned to do what I had to do to survive and I even learned how to get rich doin’ it.”

Iesha and I both sat in an awkward silence for about five seconds. Then she said, “Well girl, don’t just sit there and hold the damn phone. Are you still there? At least say somethin’. Please? Hello? I knew I shouldn’t have told you. I just thought you of all people would understand…”

Finally I responded. “Are you tellin’ me that rich men are payin’ you for yo’ time, company, and conversation; or are you really sayin’ that they are payin’ for the coochie? Cuz’, either way you must be handin’ out refunds left and right.” We both laughed uncontrollably. The same way we did when we were roommates in college.

I said, “Look girl, I ain’t mad at you. At least you are gettin’ paid. Shit, most bitches out here fuckin’ for free; givin’ the pussy to a nigga that ought to be payin’ for it anyway! At least you are smart enough to realize that ain’t a damn thang free and if a mutha’fucka wanna play, he damn sho’ gots to pay! Shit, I ain’t about to sit up here and judge you. We both know that I would be a hypocrite. I know you remember everything we use to get into and the games we use to run. So I would never judge you; but seriously, I just gotta’ ask, why? I thought you said that once you got’cho’ degree you were through with that shit. You said you would never go back to gamin’ no matter what,” I reminded her.

Iesha paused. “Sure… I could go to work for some Fortune 500 company, punchin’ a clock, pretendin’ to fit into their neat little corporate box, but I’m smarter than that. That’s not me; it never has been and never will be. Plus, last year, I made over $250,000,” Iesha bragged.

I said “Damn! That’s alotta’ coochie.”

“Girl… You ain’t never lied!” She said as we laughed again.

“That’s enough about me for now. Tell me all about you and Mr. Chance. How did you land that sexy ass nigga? I know his ass gotta’ be paid,” Iesha asked curiously.

“Girl, why is everything with you always about money? It’s not even about that with Chance. Look, I spent years running from love; gettin’ wit’ niggas cuz’ I thought they had this or that. The crazy thing is I was runnin’ game on them while they thought they were runnin’ game on me! Yeah, sure Chance is doin’ well as an artist and his family has money, but I got my own shit! I learned a long time ago not to depend on nobody but me. Shit, fuckin’ wit’ Tico taught me that,” I said. Tico Vega was my ex-boyfriend from college. He was a small time dope boy, wanna-be-pimp from Watts, who thought he was doin’ big thangz. He was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and I have made some big mistakes!

“So, how did you meet Chance anyway?” Iesha asked.

“Well, I was with some friends at the Chicago Arts Invitational; one of their paintings was on exhibit. Chance was also being honored as one of Chicago’s most talented new artists. He was fine as hell in that black tuxedo and I just had to meet his ass. One of the girls I was with just happened to know him from school, so she introduced us. We hit it off, and the rest, as they say, is history.” I explained.

“What? Girl, that had to be the first time in yo’ life you ever took a chance,” Iesha said jokingly.

“Well, how is it? Iesha asked.

“How is what?” I responded.

“Girl, don’t make me jump through this damn phone and choke you! How is the sex? Is it good? He looks like he’s gotta’ big dick,” Iesha asked. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the freak to come back out.

“Well, you know I don’t like braggin’ but he is off the muthafuckin’ chain girl! I never would have guessed that a dick that big went along with those little bitty ass size eight shoes, and thank God he only got shorted on the feet. I swear girl, the first time I went over to his house and got a good look at those tiny ass shoes, I was about to turn around and go back home. I wasn’t even about to waste my time. However, luckily nothin’ could have been farther from the truth; he had it goin’ in every way that mattered,” I said unashamedly.

“Is he freaky? I mean, alotta’ niggas got dick hangin’ down to their knees but don’t know what the fuck to do with it… Just a damn waste of a big dick in my opinion! Plus, if a nigga ain’t got no tongue to go wit’ the dick, I mean if he can’t eat the pussy right then he’s already missin’ 50 out of 100 points!” Iesha stated.

