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Brittany's Little Beaver

by Brandi Payne about a year ago in erotic
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A Heart-Shaped Bush

Brittany was a vibrant young college coed who was a sweet virgin to almost everything sexual or intimate. Her education was more important than going out on dates or having a serious relationship. She looked at guys and found some to be attractive, but she was not interested in everything that came along with having a relationship quite yet.

Her focus was on completing her education, having a good career, and then having a family afterward. She was an average height girl that was curvaceous in all the many aspects of being a young woman. She was smart and even a bit outgoing when it came to the great outdoors.

She lived in a tiny apartment with her cat Felix who adored her. He would always greet her at the door and loved her cuddles in the evening before bed. He was a fluffy Himalayan cat that her father bought her when she left off for college. He was one of her best friends.

Brittany was in her third year of college and so close to graduating that she began looking for an internship in her field of study. She was a girl who planned for everything and was good at managing a household budget which gave her a decent amount of money to spoil herself and Felix with. She made sure that he ate well and had his kitty treats.

One day as she crossed the college campus heading for her next class, a tall handsome guy named Brad stopped her in her tracks and asked her out on a date to which she politely declined. When he asked her why she told him that her education was more important now and she had no time for dating. This was concerning to him as he had heard the rumors that she was still a virgin and that he thought he had a chance with her.

She smiled as she walked by him and it left him standing there for a minute puzzled before he began walking away. Brittany walked to her next class and afterward, she headed home to meet Felix who would be waiting for her. She could not wait to cuddle up with her best friend in the world.

Once she arrived home, Felix was at the door waiting for her and meowed loudly when she walked in. it brought a smile to her face as she laid her book bag on the table and made things ready for her to sit down and work on her homework. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down at the table opening the water and taking a drink.

Before she could pull her books from the book bag, Felix jumped up in her lap wanting his attention before she got started. She smiled as she loved on him and petted him giving him kisses which made him purr. After a few minutes, she put him back down on the floor and began focusing her attention on the book bag taking out her things and getting settled in to hit the books.

After about an hour and a half of homework, Brittany was finally ready for some much-needed grooming and personal hygiene. She placed her books back in her book bag and had it ready for school the next day. She got up from the table where Felix was laying at her feet and headed into her bedroom.

Once in her room, she walked over to her dresser and pulled some pajamas from the top drawer. She then walked into her bathroom and started the bathtub filling up with water. She walked over to her sink where she brushed her teeth and gargled with some mouth wash. Brittany then reached under her sink cabinet and pulled out her razor and some shaving cream for intimate skin.

She took the items over to the bathtub where it was almost full of water. She reached down and turned the water off before standing up and taking off her clothing. She took her jeans off and t-shirt leaving her standing there in her bra and panties. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra allowing it to fall to the floor and exposing her plump tan-lined breasts with perky pink nipples. She then reached and pulled her bikini panties down with her little brown muff of hair hiding her tight little vagina.

She felt the need to trim it up while taking a bath, so she sat on the edge of the bathtub and sprayed some shaving cream into her hand and then rubbing it all around her tight vaginal lips. Brittany took her razor and began shaving her tight little lips removing the hair completely from the vaginal lips and then she trimmed out a little heart on top of her moist slit.

She made it look so cute and even trimmed up the bushy heart making it nice and neat. Once she had it all trimmed and ready to soak in the hot water, Brittany slid herself right down inside the tub where the water just covered her pink nipples. She laid back in the water and soaked for a bit. It soaked the stress away from her day and made things fresh and new for the next day.

After about an hour in the tub and to the point of having wrinkled skin, she climbed out of the tub and reached for her bath towel which was warm and inviting to her wet silky skin and body. Brittany dried off with the towel before placing it inside her clothes hamper and then reached for her pajamas and put them on.

She then, headed out of her bathroom and into her bedroom where she brushed her long wavy hair that reached down to her butt. She had a routine of brushing it one-hundred strokes before bed and once that was done, she got into her bed and called for Felix who came running into the room knowing it was time for bed and his cuddles. The two curled up together and Brittany stroked his long fur until she fell asleep.

The next morning when her alarm clock was going off, Brittany turned over in bed and hit the snooze button for an extra ten minutes of sleep which she wouldn’t get to enjoy because Felix was her backup alarm and made sure she got out of bed each morning wanting his food and cuddles before Brittany left for school.

She climbed out of bed and made her way over to her closet where she pulled out a cute little dress that showed off her curves and firm thighs. She put it on and a pair of thigh-high nylons with her sexy little heeled boots. She then walked into the kitchen where she heard Felix meowing and walked over to the cabinet where his food was and gave him a healthy portion to eat.

