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Breaking the Code

by Cixtian Trybe about a month ago in fiction
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Two new friends cross some lines of fidelity to attain that which was missing at home.

Breaking the Code
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

"I should start this somewhere near the beginning. I guess that makes sense, though in reality... it didn't really start at the beginning for me. You're the expert, and if you say so, I'll put it out there for you.

The beginning would have to be about 10 years ago. Kevin and I had been working together for a few short months. By that point the two of us had already developed a pretty strong friendship.

At first he would come over to tell a joke or talk about some piece of nonsense on his mind. One day he came over just about the right time, and I asked if he wanted to grab lunch. It was an innocent gesture of friendship, but I can't deny that there was an inkling of something more there. At least there was the thought in me.

Kevin didn't seem quite as interested at first. And as often happens, one time turned into a daily thing. For months upon months we rode out together, and did lunch and talked and just did what friends do. Each day we would take turns choosing where we would eat. Sometimes we would base on what we wanted to try, other times it was something we thought the other might enjoy.

Kevin was no great looker. Though taller than me he was short, for a man; stocky, and wore thick, horn rimmed glasses. That's not to say that he was by any means unattractive. He had the sneaky kind of body that his extra pounds well. It wouldn't be hard to, at a glance, mistake him for muscular. But boy he had a smile that that raise the temperature in the room a few degrees. And talk about -Charming-. In short order I came to realize just where his allure came from.

He was a master flirt, and could pull it off in a million ways; attentive, all seeing, and completely altruistic. His every interaction contained some deep seeded and well hidden bit of tawdriness. He was always flattering, especially to the ladies, and it hardly went unnoticed.

I remember the day his charm hit me full brunt. It was one of those cathartic moments when you look at one of the girls and say

'You know who I think is strangely attractive?'

It was a rainy sort of day. I came to work with a fresh coat of 'pissed-at-the-idiot-husband. I wasn't exactly subtle about my mood either. I came in wearing a 'tude fueled by sheer and unadulterated (By that point, anyway) rage. It started the previous evening, and carried into that morning. I had left home that day without saying a single word to the idiot-husband, and he had returned the favor. By the time I got to work I was so angry and distraught that I sat in my car and bawled my eyes out for a good ten minutes.

When I finally gained my composure I had resolved to take -no- more shit for the day. I walked into the office, and straight to my little slice of corporate heaven. My cubical was one of many. Indistinguishable from dozens just like it, and I turned my eyes to the monitor as I watched it load up. Incensed, and fuming at the prospect of the arrogance of my husband's argument, I wanted to full on hulk smash. This was a common thing. My husband had a way that left me feeling unwanted, unneeded, and disrespected.

As I thought about it, the tears threatened to bubble up again. The office door opened, and in walked Kevin, with a group of other programmers and developers. The boys were all talking about some spectacular event from the weekend. I looked up at my dark skinned friend and wished that there was a way that I could convey how needy I felt. At the time I didn't realize quite what I wanted, but I knew that I needed and he was the only one I thought could help. I closed my eyes, catching my thoughts, and then sat and stared into my monitor. The geeks poured in, and he took his own seat, one row up, and across the aisle from me.

I closed my eyes and fought back the urge to break down again. I fended off the emotional onslaught dreading embarrassment, and washed through my morning routine.

"When the chat window popped open it took me a moment to realize who it was from.

'You're awfully quiet this morning, Berry Girl...'

I scanned the words, and wiped away an errant tear, and any of it's friends emboldened by it's escape.

'Did the Curtis Monster not share his mini monster with you?'

The words were vulgar!! Absolutely inappropriate, but being so uncharacteristically bold I couldn't help it. I laughed out loud. I cracked a smile before I realized it, and shoved it away.

'I'm alright K. Just a rough night... I'll be fine...'

I fired back in rapid succession, hoping it was enough to throw him off, and at the same time hoping it wasn't. Fingers flashed across his keyboard ending with an exaggerated motion. He smacked the enter key and leaned back looking at me with that irritatingly charming smile.

