Blackmailed (Pt.1)

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My bf's boss

Blackmailed (Pt.1)

My boyfriend, Pablo, has been coming home late, he usually comes home by six PM with traffic, but now he is coming around eight PM. Every time I talked about it, he gave me this look as if I asked him about his dead dog. His go-to line would always be: I am bringing home money for your childish expenses, I am working overtime for you, and you question me.

I never meant to question him, but he told me he didn't want me working at the bar anymore, because of the advances I would be getting from the men. Knowing that is how we met, it made him insecure should someone else take my attention. I have been looking for a new job, something in the business field as my degree is in that category, but all positions are entry level pay, which isn't even half of what I made as a bartender. I've applied for positions such as personal assistants, but even with that, the work is nothing like I would expect. It constitutes doing people's chores that they do not wish to do, or would have their mothers do if they still lived at home.

My boyfriend works in as a customer service representative, the work is not hard at all, and he is constantly informing me of people leaving. I talked to him about maybe trying to get a job there, and then in two months leave by climbing the ladder, but I guess his pride got in his way, and he declined my offer. Informed me to get my job somewhere, he did not have to see me and then see me at home. He was right, it would be bad if I saw him at work and brought the unnecessary drama to work or vice versa.

The next day, I went for several interviews and to my luck, I got a job offer and they are going to be paying me handsomely, something that has not happened in a while now. The job itself was easy as well; I was surprised that not a lot of people applied for the position. In the position, to be Operations Executive, I would be working with the COO, Chief Operations Officer. I would be the main person the staff would come too, and if I cannot answer their questions, that is when the COO gets involved.

The pay was three times the bartending job. I was so happy, and couldn't wait to share the amazing news with Pablo; so he didn't think I was worthless.

I thought I could go to Pablo's work, and let him know about the offer I received. His workplace is extremely friendly and welcoming. I went to his work once the interview was over, and I had accepted the job.

I was still in my interviewee clothing, which was a tank top, blazer over the tank top, high waisted pencil skirt, four-inch heels, light brown pantyhose, and my hair straightened, and placed in a barrette.

I walked into the building, immediately greeted by the security guard who escorted me to Pablo's floor. From there, I was greeted by the receptionist who asked me to sign in, and gave me a visitor’s pass, informing me to go in. As I went in, Valerie, the old receptionist was there, and she was ecstatic I came to visit. We caught up briefly before I asked her if I could see Pablo, she told me where his desk was and informed me, we should grab drinks soon.

I smiled at her as I walked in the direction she instructed me, I got to the office, which I assumed was Pablo's. There was no name on the doors, so instead of knocking, I opened the door and walked in. Someone was facing the window, and he was the same height as Pablo, and had a similar figure. I couldn't quite see him as it was too dark in the room. I went into the office, closed and locked the door, but the individual did not turn around.

I walked towards his desk and said, "Wow babe, you didn't tell me you climbed the ladder as well." As I hugged him from behind, tiptoeing as I sucked on his neck, my tits imprinting on his back.

The gentleman turned around as he got a bit aroused and kissed my lips; thinking his brother bought him a prostitute who acted like he was a big shot. I kissed him back, adding tongue, thinking it was Pablo. The kiss was different; it was much more skilled than I remember him ever being capable of doing. His bottom lip also felt different, as if it grew overnight. I immediately stopped and backed up to see who I was kissing. As I backed up, his hands came down to my waist and he pulled me in. He had his index fingers along the top of my pencil skirt and tried to pull it down.

I told him no, and that I was sorry as I took his hands out, and did my best to get away from him. I was successful and got to the door as I put his office lights on and looked at him more carefully, and he got a better look at my face. He bit his lips as he looked at my figure and I shook my head in disgust that I got the wrong office and I kissed the wrong man.

I looked at him and said, "I am so sorry, I'm Pablo's girlfriend, Victoria. I thought you were him, I am so sorry, I have to go find him."

I unlocked the door and ran out of the office going back to Valerie and informing her that was not Pablo's office. She told me Pablo does not have an office. That he was in the furthest cubical, but he left shortly after I went in, she assumed he was going to get the car to take us home.

I shook my head again in disgust and walked out of the building, not knowing why I did that and why I didn't turn the light on to make sure it was Pablo. I also didn't understand why that person would not let me go after I told him this was a mistake. As soon as I got home, Pablo still was not home, but he left before me. I got dinner started as I continued to think about the kiss I had received and I got a bit tingly on what transpired after the kiss. I could hear a key being inserted into the keyhole and the doorknob turning as Pablo entered into the house.

I informed Pablo I went to his work to surprise him, but he left before I could see him, and then asked where he was all this time.

He responded with, "My boss, Evan, actually told me to get some supplies for the office, and I did not think it would take this long."

Not wanting to tell him I met his boss, I ended the conversation there and informed him of the new job I was offered as I served him dinner. I also informed him because my new job my shifts will be from 12 PM to nine PM, which means I would be coming home late. He understood and jokingly said he will have dinner waiting for me this time around. I laughed with him as Pablo burned two of our kitchens down last time he cooked. We could not afford another kitchen just yet.

The next day I got ready for work and Pablo already left for his job.

When Pablo got to work, his boss, Evan, kept a close eye on Pablo, got his file to see how long he was with the company, and obtained his resume to see his past job experiences. When Evan was keeping a close eye on Pablo, he noticed that Pablo would constantly go to the washroom, at the same time another employee by the name of Angie would also disappear. Evan decided to see what was happening and followed Angie, who went into the supply closet, and he could hear them talking and moaning.

Pablo said, "She finally got a job and she won't be home until nine PM, if we get the early shifts, we can finish by four PM, and go to my house and you can leave by 8:30 PM."