“Girl, I see you ain’t changed one bit; still just as nasty and nosy as ever,” I said.

“Just makin’ sure that nigga is handlin’ his business, that’s all. So, have you heard from Tico? You know he’s supposed to get out this month. He wrote me askin’ if I knew how to get in touch with you; talkin’ about he’s still in love with you and you gon’ always be his woman. Tico was talkin’ about getting’ back in the game when he get out. He wanted us to come back to LA to help him get started. Girl, you know how Tico is, still on the same bullshit. He also wanted to know why you never wrote or came to see him. He asked me if I thought you might have set him up to get busted,” Iesha said pausing slightly; as if she was waiting for a response. I remained silent.

“Does Chance know anything about Tico?” Iesha asked.

“No. I never told him any of that shit! I spent the last three years of my life tryin’ to put all that behind me. After everything went down the way it did and Tico got locked up, I just wanted to start over. I barely made it through college messin’ around wit’ that nigga. He had me doin’ all kinds of fucked up shit that I knew I had no business doin’! Boostin’, trickin’, runnin’ his dope all up and down the 405. That nigga ain’t give a fuck about me! All he cared about was his money. If he did care he never would’a... fuck it. I don’t even wanna talk about it no more; besides, I’m in love with Chance and that’s what’s up. Now that’s what’s really good right there,” I said.

“Girl… Tico is a balla’! He gotz mad paper! Girl, Tico…” Iesha said.

“Bitch, Tico kicked my ass for two years; in case you forgot. I know I haven’t. I’ll never forget what that nigga put me through. I remember when he found out I was pregnant and made me have a fuckin’ abortion! Then I find out a week later that this nigga got another bitch pregnant at same time that I was, but he let that ho keep her baby and made me get ridda’ mine! Remember when he had his baby mama and her sisters jump me? Those ho’s almost killed me! I was laid up in the hospital for like two weeks! Do you remember that shit? I sure do!”

I had to check Iesha’s ass. She was known for trippin’. I had to put her back in her place right away and let her know that shit wit’ Tico was dead! Iesha was cool but sometimes she had a way of fuckin’ wit’ me; I guess to see where my head was. Sometimes it was as if she was tryin’ to purposely get me mixed up into some bullshit. Iesha was a master manipulator. I have seen her operate too many times. I had to let her know that I was not that same stupid little girl she met freshman year in college.

“Alright! Alright! Take it easy, girl! You are like a baby sister to me. I’m just tryin’ to make sure that this new nigga is doin’ you right. I admit it sounds like he might be holdin’ it down but it’s hard to tell with you cuz’ you’re so closed mouthed and hush-hush about everything. I guess it’s that he seems so different than anybody I ever knew you to fuck wit’ before. He’s just so sweet, quiet, and lame,” Iesha mumbled under her breath; “But in a sexy way,” Iesha added.

“So, anyway girl. How the fuck did we go from talkin’ about sex to talkin’ about Tico Vega’s sorry ass?” I asked.

“Well, since we are back on the subject, Chance must be the bomb! Damn girl, he got yo’ ass sprung! He must got dat OUWEE!” Iesha exclaimed. She could be so ignorant!

“If you are that curious, you should find out for yourself. I mean, if you really wanna know.” I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth and I’m sure that Iesha couldn’t believe it either; I knew she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. I saw the way she looked at Chance. Plus Iesha never could never resist my seconds.

“So what’s up girl? You are still a professional right?” I asked Iesha provokingly.

Iesha paused silently. “Girl, what are you askin’ me? Yes bitch! I am still a professional by the way. Even more so now than I was before! Thank you very much. I even got a few other bitches on my team; kinda’ like my own lil’ agency,” she boasted; which explained a lot.

“So… what are you sayin’? You want to get paid? Is that it? That’s not a problem. How much do you charge for an evening?” I asked.