'You're a terrible liar.

I turned and glanced at him, trying to muster a 'fuck-off' look. His eyes widened in mock surprised and then he took to the keyboard again.

'Yeah, I know it's because of me. Now if promise to never sneak into your room at night again will you promise not to be angry any more?'

Completely confused, but his insanity was doing a bang up job of almost chasing my blues away. He nodded and then began another message. I sighed and looked to the screen again.

'Besides... I think I look good in your thongs...'

The humor in the words threatened to spear right through my resolve. Yet Curt had gotten the better of me the night before. Kevin's inanity couldn't quite break through it. I snickered, but then returned a simple:

'No... really... I'm fine...'

I sent the message and fished a napkin from my purse to wipe at the tears before they smeared my makeup. When I didn't hear an immediate 'tap-tap', I figured he had taken the hint and moved on, I felt a bit of dread. It wasn't like him to give up on a friend so easily, but when I looked up he was leaning out of his cube, looking at me.

He didn't say anything, just saw me, and his peasant smile faltered, becoming a look of concern. I felt self conscious. I opened my mouth to lie to him, and say I was ok, but the emotion stopped the words mid throat. I wouldn't let them out, so I just shook my head instead.

Kevin rose out of his chair, walked over to my desk, and put a gentle hand on my elbow. He urged me to stand, and by then the tears started to well. I rose with him as I wiped at my face, and began to walk where he indicated. He grabbed my purse, never releasing my arm, and led me out of the developers office into the banks main floor. I was struggling to keep the tears at bay too hard to notice where he lead me until we had arrived.

We stood in the side stairwell leading down the 7 floors to the main lobby and all other points in the building. He stopped and looked at me.

"Don't lie to me, Sherry?" He said with concern in his eyes, and true feeling in his husky deep voice. When I began to shake my head, tears free flowing now, he pulled me close to him, and wrapped his arms around me. And the feeling of those strong, thick arms... was like heaven. I buried my face in his shoulder, and let the waterworks begin. He just sat there quietly holding me, rubbing my back.

Twenty minutes later we were in his SUV heading toward the center of town. All the shops, stores and touristy attractions were on a pair of intersecting streets.

Kevin had called the office, and arranged the day off for us. Then promised me Ice Cream and so much talking and laughing that I couldn't be sad or upset if I tried.

I explained to him that Curtis and I had had a spat. That my desire for intimacy with him resulted in his declaration of me being -too- needy. That sex with me was a chore simply because I wanted it more often than he did. Kevin just shook his head.

"You know, I don't normally condone cheating, but you have a right to see to your needs if he wont..."

He just spoke the words matter-of-factly in mid drive. We had talked about this topic before, but our views on fidelity were very different. I had believed this conversation dropped months ago. The first part of his statement was a complete pile of bull-shit. Kevin lived by a motto coined by Jimi himself. "If my baby wont love me no more, I know her sister will." I never got along with those ideals myself.

By then I had already started to feel better, and I just laughed at his statement. It was for moments like that I was grateful for a friend like Kevin.

I looked at the black man driving the car beside me. His eyes fixed soundly on the road, as if he wasn't sure he wanted to see my reaction to his words. I smiled and opened my mouth to say something that I knew I would never get out.

"So..." I started, and then chickened out... deflecting a bit, but hoping that by at least staying on topic... we might end up some place... interesting. "If this were happening to you, you would cheat?"

He glanced at me and then back at the road, a smile creeping onto his face.

"Well... I didn't say that...." He said, retreating, but he still held the smile. It was drawing, and urged me into the chase.

"Yes you -DID-!" I said, half laughing, half pleading that he not back out. I wanted him to admit it. I didn't want to be alone in this thought. Didn't want what had crossed my mind to make me a disgusting person. "That's exactly what you said, Kevin."

"Well..." He started, searching for some way to protest. I cut him off.

"Did you ever cheat on Andrea?" My heart started thundering. The words came out, curiosity driven past my own shyness and dread. I kept my mouth open a breath longer, then snapped it closed, not wanting rob myself of the answer. Hoping upon hoping that the answer was 'yes'.