Angie moaned, "You would like that wouldn't you daddy."

They stopped talking as Pablo thrusted his cock inside her wet, hungry pussy, all Evan could hear was moaning and grunting.

Now Angie compared to me was a six at best, Caucasian, blonde hair, brown eyes, her tits were size A, her butt was small, she was skinny, big nose, and she was short; about 5'2.

I am not skinny like her: I have a big butt, I have a flat belly that proudly holds a nice four-pack, my tits were size DD38, I have brown fading to blonde hair, 5'6, and I have tan skin. We were complete opposites.

Pablo finished in Angie, got dressed, and went back to work, knowing they were going to have freaky fun later tonight. That's when Evan asked Pablo to come into his office. Pablo didn't know why he was being summoned to his boss’s office. Evan asked Pablo to lock the door behind him, and to close the blinds. Pablo became more curious about what was happening, was he about to be fired or did he do something wrong that he was going to get in trouble for.

Evan asked Pablo to take a seat, and said, "Your girlfriend came to the office yesterday."

Pablo put his palm in his face and said, "Sir, I promise you I told her never to come to my place of work."

Evan shook his head in disgust, and said, "No, she was very pleasing to the eye, I enjoyed watching her walk, you should bring her to the office more often."

Pablo looked puzzled, he knew if he brought her to the office that Angie would get mad and jealous. To continue the conversation Pablo said, "Aha yeah I'll remember that for when she gets a day off."

Evan sat down at the edge of his desk facing Pablo and said, "You're underperforming this quarter Pablo, you have not met your target for the past couple months, are you aware of this?"

Pablo shook his head and replied, "I know sir, and I am going through changes in my personal life sir."

Evan looked at a couple of documents illustrating how everyone else is doing compared to Pablo, and said, "I am sorry but I think I have to transfer you to another branch or let you go."

Pablo's heart began to race; the income wasn't the best, but the bonus made up for it, and his side piece, Angie, would never transfer to another branch. Pablo begged Evan by saying, "Listen, sir, I know I am not performing, but trust me I will do better. If you want I can come earlier and leave later."

Evan smirk and requested, "I have something else in mind, I will give you a 5 percent increase in pay, you can do your normal hours, screw Angie on the side if you give me your girlfriend for one full night."

Pablo stopping talking for a second, his boss knew about his affair with Angie. Pablo began thinking, Either way, he could get his way, I could say no, my boss could go to Victoria and tell her about my affair, get her drunk and because she's a lightweight she will sleep with him. Or I could sell her for a night, get a raise I really do not deserve and continue banging the life out of Angie.

Pablo said, "Yes, I will give you Victoria for a night, but I have to make her say yes to this agreement first."

Evan grinned and said, "If she says no, clear your desk, you are gone, and you can take Angie with you."

As soon as his shift was over, he drove to my workplace. He went to the front desk and informed them that it was an urgent matter. The COO of the company came to my office directly to inform me that a man said it was urgent he sees me. I went to the front desk and there was Pablo, I was so confused about why he was at my place of work. Pablo became hysterical as soon as he saw me, he began hyperventilating. I take him to my office and shut the door. I look at Pablo and ask if everything is okay with him.

To which he responds, "I am going to get fired from my job babe, my boss is going to make sure I never get a job in this province again, if, I don't do what he asks."

I look at him concerned, saying, "Oh my babe, what is he asking you do?"

Pablo looks at me, holds my hands and says, "Not me, you, he is asking to have a night with you and I get to keep my job and a good reference. I know I can't ask you to be with him for one night, but babe, if you love me you will try to help me."

I let go of his hands and said, "Babe, I make a lot of money, you can quit your job, and you do not have to let him take the power, and you can get another job, I can support both of us for the time being."

Pablo put his hands on my shoulders, and said, "Listen, babe, I do not want another job, I love this job, we will never talk about that night you share with him, I need you to do this for me."

I began thinking about the kiss I shared with Evan and how tingly he made me feel. He knew how to kiss me properly, he most likely can teach me a thing or two that night that I can show Pablo. I sighed and said, "Okay."

Pablo picked me up and said, "Ok? OKAY! It is honestly one night, and it will be tomorrow night. Thank you so much, babe, I love you!"

I looked at Pablo not smiling, and said, "Okay babe, he was a good kisser, maybe we won't do anything X rated."

Pablo put me down and said, "You cheated on me with him already? Did you sleep with him?"

I slapped Pablo and said, "NO, I would never intentionally cheat on you, I thought he was you yesterday and I kissed him by accident!"

Pablo swallowed his pride and said, "Fine... but maybe that's why he wants round two." Pablo began getting jealous for a second until he thought of Angie, and knowing he was going to screw her endlessly tomorrow night.

Pablo left my office and my boss came into my office asking me if everything was okay. I informed him everything was fine, and that I will need tomorrow off to prepare some stuff. My boss nodded and said I could have tomorrow.

Pablo called Evan and informed him that his girlfriend was on board for tomorrow night, and Evan asked if he could have my number. Pablo without thinking, gave my number to him.

I received a text from an iPhone that said: Evan Maybe as iPhone's sometimes know who the other iPhone user is. I texted back informing Evan this is crazy, and Evan texted back saying tomorrow will be crazy. I informed him that I had to take work off to mentally prepare myself, and he said perfect we could meet from lunch until the wee hours.

I don't know why I told him I didn't go to work; I made things worse for myself. As I stopped texting, Evan replied asking what my size for dresses was, and shoe size. I was curious to why he was asking and informed him that I am a size Medium in dresses, and size seven in shoes. He called me the perfect queen and I turned off my phone.

Tomorrow came around faster than expected.

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