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Barbershop Rendezvous: A Haircutting Fetish

Part 1

By Vicki CPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Darla was bashful, but pretty. Her figure was curvy, strong, and she often wore long sweaters with leggings. Wedge heeled boots or shoes would compliment her style. Darla's features were soft, petite, with shiny green eyes and a tanned complexion sprinkled with freckles. Generous waves of dark auburn hair framed her face, and drew the attention of many.

There was one man, Simon, who adored her endlessly. He worked as a barber in a local shop. Each day, he would notice Darla walking to work, and pass by the barbershop. As his affection towards her grew, he knew it was a matter of time that approaching her was inevitable. One day, Simon waited outside, as Darla took the usual route. As she was about to pass by, he decided to speak up.

"Hey, good morning."

"Morning," she replied, continuing her pace. Simon thought quickly...

"Did you have coffee?"

"Yes, I always do."

"May I offer you another one?"

Darla stopped, and spun around to face Simon, smiling.

"Are you asking me on a coffee date?"

"Well... it could be, or I could just buy you one before you go to work or school..."

"I am in a bit of a rush to work... but I would love coffee. Tomorrow?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

Simon was ecstatic. He had wanted to speak with her for nearly two weeks. His excitement was so strong that he forgot to introduce himself. The next morning made up for it, when they met again, a bit earlier, to have coffee.

A small cafe beside the barbershop, with outdoor tables, was the perfect spot for a morning caffeine fix. They made small talk, and Darla couldn't help but notice Simon's fascination with her hair. As she spoke, he would watch her intently, with admiration, and his eyes would swiftly shift to draw in the length of Darla's mane. Simon was so accustomed to cutting hair short that the sight of luscious, long tresses delighted him.

He wanted to slice his shears right through that thick, shiny, massive hair, severing it all. The very thought of this aroused him greatly, but he hid those feelings. Any sign of his lust for cutting her locks would send Darla running faster than he could open his mouth in protest.

Stop, he thought. She mustn't suspect your intentions. Keep your kinky thoughts to yourself...

Her voice was quiet, yet confident with cheerful intonations. They enjoyed their first morning together, and although it was brief, it lingered on in both of their minds for the remainder of the day.

Darla agreed to meet Simon the next day, and possibly twice a week for coffee after then. It was the beginning of a relationship and would eventually lead to more, beginning with their first rendezvous in the barbershop. After Darla finished work, Simon would continue another hour or so, until the final customer left. As he finished cleaning up the shop, he grew aroused, imagining Darla in the old, black leather chair, smiling as she was freed of her tresses.

"Not a chance," Simon muttered, realizing that most women preferred their hair long, or so he believed. It was a fantasy he would have to tuck away into the back of his mind, along with other kinks he dwelt over. Dating was avoided, for this very reason. The last woman he had a relationship with lasted nearly two years, until he confided in her about his fetish for cutting women's hair. She broke up with him the following day.

A knock on the front door and the jingling of chimes was a welcome sight: Darla entering the shop with floral summer dress, white sandal heels, and a bouncy ponytail. Simon was delighted, dashing over to hug her. Parting her lips, Darla took him into her mouth, circling his tongue with hers, lightly nibbling him with her teeth, as he thrust his body towards her, grabbing the ponytail to hold her in place. Simon moved his lips down her neck, licking and pecking her jawline, throat, and chest, undoing one pearl button at a time on the blue and lavender floral dress. As their hands caressed each other, Darla lifted Simon's shirt to play with his chiseled chest and hard nipples. The sexual tension grew as Simon led her to the barber chair...


About the Creator

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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