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Bound to Her Body: The Finale

by Sharlene Alba 5 years ago in fiction
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Erotic Prompts Series

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

If Fiona could describe the last year in one word, it would be lonely. As soon as Fiona had bargained with Marcel for freedom, she ended up getting the short end of the stick. Marcel had let the rest of them go, including Kristella, in exchange for Fiona's surrender to him. Someone had to appease the powers that be that funded Marcel's company, and of course that person had to be her. She'd like to think it was all worth it — losing her job, her purpose, her own freedom — but as she sat there, bored to death in a cell with two other women, Fiona kicked herself for letting her emotions get the best of her. Fiona Duvalle was once one of the most praised bounty hunters in bounty hunter history, and look at her now, rotting in prison for five years. With any luck, she'd be released early for good behavior, but knowing herself, Fiona understood in order to keep herself sane in this tiny cell, she'd have to go back to her old ways. And she also had to stop thinking about the woman that made her end up here to begin with.

Thoughts of Sierra plagued her mind night after night and Fiona knew that was the main reason she wanted to get the hell out of there. Being confined, with nowhere to go, left her thoughts to run wild with images of Sierra's face, the sound of her moans, the softness of her skin. Just thinking about it made Fiona want to touch herself. And she'd done a lot of that since they locked her up in here.

Normally, she'd have one of her cellmates take care of her needs for her. But somehow, it felt wrong to let them touch her the way she wanted Sierra to touch her. Nonetheless, Fiona would go mad unless she got rid of this craving for the unattainable woman in her dreams.

"Hey, Kiara, are you awake?" Fiona whispered the question within the darkness of their cell. Kiara Santiago and Gina Torrey have been her cellmates since they entered her back into the system a year ago. They weren't friends, but they weren't enemies either. All three women were trapped behind bars for different reasons but their crimes didn't matter to Fiona. She was no one to judge after all the people she'd been paid to kill.

"I am now. What's up, Carrot Tits?" Kiara whispered back her answer, using the nickname Kiara had appointed to her her first night here. Fiona knew her nipples grew larger when she was aroused and Kiara had gotten the chance to get acquainted with them often during the last year due to both of their similar sexual appetites.

"I need a little help over here," Fiona answered, as she continued to finger herself, using her middle finger to rub over her aching clit. She could hear Kiara's footsteps grow closer and when she felt the woman climb in next to her on the bed, Fiona slipped her fingers out of her prison uniform pants and began to kiss the woman beside her. Kiara's tongue collided with hers in a hungry frenzy, while her hand traveled underneath Fiona's shirt, her fingers pinching and twisting at her hard nipples. Fiona moaned quietly into her mouth and leaned into her body as soon as she felt Kiara's hand move down her stomach and into her wetness. She tried to set aside the images of Sierra's face and slid against Kiara's hand. When she lifted Fiona's shirt to take her nipple into her mouth, Fiona gripped at Kiara's dark hair, tugging it so she'd have access to her lips. Their lips and tongues came together again while Kiara kept rubbing at Fiona's wet folds.

Fiona smirked when Kiara slipped her fingers out of her and placed them into her mouth, moaning when she tasted her juices. Kiara made her way down Fiona's body after tugging down her pants, until her mouth was coinciding with her damp mound. Fiona's hips moved upwards in a quick motion with every stroke of her cellmate's tongue on her clit. Once Kiara decided to bury her tongue inside of her, Fiona's legs spread apart to give her more access. The guards were still on patrol outside of their cells but this was the norm in a woman's prison. They had to get off somehow. Whether it'd be with their cellmates or the guards themselves. No one cared about two women giving each other oral sex in here, even when it was technically against the rules.

Kiara's hands gripped at Fiona's thighs, causing her to grind against her mouth, as she pulled Fiona closer. She bit her lower lip to keep her moans from flowing throughout the prison as Kiara circled her tongue around her clit in a quicker pace, making it harder and harder for Fiona's scream not to erupt from her throat. Kiara knew her by now. She knew Fiona was a screamer and she left Fiona's soaking wet center to capture her lips with her own hungry kisses. Fiona kissed her eagerly, deepening it the more she tasted herself and Kiara dipped two fingers inside of her, plunging them in and out until Fiona's muscles pulled them in deeper, wrapping around them as her juices flowed and her orgasm rocked her body.

