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Barmaid Blues

A late night encounter with a beautiful woman

By CR BaxterPublished about a year ago 17 min read

The barmaid - ‘Hospitality Professional’ might be more appropriate, I suppose - at the Dog and Duck was, frankly, just my type. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes, a great set of curves, and a winning smile she deployed at every opportunity. We were both in our early twenties, she still struggling through college and working to pay the bills, me recently graduated and in my first job. I was sure I was in love.

She - Sarah - didn’t feel the same. She’d flirt and joke and chat but it was only to keep the punters happy. “Just part of the job,” she’d said when I asked.

But I kept going back, night after night, sitting in the same spot at the end of the bar. I played with my phone as I drank, watching her movements from the corner of my eye. It wasn’t stalking, not really. She knew I was there and that I fancied her, but we never did more than joke around. She’d made it clear she wasn’t looking for anything more, and I respected that.

This particular night things were slow. There was no sport on, the weather was lousy, and almost nobody was in the bar. Apart from Doug, the old man who sat in the corner, it was just me and Sarah. The hours dragged by and eventually Doug left, waving his goodbyes as he headed for home.

“I guess that just leaves me,” I said. “I suppose I should be going as well, then you can shut up shop.”

“Stay, if you fancy,” she said. “I’ll lock up, we can have a drink.”

“Ok,” I said, not sure where this might be going. “Sure. Anything I can do to help?”

“Just sit there out of the way and look pretty.”

She bustled around locking doors and turning off most of the lights. Then she drew me another pint, poured herself a rum and Coke, and settled onto the stool next to me.

“Well, this is nice,” I said as an awkward silence formed. “Thanks for the drink.”

“You put a lot of effort into seeing me,” she said suddenly. “Are you sure it’s a healthy obsession?”

I paused with the beer halfway to my lips, then put it down. “That’s a pretty strong word.”

“So what would you call it? Stalking?”

I shrugged. “Lust?” I tried. She giggled.

“Ok, let’s run with that. It’s harmless, at least,” she said. “But you know I’m not looking for anyone, right? I’m happy as I am.”

“I know, but I’m happier, it turns out, if I can spend an hour or two in here enjoying the atmosphere. Just being here makes me feel better.”

“Hmm,” said Sarah. She seemed doubtful. She changed the subject and we talked about music we loved and gigs we’d been to. I asked about her course, she enquired after my ‘career’ in banking.

“It’s a graduate trainee scheme. The pay is ok, but I’m not sure it’s for me.”

“At least you’ve got a few quid. I struggle to cover the cost of my textbooks.”

I nodded sympathetically. I’d racked up huge debts financing my studies, and I didn’t envy her position.

“Maybe,” she said, head tilted to one side and a strange look in her eyes. “Maybe there’s a way we can help each other.”

“Intriguing. Explain,” I said, sipping my drink.

“Well, I need to earn a few quid, you want to — and stop me if I’m getting this wrong — you want to see me naked.”

I spluttered into my beer. “What are you suggesting, exactly?”

She gave me a nervous smile. “How much would you be prepared to pay?”

I boggled at her. “To see you naked?” The idea was wild, but I had to admit to being tempted. “Isn’t that a bit, well, exploitative? Don’t prostitutes do this sort of thing?”

“I’m not a prostitute and I’m not going to sleep with you,” she said firmly. “And this is a one time offer, not something I’d do for anyone else. And it’s looking only, no touching. Say, twenty quid for my chest?”

I glanced down at her chest. She had a tight top that covered her from neck to thigh and leggings that ended at her ankles.

I nodded. “That seems fair.” I pulled out my wallet and laid a crumpled twenty-pound note on the bar beside her.

“Not here. Let’s go upstairs. It’s a bit more private.”

“Upstairs? Isn’t that a flat or something?”

“My flat. Comes with the job. I’m basically the late-night manager, in case you hadn’t guessed.”

She led the way through the staff door into a grungy back hallway then up an equally squalid flight of stairs. “One more,” she said, climbing an even less salubrious set of stairs to the second floor. I was getting a bit worried about what I might find at the top, but she opened a door into a very nice, if small, suite of rooms.

“I need to use the bathroom,” she said. “Make yourself at home.”

