Boys, Boys, Boys

by Clementine Lips 6 months ago in erotic

It's not uncommon for couples to want to spice things up a bit, but what if it's with another gender?

Boys, Boys, Boys

I was so drunk I could barely walk in a straight line. We had arranged for a girls night out; let’s get drunk, and forget about our stupid bosses, our annoying flatmates, our parents, or whatever was bringing each of us down every day. But I had gone way too far, and now I didn’t even know where my friends were.

I saw a pair of guys that I kind of knew. They were friends of a friend. I went up to them to ask if they’d seen the rest of my group. Slipping by all the sweaty bodies dancing on the floor of the club I managed to get near them. I pulled them close to my lips, and in a shouted whisper asked if they had seen my friends. They said no with a movement of their heads; speaking over the music was hard work. Even though I was insanely drunk, I didn’t miss the look they gave one another. Then one of them came close to my ear, and asked if I wanted to stay with them a bit until my friends came back. Since I didn’t feel like I would be successful in finding in them by myself, I thought it would be smart to stay with them and dance for a bit together.

"What are your names?" I asked.

"I’m Paul" answered the one right in front of me, "and he is Julian" he said pointing behind me.

Their bodies closed upon me, and I was getting the feeling it wasn’t just because of how busy the club was that night. I could feel the pants from the one behind me rubbing against my butt. The other one kept coming closer and closer. I gazed at his smile. It seemed innocent, so no alarm sounded when Paul whispered in my ear “why don’t we go to a quieter place?” At that point I was completely stuck between both their torsos, but Julian’s hands on my waist and Paul’s smile, that was still as luminous as it was before, made me feel relaxed. Without thinking much about it, I nodded; it was too hot anyway, and the bass from the music was starting to make my head hurt.

They took me by the hand to a more isolated and dark room. If I had been a bit soberer, maybe Paul’s hand going up my leg would have surprised me less, but I was under full sail. Or maybe the surprise came from how much I liked it. I looked at both of them, surprised, and when they saw my confused look; Julian started to explain what was going on.

"Yes, Alice, Paul and I are gay, and we are together, but we want to spice things up a bit. See how it is with the female gender. Just out of curiosity, you know?"

"And when we saw you, we both agreed that we had to try. Of course, if you don’t want to, we stop right here and now. But if you want to... well, we already even have a room to ourselves" Paul continued.

His hand had stopped at my thighs, and I was noticing it more than ever. Was it worth it to go into this mess? Didn’t they say that threesomes could get really complicated? I did know them a bit, so if I had to keep on seeing them afterward, when I met with my friend... But on the other hand, was it really my problem? I wasn’t part of the couple, and I didn’t know them that well.

Alcohol is not a friend of deep discussions and complicated questions. And the warm feeling of arousal was already spreading up my body. Both of them were super hot, and at the end, it was their relationship that they’d have to fix if it backfired.

Before the moment passed because of my constant doubts, I decided to jump in head first, and I kissed Paul. The kiss ended being a violent exchange of tongues. Julian, also impatient to participate, started to kiss and bite my neck. His hands traveled downwards to my breasts and Paul’s explored a bit further into the region where most of the heat was coming from.

I sobered up a little; I guess all my blood was flowing to the lower parts of my body, and the alcohol was going there with it. I was a bit lost with what to do with my hands. I wasn’t sure I could reach Julian without ending up in a very weird posture, but since I was already kissing Paul, I didn’t want him to feel left out. So I decided to move and kiss Julian. I pushed him towards me from the back of his neck while with the other hand I pressed against Paul’s nether regions.

But what would it be like to see two men kissing? Not like those chaste kisses in the street, but really kissing. I moved away from my position in the center, and stood up in front of the sofa. I gently pulled their heads closer and without me having to say a word, they understood. They turned to each other and started kissing. Their bodies glued together, they sought each other out with their lips and their tongue; a bite here, a caress there. I kneeled in front of them, and slowly took off my shirt, trying not to miss anything. They were in their own world, touching under their T-shirts, and revealing parts of bare skin for me to yearn for.

I unbuttoned their trousers and moved their underpants down, to get access to their fully erect penises that seemed to be craving for some attention. I grabbed each one with one of my hands and started to move them up and down. Even though their mouths were full of each other, I could hear their moans creeping out of the spaces between their tongues.

They stood up, and took off the remains of their clothing. Paul pulled me onto the sofa and made me lie back, while his head disappeared under my skirt. My knickers were moved to the side and I felt hot breath approaching my swollen lips before the gentle stroke of a tongue got me moaning. My sounds were interrupted by another set of lips descending over my mouth and the kissing continued. Julian guided my hand down to its previous position and I happily obliged. Meanwhile, he cupped my breasts and played with my nipples, pinching them delicately between his fingers.

The play between my legs had continued, and it was getting me closer to climax. My moans became louder as Julian continued working on my nipples with his tongue instead of his fingers. I could no longer reach Julian’s member, but I needed something to hold, so my nails bit into his back while I pushed Paul’s head closer between my thighs. My back arched and before I could say the word “stop,” I had come.

They looked up at me, distraught. Was the fun already over? I smiled at them and turned to position myself on all fours. They quickly understood. Julian appeared in front of me, and I could feel Paul’s swollen penis against my butt cheeks. I sought out Julian’s member with my mouth and started to suck on it, slowly.

I wondered what was taking Paul so long. I heard some rustling from behind and I saw the plastic cover from a condom flying to the floor. Then a slight pressure at the entrance to my vagina announced that Paul was ready. I pushed back and felt his whole penis inside me. I arched my back and moaned. The impact from Paul’s penetrations traveled along my body to my mouth. It was as if I were connecting both of them, like they were fucking each other through me. As twisted as that may sound, it was definitely exciting me. My saliva was dripping down Julian’s member, and onto the sofa. The silent tap of the drops hitting the couch was silenced by our moans, theirs clearly louder since they had nothing in their mouths. Paul’s plunging was getting harder and harder, and I moved my hand to my clitoris. I was nearly there.

After a few more thrusts, I came again, and at that moment my moans were the loudest. Paul pushed into me one last time while his semen encountered the plastic barrier of the condom. Julian’s came onto no such thing, and the salty taste of his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed.

Afterwards, we all sat together, catching our breaths. We smiled. It had been as good as expected.

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