"No..." He said, and glanced at me, big brown eyes, looking at me the way he looked at other women, but never me. Like... a woman... a real woman. "Andrea and I never had sexual issues... "

"Oh..." I said feeling a bit crest fallen.

"Well..." He said then, glancing at me and the road and back. "Not -those- kinds of problems. She was very much the type of person who loved to push buttons."

He shook his head, and chuckled, with a bright smile.

"But -would- you?" I became unsure who this bold woman was that was asking him these pointed questions.

He sighed deeply and then looked at me. With a conspiratorial smirk he nodded slowly.

"Hell yeah!!" he said and chuckled. "I gotta get some from -somewhere-, and if she ain't giving it up... and I can't leave..."

He nodded, and I mirrored the motion. We sat in silence for about a block and a half, then.

"I've thought about it..." I spoke, looking out my window then, still feeling a bit ashamed. He smiled, and nodded.

The place we went for Ice Cream was called 'Falling Love'. It, like every other shop in the small town we lived in, was a boutique-esq specialty place. It catered to people with far too much money, and far too little common sense. Kevin and I fit that bill, both in the industry, developing bank software.

We talked furtively as we gathered our vices and found a quiet spot near the back of the place. The early hour cemented our privacy in the shop and would have kept us pretty much alone in all the shops. Most idle rich didn't bother getting out of bed before noon, so the town belonged to us.

We conversed about vacation spots, our favorite foods, and other such trivialities. It was always easy conversation that accompanied us. He was a very laid back, and nonjudgmental person, so revealing secrets and tales to him was simple. He also boasted a philosophy of never doing anything he wouldn't be able to tell others about. He claimed to thus far lived a 27 year life without out a single regret. His demeanor, and the way he carried himself made that an easy boast to believe.

Finally, in the throws of one uproarious bout of laughter he stopped to watched me. I realized it, and he waited till I regained some composure, and then.

"Who have you thought about doing it with?"

I was confused at first. It took me a moment to connect what he was saying to our earlier conversation, though thinking about it... he had remained a little more distracted than I was used to over the last hour or so.

I smiled.

"Why do you want to know...?"

"It's exciting..." He said with a little smile. He arched his brow as if to urge me to spill the beans.

The truth was that there were numerous people I could have named. People ranging from the blond guy who worked at the cafeteria in the office building. One of the guys who often worked on my car. I had a type... Short, muscular men, light eyes, and hair, with a tanned complexion. The kind of guys you see in a the country music videos. Cowboys, but I was more genuinely attracted to older men.

Curt was 2 years older than me, and my boyfriend before him was my art history professor at University. Older men seemed more attuned to me, and less hung up on size, or looks. I felt genuinely -with- older men, as opposed to younger.

But in all that, the truth of the matter is, Kevin was something that I had found myself startled to ever think about. He just wasn't like any of the guys I found attractive. It's not that I can't look at black men and see them as attractive. Seeing someone as attractive, and being attracted to them are very different things. I had never experienced an overwhelming sexual desire toward any of them.

Not only was Kevin black, but he was short, and stocky. Most of the men I tended to find attractive had short, close cropped hair. Kevin always wore his in long, loose, and bone straight, and tied it in a pony tail.

Still, the truth was the truth...

"I've thought about...." I paused, almost failing to say it. "You..."

Something urged me... pushed the words out of my mouth. I felt my heart thunder, and threaten to leap from my chest. I watched him, expectantly. What would he say?

He smiled, a bright proud thing, and nodded.

"Good..." he said simply.

"Good?" I said a bit confused. I laughed. "Good? Why good?"

It was his turn to feign a confused like.

"Why is it good that you think about having sex with me?" He smiled, setting the trap.

I sighed.

"No... I mean how is it good in your mind, that I've thought of cheating on my husband with you..."

He chuckled again.

"It's -sex-..." He nodded and then added, reluctantly, as if he didn't know how I'd take it. "and... you're... sexy..."

