Blackmail Turned Steamy (Pt. 2)

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My soon to be ex-bf's boss

Blackmail Turned Steamy (Pt. 2)

As I woke up I looked beside me to find Pablo gone to work. I got out of bed and headed to my bathroom, where I waxed, shaved, and trimmed any loose hair on my body so I could feel like a rubber duck. A sexy rubber duck that is.

I turned on my phone and a text from Pablo appeared saying, "Thank you for this again babe, you are saving my life, I don't know how I could repay you."

I smiled reading the text because I am finally able to help my boyfriend, even though it is by sleeping with his boss.

As of noon hit, I got a call from Evan saying, "Come out."

I locked my door and headed towards my parking lot, All I see in front of me is a large, black, and tinted SUV. The driver opened the door and Evan was sitting there with his shades on, looking at me. I wore jeans, a white Tee and a cardigan on top with running shoes and my hair was in a messy bun. I got in the car and Evan told his driver to go to his estate.

As we were driving them, Evan took it upon himself to put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it gently. He then informed me that I was the best kiss he ever had, and he has kissed over five hundred women in his life. I smiled at his compliment and said thank you.

He looked at me and called me beautiful as we pulled up to his estate. His driver opened my car door and I got out. Evan came out with me and took my hand and led me into his mansion. As we got in, his maid nodded at me and I smiled back at her. His estate was empty, only his hired staff was with us, no family and no friends. I felt a bit bad for him until he took me upstairs to one of the guest rooms and instructed me to wear what has been picked out to me. This is why he asked for my sizes, so he could turn me into his doll for the day.

I, of course, nodded and went into the room and locked the door behind me. The mirror in the room was a two-way mirror. They were on the other side, watching me change into the clothes lay on the bed. I stood directly in front of the mirror trying to get my jeans off and bra off. My tits swayed side to side as they came out of my bra. I took Evan's g-string that he bought me; I think he purposely purchased a g-string two sizes too small. As I put it on, my pussy lips spilled through the string, making them look swollen and pinker. I used the stool on the floor and got near the mirror to see how it looked on my pussy, not knowing on the other end I was teasing Evan and his driver. I took the lace bra he bought for me and put it on as well; it was one size too small, but it fit. I then put the lingerie that was purchased on and then put the dress on top of it and it looked beautiful. This was a type of dress I would see in movies that I would never be able to buy because it was one of a kind. I then sat down on the bed and put on the 8-inch heels.

As soon as the heels went on, I heard a knock on the door from the maid asking if I am decent. I informed her I was, and she came in with a 50 thousand dollar necklace and she put it on my neck. It was a choker. She then ran for Evan and informed him I was ready. Out came Evan, and he informed me I looked stunning. I thanked him and he took me by the arm and he walked me into another room, where we sat down in front of the papers.

I began getting a bit confused about what was going on. He then began to inform me of Pablo's affair, how long it has been going on, how many other girls he had slept with, how he was going to screw me over financially if I stayed with him. Evan then gave me a way out; the document he gave me was a nondisclosure, which I expected, but he said he will also support me financially if I require it with no strings attached. I informed him I have a job that pays handsomely, and that I do not require him taking care of me. Evan then changed it for the funds to aid my family, not me. I smiled at him, thanking him for his generosity, but declined again. Evan changed it once more adding any friends I see fit who needed a bit of help. This was incredibly kind of him, and I did not want to disappoint him again, so I signed it.

I probably should have read it before I signed it. In the document, it stated that our encounter will be filmed and his staff will be watching the event unfold—this part I really should have read but did not even get to. There was also a paragraph in the document that said if I were to get pregnant, I could not have an abortion and he would want weekly visits of the child and my pussy. Something I should have read as well, but luckily for me, I was on the pill so this would not have been an issue. There was a sub-clause as well that in the instance that one of the staff members was to want my body, I would agree with them touching me.

I began getting upset over the Pablo news. I was a bit distraught, but Evan took my mind off that. He saw the look of despair in my eyes; he took my face and kissed my lips. A kiss I had received like the one before. Evan has big lips, so every time he kisses me it feels like kissing clouds. With the driver standing near us, Evan picked me up and put me on the 6-foot table and got on top of me and kissed me more. Evan lifted my dress so his driver could get a better look at my waxed, swollen, pussy lips. Evan could see his driver drool over them, but Evan didn't touch me sexually, only kissed me more.

