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Banana Popsicle

by Wolf Spirit about a year ago in erotic

Rebecca and Samantha

Banana Popsicle
Photo by H.F.E & CO on Unsplash

There she sat across from me that gorgeous red-head I had seen on several occasions right here at the 'Cafe del Orio'. She was engaged in a deep conversation with a sexy blonde, haired young lady, and every time I peeked over the edge of my newspaper they would giggle. I watched those sexy young ladies for a while before returning to the article I had been reading.

I took a bite now, and again from my lemon bar, and washed it down with a sip of African Nectar tea. Then folded my newspaper, and began to watch the other patrons in the cafe. Then from the corner of my eye I noticed a white paper, napkin float and land between the redheads legs. My eyes rooted to the spot the young lady must have sensed my intention, and spread her legs. Mmm... I could not help, but notice the white, lace panty and licked my lips.

The moment my eyes made contact with hers, she smiled. Then she returned to the conversation with her friend, and I heard both girls laugh. Immersed in their conversation they hardly noticed me when I saw the red-head get up and walk towards the ladies room. It could not have been more than a few minutes before she returned, and sat back down across from her friend. This young lady was apparently very aware of my covert spying, and parted her legs imperceptively at first allowing me a little tease.

I sat there and poured myself another cup of tea from the teapot, and snacked on the remainder of the lemon bar then continued to watch the two young ladies. Intriqued my eyes were once again focused below the tabletop on the redheads spiked, red, heels. Her legs parted ever so slightly, and I stared hoping to get a glimpse of her white, lace panty when to my surprise I got a glimpse of her pantieless bottom, more precisely her vagina. I gulped, and nearly spilled my tea coughing suddenly. I could feel my cheeks burn, as I looked up into both their faces.

Absently, I drew my tongue across my lips, as I envisioned flicking my tongue across her clitoris. From somewhere far off I heard someone talking to me and was jarred out of my reverie by the young blonde. I looked up into her face and saw her lips moving, but could not hear the words until she leaned closer to my ear. Her breasts were milky, and I felt her nipple on my shoulder, as she whispered in my ear. 'Rebecca and I would like you to come and join us'. She emphasized come like she meant cum.

It took me a full minute to comprehend that these two gorgeous girls wanted me to join them. I stood, and nearly spilled the tea all over the table, as I began to follow the blonde. She wiggled her tight ass just to tease me. Gawd, what was I thinking these two twenty-something girls looked like dynamite, and what were they doing asking me to join them when there was a host of younger men in the cafe.

They placed a chair between them, and motioned me to sit. Without a moment's thought I did as they had asked. Introductions aside I learned the blonde's name was Samantha, and the redheads name was Rebecca. At first the conversation was of a general nature then Samantha surprised me, as she asked if I enjoyed having a blow job. Suddenly, I felt her hand on my thigh. I was hard instantly, as she moved her hand, and squeezed my bulge. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered I'd love to take your hard cock in my throat. I began to tremble my words all coming out jumbled, as I tried to respond. I could feel my zipper being unzipped and then felt her warm hand in my boxers, as she grabbed my pulsating cock and stroked it right there under the table.

Rebecca whispered in my other ear that it was time they invited me to their apartment. As I stood the two young ladies sandwiched me between them, and we all walked out into the parking lot. The bulge in my pants hidden from the other patrons. We walked up to a Caravan where I was asked to sit in the back seat beside Samantha while Rebecca drove.

No sonner had I sat down then Samantha began to tug at my belt then she unzipped my pants and tugged my cock out, as she leaned into my lap. Omg I watched, as her bright blue eyes looked into mine and she took my throbbing cock into her mouth. Then as she began to suck with more enthusiasm her cheeks hollowed. I squirmed on the back seat then grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, and pulled back. This only seemed to excite her even more, as she took my cock into her throat.

Rebecca was watching in the rear-view mirror, as she drove to her apartment. Shit, Samantha she said, do not let him cum before we get him home. Samantha undettered simply pulled my cock out, and continued to stroke my penis until we had arrived at their apartment complex. Rebecca parked close to the elevators in the underground parking then came around and slid open the side door. She took one look at me, and said zip up your pants.

I had only a moment once the elevator doors closed, as both girls began to fondle my cock. Rebecca stood on her toes and planted a delicious wet kiss on my mouth then Samanta kissed me, as she slipped her hand in my pants and stroked my cock. Finally, the doors opened and the two girls led me down the hall to their door. Number 69 how appropiate I thought, as they then yanked me quite literally inside.