My heart skipped a beat, and I tried so hard to keep from smiling. I failed, but I didn't giggle. Not an outward giggle anyway. I felt the pang that had started my fight with my husband the night before begin to re-surge in me again. I realized that I was still very much in the mood.

"So..." I started, and knew immediately I wouldn't be able to ask what I really wanted to next.

He smiled and nodded.

"Yeah... for the record, I have thought of you in a sexual way..."

All I could do was bite my lip, trying to hide the broadening smile.

He watched me, still and alert for a long long time. I just nodded and ate a bit more ice cream from the bowel we shared. I ate a bite or two, and then smiled at him, self consciousness taking over.

"What?" I asked after a few moments..

He chuckled.

"Nothing." He said rising, and snatching the ice cream in one fluid motion. "let's get out of here... I wanna go see a movie."

The theater was as deserted as the rest of the town in the middle of a work week. We purchased tickets and refreshments, and found our way to the far back of the near empty theater. Once again we had fallen back into our habit of commendatory, and silly conversations. but by the time the trailers began he was focused on the screen... and I was focused on him.

We always sat right next to each other in theaters, and whispered during the film. We always chose seats that were far away so as not to bother other patrons, but this time, our proximity felt... intimate. Entirely -too- close. I could smell his soft cologne, feel the intimate warmth of his body next to mine. We always lifted the arm rest and now I could feel his leg pressed against mine.

It was a barrage of sexual potential, and it was driving me absolutely -mad-. I kept steeling my glances away, forcing myself to look back at the screen. I don't really know what came over me but, the proximity of his thigh and mine... I couldn't help it. I started moving... slowly... left and right at first. Pushing his knee with my own. Very subtle... and playful.

When I stole another glance at him, he seemed focused... concentrating, but he didn't seem to catch any of the visual cues on the screen. Not that I was mind you. I was focused on the warmth that I imagined passed between us in that seat.

Then the unthinkable happened. He moved his hand to his left lap... his fingers brushed against my own pant leg... back and forth. .. My heart thundered, and I felt that stirring deep down begin to deepen. I remember hoping, without focus, for something more to happen. I wasn't sure what possibly could, but I knew I wanted more... more of him. More of this friend that I wanted to be so much more.

As we sat there, basking in the glory of a film, he continued this soft physical flirtation. At the end of the film neither of us cared that we didn't know what the movie was about. Growing bolder and bolder as each moment past. At some point we found ourselves caressing s hands. Completely quiet, not saying anything.

Then as the credits rolled we both rose, gathered our debris, and headed to the door. My heart was nearly sinking... we hadn't moved beyond childish petting. In all honesty I needed a lot more attention than that, and wanted it from him.

We made small talk on the way to his car, and that only made my dread, and sorrow amplify. Was I imagining everything? Was the petting not meant to lead anywhere. It didn't matter that we had no where for it to lead to. I just... felt let down.

We reached his car, and he followed me around to my side and retrieved the keys to open the door for me, but as he slid the key in the door he looked at me... and when I looked back in question, he smiled... and then moved in to kiss me. Not a simple peck, but a soft, sweet morsel that kicked my mind and imagination into over drive. I couldn't help but consider the feast that might follow.

My heart thundered as I looked at him, and then... against my own reservation, I moved forward to kiss him back. And that became more... more urgent, more tender... more impassioned... and My god, he was a -GREAT- kisser.

He pushed his body into me, pushing me into the side of his car. His free hand, slipped around my waist pulling me in counter to his own pressure. I felt engulfed, and warm... blissful. I moaned as our lips parted, and out tongues met in the endless void between our lips.

All the stirring in me from before was surpassed! I was certain that even the proximity of this man and my body could set me off. I found my arms had wrapped around his neck, and I held him close to me. With each break of the kiss we both panted for air, but only enough to fight off the inevitable swoon. We were locked again in the fiery passion of another kiss... and another...and another.

We continued like this for five or ten minutes before we allowed the world back in. His forehead pressed against mine, eyes closed, panting again for breath.