I flopped onto the sofa and inspected the joint. It wasn’t luxurious, but it was clean and bright. Not at all what I’d expected from the stairs. I played with my phone while I waited. She seemed to be taking her time, but maybe she was nervous. This wasn’t, after all, a normal evening.

After what seemed like ages she reappeared. She’d tweaked her makeup and — I think — had a shower, but she was wearing the same black clothes. She flourished my twenty pound note and put it down on the coffee table then sat down beside me on the sofa.

“How long will that buy me?” I asked.

“Pound a minute? We can chat.”

“Deal. Can I take photos?” I asked, waggling my phone.

“So you can wank later?” She paused then nodded. “But it’ll cost another twenty and I want copies.”

I paid quickly and snapped a few shots.

“Here goes.” She sounded nervous, and I was a little hesitant myself. I don’t think either of us had done anything like this before. She pulled her top up over her head and tossed it away. Underneath she was naked, and now her breasts were out in the open. Large and round, they looked fantastic.

“Wow,” I said, snapping away with my phone. “I always thought you were attractive, but… wow!”

“You like them?” she said, using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts together.

“I really do.” After that, the conversation became a little stilted. Short sentences, monosyllabic answers. I had an awkward hard-on but she seemed very relaxed.

She checked the time. “That’s about your limit, I think.” She reached for her top.

“What about the rest? Do you fancy doing something a little more, well, artistic?”

“Artistic? Like fully nude?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

“Fifty,” she said after a moment’s thought, “and the same rules apply. And I’m not modelling, it’s not my forte. We’ll just sit and talk.”

“Deal,” I squawked, barely able to believe my luck, “but that’s the end of the cash. After this, it’s PayPal or benefits in kind.”

I meant it as a joke but she nodded thoughtfully.

She crossed the room and turned to face me. “Ready?”

“Oh, you’d better believe it,” I said.

She smiled and turned her back, then in one smooth movement she pushed her leggings down and kicked them away. She looked over her shoulder at me then, without saying a word, she turned.

My phone clicked away and my mouth fell open. Naked, she was even more beautiful than I’d imagined. She twirled, making her boobs bounce. Her mound was smooth and hairless with a neat slit that just begged to be licked and fingered.

“Fuck,” I breathed, entranced. She sat back down on the sofa. I could have reached out and touched her if that hadn’t been explicitly prohibited. She faced me, cross-legged, and let me look at every inch of her. “I’m speechless,” I said. I set the phone aside — I had more than enough reminders of tonight’s escapades — and tried to make conversation. If that had been difficult when Sarah was topless, it was, surprisingly, far easier now she was completely naked.

I still felt a bit awkward, though. It seemed wrong that I was fully clothed. As the time ticked away, I plucked up the courage to say as much.

“Really? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed about…?” She gestured at my crotch. My erection was painfully obvious. “Anyway, you’re out of time.” She draped a blanket around her shoulders and pulled it tight so it hid her breasts.

“You’ve missed a bit,” I said, nodding at her still visible pussy.

“I’m wondering if you’ll bid any higher,” she said with a sly grin. “Thought I’d leave some of the goods on display to tempt you to make a purchase.”

“I’m so tempted,” I admitted, “but that was the end of my cash. Bank details?”

She made a face. “That would mean getting up, and that would give you more freebies.” She frowned and picked up a note. “How about…,” she said slowly, as if testing an idea, “…how about if I pay you to do something for me?”

“What, like sweep the floor or clean the windows?” I said, playing dumb.

“Like lick me out,” she said. She scooted forward on the sofa, dropped one foot to the floor and raised the other onto the back of the cushions. “Twenty quid?”

I’d have paid just to see her in that position, but I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Not when there was a naked pussy in front of me.

“Would madame like any foreplay? Or shall we go straight to full cunnilingus?”

“Madam wants your tongue in her cunt, but she can be patient.” She slid one hand over her belly and between her legs. She began to masturbate and I boggled. This was way beyond what we’d discussed.

“You sure about this?” I asked, not wanting to take advantage.

She rested her head on the arm of the sofa and closed her eyes. “Offer stands only until I cum. After that…” Her hand was moving pretty quickly now, and her fingers were damp. “Don’t wait too long…” she breathed.