“I charge $2,000 a night. This ain’t that small time shit we used to do when we was workin’ for Tico. I only deal with elite clientele: doctors, lawyers, athletes, politicians; that kind of shit,” Iesha responded. “However for you… consider it my pre-wedding gift,” she added. This made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up cuz’ this bitch never gave a muthafucka’ shit without gettin’ somethin’ in return.

“You won’t be disappointed and neither will Chance! You know how we do it,” Iesha assured me with the greatest of self-confidence.

“Fine, tomorrow Chance and I have plans to go to that new club on the navy pier. Meet us at about 10 o’clock and we’ll take it from there. I want this to be a night that he will never ever forget,” I told her.

For a moment I was speechless. Did I just invite my girl into a threesome wit’ me and my fiancé? I guess I did. Chance and I had never done anything like this before but we had joked about it from time to time. So, I guess it was time to put up or shut up.

Iesha and I said goodbye and hung up the phone from what had turned into a three-hour conversation. By then, Chance was soundly asleep upstairs in our bedroom. I watched for several minutes from outside of the door as he slept peacefully. “Rest, my love. You’re gonna’ need your strength tomorrow, because I have a very special gift for you,” I thought to myself; looking on as my chocolate lover slumbered, unaware of the pleasure that awaited.


When I woke up the next morning, my eyes still barely open and barely coherent. I reached across the bed to touch Chance as I always did. To my surprise, he was already up. He was actually outside on the bedroom balcony waiting for me. Chance had prepared a beautiful breakfast of pork chops, eggs with cheese, blueberry pancakes, and coffee made just like him… hot, black and strong.

I grabbed my robe and made my way out to the balcony.

“I must have been in a coma. Why didn’t you wake me? I would have helped with breakfast,” I said putting my arms around him to say good morning; also thanking him for the gorgeous spread.

“Well, I figured I’d let you sleep. You were on the phone quite a while last night. Who was it that you were talkin’ to that late anyway, one of your sisters or something? Chance asked

“No. It was Iesha. She said that she didn’t want to take the chance of me forgettin’ to call or losing her number. So she looked us up. Who could forget about her crazy ass?” I said.

“Oh really? That was a pretty long conversation you two had. I’m sure it got pretty interesting, playin’ catch up and all,” Chance added playfully.

“We were just gossiping; girl-talk mostly. You know how it is when two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while start talkin’. We just got a little carried away that’s all. Chance, I wanted to ask you what you thought of Iesha. Did you find her attractive? I mean, you never really said anything other than callin’ her a freak but I caught you checkin’ her out here and there. Did you think she was sexy? I wanna know,” I asked nonchalantly while running my finger through the syrup on the side of the plate.

Chance paused briefly before cautiously responding, “Well… to be perfectly honest the two of you could almost pass for sisters. You both have that same gorgeous ass, honey-brown complexion, almost the same height, similar features and almost the same sexy shape. I mean, y’all both got ass fa’dayz! Yeah! She was fine as hell! Why all the questions about Iesha? What’s the deal?” Chance inquired almost as if he knew that I was up to something.

“No reason, no reason at all… Well, I gotta get ready to go. I have an 11:30 class. Chance, please come straight home tonight after your work out. Don’t forget we’re supposed to go out to that new club on the navy pier. Thanks again for breakfast baby. It was delicious! Gimme a kiss… I gotta go before I’m late,” I said as I hurried off to get in the shower.

Chance walked slowly from the balcony and stood at the foot of the bed, almost puzzled.


Later on about two o’clock, as I was leaving class, my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

It was Iesha calling to make sure that everything was still on for tonight and that I hadn’t chickened out.

“Don’t be nervous; you are in expert hands, I assure you. Just relax... By the way, what are you doin’ right now?” Iesha asked.

“Nothing much, just gettin’ out of class. Why?” I asked her.

