Bound and Teased

by M Taylor about a year ago in erotic

Senses controlled and left wanting...

Bound and Teased

You finish tying the last knot at my ankle, having already splayed me across the four corners of the bed, blindfolded me, and taken your time doing your work. My anticipation in these few minutes has waxed and waned more than once as I patiently wait for you. Next, you place a pair of noise-canceling headphones over my ears. A playlist has already begun. It’s a deep, sexy jazz number full of longing notes from the trumpet and dark waves from the saxophone washing over me. Familiar with your practices in teasing and disciplining me, I know that just as I’m settling into its embrace it will change, turn my brain over, and send me spinning along a new path I can’t navigate without you leading me.

There it is.

You run a leather toy across my flesh stating your intention. You start at my pelvic bone, trace over my hip, dip into the valley of my waist, and up along my rib cage. I arch my back as much as my restraints will allow. You smack my bare nipple with the crop and I lay still again. I can hear you in my head, “Good girl.”

Then nothing.

Nothing for minutes that seem to never end. The music is changing. Raw electric guitar licks now that have their own effect on my primal desire. I rock my pelvis as my pulse becomes centralized where you’ve split my legs. Then suddenly there’s that magic wand vibrating on my clitoris. I cry out but only you can hear me.

The vibrating stops.

My breath is quickened and I am trembling.

Then nothing.

I’ve relaxed again. My fingers are gently wrapped around the ropes tied to my wrists where they had previously held tight. The guitar wails on. I feel a new toy. A cat of nine tails. Something soft and, likely, deceivingly gentle. Maybe suede. You pass it over my thighs twisting it in your hand so that I can feel the tails falling over each other. A controlled swing against my belly stings. I tense and relax. Another impact, harder this time. Twice quickly across the top of each thigh. Lightly across my breasts and fully erect nipples. My juices are dripping from my lips as you build your tower of tension.

Then nothing. Longer this time.

I can tell you’ve left me alone. Your electric energy is gone from the room. I can tell even though you’ve deprived me of my most comfortable senses. My sense of time is slipping away, as well. You return and begin untying my wrists. Your fingers instinctively caress the tender skin before you pin my hand under your knee and untie the other. You tie them together in front of me and go to my ankles next. You free me but I don’t dare move. You pull me to sitting and encourage me to twist. I know what you want. I turn onto my hands and knees. Your press the back of your hands to the insides of my thighs and I spread my knees wide. You take me by my hips, pull me towards the edge of the bed, and tie each ankle again with the rope.

With each hand planted firmly on each of my cheeks you press your mouth between and lap at my ass, wetting it thoroughly. You stroke at my hole gently with your fingertip and penetrate me easily, I am comfortable knowing I’m yours. You stroke in and out a few times and, not as easily, widen me with a second finger. You remove your digits, wet me more with your mouth and confidently fill me with an almond-shaped plug. I exhale and my pussy clenches tightly.

You give me a sweet smack on my ass and leave me again. The music seems to have gotten louder, heavier. Suddenly, the plug starts to vibrate and I scream at the shock of it. Your fingers stroke my clitoris and I moan out. Then you fill me all at once and I am immediately on the verge of coming although I know that I’m not allowed yet.

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