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Blindfolded while on a blind-date!

by D. M. McCoy about a year ago in erotic
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This virgin never expected her first time would be this would and involve a blindfold.

I remember the first time I allowed myself to try bondage. I was a young 20 something on a blind date with a guy a few years older than me. He was handsome with his chiseled jawline, shaggy mahogany hair, and piercing blue eyes. From the moment I saw him, I was shocked that he would even be interested in a girl like me. I’m probably one of the most forgettable women in the world, with my high cheekbones, squinty eyes, and dull untamed blonde hair. I guess you could say I was a regular ole plain Jane with nothing going on in my life. And my best friend, Erica, felt sorry for me, so she talked the poor sap into going on a blind date with me.

As I can recall, it all began on a hot summer’s evening in Seattle. I was frantically trying to put my makeup on and was so nervous that I had to keep reapplying it because of my shaky hands. I still hadn’t picked out what I was going to wear yet when he texted me saying I will be there in 20 minutes. After reading that text, my heart began to race, and I thought, Oh no, I’m never going to be ready in time! I scrambled around my bedroom looking for something hot to wear, finally landing on a jean skirt and a pink blouse with a white sweater. I was barely dressed when I heard a knock at the door.

I rush to open the door and see the most handsome man I have ever seen, wearing a nice suit and tie. He says, “Hi, I’m Jake. Can I come in?”

“Sure, come in, and by the way, my name is Jessica.” There was an awkward silence as we both contemplating what to say next. I look at the clock on the wall in my kitchen and say, “I need to find my shoes so we can leave.” He sat down on my ugly old sofa in my living room while I search for my heels. Finally, I found my shoes, yelling, “Ready out to Jake!” He sends for an Uber and says, They will be here in a few minutes, that we should go downstairs and wait there.

While standing on the curb waiting for the Uber, he says, “You look beautiful tonight!”

I blush and say, “Thank you.” The Uber shows up, and we both got in the car, making sure to leave space between us. We spent most of the car ride to the restaurant looking out the windows, only glancing once or twice at each other. There was so much tension between us that you could slice a knife through it. The driver pulls up in front of the restaurant, gets out, and opens the door for me. I step out onto the sidewalk, taking in the view of this beautiful building, shocked that we were going to it at the nicest restaurant in town. Leroy’s is the best place to eat in all of Seattle, and the waitlist to get in is very long. He looks over at me and says, “I pulled a few strings to get us in here tonight!” I couldn’t wait to see what the inside looked like!

We step through the doors, and he walks up to the hostess to see if our table was ready. He comes back over to me, saying, “It will only be a few minutes.” I nod my head while looking around at all of the beautiful pictures on the walls. The hostess comes over and leads us to the table, pulling out a chair for me to sit. I say, “Thank you,” as I sit down.

She walks away, and the waiter shows up almost instantly, babbling about the wine menu. I order a merlot while looking over the dinner menu. Then, I look over at Jake to make sure that he was okay with these outrageous prices. He knew what I was trying to say and nods a yes; go ahead, and order whatever you want. Looking closer at the menu I realized, I didn’t know what half of this food was and told Jake that. He says, “Don’t worry, I will order for the both of us.” Within seconds the waiter showed up, and he ordered an appetizer of oysters and a New York strip medium well with a baked potato for the both of us. I was like, “I have never had oysters before.”

He nods, saying, “They might look strange, but they taste delicious! Oh, also, I think I heard somewhere that oysters are an aphrodisiac.”

Blushing, I say, “Are you trying to get me to have sex with you tonight?” Before he could respond, the waiter showed up with the platter of oysters, saying, “Enjoy!”

I let the question go after that as I was to trying to figure out how to eat an oyster. With a puzzling look, I ask, “How are you supposed to eat these things?”

“Like this,” as he picks up an oyster moving his fork around in it, then sticking it up to his lips, he began sucking the meat out of it.

“Oh, looks easy enough,” I say while taking a sip of my wine. I could feel the wine starting to kick in as I was attempting to eat an oyster, making my eating appear more sensual than it was. The salty-sweet taste of the oyster hit my lips, causing me to moan a little, as I was thinking, these taste so good. I finish swallowing the oyster, savoring the taste, and then I notice Jake staring at me with a very seductive smile on his face.

My face instantly grew red as he says, “Wow, that was hot!” I grew even more embarrassed as Jake began to lean across the table, taking my hand, saying, “You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” I nod, but I still couldn’t get the way he looked at me out of my head. Just then, our food arrives. We eat in silence for a few minutes before I excuse myself to go to the ladies’ room.

I needed a moment to myself; this was all starting to become too overwhelming for me. While in the bathroom, Jake’s seductive smile kept slipping into my head, turning me on even more. I sat down on the toilet to gather my thoughts; feeling the pulsing of my clit, I reached between my legs to find wetness on my thong. I quickly pulled my hand away, ashamed and wondering why my body was reacting like this for someone I didn’t know. I thought, is this normal, we just met? I heard someone enter the stall next to me and realized I must get back before he wonders what happened to me.

Once I reach the table, he asks, “Are you alright?”

I shyly say, “Yes,” then quickly look down for fear that I might blush again. Jake could tell that something was wrong with me, but he didn’t push any further. We continue to eat, choosing to do so in silence. The only noise between us, at this point, is that of the knife and fork clanking together as we cut our steaks.

When I’m almost done eating my steak, I say, “This really is the best steak of my life!”

Jokingly, he says, “You don’t get out much, do ya?”

" Well, no, I’m usually busy with my work, being a high school science teacher and all.”

“Oh yeah, Erica did mention that about you.” He looks coly at me and then asks, “Have you ever thought about being blindfolded during sex?”