“Rayqelle, why don’t you come meet me at Frederick’s? They got a nice ass sale goin’ on. Maybe we could pick up a lil’ something to wear for tonight. You know, to make it all the more interesting.” Iesha responded.

“Alright, gimme 20 minutes and I’ll meet you there.” I told Iesha.

All the way there I kept thinking, “Is this right? Maybe there’s some shit you just don’t mess around with; this was probably one of them. After all, Iesha was my girl and Chance was my man. What if something goes wrong? What could go wrong? I mean, we’ve never done this before, and I am taking a huge risk. Iesha can be a shiesty lil’ bitch. What if she turns him out? What if they like each other? What if? What if I’m just trippin’? Stop it girl! Just stop already! It’s just one night and its just sex. Right? Of course it is... Then why the hell am I sittin’ here talkin’ to myself? I am trippin’... Like Iesha said, I just need to relax, but I’m just gonna keep my wits about me in the process.”

As I approached Frederick’s, my cell phone rang again. This time it was Chance; he said that he just called to see what I was doing and to see if I needed anything from the outlet mall. He was there picking up some art supplies… I told him that I was just out doing a little shopping with Iesha and that I would be home around seven o’clock. I then asked Chance if he was still goin’ to work out, he said, “Yes.” I reminded him to please be home by eight so that we could make it to the club on time. He asked me again, what’s goin’ on and what was the big surprise? I told him to just trust me and that I would see him later tonight.

When I walked into the store Iesha was standing in front of the main mirror at the center of the store. She had on a white boostire and panty set with the matching garter and stockings. Iesha was such an exhibitionist. The whole store watched as she strutted back and forth in an outfit that was carefully pieced together solely with seduction in mind. Iesha was really pretty, with a body like “Whoa!” 36-24-42; and she knew how to work it. She had the attention of everybody in the place; all eyes were on her and she knew it. Including mine!

“Hey girl! So… what do you think? Will it make his mouth water? Is it too much? Not enough? What? Gimme some kinda’ feedback here; after all he is yo’ man. Now who would know better than you how to please him? Right?” Iesha said looking at me through the mirror’s reflection.

“Yeah... He’ll love it! I’ll take the same outfit; in a soft baby blue. That’s his favorite color,” I said to the store clerk as she walked past and smiled bashfully.

“What’s wrong?” Iesha asked as she turned around facing me.

“I’m fine. I just want to make sure that everything is perfect. I want this to be so good that he could live off the memories; cuz’ after tonight, he’s gonna have to...” I told her.

“So lemme get this straight! You think Chance ain’t gon’ ever touch another woman after tonight? Just cuz’ y’all gettin’ married? Don’t tell me you livin’ in that Grimm’s Fairytale! I know plenty of men who’s wives live in that same fantasy world and try to make them live in it too. Most of them end up comin’ to a bitch like me! Girl, let me give you a good sound piece of advice, from one friend to another. Don’t hold on too tight! You’ll squeeze the love right out of him, and before you know it… well, you know the rest.” Iesha said smugly as she turned and walked back into the dressing room, still commanding the attention of every eye in the store.

“Well, I’m gonna head on home and start gettin’ ready for tonight. I guess I’ll see you at the club around 10 o’clock? Please don’t be late,” I said as I soberly reflected on the reality of her last comment.

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. Now, remember what I said; not too tight...” Iesha said stopping to look at me once again through the mirror with her back still turned as I stood behind her. I could feel her eyes watching me as I walked away, watching like a predator stalkin’ her prey.


As I got into the car, I started thinking about everything that me and Iesha did back in college. All the games we ran, all the niggas we played, and all of the foul ass shit we use to do for a dollar. I worked so hard to get away from that shit; to leave at all behind and I’m a different person now. I’ve grown up. I just hope that Iesha has too.