The servant came in who also admired my pussy and stared at it until Evan saw and stopped and put my dress down. He told the servant what he needed and the servant handed him the toys he bought for the evening. I looked at them and began getting nervous. I did not know what I agreed to. Evan pulled up my dress again and the driver took my phone and took a picture of my pussy lips without me knowing and sent the image to Pablo.

I asked Evan if I could use the bathroom and he smirked and said his driver likes getting peed on. I declined the offer and got up and ran to the nearest bathroom. I could hear Evan tell his driver, "She is incomparable to others, and I want to take my time with her."

What I did not hear was the driver telling Evan that he wanted to watch and he should let his staff watch too. Evan did not know if he wanted to, but he doesn't pay his staff, so he agreed to the driver's request.

I came out of the washroom and walked back to Evan, where he said he wanted to go to his room and have some alone time. His room did not have cameras or a two-way mirror; the room he took me to was another guest room with a larger mirror. He then locked the door behind him and pushed me on the bed and then helped me up. He then slowly ripped this expensive dress off my body. He bit his lip as he did it.

He looked at me and said, "I am going to have my way with you."

I stayed silent because I did not understand what was going on.

I was left in the lingerie he bought me, and shortly after, he ripped that off my body as well. I was left with the small g-string and the bra, and he pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me. He did a push up as he was on top of me; as he came down, het bit my lip, and as he pushed up, my back arched when he lifted, taking my bottom lip with him. He grinned as he let my bottom lip go and jumped off me and took off his shirt and tie.

His fit, slim, built body was calling out for me; I sat up admiring the view. He came close to me and he turned me over to my belly. He smacked my bubble butt and said, "I have never seen an ass this bubbly before."

He smacked my butt a few more times. He picked up the end of the g-string and ran his finger through it as it got lost between the cheeks of my juicy, bubbly, ass cheeks. His fingers made their way to my pussy lips and he noticed how wet I became.

He continued to play with my ass cheeks as his smacks turned into loud, pleasurable spanks. He turned so his staff could get a clear view of how big this ass was, as he spanked me over and over, jiggling my ass in front of the mirror; teaching his staff how to spank a big, luscious, juicy ass like mine. He unhooked my bra and told me to arch my back so he could take it off my body. I obliged, and as it came off, my nipples began getting hard. Evan then turned me over once more and picked me up and brought me to the mirror.

He told me to play with my nipples and to try to lick them, as they were big enough to reach my lips. I attempted his request and licked my nipples, and they got hard as my tongue and saliva hit them. He winked to the mirror as he leaned in to kiss my neck, moving my hair out of his way. He slowly began to suck on my neck, leaving a hickey. Evan's driver, who still had my phone, took a picture of what was happening and sent it to Pablo.

Pablo, who was fucking Angie, opened the text as he was inside her and zoomed in on the picture. He began getting incredibly jealous over what was unfolding and began getting second thoughts over the deal he made with the devil. He attempted his best to call me, but the driver blocked any incoming calls to appear on my phone. My phone started to get flooded with texts saying, "Tori, don't fuck me, Tori I love you, Tori I made a mistake, Tori I will quit my job now."

The driver blocked him altogether and continued taking pictures of what he was witnessing. There were hidden cameras all over this guest room, in places I would never suspect.

Evan began working his way down my neck, to my collarbone, then to my nipples themselves, but he wanted me to watch in the mirror and not directly at him. He told me to watch my facial expression, but I could not, I was so aroused my eyes kept closing as I let out constant moans. My body began to ache and my pussy began to get wetter. I wanted him so badly; I crossed my legs as my heart started to race. I began getting weak knees as I felt as if I was about to fall. Evan caught me and brought me back to the bed. The staff could not see my expression from the bed so they turned the monitors on and made the camera zoom close to my face to witness what my face was doing.

Evan came back to my ear and asked me if I had ever being titty-fucked. I told him no, and he shortly after unzipped his pants and took off his briefs. He got on top of me and sat on my waist as he took his hard, long, thick, juicy, 9-inch cock and placed it in between my DD38 tits. He held my tits between his cock and began moving my tits slowly up and down his cock. He told me to look at him and do the motion he was doing but faster.

I held my tits and began stroking his cock with my tits, going faster, feeling his pre-cum on my tits. Every time I stroked down the head of his cock touched my chin. I looked down as I licked the head of his cock, and Evan let out a groan as I did. He looked at me and said, "You said you never have done this before, but you are the best titty-fuck I ever received, please do continue, do not stop."