I slid off the sofa so I could kneel between her legs and get a decent angle. I put my hands on her hips to reposition her, just a little, then I kissed the inside of her thigh.

“Lower,” she hissed. I obliged. “Lower!” she insisted, and again I moved closer to her pussy, kissing as gently as I could. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I kissed the inside of the top of her leg and her dancing fingers brushed my cheek.

“Enough, now,” I said, gently removing her hand. “Allow me.”

I trailed my tongue across her pubic mound and down to her clit. She stiffened slightly then moaned with pleasure as my tongue darted out. She gripped the back of my head and pulled me in. She was so wet. I looked along the length of her body. She was caressing her beast with her free hand. I slid a finger into her cunt and began to work it back and forth.

“Oh, yes,” she said. I could feel her moment approaching. She tensed and drew in a huge breath. For several long seconds she was still and silent, then she shuddered and gave a great cry as the climax rolled through her.

I sat back on my heels, finger resting in her vagina, and grinned. “Just think what you could get for another, say, twenty quid.”

She eased herself back on the sofa and said, “Did you get your money’s worth?”

She sat up and pulled the blanket around her shoulders again. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped the blanket around them until only her head was visible.

“I did, thank you,” she said primly.

“And does Madam require any more services this evening? There’s still seventy quid on the table…”

She glanced at the notes then shook her head.

I can’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed, but it was her call. ”Ok, fair enough. I think you’d better keep that,” I said, pushing the note back across to her pile. “Consider it a donation to your next text book.” I stood up and looked around for my coat.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” She looked quite distraught.

“I’d be happy to stay, but I’m out of cash and you’ve made it very clear that you’re not interested in me. I’m going to go home and have a wank and try to put all this behind me.”

“That might be something I’d pay to see,” she said with a sly grin. “If I could take photos, of course.”

I froze. “You want to take photos of me wanking?”

“Sure, why not? You took photos of me, after all. It’s only fair. And then, once you’ve shot your load, who knows where the evening might take us.”

“Ok, I can make that work,” I said with a nod. “Twenty?” She slid the note back across the coffee table and picked up her phone. “Shall I take off my clothes or just put my hand down my trousers?”

“Ooh, gross! Won’t that make a mess?”

“Er, yes. And it’s a bit difficult, frankly. Not much room to move down there.”

“So take your clothes off,” she said, phone at the ready.

I licked my lips and waggled my eyebrows. She giggled, and I pulled my shirt over my head.

“Oh, not bad,” she said. “No belly fat, nice muscles, not too hairy.” She sounded interested. Enthusiastic, almost. “Could work with that, I suppose.”

“Glad to hear it,” I said, kicking off my shoes and pulling my socks off.

“Hold on, let me move.” She dropped the blanket and clambered over the arm of the sofa so she could stand beside it. Then she waved her hand. “Get on with it, then.”

“Fuck, but you’re beautiful.” She smiled and I began to unfasten my belt. “You’re sure about this?” I asked, just to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood.

“Fucking get naked,” she said. “Is that clear enough for you? I want to see your cock.”

Now, I’m not the biggest guy you’ll find. Go to any changing room and you’d probably see bigger dicks, but mine is, I like to think, quite impressive. I slid my jeans down and stepped out of them. Sarah’s phone clicked away as I straightened.

“Very nice,” she said hoarsely. “Peekaboo!”

“What?” The head of my penis was showing over the waistband of my boxers. “Oh, right.” I pulled the boxers down and kicked them away, and we faced each other, stark naked.

“Switching to video,” said Sarah, flicking at her phone. I took a seat on the edge of the sofa so I could lean well back, and she edged around the room keeping the camera trained on me the whole time. She set it down on the coffee table, propped against a book, then nodded at me to continue.

With a nervous glance at the phone — wanking on camera was definitely a first for me — I took hold of my shaft and began to stroke. Sarah’s mouth fell open as she watched, as if she’d never seen a naked man before. I stroked away, up and down, and I quickly forgot about the camera. Sarah squatted down behind the phone to check the image, then she sat on the floor, spread her legs, and began to masturbate.