"We should go..." I said fearing again to open my eyes and see an ounce of rejection on his face.

"Ok..." He said pulling away. "Where do you want to go, now?"

"My house... your house... I don't care..." I said, knowing that he could hear the desperation in my voice. He was quiet for a long moment.

"Are you -sure-?" He asked then, and I opened my eyes. That wasn't a rejection... not even close.

I nodded, and pulled the door open. I slid in as he walked around to the driver side. Then I leaned back in the seat, trying for everything I was, to meld into it.

When he took the seat beside me, I couldn't stand it. I had to have his lips again. I rose and leaned over, pulling him to me. We kissed again, more passionately, more fervently, and now... My hands roamed, touching his arms, his chest, his face.

I was desperate... going for the gusto. Without ceremony, my hand slipped down to the front of his pants. I groped around the outside of those taught jeans the attention it caused. The strain on those jeans. He was the dream of every woman in heat. I wanted to relieve that tension, and have it, in turn, relieve my own.

I rose up, and looked down, working my hand up, to grab at his belt buckle. I found it on the first try, and pulled it hard, lifting it out to slip it's eye holes. The buckle came free with a satisfying pop, and I looked up at him. His eyes were fixed on me, watching... no protesting. Good.

Next I reached beside him, groping for the release. He caught on, and slipped his hand down, triggering the lever. I sighed, as the seat reclined revealed, and then looked to see what he might be thinking. I had gotten this far before, and been rejected. That he was so compliant made me bolder.

I smiled, and let my hand rub up and down on his stiffing member. I could have sworn I heard the strain in the jeans... fibers stretching... popping. He smiled back, and bit his lips, My fingers found the rivet on the jeans, and with a pull, it was loosed. He breathed as I did this, but I was no tease. I would finish what I started.

The zipper slid down easy. I pulled the material apart, allowing his stiffening member a little more room to expand. It was still bent in an awkward position, and he seemed to squirm a bit from the discomfort. This was my favorite part. The reveal.

My hand dove past the band of his underwear, and slipped around his thick member. I remember my breath catching, as my hand engulfed it. I loved the size and shape of Curts cock, and though it had nothing to do with the reason I married him... it was a wonderful benefit.

Kevin's penis was the same size as Curtis, but it had an interesting curve to the right. The dark flesh of the member made the veins and bulges in it's girth less pronounced. The shaft was a deep deep brown, that seemed to launch right out of the thick jungle of pubs at the base. The tip of the spear was a thick mushroom bulb. And to my surprise it was not so much purple as a different, more fleshy shade of brown.

I moved my hand slowly up and down the length, and turned to see the look of elation on his face. His was a shallow breathing, and watched me with marked anticipation. I pulled it upright, and brought my lips to the soft flesh beneath the ridge of the head. It was a soft, simple kiss that made him sigh more deeply than before. Kevin kept me locked in his gaze, never closing his eyes.

Next, I flicked my tongue out sliding it along the rim, teasing it up and down. To this machination, Keven drew a deep breath and let it out in a long slow moan. That was my cue. I slid my fist down snug against the base of his long black member and engulfed him as completely as I could, my body reacting to his lamentations as fully as he was to the warmth that engulfed him. It wasn't a lot of suction, but his body rose involuntarily, thrusting before falling back down, sliding him again out till just the head remained captive.

My body began to fall under the spell that was being worked and I felt nipples harden, as my neglected sexy yearned through me, begging for attention. I felt a moan escape me and opened my eyes. He sat, breath held watching my lips slide back up off his member again. His chocolate eyes caught mine, and I could swear I felt my clit throb from the flames that danced behind them. I dove down again, a watched him close tightly letting out a soft, almost demure moan of pleasure.

I slipped off, letting his throbbing head pop audibly as he looked down at me again.

"Are you gonna fuck me, K?" I asked, feeling my own timid disbelief threaten to take me out of the moment, the throbbing of my clit and the swift moistening of my nether regions would not let me look away from what I knew would be an immanent rejection.

"Please..." I said in almost a whisper.