I smiled as I continued to be titty-fucked by Evan, the motions I was doing with my tits went faster and faster, and I squeezed him tightly with my tits. The tip of his head went in my mouth as I did this.

The staff became aroused and horny themselves, stroking their cocks to my tits and my lips. Evan shortly after came all over my tits and face and got off me and handed me a towel as if I was one of his prostitutes. I took his hand and pulled him onto his bed and told him to wipe it off me. He was taken back by my demand; he smirked as he wiped his cum off me and made sure to treat me correctly. He got up and told me he was going to get a wet towel and come back. I lay back down and continued playing with my tits, licking some cum off my face.

As Evan left, he walked into the room with the two-way mirror and asked his staff if everything was okay. His gardener told him how badly he wanted to fuck my tight, pink, wet pussy, and his driver told him how badly he wanted my young lips around his cock. Evan smirked and informed them that they were not part of the deal, but he agreed on how good I felt and he cannot wait to do more. His staff began getting angry with him, and the driver was about to bang on the mirror. That's when Evan told them he could take me away in an instance and they could either enjoy the view or they could all have nothing at all. They all agreed they did want to watch and they took the offer. Evan came back into the room with the wet towel and began taking his cum off me; he leaned in and kissed me, tasting his semen.

He smirked again, adding his tongue and swirling it around in my mouth.

Evan got up and made his way to my legs, as his fingers teasingly went to my thighs, and he began to tug the g-string down. He lifted my legs and took it off and threw it across the room. He spread my legs apart and got in between them. He took his thumbs and spread my pussy lips apart. He looked down and grinned.

Evan in a shocking tone said, "Your pussy is so pink, it is like you’re a barely used virgin, how many times have you fucked, my queen?"

I looked at him and said, "Two times sir...”

Evan smirked as he looked at the mirror, and repeated what I said, "Only two times with that boyfriend who is a sex maniac? Do you not put out?"

I closed my eyes and said, "I do put out, Pablo said I am not good at sex so he doesn't bother fucking me. I know I am not good, you don't have to fuck me if you don't want to."

Evan shook his head and said, "Hey, listen to me, every man on this planet wants to fuck this sweet, juicy, plump, swollen, perfect pussy. Trust me... My driver was begging me if he could fuck you when he met you."

I looked at Evan and said, "Really? Your hot driver wanted me too?"

Evan smacked my inner thigh and said, "I wanted you first!"

I giggled and said, "I know and now you have me."

Evan looked at me and said, "Oh I have you?"

I shut my eyes and began to smile.

Evan looked back at my pussy and said, "I am going to eat you out like you never have been eaten out before, and maybe in your case, you never have."

With that, his tongue came down and licked my juices, his tongue swirled around my slit as he entered my pussy and thrust his tongue on my clit. A sensation I never felt in my life, I clenched to his bed sheets for dear life as he went off on my pussy.

He came up for air and said, "This pussy is nothing like I've ever tasted before, it is tart but sweet. I could easily get addicted to this taste... Ever been fucked in your asshole?"

I shook my head as he rolled me over and got between my ass cheeks and plunged into my ass and spread my cheeks apart as his tongue dived into my asshole. His tongue went in so deep; this feels... I cannot describe it. It made me go crazy for a bit. As he tongued my ass, his finger went into my pussy. He was pleasuring me like there was no tomorrow; I could not get enough of him. I began squirting out some liquid as I moaned some more.

Evan looked at the mirror and said, "YOUR A SQUIRTER TOO? Can I keep you?!"

I began floating on cloud 9, I felt so in peace and even hornier than before, I wanted more, I needed more.

Evan's driver could not hold it anymore and came into the guest room and came up to my body and began sucking on my nipple. I opened my eyes, became a little scared as I tried to get them both off me. I tried to cover myself up. The driver informed me he had watched me ever since I got in the car, and he had to have me, he will do my body justice. Evan tried to relax me and told me if I wanted him gone, to say the word and he will leave.

I began getting excited when the driver's pants started to bulge, I could see the outline of his large cock. I looked at them both and said, "STRIP!"

The driver undid his uniform and was completely naked before me; in his hand was the thickest cock I had ever seen. It was small in length, but in thickness, it could ruin me, rip me apart to the point I would need to get stitches. His cock reminded me of a can of pop, which is how thick it was...

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