Banging of the Doors of Heaven

by Jennifer Cypert 2 years ago in fiction

Part Two of 'The Eighth Floor'

Banging of the Doors of Heaven

Four, five,six, seven, eight. The eighth floor was eerily dark, since it was to be a new wing and on a weekend. Construction workers wouldn't be there until Monday. I walked by one of the first rooms. It was pitch black. Creepy chills ran up my spine.


I recognize the voice, but jumped in spite of this knowledge.

A hand grabs my wrist. I follow it's form as it leads me to a naked chest. I put my nose to it to breathe him in. Ivory soap and musky cologne. He took off my uniform top and my bra. The same hand touches the small of my back, reaches in to my pants and panties squeezing my ass, pressing me against him tighter. His other hand softly touches the side of my cheek, then lifts up my face to kiss my lips. A lighter kiss this time. Almost too gentle, between the worlds of savoring and new beginning. I hugged him around his waist holding him tight.

Eric takes off his pants, then takes mine off too, and carries me to a window sill. He spreads my legs. I don't fill him or see his dark figure. I look all around... nothing. Then I feel his tongue bouncing my clit furiously, then sucking. The pattern continues for some time, my hips react to what is going on below them. My breathing is hard as I am trying to keep composed.

As time moves on, I silently scream, my lungs desperately wanting to suck in air as I hold everything in. It may have been a sound proof area, but it was still a hospital. It was better that only the dead could hear me. I touch his soft hair, taking handfuls of it, gently tugging. My body rocks forward as I cum in his mouth.

"Eric fuck me now, before we run out of time." I plead. It had been so long since anyone had been inside of me and I wanted it. I wanted him. The timing was never in our favor until right now. He checks his cell phone. There was only 15 minutes left and several hours of both of our days were over. I get a call on my walky-talky that I had a check out to take care of. Damn, the timing of it all. Both of us needed to get cleaned up so we could get back to our jobs.

"I will, tonight."

Eric is walking to get our clothes.

"My place or yours?" I ask as he returns, helping my off of the window.

"I am thirty minutes away. How far are you from here?" he asks, putting clothes on.

"I am five to eight minutes away, depending on traffic," I reply.

"Okay, then it's your place then," I hear him smile. I reach up kissing him like I have always wanted to do.

"I can't wait. I will give you my address when I get to the room that I am to clean," I say, smiling like a giddy school girl.

We go our separate ways reluctantly saying goodbye. I am two minutes late clocking back in for lunch, wondering if Eric is late getting back to his duties. I am also wondering if he was able to get my smell off of his lips and off his mind long enough to do his job with out getting a boner. I hoped so, but kind of didn't.

I got back to the fourth floor, pushing my housekeeping cart to the room that needed to be cleaned. It was a holy mess. This patient was a hoarder of jelly rappers which they had stuffed inside the drawer of the food stand that goes over a patient while they are eating. It was entirely sticky and had that putrid smell of rotten fruit. Wonderful. As I was cleaning the God forsaken mess, I heard a psst noise coming from the door. I turn around and see Eric. He's grinning and blushing a little. It's adorable. I smile as I look his way and quickly give him my address and phone number.

Tonight could not get here fast enough.


I got home as fast as I could without breaking traffic laws. He had a few hours to go, but I needed those few hours to clean my house. Between having a toddler and just being single, it was a little bit of a nightmare. I am aware of the fact that I am a grown up and should be cleaner, but being generally unhappy shows in the way your house is put together. Plus, I needed to shower and at least look semi decent. I put on some Foxes and Taylor Swift mix and got down to business in the kitchen. It would take me the longest, the rest of the house was just walking through it putting away toys and laundry. I sang to the top of my lungs and danced while I cleaned my house. For the first time in a while, I felt like I could be mostly happy. I hoped that this was going to turn in to something other than a fling.

I had finally finished and was about to take a shower when I see Eric at my door. I am elated, but filthy. "Oh well..." I say out loud. Butterflies have suddenly infiltrated my stomach as I open the door. He's carrying a Target bag.

"Hi there," I greet him as I open the door for him.

"Hi. How are you?" he asks all smooth. I look down at the bag then back up at him. He tries to hug me, but I step away.

"I'm great. Sorry. Just extremely dirty. I was just about to take a shower before you got here," I say, a little mad at myself for stepping away, even though I had good reason to do so.

"Ah, I see. Do you care if I join you?" He had that mischievous smile playing on his lips. I just stare at him, blinking like a deer in the headlights.

"Yes, of course. What's in the bag?" I finally manage to speak, blinking the fogginess away. I really needed to quit doing that. It was just so hard. He took my breath away. He made my brain feel like it was a sack of Skittles mixed with M&M's; the words were there, I just didn't know which ones were which.

"I didn't want to run home so I just bought some clothes and things," he replied as we walked through my bedroom. He saw how tiny my half bathroom was and started to take off his clothes. I took mine off too then turned the shower on. It was really built for one person, but it would be nice and cozy between the two of us.

The water rushed over us cleansing off the filth of the day. I was facing him, until he motioned for me to turn around. I heard him squeeze my honey suckle citrus body wash into his large hands making a lather. I closed my eyes as the scent filled my nostrils with such a happy smell. He began by rubbing my neck and shoulders using just the right amount of pressure and motion. Oh dear God, if felt good to be touched... I was happy with that. I tried to turn around, but he stopped me by putting pressure on arms. I gave in. Apparently, he wasn't done yet. Eric lightly touched my nipples. They grew hard from his wanderings. His touch grew more intense as he slowly, yet firmly moved his hands against them in counter clockwise motions. It felt so exhilarating that I began to gasp for air, I became light headed. I reached for the shower curtain to let in cool air, gulping, while grabbing his hard cock, stroking and squeezing.

"Mmm..."Eric hummed. He let me turn around licking my lips, kissing, nibbling, pushing my back against the shower wall. He moved further down to the sensitive spot on my neck near my collar bone.

"Awhhh..." I moaned.

Eric hoists me up in his strong arms using the wet wall to slide me on to his cock, catching me, riding in hungry vigorous movements. Before we both cum, he turns the water off carrying us to my queen size captain's bed. He lays down which positions me on top of him and I feel his sexy cock filling me fully. I continue the ride, my hips swift to take in all motion. My body feels like it is about to burst wide open in ecstasy. Yet, I hold off, slowing the ride, raising my body to get off of him. Eric raises his head to see if something is the matter, but I stroke his face with my hand to tell him everything is fine.

I position myself between his legs, bringing my mouth to his still hungry cock. I lick around the tip and edges, then slither my tongue further down, making eye contact. He catches my glance, his face one of pleasure, seizing some of my blonde hair. I slither back up, taking him in my mouth, taking my time, grinding with my lips and tongue, keeping a tight grip with my lips. After a few repetitions, of that I get back on top, creating a pattern of wet pre orgasmic humps and teasing blow jobs until his body starts to tense. I attempt one more blow job, but he has other plans. He holds tight to me positioning me on the bottom. My legs wrap around him as he pulses into me, my body quickening and as by quiet consent we both cum, orgasming at the same time. We lay there, panting, holding each other in the evening glow.

Jennifer Cypert
Jennifer Cypert
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