“First one to cum chooses how we fuck,” she said, fingers flying.

“That’ll be me,” I said. I was getting close, and she’d already had one orgasm this evening. There was no way she could—

“Fuck, yes, I’m cumming,” she cried, closing her eyes. Her face screwed up with concentration, her free hand squeezed at her breasts, and a moment later she came. “Fuck, fuck!” she cried.

She opened her eyes and sat back, leaning against the wall.

“You seem to have stopped,” she said with a nod.

“Distracted, sorry,” I murmured. I resumed my stroking, and moments later I shot my load across my belly and chest. “Oh, yes, that’s it,” I said, squeezing out the last drops of cum. I flopped back on the sofa as my cock deflated.

Sarah turned off the camera and crawled toward me. “I wasn’t going to fuck you,” she said, pushing my knees apart. “I just wanted the cash.” She reared up between my legs like a vision and licked the head of my penis.

“Gngh!” I said. My cock was stirring, but over-stimulation was still a thing.

“But I’ve changed my mind. I want more, much more.” She stood up then climbed onto the sofa, a foot on either side of my legs. I craned my neck but all I could see was pussy.

“Come here,” I growled, reaching up to grab her arse. She squealed with delight as I leaned forward and kissed her mound. My tongue found her slit again and I felt her knees tremble. Then she folded gracefully until her knees were by almost in my armpits and she was sitting on my thighs. My now erect cock pressed against her belly. She leaned down to kiss me. Her breasts were warm and firm against my chest.

I felt her fingers on my cock.

“This won’t do either of us any good out here,” she said, raising herself till she could position my dick at the entrance to her vagina. She lowered herself onto my cock with a groan of satisfaction and began to rock back and forth.

“Is this ok for you?” she said. Hot breath on my ear, nipples grazing my chest.

“Magic,” I managed to say. She pushed herself upright, her hands on my shoulders, and really began to work. There was nothing I could do but lie there and enjoy the sensation of a beautiful woman making full use of my body.

“You’re so hard,” she said, eyes closed. I reached up and caressed a breast. My other hand rested on her hip. I wanted to lift her up and feel her slide down the length of my cock, but more than anything I wanted to watch her cum, close up, with me inside her.

I let her do her thing. She rocked, eyes tightly closed. Her breathing was fast, now, and her face was screwed up with concentration. Her breasts bounced, and I leaned back, forcing my hands to the sofa to give her complete freedom.

Her movements got bigger, more insistent, less controlled. She was close, I could tell, and she moaned with each motion. “I’m going to cum,” she said, and I grinned up at her. My own climax was comfortably in the future, and her arousal heightened my own. “Fuck, yes, fuck!”

She threw herself back, rested her hands on my knees, and fucked me for all she was worth.

“Argh, yes, fuck.” Her pussy tightened around my cock, her stomach juddered, and then she was kissing me, breasts pressed against my chest. Her movements slowed to a stop but she didn’t move.

“My turn,” I growled. I grabbed her arse and half stood, flipping her onto her back on the sofa. Sarah yelped. My cock was still inside her and I drew back until all but the tip was visible.

“Do it,” she hissed. I drove forward, burying myself in her cunt, and she moaned. “Again, again.”

She raised her backside off the sofa and rubbed at her clit as I pounded her pussy, no longer concerned with anything but my own carnal needs.

“Do it!” she said urgently. “Yes, fuck, I’m cumming again!”

She bucked wildly, almost throwing me off my stroke. I kept going, chasing down my orgasm, and moments later I came with a mighty groan.

I collapsed onto her, utterly spent.

“Thanks,” I managed a few moments later. I heaved myself up and squatted on the end of the sofa. Sarah slid backwards into a sitting position and grinned.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was way better than I’d expected.”

“Damn good value for, well, however you work it out,” I said, waving at the notes.

“Fucking good,” said Sarah. A sly smile and a glance at my crotch told me she had something more in mind. “You want to go another round?”

I grinned and nodded. She stood up. “Then follow me to the bedroom, and let’s see what further magic we can make.”


About the Creator

CR Baxter

I write sexy stories to entertain and excite. My stories are respectful, consensual, full of dirty language, and laced with humour and unexpected twists. Enjoy!

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