I watched both girls strip, and fling their clothes, and underwear aside. Samantha naked pulled my pants off, as if she could hardly wait to get her hands on my cock again. Rebecca just managed to get the buttons on my shirt undone and pulled it off, as Samantha sucked hungrily on my cock. Rebecca then pushed Samantha aside and said let me have a go. Rebecca faced my feet positioning herself, so that I could finger her pussy. Samantha caught on a moment later and positioned herself on the other side, and while the two girls took turns sucking on my cock I fingered their pussies in the come here fashion stroking their 'G' spots.

Later after a bit of a respite I had both girls line up side by side with their faces down, and asses up. I began with the tantalizing red mound and flicked the tip of my tongue over her clit while I fingered the blonde thatch. I admired their pear-shaped asses and tenderized pink pussies a moment before I slapped Samantha's ass cheek, and watched it jiggle. Then I spanked Rebecca's tight ass thinking I was surely in heaven, as I slapped one then the other set of cheeks. Watching, as they reddened under my bare hands.

Rebecca turned and pushed me onto my back then straddled my chest, and as she looked towards my feet took my thick cock into her hand, and guided my penis between the folds of her vulvas. Samantha faced the headboard and sat on my face both girls gyrating their hips one over my mouth, and the other against my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was about to explode. Both girls sensed the climax was about to happen when Rebecca slid off my cock and took my hardon in her mouth. She sucked, so hard I squirted down her throat just, as Samantha tightened her thighs about my head, and screamed filling my mouth with her nectar.

Samantha quickly exchanged places with Rebecca and I teased Rebecca's clit with the tip of my tongue moving it slowly back, and forth while Samantha worked her magic on my cock getting my manhood hard for more fun.

I fucked Rebecca's pussy with my elongated tongue until she began to squirm above me. Knowing full well she was on the verge of an orgasm I reached up, and twisted a nipple. Not a moment too soon, as she tilted her head and screamed.

My cock hard I pushed Samantha off then had her lean over the wooden desk, on her elbows, and spread her legs. I then motioned Rebecca to come over and kneel down between Samantha's legs, and begin licking Rebecca's clit. I rubbed my cock along Samantha's crack from pussy to anus then slowly pressed the head of my penis into her bum. Then a little more letting her flesh stretch to my thickness. I grabbed her hips while she held onto the desktop, and rammed my cock in and out pumping all the harder with each stroke. I was crazied and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair then yanked her head back, as I fucked her ass, and watched the expression on her face. She grimaced, as my cock sunk deeper in her tender flesh. Pulse pounding pleasure crept through my entire being, as I pummelled her backside and sure enough Samantha began panting heavily, and urged me to cum.

Next, I told Rebecca to assume that exact position, but for some reason she tried to slip away and made some sort of excuse, but I was not having any of her bull, and grabbed her wrist dragging her behind me. You horny slut you brought me here on the pretense of a sex-filled night and now you want to bow out. Not going to happen young lady I said to her you will do exactly what I ask, or deal with the consequencies of your actions.

I pinned Rebecca's arms above her head with one hand while with the other I forced a finger into her bum then a second. Man was she tight. Samantha had whispered in her ear and after that she took several deep breaths, and seemed to relax. I prepped my erection with a good dab of Vaseline then pressed my penis against Rebecca's bum, and pushed. I slipped in easily this time around and began to rythmically pound her flesh. She whimpered, and moaned the entire time I was inside her then suddenly sighed in relief when my cock slipped out. It was not until she moved away from the wall that I noticed her breasts were rubbed raw from the stucco wall.

Samantha went to the freezer and brought back a banana popsicle breaking it in two she gave me one, and told Rebecca to get up on the bed on all fours while she pressed the cold treat between her legs then began to lap up the sticky mess that leaked out.

I was licking the other half of the popsicle when I asked Samantha to crawl up on the bed beside Rebecca, and slipped the cold treat into her pussy. Both girls came simultaneously and I had the audacity to enjoy the stickiness that oozed down their inner thighs.

Author's Note: Here is another Rebecca encounter one of several I have written over the years. I have made several changes to the orignal story, but in all fairness I believe this version is far superior.

I appreciate, and am grateful to my growing fan base, and at this time would like to thank them for promoting my stories to the world.

Did you enjoy this one? Stay tuned for more coming in the following days, weeks and months.

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Wolf Spirit

Wilderness adventures and wildlife encounters have given rise to more than thirty-four real-life stories during 2014-15. Over the past ten years living in solitude I have been known to the locals, as 'a character' that you should meet.

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