Kiara wasn't the type to ask for favors and Fiona would've been more than happy to compensate her for her helping hand, but when Kiara's tired yawn filled the cell, Fiona let her go back to her own bed. Kiara's exhaustion was a slight turn off and it was enough to cool Fiona down for now. As soon as she pulled her pants up and closed her eyes, her heart fluttered as Sierra's face haunted her dreams again, with a life she knew she could never have.

Three days later...

Fiona didn't get any visitors. Her family was gone, most of them buried six feet under ground and any friend she ever had had been taken from her by the justice system at a young age. The fact that one of the guards had told her she had a visitor today had surprised her, and the anticipation of knowing who it is was making her a nervous wreck. Once the guard escorted her to the visiting area, she realized there was only one person there and it was a woman. Fiona looked up at the guard in confusion but she shrugged it off and took off her handcuffs, shoving her inside the room when she was done and closed the door behind her.

Fiona cleared her throat to gain her visitor's attention and her eyebrows shot up in surprise when the woman turned out to be Kristella Del Monte. She was wearing an all black power suit, far from the gray silk robe she'd last seen her wear the night of her imprisonment. Kristella's heels were just as sharp as her grin as she gestured for Fiona to sit down. Once she did, Kristella sat across from her and folded her hands onto the table, her piercing hazel eyes on Fiona's face.

"Hello, Fiona. It's nice to see you're still alive," Kristella greeted and Fiona smirked at her snarky comment.

"What are you doing here, Kristella?" Fiona asked her, glancing briefly through the barred windows in the visiting area. It's been a while since she'd been out there in the world, and although it had only been a year, it felt like a lifetime.

"I came to give you a gift," Kristella replied cryptically and Fiona narrowed her eyes towards her, giving her the attention she came for.

"What kind of gift?"

"The kind that allows you to leave this place, with your record expunged, and a whole new life to start living," Kris responded, watching Fiona's face carefully.

"What's the catch?" Fiona asked suspiciously. Nothing in life came free. Not the things that made life worth living anyway.

"I'm the new head leader of the California division of Homeland Security now. And before you ask how I got the title, I was on my way to attaining it before my marriage to Marcel fell apart and he shoved me into the witness protection program. He was leading a double life, and it caught up to him. I was the casualty. But, that's a story for another time. I need some trustworthy people at my side and I want you to be one of them," Kristella explained, and while the offer was tempting, she didn't want to go back to the hunting life. She wanted something that gave her a different purpose, something that would give her the time and space for the family she never got to have.

"Thanks, but hunting people down for your ex-husband is what got me locked up in here to begin with. So that's a no from me," Fiona answered crisply, crossing her arms as she stood up from her chair.

"She's right outside those prison gates, Fiona. All you have to do is say yes," Kristella baited, causing Fiona to stop mid-step and face her.

"Did you force her to come here so I'd say yes to you?" Fiona asked angrily when she realized Kristella had been talking about Sierra. She was getting tired of being jerked around like a toy.

"I didn't force her, although I did make her the same offer. You two make a good team and I'd hate to see that talent rot behind these walls," Kristella responded. While Fiona tried to consider her options, her desperation for freedom and her need for Sierra was making it terribly hard for her to turn down this offer.

Did she want to stay locked up for another four years in this shithole? Or did she want a chance at a life working next to the woman she couldn't stop thinking about?

"What about Marcel?" Fiona asked, throwing down her last card of resistance.

"He works for me now. Marcel is a vengeful man but you can't deny he's one of the best hunters in this line of business. And since I'm the only one who can keep him in line, I can guarantee he wont be a problem," Kristella reassured her. Fiona wanted to ask how Kristella had managed to get Marcel so wrapped up in her hands, he'd have no choice but to bend to her will. But she'd leave that lesson for another time. Sierra was waiting for her and she couldn't wait to kiss those pouty lips of hers.

"You have a deal," Fiona complied, shaking Kristella's hand. But when she didn't let go, Kristella's gaze returned to hers as she stood up from her seat. "But if this is some kind of twisted game you and your husband use as foreplay, I'll come after you next," Fiona threatened her new boss. Kristella's mouth formed into a smile as she pulled her hand out of Fiona's grip.