"God yes..." The words drove my spark to the point of conflagration. I swore I almost came, then and then and I returned to the task at hand.

His voice became a tirade of constant praise and orison to what ever gods he believed in. I worked him slow at first, and slid my thumb along the bulging shaft just beneath the tip, as I had learned years ago from some other nameless ghost I had waisted energy on. I felt him throb under the pressure, but the spasming never came to full fruition.

"Oh my god, you're amazing..." He panted as that beautiful mahogany cock throbbed, begging for release. I looked at it, stroking ever so tenderly, but not releasing it.

"Let's go..." He said, rising up in the seat and reaching down to adjust the seat. I felt my heart race, and reality began to set in.

Am I really going through with this?

"Wait.." stumbled letting go of his cock. I had already gone so far, but... Was I ready to be -that type of girl-?

He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, and then looked at me.

"I live 2 blocks from here..." He said in a hurried pant, looking at me. "We can be there in 3 minutes..."

I looked at him with lust that had still not subsided. The strong morality in me winding up, trying to snuff it.

"If you don't want to..." That stirred the dread in me again, washing morality away in an unbridled wave of want.

"Yes..." I whispered my soft urgency... "yes please, let's go... I..."

I stayed my desperation, and closed my eyes, trying again to meld into the seat. He slipped that beautiful meat away again, and I sighed deeply as he shifted the car into reverse and pulled easily out of the parking lot.

I'm sure a thousand thousand things swam through my mind as we road, and I kept my eyes closed most of the trip, afraid to awaken from the dream. Perhaps I hadn't yet gotten out of bed...

When the car came to a stop I opened eyes to see the neat little cottage style house that Kevin called home and my heart began to thunder. The garage door slid open before us, beckoning us into it's darkness, and to the point of no return.

I looked at him, and he mirrored a smile devoid of my own nervous contention. Then I remembered the need I had felt a few short hours before, and the way that he had stoked those already ample flames into the inferno I was feeling.

We slipped out of the car into the darkening garage, and he skirted around behind the truck to walk up behind me. I turned to face him and he wrapped those strong arms around me.

"You don't have to do any..." he began, but I pressed a kiss to silence him, pushing all of my desperate need into him. All other thoughts fled as his still hard cock pressed against me. When we broke, and stepped to arms length.

"Lead the way..." I said with a wanting smile. He took my hand and lead me into the building.

The path to his room as wound around all the accoutrements of life. Living room, dining room, it was all there, but my mind was focused on the destination. The scene of the crime, unfolded in typical geek sheik. A bed, unmade, computer, and a few seating arrangements were accompanied by photos of musicians, and bookshelves.

He washed into the room and turned to face me, that scandalous smile etched on his face. He looked as if he might offer me an out again, but I moved to him, pressed in with a fevered kiss that moved us back to the king sized dominator of the room. We tumbled down, and I let the huger drive me forward.

I climbed atop him, and kissed his lips, his neck, the soft stubble of his face. His hands moved around my curves, touching and caressing, building my want and fire. I began pulling at the button's on his shirt, and moaning my words of need nearly incoherently.

Kevin shifted his body then rolling us to a new position. Our lips never parted, but somehow his deft hands stole into my top, sending thrills of electric pleasure straight to my clit. Then my eyes flew open as I felt the warm coarseness of his tongue caressing my sensitive nipple. As he did this, his other hand stole down the front of my jeans.

Even that meager sensation sent waves of delight coursing through my needing sex. It was all too much, and I reached down to get him closer to gold.

He looked away from my exposed tit, and watched as I lifted my hips to slide the material down my hips. He watched with wrapped intensity as I fumbled the materials down to my knees. I reached for the hem at my ankles when he moved down to help.

In a moment my pants were gone, leaving me naked from the waste down, but Kevin wasted not a single moment, and gave me no time for self-consciousness. As he tossed my garments to the floor he moved slowly planting gentle love along my ankle, calf, and thigh, and each tender kiss alternated by a playful nip... the entire event was driving me wiled.