I finally made it home around six that evening. In just enough time to finish up a few last minute details and I made it a special point to send Chance on a few small errands to keep him busy until about 8:30. I then thought, maybe I would have a little drink to help settle my nerves. So I went over to the wet bar in the dining room and poured myself a double shot of Patron. I knew that I was gonna need all the liquid courage I could get to make it through tonight. Don’t get me wrong, God knows it’s not like this is my first time gettin’ down like this, but it’s just my first time with Chance, and as crazy as it might sound… I just want it be special.

By then about an hour or so had passed. With almost 90 minutes left, I figured I would take a nice relaxing bubble bath. I had so many things goin’ through my head as I slipped into the steaming hot water. Damn, it hit me! I was horny as hell and by the time that double shot of Patron finally kicked in, I was feelin’ pretty damn good! Hell, for real, I was actually kind of looking forward to this little rendezvous. Had I turned into a freak? Shit, who was I foolin’? I had been a freak for years but this will be the first time Chance has seen this side of me; and only for tonight. Chance will be home soon. This was gonna be a night to remember. All my cares seemed to melt away as I soaked in the quiet of the evening, hypnotized by the waters drip from the faucet. Almost asleep, I nodded forward and then I heard the door close down stairs. It was Chance. I could hear him as he hurried up the steps calling to me. “Where you at babe? You gettin’ ready?”

“In here, Chance. I’m just finishing my bath,” I said.

“Rayqelle, have you seen my blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt?” Chance asked.

“It’s in the back closet, on the lefthand side.” I responded.

I watched Chance as he came into the bathroom to get ready. I could smell his masculine scent as he leaned over the side of the tub to kiss me. “Take those clothes off and get in,” I said as my nipples tingled from the sight of his tall, slim, muscular physique.

As he sat down between my legs in the tub, I slowly washed his body, taking my time as if we had no place to be. I moved the cloth over his big strong back, his broad shoulders and then letting the water rain down over his smooth, bald head. I sucked the droplets of water from his neck.

“Don’t start nothin’ you ain’t ready to finish,” he said as he turned to look at me.

“You the one that ain’t ready,” I replied playfully.

“What is that supposed to mean?” he asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough, trust me;” I said as I got up to get out of the tub.

“Where are you goin’,” he asked, reaching for my hand.

“I’m gettin’ out and so are you. Finish washin’ up, Big Daddy so we can go.” I said as the soapy water glistened over him.

By then that Patron was really starting to kick in and all my inhibitions were goin’ out the window one by one. My heart pounded from excitement and anticipation as I watched Chance dress. Yeah, I was already horny as hell and I knew that in just a few short hours from now there would be no turning back.

I wanted to grab him and strip his ass right back out of those clothes. It took every ounce of self-control that I had in side of me to hold back my hormones as they raged for him. Besides, I couldn’t wait to see Chance’s face once me and Iesha got a hold of his ass. I couldn’t wait to get back home tonight!

Once we were both dressed and ready to go, I took one more quick survey of the house. I had to make sure that everything was in place; scented candles, slow music, condoms placed inside the pillowcase, and some chilled bottled water.

“Girl, let’s go… How are you gonna rush me, then take yo’ sweet time and make us late? You better bring yo’ self on!” Chance yelled from down stairs, while grabbing his jacket and keys. Everything was ready. Chance and I got into the car and made our way to the club. It was only about fifteen minutes away but that had to be the longest fifteen minutes of my life. The whole time I just kept thinking, “This is it! I hope everything works out like I planned.”


“This is supposed to be a really hot club! Everybody is talkin’ about it… and for forty bucks a head it better be the bomb! Oh, and I hope you are ready to see some shit, cuz’ it’s supposed to be off the hook up in there! When I say off the hook that’s exactly what the fuck I mean. Jay said he came last week and it was a real live freak fest, girls on girls, mutha’fuckas poppin’ X and everything. So stay close to me,” Chance said as we made our way down Michigan Avenue toward the navy pier.

