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Best Tropes In Erotica According To Jenna Moreci

by Jessica Bugg 9 months ago in erotic
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With Commentary From Me, Resident Shit Talker

Best Tropes In Erotica According To Jenna Moreci
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

So trope seems to be the buzzword amongst far more educated people than myself. I actually didn’t even know what one was until my BFF Uncle Princess Devin sent me a few videos talking about tropes. I blame this on dropping out of college my second semester freshman year to pawn all of my valuable items and get a one way flight to party in Miami. YOLO. It all worked out in the end to the disdain of my uppity sorority sisters. I hope they are having fun wherever they are . . . they probably aren’t . . . but one can hope.

Anyway, Devin introduced me to the whole concept of a trope. Again, people I am not classically trained, I don’t edit. I just write and talk shit. That’s what I do. As my writing has evolved, I figured I would delve into some self education via the College of Youtube and Google University. So far I am pleased with the results.

So for those of you, like me, who needed to learn what a trope is. Here we go: Google (my alma mater) defines a trope as: a significant or recurrent theme or motif. Although, I got my master’s at the College of Youtube and they seem to think a trope is a type of character. All this time I had no idea that people didn’t actually just write the story and find out what happens as they go along (which is what I do and have always done). Yes, some writers put specific characters in their stories on purpose. I have never done this, and to be honest, I have no plan on doing so. But I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the best tropes in erotica. For those who don’t know what erotica is, it’s like porn on the page, go ahead and be upset for my definition but that’s the easiest way to understand it for the person who isn’t familiar.

I once had to listen to a series of sermons at the First Baptist Church growing up about women who read “smut” books and how they were contributing to Satan being in their home. I think Bro. Tim was talking about erotica. But I wonder, how did he know what the books were talking about if he had never read them? I digress.

So let’s look at some of the devil people/settings you might find in erotica that don’t suck according to famous Youtuber Jenna Moreci. Well they probably DO suck and swallow, but like they are entertaining when they do it.

1). Satire

Satirical erotica is both sexy AND entertaining. Satirical erotica capitalizes on making you laugh and orgasm. I like to think of Bimbo erotica for this one. You know the one where the super hot guy drinks a potion and is transformed into a hot chick who is ditzy and then they proceed to fuck their friends? You know, I don’t keep track of why these people are into what they are into but it is kinda awesome to imagine my hot guy being magically turned into an airhead and doing one of his annoying buddies in the ass, just saying.

2). Camp Erotica

It may seem a bit cliche but the camp erotica seems to be a crowd pleaser. I personally don’t enjoy camping, my idea of the outdoors is pool side at a Sheraton at a minimum, so fucking at camp is kinda not my thing but people are into it so why the fuck not?

3). Reverse Harem

Nothing is better than lots of penises. The Reverse Harem is one of my personal favorites. In the Reverse Harem, it’s the main lady, with a bunch of dudes. Actually my first three way in real life was with two men, and ladies this was before it was cool. Like people were barely having threesomes and I had the MMF. Highly recommend by the way. The Reverse Harem borders on a gang bang but I will cover the differences between a threesome, a gang bang, and a train in another article. There is simply not the time to do it adequate justice here.

4). Dominatrix

You can thank 50 Shades of Grey for this one. BDSM is now borderline mainstream. Most of the time, the male will be the dom in pop culture but Jenna and I both like to see a lady dom (as you can see in some of my erotica work).

5). Multi-Genre Erotica

This is a no holds barred trope where you can combine fantasy and erotica, or some other genre with erotica. Lots of fan fiction will fall into this category. Jenna mentions people fantasizing about Harry Potter himself but honestly I would sleep with all of Slytherin in a reverse harem-esque orgy before I banged Potter himself. He can watch though.

6). Love Triangle

We are talking three ways, threesomes, throuples, the sky is the limit as long there are three. Both Jenna and I agree on this one, sometimes it’s good to have a teammate.

7). Finally

Jenna seems very happy that erotica writers know where the clitoris is. Perhaps they can help the other people out there. I also agree with her.

8). Body Diversity

As a genre, erotica loves to incorporate different sizes, shapes, ethnicities, etc. I like to think about this in the porn realm, as I agree with Jenna. For a long time, every woman was supposed to be tall, thin, blond, with big fake titties. Nothing wrong with that if you are that, but if you weren’t, well things were a little tougher. Erotica celebrates sexy in all of it’s forms.

9). Male Virgins

Erotica will sometimes fetish-ize male virgins while according to Moreci, in other genres, that is primarily a female thing. This is where Moreci and I differ. I have had male virgins in real life. They are always so sweet and eager to please but I’m an expert level course and it can be exhausting to train. Train here means like teach them how to do shit the right way, not train like a gang bang, which a train and a gang bang differ significantly, again another article.

10). People That Are Exceptionally Hot

Erotica loves some bad bitches and fine men. In erotica, we have some fine specimens of all genders. Now I have bagged some 10s in my day like enough to at least get silver overall at the Olympics but no one does it better than in erotica.

Closing Thoughts:

So there you have it, Jenna Moreci’s top 10 erotica tropes and the things I think while listening to it. I will also be reviewing Jenna’s 10 erotica tropes she hates in another article.

Also, we will be taking an in-depth look at the differences between a threesome, a train, and a gang bang which took no less than three hours of group debate at the cigar bar in order to come to a group consensus as to the definition. We truly used our powers for good and not evil that day.


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