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Caught Enjoying the Wildlife

by JLM fantasies 2 years ago in erotic

Maybe we enjoyed it a little too much.

You flew in last night to meet me. We’ve been talking for a while but this was the first time we were seeing each other in the flesh. It worked out great, you had some vacation time and my boys are at their dads this week, thank you summer!!

I can’t believe how easy things are with you, how easily everything flows. Honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t sleep together last night. We knew we’d feel an incredible spark between us, it’s been palpable for a while... but feeling explosions instead of sparks, I think that caught us both off guard.

There were so many different emotions flowing between us back and forth, we wanted to explore them all. So we sat up talking and hugging, talking and kissing, talking and laughing, talking and falling in love all night long.

We did catch a little nap this morning, but even then we just snuggled. I loved falling asleep next to you, my head on your chest. I’ve actually never felt so quite at home, so warm and safe so quickly.

I hear the water stop running and know you’re done in the shower. I thought about joining you, but didn’t make it in time. Maybe I’ll have my way with you today on our picnic.

You step out of the bathroom with a towel loosely draped around your hips. Damn you’re fucking fine!!! I watch water drip off your chin, it runs down your chest, down your abdomen and disappears into the towel. I’d like to follow that path with my tongue, I think to myself.

You were such a gentleman last night and this morning. I love that you’re giving it time, you’re not rushing things, not rushing me. I can tell you’re holding back, and I really appreciate it... but I’m ready to explore you, ready to have my fill.

We pack lunch for a picnic in the wildlife preserve that borders my home. As I grab the basket and a blanket, I feel you come up behind me. You put your hands on my hips pulling me into you. Your arms wrap around me and you kiss the back of my neck. I feel a familiar stir spinning around in my belly. “You ready to go?” You ask gently brushing your hard cock across my ass.

“Definitely.” I say pushing my hips back into you. You let go and take the basket from the crook of my arm. We walk out the back door, through the back yard, through the gate and into the woods. We follow the path to one of the lakes I’ve been to before.

I picked this lake because it’s fairly shallow around the edges, just in case we want to get in. It’s really hot out here today. We walk to the lake and lay out the blanket on the dock to sit down for lunch.

The conversation between us never seems to lull, it’s so constant, so full and rich and flows so fluidly. You’re so easy to talk to, it feels like we could talk forever and never run out of things to say.

When I’ve finished my sandwich, I lean over and give you a kiss. I stand up on the dock, grab the bottom of my sundress and pull it off over my head revealing my naked body underneath. I turn to look at you, offer you a sultry smile and hop in the lake. You strip down naked and are next to me in the water before I can turn around.

We get down on our knees in the shallow water next to the dock. The water comes up to my chest. The surface laps at my nipples making them hard and stirring back up that familiar feeling.

I reach for you. I wrap my arms around your neck kissing you sweetly. Boldly I pull myself up, wrapping my legs around your core. I feel your cock hard beneath me, tapping on my tush. The hair on your abdomen tickles between my legs.

I kiss you deeply, rubbing my hard nipples against your chest and grinding my pussy into your stomach. Your hands roam around my body and settle on my hips.

Pulling me into you, you move my hips up and down, grinding my clit into your abdomen. I throw my head back moaning as you close your mouth around my breasts one at a time, flicking my nipples with your tongue as the water gently laps at your chin.

Standing up, you take me with you and sit me up on the edge of the dock. You lower yourself back down into the water. On your knees you are at the perfect height, right between my legs. You pull me towards you so my tush is at the edge of the dock. I lay back on the dock stretching my arms out to the sides. I bask in the sun, smiling in anticipation of the intense pleasure that’s coming.

You take hold of one of my feet and slide it around your body so my leg is resting on your shoulder. You kiss the inside of my knee softly. An inch higher, you lick my inner thigh while running your hands up along the outside of my legs. You slowly inch up, kissing and nibbling on my thigh as your hands round my hips. Just a bit further you suck on my inner thigh and feel my muscles tense up. You’re inches away from me, your mouth centimeters away from my wet pussy glistening in the sun.

It’s hard to resist but the anticipation is intoxicating so you let it build a little longer. Resisting my temptations, you turn away and take hold of my other foot. You kiss, lick and nibble your way slowly from my knee to my thigh, up my inner thigh to my center, caressing your way with your mouth.

Unable to resist any longer you put your hands back on my hips and bury your face between my legs, tasting me for the first time. You pull me closer to you and lick all over my pussy. Top to bottom, bottom to top, you pause to suck on my clit. You coax it to stand up and then dart your tongue inside me before teasing me some more.

Your hand follows the path your mouth took up my thigh until you feel my slick wetness on your fingers. You suck my clit into your mouth and slide your thumb inside me. I gasp, moan and start writhing around on the dock.

Pulling your thumb out you slide your fingers inside me, I squeeze them tightly as you feel your way around inside me. Your fingers gently explore inside me, feeling all of the different slick surfaces. You begin to lick my clit up and down. Softly, gently, at a steady pace you run your tongue up and down and all around in little circles on my clit. Over and over, up, down, all around.

