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Ch. 7 The Note

by Huney 2 months ago in erotic
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The Fair Exchange, No Robbery

Ch. 7 The Note
Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

Ch. 7

The note

“Abbey! Where the fuck are you?” Sabrina screamed into her radio as she ran towards Abbey’s office. Finding her frantic and looking a mess she said “ you gotta see this fuck shit right here! You were right to be worried about Mr. Parker! He needs help!”

“You’ll find your precious “Mr. Parker” where that bitch stole my life! Bring Lejend, Sabrina or it’s going to be hell to pay! If you don’t hurry I’m not sure what I might do! Signed #brickboy

“Brick bitch” was more like it Sabrina said out loud after reading the note to Abbey. “What the fuck does Darius have to do with any of this? Brick bitch is mad at me and it’s his own damn fault! I haven’t even seen or spoke to Lejend since she moved out from the apartment! And if I did it’s nobody business but ours”, she stammered at Abbey.

Abbey and Sabrina ran towards the parking lot and rushed to her apartment. When they arrived they found her door slightly open missing a door knob and her apartment a mess! Brick bitch really went to town in her shit and Sabrina was pissed!

“This stupid mutha” Sabrina started when Darius walked in! “Oh my God Darius!” yelled Abbey as soon as she saw him. She ran to him and embraced him. Stepping back and giving him a once over she asked him was he ok and hugged him again.

“Bitch boy must have found a way to get out. I tried to lock him in by kicking the door knob off! My bad Sabrina. You didn’t see him did you? He was just here a few minutes ago! Y’all must have just missed him. I was actually on my way back here to figure out what the fuck else he had planned! He was talking reckless!”, Darius began frantically.

Darius told them all that he remembered about what happened to him on the way back to the club. Telling them how he pulled up to the exchange and how that was basically all he could remember before waking up in Sabrina’s apartment. “Jason kept ranting about Lejend and how disgustingly distraught he was about it all and that’s how I knew it was him. The little bitch cowardly ran away when I confronted him and then I had to pistol whip him to try to keep him here but I basically left him behind unharmed,” he said.

He told them he still didn’t know how he even got him into the apartment without any one seeing him. “I fucking tower over that little bitch, how the fuck did he even sneak up on me like that he said getting visibly upset once again.

Abbey and Sabrina explained about the events of the night and told him about the masked woman! “That bitch put on one hell of a show before giving Jazmine that note! Had the whole room captivated! She fucked Jazmine so good had all the men jacking off around her! Wait, you think the new hires had something to do with it? Abbey asked curiously.

Darius couldn’t believe any of the shit they were saying! “So, not to be the asshole of the night but what the fuck does any of this have to do with me and Abbey?” Y’all little love triangle ain’t got shit to do with us! Darius said in disbelief looking directly at Sabrina.

They arrived at the shop to find all the windows busted out! Son of a big stupid bitch! This dude! Abbey yelled stepping over the broken glass and into the shop. The first thing they noticed was Lejend’s name spray painted on all the walls. Looking around they could tell the shop was destroyed! Everything they looked at was broke!

Abbey broke down crying saying the shop was ruined over and over again shaking her head and wandering around. Then out of nowhere Abbey says “Sabrina! You need to call Lejend! We don’t know where this son of a bitch is and she might be in danger! This dude done lost it!


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