Once she was ready and Felix took care of, she grabbed her book bag and headed out the door. She made it to her first class with a few minutes to spare and stopped at her locker to add a few books to it. Upon closing the locker door, Brad was standing there waiting to talk to her. She rolled her eyes and then asked him what he wanted?

Brad, again, asked her out, and again she declined. This had to be frustrating to him because he was a popular guy at the college and thought that she owed him a chance to take her out. Brittany was not that kind of girl who cared what other people thought because she was into getting her career on the way.

As she walked away, Brad thought to himself that he would get to see that tight virgin vagina one way or another. His thoughts were perverted just like any other guy on the prowl of a sweet young woman. After classes, Brittany headed home just like she did any other day but was unaware that she was being followed. Brad lurked in the shadows as he followed her home thinking to himself that he will peep in her windows as she changed. He would get the chance to see her vagina one way or another.

Brittany made it home and found Felix asleep by the door waiting for her. She reached down and gave him a few pets and a quick hello before setting her book bag on the kitchen chair where it always goes when she comes home. She walked over to her refrigerator and grabbed a water taking it back over to the table.

As she sat at her kitchen table doing her homework, Brad was outside searching in every window to find one open that he could see into. He saw Brittany at the table doing her homework and waited to see what she would do after that?

He sat for about an hour outside her window looking in as Brittany finished up her homework and then headed for her bedroom. He made his way around the building looking for her bedroom window where he found her taking her clothes off and putting on a robe. It was Friday and no classes the next day, so she planned on curling up with Felix on the couch and watching a few movies before bed.

Brittany laid on the couch watching television with Felix at her feet curled up asleep. She did not know that Brad was outside her window waiting to see some action from this sweet little virgin. He wondered that if she didn’t go out with guys, what did she do sexually to satisfy herself and he was about to find out.

Brittany began watching a movie that had several hot and spicy sex scenes in it and it began to turn her on. She felt the need to orgasm and her body could not wait. It had been a while since her last orgasm and she always fights it off. This time she had to give in to her sexual nature. She opened her robe and began rubbing on her body.

Brad stood at the window and watched becoming turned on himself to where he was becoming erect in his jeans and needed to do something about it. While hiding in the bushes, brad pulled out his semi-hard shaft and began stroking it while watching Brittany become sexually aroused. Together they would come to orgasm just without Brittany knowing it.

She rubbed on her body and on to her neck so sexually and then slipped her hand behind her body inside the robe and unsnapped her bra pulling it away from her body and that is when brad got to see her perky breasts as she rubbed and caressed them gently squeezing her nipples. She had her eyes closed and intimately caressed her body while Brad watched stroking his now hard shaft.

He could not believe how turned on he was becoming but knew that this would be remembered forever how he played the peeping tom to a virgin. He watched and quietly stroked his penis as he watched Brittany slip her hand down into her panties. He could see that she was playing with her vagina and thought to himself how wet it must be getting. This turned him on even more.

Brittany then slid her panties off showing Brad her heart-shaped bush and tight little vaginal lips. He watched enthusiastically while she rubbed her little clitoris and slipped two fingers inside her tight but wet pink hole. She moaned out softly as her fingers penetrated her virginity. Brad had to control his orgasm so that he didn’t finish too soon because he was enjoying the view he had and seeing what Brittany was doing was making that difficult.

He could see that her fingers were becoming very wet as she moved her body in sync with the caressing that she was doing. Her body wanted it and she could feel it. It was time to let loose the beast within her and come to orgasm. Her body began quivering and her moans became louder as she felt the orgasm come upon her.

Brad could see that she was about to explode, and he began stroking faster. His helmet was becoming wet with man juice and throbbing hard. Brittany began to feel the heat from her own body and then it happened. Her body quivered and shook uncontrollably as she climaxed squirting juice all over her hand just as Brad shot a load of creamy man juice all over the outside wall of her apartment. He kept from moaning loudly enough to be heard as he too climaxed.

When she was done and it was over, Brittany stuck her wet fingers inside her mouth to taste them. Brad watched as he cleaned himself up with some nearby leaves before putting his penis back away inside his jeans. He could not believe what had just happened but was pleased with the outcome. He still explored the thought of being inside her but decided to let it alone for now.

On Monday, when classes were back in session, Brad walked past her and just said hello and kept walking. Brittany stopped in her tracks and wondered what that was all about because from that day forward, Brad would just say hello and smile and nothing more. Brittany just wondered if he finally got the idea that she was not interested and decided to leave it alone. It made her days go by without the stress of being hassled about dates and guys. But Brittany still had her little heart-shaped beaver to keep her company when it was needed.


About the author

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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