The parking lot by the pier was so packed that we barely found a space. As we got to the pier and approached the club we could see that the line was a block and a half long. Chance was pissed. He said, “I don’t care what they got goin’ on in there, I ain’t standin’ in this long ass line! Forget it come on, let’s go. We’ll find something else to do tonight cuz’ this is ridiculous!”

“Let’s just stand here for a while and see how fast the line moves. Please, Chance? I really want to go in and check it out! I’ve been thinkin’ about it all day long and if we stay I got a surprise for you…” I whispered in his ear.

“There you go with that surprise shit again! What’s this big surprise you keep on talkin’ about anyway? What are you up to?” Chance asked.

“You’ll see, just trust me! So, can we stay, please?” I pleaded giving him the sad puppy dog eyes.

“Alright. But we ain’t waitin’ in this damn line all night, I know that.” Chance grumbled as he looked around at a seemingly endless line of people.

We couldn’t have been in line more than five minutes when my cell phone rang. It was Iesha. “Where y’all at?” She asked.

“In line at the club. We are at the back of the line. Where are you?” I said.

“I’m inside standin’ by the entrance. Come on up front. I got us three VIP passes!” Iesha shouted into the phone almost busting my eardrum.

“What? Girl shut yo’ mouth! Here we come now.” I responded excitedly. If there was a hook up to be found, Iesha would be the one to find it!

“Who was that?” Chance asked, as I grabbed his hand and quickly pulled him to the front of the line; still unaware of the night that lay ahead, he followed me like a lamb to slaughter.

“Just come on and follow me, damn!” I demanded.

When we got to the entrance Iesha was standing next to one of the bouncers. He was a big, black, greasy lookin’ nigga, wearing a tight ass silk shirt that looked like the buttons were about to pop off and put somebody’s eye out! This nigga was sweatin’ and breathin’ all hard, and grinnin’ at Iesha like he was going to swallow her whole. I mean, he was paying so much attention to Iesha that about 10 people must have slipped right passed him and into the club.

“These are my friends Rayqelle and Chance... Y’all, this is Big Rock!” Iesha said as she gave me the secret wink.

“Come on in, y’all my guests tonight. Take these VIP passes and enjoy ya’ selves. Miss Iesha, you gon’ call me, right?” asked the big black ass bouncer as he salivated over Iesha’s voluptuousness. Iesha smiled and winked, saying nothing; only running her fingers across his big sweaty chest as we made our way into the club.

“Girl! What was that all about? You know what, on second thought… never mind... I don’t even wanna know. That nigga smelled like he had cheese coneys with extra onions under his arms.” I said looking back at Iesha in disbelief.

“Chance, you remember Iesha?” I said as I watched the wheels turn in his head.

“Of course, how could I forget?” Chance replied charmingly, with a grin that caught her eye.

“Girl, did you see that line? It was wrapped around the damn corner! What was up wit’chu and that crazy lookin’ nigga?” I asked discreetly whispering into Iesha’s ear.

“I was just standin’ in line. He walked up and asked me who I was, who I was with, and did I want some VIP passes. Well, of course I said, 'Hell Yeah!' Now here we are. Damn Chance, you are lookin’ tasty tonight boy. You better watch out! Somebody might take a bite’ out cho’ sexy ass… Anyway, I don’t know what y’all came to do but I came here to get crunk! Let’s go!” Iesha said as she grabbed my hand and pulled us to theVIP.

It was off the hook! The lights were right, the music was thumpin’, and the drinks were strong as hell; but shit, I was already tipsy anyway. So, you know it was about to go down. Chance could not keep his eyes off me and Iesha. I could not keep my eyes off the both of them. Chance was lovin’ it. Iesha grabbed Chance and took him out on the dance floor.

Chance was in awe. He didn’t know what to do next. Iesha worked his ass on the dance floor and he kept looking back at me like he was expecting me to save him, but little did he know, I was the one who set him up for the kill. They must have danced for 45 minutes. It was weird watching my man being seduced by another woman, but in a strange way, it really turned me on.