I feel an orgasm brewing. Your tongue speeds up a bit but still very gently flicks back and forth on my clit. Up, down, all around. You spin your fingers around inside me slowly pulling them in and out, in and out.

I moan out loudly, “Oh God, I’m going to cum. Oh God, I’m almost there. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Please don’t stop, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh God, I’m cumming.”

“I want you inside me, please come here... I need to feel you deep inside me.” Leaving my legs on your shoulders you stand up. You pull me off the dock a bit further, pulling me into you. You slowly slide your cock into me until your hips touch my ass. You grind against me to give me all of your cock.

I moan, tossing my head from side to side. “God, You feel so good. You feel so amazing.” You slowly pull almost all the way out of me. You turn your head and kiss my ankle resting on your shoulder as you slide back inside me.

Slowly you make your way in and out, enjoying every sensation, every ripple, every muscle twinge and tighten. Not wanting to rush and possibly miss a second of pleasure, you plunge slowly in and out, letting the pure pleasure of the moment completely envelop us.

You roll my nipples around between your finger and thumb making them rock hard as you slide in and out of me. In and out, my pussy grabs your cock, in and out. Slowly and softly but driven and passionately you pump in and out of me over and over.

You look up to take the nature surrounding us, letting it add to the joy of the moment. You look back down at me and find yourself lost in my eyes.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see movement. Turning your head you notice someone hiding in the bushes, watching us. We’d talked about it as a fantasy, getting caught in public... but you were concerned that I’d be uncomfortable. So you pulled out and hopped quickly up on to the dock.

Standing above me, shielding and protecting me, you reach your hand out to help me sit up. “There’s someone over there watching,” you say. I sit up smiling. I turn my head to see, excited by the idea of being watched.

“Let’s give them a show.” I say. I roll over onto my hands and knees. I slowly crawl around you until I’m in front of you and the person watching us is off to the side. I want to give them a perfect view.

Rising onto my knees, I take hold of your shaft. I stroke you gently and run my tongue around the rim of your head. I suck just the head of your cock into my mouth, flicking your tip with my tongue.

Your knees get weak so you lean back resting on the railing. I cradle your balls, gently massaging you and run my tongue up and down your shaft. I lick around your rim and bob your head in and out of my mouth.

I slide my hands around your hips, resting them on your cheeks. Tightening my grip I grab your ass, pulling you towards me. I take you all the way into my mouth. Pulling and pushing your body, I bob up and down on your cock.

Your knees buckle but you catch yourself. Throwing your head back you moan out a loud guttural moan. You think about the people watching us and you feel a surge of blood rush to your groin. You lace your fingers through my hair. Gently pulling and pushing, you help guide your cock further into my mouth.

I take you in and out of my mouth over and over letting you guide the depth. I suck you all the way in until you feel your head hit the back of my throat. I guide you back out again sucking on your head and licking the rim before sucking you back fully into my mouth.

Your body starts to tremble and shake. You’re hardly steady on your feet. Your knees buckle, you barely catch yourself before falling. Locking your knees you enjoy one last thrust. You savor the feeling of your cock in my mouth as you push and grind against the back of my throat.

“I want to be inside you.” You say pulling back, hardly believing yourself that you’re asking me to stop. “I want to be inside you again, I need to be inside you, to feel that pure raw connection to you again.”

You help me to my feet and spin me around. I feel your cock pulsing against my ass when you pull me into you. You wrap your arms around my waist. You pick me up spinning around so I’m facing the railing. You lean forward pushing your hips into me, grinding me into the railing. You slide your hands up to my breasts, pinching and tugging on my nipples.

You slide one hand around to my back and push me forward, bending me at the waist over the railing. You get on your knees to taste me again. You lick me up and down, alternating between darting your tongue deep inside me and concentrating on my clit.

You stand up and grab my hips sliding into me from behind. I push back into you, wanting you as deep inside me as you can be. I moan out, my hips rock back and forth, enjoying you inside me.

With your hands on my hips you increase your depth and speed. pumping in an out of me. Harder, faster you slide in and out. My hips buck wanting to slam into you with every thrust. I slide a hand down between my legs and rub my clit as you pump harder and faster and harder and faster.

My body starts to shake, my muscles are all tensing up. I moan out, “Oh God, I’m going to cum. Harder, harder, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder. I’m gonna cum.”

You quicken your pace, slamming hard into me over and over and over again. We can hear our bodies smack together each time you ram me with your rod. My whole body trembles, bliss takes over from inside.

You feel the rush of your body on the verge of orgasm. It stirs around in your abdomen pushing you to the edge. The cum rushes to your cock. Your cock swells and fills me up completely, pulsing against my tightening walls. I moan out “Oh God... Oh God I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

You moan out as the hot cum shoots up your shaft and out in spurts deep inside me. You collapse into me. Resting on me, you softly kiss the back of my neck.

We hear clapping, cheers and whistles from the peanut gallery behind the bushes. Apparently it was an entire group watching us, not just one lone hunter. “Good. Glad we could give them a show. Knowing they were watching us did make it really hot. Now let’s go home and start round two in the shower. I have a lot of filling up on you I’d like to do this week.” I say.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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