Shocked, I say, “Never,” knowing full well it’s one of my top fantasies to masturbate to before bed.

“Maybe you should try it sometime. It can be very intimate.”

Still in shock, I ask, “Intimate in what way?”

The waiter shows up just then to take the bill, and Jake says, “Why don’t I just take you home and show you what I mean!”

I feel myself turning red again, but I curiously respond with an okay. Once Jake pays the bill for dinner, he sends for an Uber and takes my hand, leading me outside to wait for the car to show up. The Uber shows up within minutes; Jake opens the door and practically pushing me inside it. I could feel my heart racing. Was this man really going to blindfold me and have sex with me? Apart of me wanted this to happen, and the other part of me was scared. I mean, like, I was very turned on by all of this, but what if me being a virgin ruins it for him? I could feel the tingling between my legs again, and I could feel myself becoming more nervous. I think he could senses this because he put his arm around me, letting me know everything would be alright. I lay my head on his shoulder and allow myself to dream about what could be. The driver pulls up in front of my apartment, and Jake aggressively pulls me out of the car.

We get inside my apartment, and before I have time to think, he pushes me up against the door and begins passionately kissing me, only stopping to tell me that he has wanted to kiss me like this all evening. He then picks me up, carrying me to my bedroom. He gently lays me on the bed and slowly undresses me, one piece of clothing at a time, till I was laying there in my black lacy bra and thong. I lay there feeling so vulnerable as he stood up and did a little striptease for me. I had never seen a more sculpted body than his; with such defined abs, I couldn’t look away. I lay there so turned on by this man, and he hadn’t done anything to me yet.

Then he scans my bedroom for something to blindfold me with before realizing he could use his tie. He picks the tie up from the floor while telling me to roll over onto my belly. He moves onto the bed while lightly sitting on me. He then leans over and whispers in my ear that he would be putting his tie over my eyes. I nod, feeling my pussy get wetter as he ties it around my head. Once he finishes tying it, he gets up off the bed; not knowing where he is, I began to freak out a little.

He must have noticed because he says, “I’m just finding a playlist to set the mood.”

Just then, slow sensual music begins playing from his phone, and I could feel myself relax a little bit. I had a bottle of lotion sitting on my nightstand, so he grabs it and squirts some in his hand. It smelled of cucumbers, and every so often, when I smell cucumbers, I think back on this most sensual moment of my life. He climbs on the bed, sitting beside me, firmly gliding his palms up and down my back. I could feel the tension leaving my body and all that happened earlier floating away. My mind begins to relax, and I couldn’t think of anything other than the skillfulness of his hands caressing my body. He allows his touch to gradually get lighter and lighter, giving me goosebumps all over. I could feel him gingerly kissing up one arm, across my shoulders, and down the other arm. Causing me to tremble with anticipation. Slowly my mind begins to relax even more as my body starts craving more of his touch. Surprisingly, he begins to teasingly glide his fingertips down my spine and along my hips, sending shivers all over my body. I was losing track of time when he reached up and unsnapped my bra. Then, he begins to slowly flip me over onto my back while pulling my bra off. Suddenly, I become aware of my half-naked body and want to cover up. Jake sensing my discomfort, whispers into my ear, “You look so sexy right now, and it’s taking everything within me to stop myself from fucking you!” I felt a smile slowly form on my lips as he began to kiss and nibble on my ear. He moves to where he is sitting at my feet while reaching over to the nightstand to get more lotion. I could hear him rubbing his hands together, warming the lotion up, and then he lightly begins running his hands up my legs. He reaches my hips then starts kissing my inner thighs while caressing my hips. I could feel my clit begin to tingle as my pelvis arched up, wanting more of his attention. He didn’t give it attention as he was seeming to enjoy watching how my body reacts to his touch, stroking my skin so gently as if I was a fragile piece of glass. Allowing his fingers to wander over the curves of my hips and up to my supple breast, causing my breath to catch in my throat. Then trailing kisses along my neck, down to one of my boobs, taking the nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it as he begins to caress the other boob. At this point, my body can’t take anymore, and I call out for him to fuck me now!

He lets out a little moan while saying, “As you wish!” He reaches for the tie pulling it up over my head while sitting up, then looking down at me as if I’m something to be devoured. I felt my heart quicken at the thought of him being inside of me. His kisses became more aggressive as his appetite for me grew stronger.

I myself, no longer blind to what he was doing to me, began deliberately exploring his body with my hands. I no longer want to lay there like a timid cat as I forcefully roll him onto his back and begin straddling him. Deciding that I want to be in control of my first sexual experience. I lean forward, kissing his ear and trailing kisses down his neck and onto his lips. Savoring the taste and softness of his skin. He moans in delight as I lift my hips to allow his length to find my slit. Slowly sinking his fat erection into me, causing me to wince a little from the pain, and gradually becoming more pleasurable. I could feel him stretching every inch of my vagina and intoxicating me more with every thrust. My pace picking up and becoming more desperate as a wave of pleasure takes over my body. Still reeling from the pleasure, Jake pushes me off him and then slams his length into me. Thrusting so deeply and roughly into me that I feel a pinch of pain before matching his pace. I begin to moan loudly at this point, not caring if I woke the neighbors. Causing him to plunge faster and faster into me, bringing us both into a cascading of pleasure. As his length begins to pulsate, releasing his seed into me, and my vagina constricts around him erupting with pleasure. Leaving us trembling with ecstasy and warmth from what had just transpired between us.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, but when I woke up later that morning, he was gone. I never saw Jake again. Only being left with the memory of that fateful night so many years ago.


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