While Chance and Iesha got their groove on I made my way to the bathroom; my bladder was full as hell from all the drinks. When I opened the door, it was like a bad movie. Two bitches were in one stall kissin’, and one bitch was leanin’ over the sink snortin’ somethin’. Then two other bitches was in the corner poppin’ somethin’ in their mouths (X I guess) then kissin’, and one lil’ dark-skinned bitch just standin’ in the corner starin’ like she knew me or like she was checkin’ me out. It was some crazy shit! I mean, me and Iesha used to get buckwild but I don’t remember us gettin’ like this; or come to think of it, maybe we did. We were doin’ some of everything back then, and I do mean some of everything.

So, I pissed as fast as I could and got the fuck out of there; cuz’ you can’t leave a bitch like Iesha by herself with your man for too long. I know from experience. You’ll come back and the mutha’fucka won’t even remember who you are. Anyway, when I got back to the dance floor, it was dark as hell and everywhere I looked it was like one freak show goin’ on after another; like the shit that you see on late night cable or Girls Gone Wild (the ghetto edition). Guys and girls grindin’, girls sitting on each other’s laps tonguing each other down! I mean, it was people in the corner slow grindin’ to fast music. Mutha’fuckas was walkin’ around like zombies. This shit was insane!

So I’m now standing at the bar and tipsy as hell. I felt a hand touch the small of my back. I quickly turned to see who was finna’ get knocked the fuck out! It was the lil’ chocolate chick that was staring at me the whole time I was in the bathroom. She had followed me out. She was about 5' tall, cute as hell, and built like a brick shit house. I mean, she was sexy; almost as sexy as me.

“Are you here alone?” She asked.

“I’m here with my fiancé.” I said pointing to Chance and Iesha on the dance floor.

“Oh really? Well, looks like he’s got his hands full,” she said smiling. She started to dance closer and closer toward me; then put her arms around my waist and pressed her body against mine. We moved to beat of the music.

“I’m Shela,” she said speaking directly into my ear so she could be heard over the loud music.

“My name’s Rayqelle.” I responded feeling slightly intrigued by this strange lil’ piece of sexual chocolate that stood just inches away, offering her sweet temptation.

I could see Chance watching me as he danced with Iesha; never letting me out of his sight for more than a second or two. I knew he was watching, so I decided to give him a little pre-show. Shela and I danced, touching and caressing each other’s bodies. Chance was looking at me, looking at her. Shela leaned forward and pressed her full lips against mine and I let her. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I responded with the same. Everybody there had a role in the freak show, so I decided to join them!

“I see you met, Shela,” Iesha said, as she dabbed the sweat from her chest with a cocktail napkin.

“You two know each other?” I asked Iesha in a surprised tone.

I began looking back and forth between her and Shela, thinking to myself, “Iesha, what the fuck are you up to now?”

“Shela is my personal assistant. She’s here helpin’ me with some PR stuff. Shela Simpson, this is my girl Rayqelle that I was tellin’ you about and her fiancé Chance. Shela didn’t have any plans tonight so I had her meet me here. I figured we could all hang out.” Iesha said as she turned to look at me.

“Nice to meet the both of you... This is so weird,” Shela said with the slight look of embarrassment.

“Enough talkin’, let’s dance!” Iesha said as she grabbed Chance and pulled him to the center of the dance floor.

We danced; all four of us enticing one another. When the song changed we all moved to a corner table in the VIP. We sat way off to the side, it was dark. Chance sat down and Iesha stood in front of him, giving him the lap dance of his life. I sat next to Shela and watched. The drinks must have really started to have an effect on Iesha because she leaned over and pressed her lips against mine. Chance sat and looked on in amazement. He was stunned, like a deer caught in headlights. Right then I knew it was time to take this little party back to the house.

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