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But What Do Ladies Prefer?

Women Have A Choice

By Phil The AnimalPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
I Want Your Sex

I have used ladies in the title but this refers to all women. I am 63 so have seen a lot and done a lot but could not share much of my past on this subject but essentially this is about some of my sexual preferences and also the roles I see myself in when involved with women. It is all personal opinion so you may disagree and be offended with the language that I use generally how I see things.

Some people have questioned my preference for a bald to tidy cunt, and I have my reasons. First you may be shocked at my choice of word , why not use pussy or vagina instead of such a horrible word? If you check the Germaine Greer / Balderdash and Piffle video in my Filthy post here you will have a full explanation.

Briefly I find pussy a bit of an attempt to cover up the female genitals , sheath just refers to the internal passage when a “real man” can place his “pork sword” make the woman little more than a parking place.

The word cunt I find powerful and empowering for women that use it , it refers to every part of a woman’s genitals that can be used to give her pleasure and orgasms, her vagina , labia and clitoris , the whole lot. The general drive toward a bald cunt started with the moral minority getting women to shave armpits in films because hairy ones would make boys of hairy cunts and boys should not be subject to such temptation. My opinion , if you cannot control yourself if you see a woman baring a little flesh then you shouldn’t be let near a woman.

Obviously following on from that, cunts were shaved and waxed making women look like Barbie dolls in some cases , very smooth.

This gets to my preference , a shave cunt is far better for me for oral sex , to be able to stimulate a woman with my tongue to multiple orgasms , so unshaven is not an issue but shaven is better for me. It means I can also keep going longer giving her multiple orgasms if that is her desire, and this is before any penetrative engagements.

Also many years ago I read a description in Roger’s Profanisaurus part of Viz magazine, of an “Acorn” being the small penis of a fat man embedded in a mass of pubic hair. Then I saw a Frank Frazetta style drawing like Dr Manhattan of naked warrior completely hairless, making his penis look a lot bigger, the hair just makes it look smaller.

So with that thought I shave mine regularly so any woman won’t have to tackle my pubic hair if she wishes to give me oral sex, bit part of it is vanity I want my penis to look as big as possible , although the fact is it is very average. But pubic hair world definitely detract in my opinion.

With me and a woman so depilated I would see myself using fingers and tongue to pleasure her as much as possible. No part of the body is out of bounds. Nibbling of ears , kissing and licking the neck , sucking the nipples and even biting of breasts and ass to mark them are all part of the experience and fun.

Some people will find this disgusting but others will be here or on their way. This is a very light glossing over of my preferences for less pubic hair to enable better and more satisfying sec, especially orally .

I have a friend who prefers to achieve orgasm anally , though she is in Florida so it's what she told me. A man , especially my age only cums once in a session but women are in theory unlimited in the number of orgasms they can have before going to sleep . finally engaging in penetrative sex.

So overall I prefer a shaved cunt , and keep mine shaved and love women who enjoy and are proud of their cunt.

So music wise we will go for “I Want Your Sex” from George Michael.


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