Cabin in the Woods

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With a Really Fun Swing

Cabin in the Woods
I’m glad we got lost in the woods.

Cabin in the woods

We didn’t quite make it all the way home to the shower after our romp on the dock. We took a wrong turn back to the house somehow, following a winding path through the woods that I hadn’t seen before.

Trying to find our way back to the main trail, we stumbled across a cabin just off a little overgrown path. It must be one of the caretaker cabins, strange there’s no car here but the door is standing wide open. With our bodies still full of bliss and curiosity, we decide to check it out... maybe it’ll be a new place to play.

We knock on the open but there’s no answer and it’s obvious there is no one around for miles. It’s a cute little one room cabin, partitioned off to create a separate bedroom space. It has a kitchenette, a bathroom and a fireplace that hasn’t been used in a while but still contains the remnants with a piece of wood and a pile of ashes.

I walk in the cabin to take a closer look around. You walk around the outside of the cabin, looking for signs of life. There isn’t a lot of decor inside but it’s cute.

Stepping in further, I notice there’s a strange swing hanging in the corner of the partitioned bedroom that I hadn’t seen when I scanned the cabin from the front door. Stepping around the partition, I get closer to check it out.

I walk over to the swing, my already primed body gets excited and I blush getting wet as I realize exactly what the swing is for. It hangs straight down from the ceiling, hooked around a roof rafter for extra support. It’s made of a chain hanging down with a metal open bottom bell shaped bar at the end. Connected to the bar is soft leather and nylon straps.

Instead of a seat there are two leather straps about 3” wide. There’s another set of straps hanging off each side. The side straps are thinner, maybe 1” wide with a loop on the each end.

I want to try this swing!!! It’s a custom made sex swing, too fancy for the cabin and really out of place. I hop up into the seat portion. I slide one strap behind my back to support me and the other I put under my legs about half way up my thighs. I put a foot in each loop of the side straps and were in business!!

Having made your way around the cabin you come to see what I’m doing and find me in the swing. My tush is hanging out between the back and leg straps of the swing, suspended from the ceiling about three feet off the ground. My legs are spread in stirrup loops with my toes pointed at the ceiling. My sundress is dragging on the floor beneath me.

You accept my invitation sitting on your knees in front of me. Still worked up from the lake show we put on a bit ago, you immediately dart your tongue inside, tasting me mixed with a bit of you from before.

The access this swing allows is absolutely amazing!! You suck my clit between your lips and flick your tongue back and forth adding pressure with different levels of sucking. You go back and forth, darting your tongue deep inside me and sucking on my clit. I run my fingers through your hair pulling you deeper into me.

Within minutes I’m shaking. I throw my head back relaxing into the swing while you lap at me. “Oh God baby, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m cumming baby I’m cumming.” I moan out in a guttural moan and squirt unexpectedly into your mouth.

I’m so wet, throbbing and want some of you. I scoot up a bit in the chair, pushing the leg support higher under my thighs. I move the leg loops to just above my knees, making me the perfect height for your cock. Holding the sides, you push and pull me, swinging me onto your cock and swiftly back off.

You try to keep the swing moving slow and deliberate but don’t have much luck. The more excited I get the more the swing moves until you are pounding into me hard and fast. I cry out in pleasure cumming again as your cock hits my cervix rocking it around deep inside. God you feel good.

Deciding it’s time for some slow and deliberate, passionate and sensual, you take my legs out of the straps and lift me off the swing. Cradling me, you carry me over to the bed. You climb into bed with me, facing the op way with your head at my feet. You roll over onto your back pulling me on top of you. I straddle your head with my knees and lower myself to your lips. I bend over taking your cock into my hands.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of this. I think I’d be happy laying in bed with you all day. Licking and sucking, pleasing and enjoying. You slowly drive your tongue deep inside me over and over while rubbing your chin on my clit. Talented. You definitely have skills.

I gently massage your balls with one hand. The other gently massages up and down your cock. I slip my lips around your head. My tongue slides along under the ridge and runs around your tip in a figure eight. I trace my lips with your head gently kissing and sucking on your rock hard cock.

I take you all the way into my mouth, until my lips are at your base, and then pull out slowly running my tongue along your main vein. I push my tongue gently into your opening tasting you and me mixed together in a salty sweet post sex and pre-cum mix. My lips form an O and I suck your cock slowly back into my mouth. The tight circle of my lips slowly roll down you until they meet your balls.

You alternate between fucking me with your tongue and sucking on my clit like a pacifier. My pussy tingles sending a warming sensation through my body down through my toes and out through my breasts.

Feeling myself on the edge of an orgasm, I grind my clit into your chin while you’re tongue is deep inside. I’m instantly pushed over the edge. Riding your face to quench my thirst I cry out. “I’m cumming. Oohh. Thank you baby you’re amazing. I’m cumming.”

Hearing my moans sets you off, your moans start to cut through mine. I feel your cock jumping and pulsing against my tongue. I stroke you up and down, sucking and licking all over your cock and balls. Your hips buck beneath me as you fuck my mouth.

I feel the swell in your cock and I know you’re about to cum. I hold steady slowly sucking up and down, I feel the first stream of cum shoot out your head and into my mouth. I suck a bit harder forcing the next stream of cum down my throat. I gently suck out the remaining streams, licking them up as you peak moaning loudly.

Wow. You’re spoiling me with pleasure. I can’t get enough of you.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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