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Boudoir Photo Ideas

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Boudoir Photo Ideas
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Introductory Note About Boudoir Photo Ideas

One important thing to keep in mind is that a boudoir photo is sexy but usually leaves something to the imagination too. Here are some quick boudoir photo ideas for a little sexy fun.

The Fun Begins

A lot of people seem to think that you need tons of props and maybe even a big budget to take sexy and quality boudoir photos. Truth is, you don’t even need a fancy or high-priced camera. Especially these days. Sexy photos can be taken with a point and shoot camera (like a Sony Cybershot) or even an iPhone. The thing to pay attention to is the lighting and the “mood” of the photos. Also, may be a good idea to note the aspect ratio of the photos you are taking, if that matters to you. Try to keep the mood consistent within a set of photos; and then set a new mood and take another set.

Don’t go out and buy expensive backdrops either. You can create backdrops using sheets or blankets, by pinning them up with thumbtacks or nails. If you want to ensure that you do not damage the material, you can use clamps and clamp them onto rails or other objects. Use the outside world that allows for privacy as a setting too. Often the best photos use the natural light and surroundings. You may have to drive out to the country somewhere depending on where you live, or you may be able to use your own backyard.

Playing Dress Up and Getting Creative

Most women love to play dress up; now is your chance. Of course, first, you want to raid your closet and see what you can come up with in terms of outfits and costumes. After you have exhausted the options in your closet, move on to your partner’s closet. Aside from ever closet in the house, you can go to thrift stores or even costume shops to get other pieces to create new looks. Often times, all you will need though is a simple man’s button-up shirt or just your favorite sexy pair of underwear, with your arms crossed over your breasts.

Don’t forget that you have a tub that would be great for boudoir photos as well. Use something to turn the water milky or an actual color, then lay down in the water with only enough sticking out so that it teases the camera, without revealing it all. As I said, in these types of photos, generally, something is left to the imagination. The beauty of these pictures is the pushing the limit while denying the camera what is so painfully close.

Use a simple white wall along with the right lighting and camera angle to get the shot you want. Never be afraid to play with angles and lighting. It will make all the difference. You can even try something as simple as placing a flashlight against the wall behind the subject of the photo, with the light shining up the wall in a fanned-out pattern. If you are into glowsticks or any LED devices, use them; they work great!

Final Thoughts

The important part is to have fun and experiment. If you are having fun, then it’s probably going to turn out how you want it to. Most of the time you will be doing these photo shoots for the fun of it and the final result will be just a biproduct of the experience itself. Of course, you’ll surely enjoy the photos that result and may want to use them for teasing purposes, but it really is all about having fun together and just “feeling yourself” for a little while. If you are someone who is good at photo editing, be sure to consider what you can do to the image in editing too, while you are taking the photos. This forethought can go a long way. Well, that’s it for now. Go have fun and be sexy while also being safe.

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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