I reached for him, but he swatted my hands away to me whining and pleading.

"Please..." I moaned around carnal throws of need, and soon he was hovered above, and to one side. His kisses and hands had reached my thigh, but never crossed into my wanting area of need. I looked at him, a plea in my eyes, and he smiled knowingly.

"Kevin... ple..." I began, but in that moment I felt, strong steady hand slide over my cleanly shaven sex. My back arched, as my now wet and wanting pussy thrust, a physical plea for more.

Fingers parted me, caressed my throbbing clit, and to my astonishment, I felt my passion stir right to the brink of orgasm. My breath came in hard gasps, as his fingers caressed me, stoking my passion, and without warning I clutched his shirt, and bedsheets to ride out the first magnificent orgasm that I hadn't given myself in months.

His focus was unwavering, his technique superb, and with the expertise of a master violinist he drew that orgasm out to unbelievable depths. I was yelling as he stroked and manipulated my quivering flesh. When he stopped I lay there, trembling in the aftershocks of his simple, yet immaculate machinations.

"Fuck me... now..." I growled and grabbed at his pants, and that was all the urging he needed. With his help, his shirt, and pants were gone in moments, and his ebon bulk was slinking in a most sensual way up my body. I lifted my knees, heart racing and sex pulsing in anticipation of what his girth promised.

I would love to say that he washed in all sweet, and sensual, and that he filled me in all the right places, but the truth is he was a ragingly wanton as I was, and his fingers had done such a number on me that his great cock slipped past my opening without pomp or ceremony.

And it was exactly what I needed... what I craved.

We did not make love then. He pushed up, and slid into me as deep as he would go, and the feeling was exquisite, carnal and unyielding. The first few strokes awkward and off tempo, he sucked in deep breath after maybe the third stroke. He then slid out fully, to my incessant protest.

He pulled himself up to almost sitting, and slipped arms beneath my legs putting my knees on his shoulders. Entering me at that angle was a direct rout to my central nervous system. I could barely contain my guttural growls and moans. What started as a slow entry quickly evolved into the most savage fucking I've had to date. Each stroke taking my breath away, and replacing it with more desire. In time our grunts and moans mingled as our passion mounted time and again.

I lost track of the number of times I climaxed, this dynamo of manhood wrapped in geeks clothing fucked me like my need had become his. When I thought I had cum perhaps the third time he pulled out of me and urged me to turn over. I did as I was told, not wanting to this amazing repast to end.

He pulled me to my knees and spread my legs, but it wasn't his beautiful cock that slid into me... Instead long, expert fingers entered there and stroked fast and hared... I was gasping for breath as he fingered and pulled me closer to orgasm.

"Oh My Fucking God!!! " I screamed over the orgasm that followed, and writhed into a pillow the smelled deliciously of him. He pulled fingers out and I quickly felt him slam home again burring himself deep into my greedy hungry sex, and it felt like heaven.

Kevin fucked me that way for what seemed like an eternity, though in actuality I imagine he only lasted a dozen strokes before I felt his member swell, and pulse. Jets of hot semen filled me deliciously as his masculine groans filled my ears, and he stiffened, holding my hips, and pushing himself to the depths of me.

We stayed that way, interlocked in our stolen bliss for a long moment, my heart racing around what I had just done. Not only had I been unfaithful, but I had allowed another man; a colleague, seed me.

We were now heaped on the bed, panting in the throws of our passionate sex, me a mess of sex, and joy and dread. Had I just killed my relationship? Had I just ruined my life, and betrayed the man that I loved?

I closed my eyes, and examined my feelings about what had just happened; what I had just done.

"God, that was amazing..." I heard him say, and I turned to look at him. His face was that of a man still in the throws of bliss. He was beautiful... not handsome; no prize of masculinity, but what he said next cemented his beauty in my heart.

"I want you again..."


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I write as an escape, and find that the most rewarding of escapes by writing outside my personal fields of experience. Much of my work is written from a woman's perspective, and I plan on exploring other depths.

Why escape only half way?

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