"Save those threats for the bedroom, Ms. Duvalle. I'm sure Sierra will be looking forward to them from now on," Kristella replied, as she straightened her top and raised her chin. "Say goodbye to your friends if you have any. You'll be processed and released within the hour," she finished, leaving another surprised expression on Fiona's face.

"You're okay." The words were coated with relief and they came from Sierra's lips, as soon as Fiona walked out of the prison gates and down the pathway to Kristella's car.

"What are you doing here? You were supposed to be gone," Fiona asked, but held her tightly against her chest when Sierra wrapped her arms around her. She thought she'd missed Sierra something terrible in prison but being able to see her face now and touch her smooth skin made her even more eager to get her alone and show her just how much she meant to her.

"I had to get you out of there. Kristella was the only one with the connections and... here we are. Sorry we took so long. Marcel was giving her a hard time," Sierra explained, while Fiona dipped her fingers into her wavy curls and smiled at her.

"It's okay. It's all going to be okay," Fiona claimed with the utmost confidence and while she wanted to kiss her something fierce, she waited the entire ride home to Kristella's condo, where she offered to let us stay until she found us something more permanent, to ravish her lips. And Fiona did just that as soon as Sierra had opened the door to their temporary guest bedroom. Her lips melted against hers, as her hands pulled at her cheeks, keeping her as close as she could as Sierra closed the door behind them. Pieces of clothing flew around the room in desperation of touching each other's skin. Sierra took her time exploring her mouth again, slowly kissing her until Fiona's protests caused her to chuckle and pull away from her lips.

"I missed you too, Fiona," Sierra mentioned in between heated kisses while Fiona smiled in return.

"Planning on keeping me this time?" Fiona teased the stunning and naked woman in her arms, her fingers running through her wild hair.

"You think I'm worthy enough?" Sierra asked, as her eyes twinkled with curiosity and her fingertips circled Fiona's nipples, resuming her teasing.

"Risking everything for you wasn't enough to answer that question?" Fiona sassed and Sierra smirked at her response.

"Why did you? Not that Joe and Andrew and I gave you much of a choice, but I'd really like to know," she asked her, and while Fiona often thought about the answer, there was only one that fit the bill.

"I spent my entire life thinking of myself in a certain way, and let's just say you made me break out of that. It was touch-and-go there for a moment but you made me want to experience other things," Fiona informed her, as her thumb gently caressed her cheek.

"More than just pulling triggers?" Sierra continued and Fiona laughed at her humor.

"Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Come here," Fiona ordered, pulling Sierra closer to her lips before she climbed on top of her. She lifted her legs up and placed them over her shoulders, keeping her warm breath at Sierra's dripping folds. Fuck. She missed it so much she wanted to shout it out to the world. But she chose to make Sierra scream instead and she did. Fiona's tongue licked and sucked at Sierra's clit while her fingers fucked her and swirled over her g-spot. Hearing Sierra's screams again was music to her ears and Fiona swore she'd never get enough of it.

Sierra held her gaze as Fiona lifted her own to watch her. Spreading her legs further apart, her hips rolled and her back arched when Fiona dipped her tongue inside her again. When her tongue needed a break, she slipped her fingers in and out, rubbing at her clit furiously, using her wetness as lubricant. But Fiona's throbbing body needed to feel more of her, needed to ride her with the same fierceness she had dreamed about the entire year without her. Sierra pulled at Fiona, up to her lips so she could kiss her, passion taking over them as they tasted her own nectar. Fiona's body moved against hers, grinding her clit down onto Sierra's, moaning louder and louder as she heard the sound of their juices mixing in between their thighs. Sierra's lips parted from hers as she rocked her hips rapidly against Fiona's, both of them holding onto each other as their orgasms consumed their bodies.

"Don't you ever fucking leave me again," Fiona exclaimed, breathing heavily as she rested her forehead against hers. Sierra smiled, lifting her chin up so Fiona could meet her eyes.

"I'm bound to you, Fiona Duvalle. And I brought the handcuffs to prove it."


About the author

Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry MissBeautyBargain Facebook: grungefirepoetry

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