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I want to caress her. I want to feel along her smooth skin and breathe in her scent. There’s this . . . longing . . . this craving I have. She knows, no doubt. She knows I’m wrapped around her finger, but I want to be wrapped up in her.

I want to press our bodies together and rut breathlessly against her as we dance as one beneath the stars. The excited, mischievous glint in her eyes when I send an equally devious glance in her direction tells me she’s into doing whatever she wants with me.

Her smile and her laugh, mixed emotions all saying that she’s content with being around me, make it all the better. When she giggles instead of moans, it’s not a bad reaction. I just have to try harder to get what I want.

The first time she pulled me against her, using all of the strength she had in her legs to keep me close—my God—I was doing it right, wasn’t I?

I was, hehe.

When her sharp nails scraped along my shoulders, I beared through it, because that burning heat in the pit of my stomach, deep down . . . I was lost. I had to trudge through to finish!

We were so hot. Our bodies entwined, the heat we created between each other—it was just too much.

I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. Hell, I’m surprised she didn’t pass out.

She’s a strong girl.

One night, we got freaky. We wanted to “experiment.” She said something about chocolate and I knew I was a goner.

Don’t get me wrong . . . but chocolate is good.

And so we got the edible body paint, chocolate, and we lathered each other with it. I stripped off her bra and laid her out on the bed on an old blanket we were never going to reuse, and took the paint brush I bought solely for the occasion. I twirled the brush in the warm, chocolate mix and began to paint her marvelous chest.

Now . . . I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but she got me. She got me good.

The perkiness of her nipples looked so fresh and sweet and the chocolate coating was like the cherry on top!

There was no way I was going to let this opportunity slip away.

I dipped down and closed my mouth on her body. Not even a second of me licking a stripe of chocolate up her chest and she was writhing like mad, her hands gripping the short hairs on my head in such a fierce hold. I’m sure she had ripped me a new one.

Was she that sensitive?

It was possible.

Her heavy breathing and the crazy moan she let out was enough to tell me that she wanted me to stop, which in actuality meant, “Don’t you ever fucking stop.”

So, ignoring her killer grip on me, I did it again, making sure to keep her legs at bay at least, so she wouldn’t squeeze me to death. As expected, a high-pitched giggle erupted from her. She moaned loudly and tugged at my shoulders.

She licked her lips and stared lustfully at me. Taking the invitation, I pushed myself up her body and pressed my lips to hers.

“I want the chocolate,” she said to me. I cocked a smirk at her, immediately reaching for the bowl on the nightstand. With two fingers, and like the kinky sonofabitch I am, I dunked my fingers in the chocolate and transferred them into the warmth of my begging girlfriend’s mouth.

The way she howled was so dirty. All the blood in my body rushed south, fully hardening my erection.

“This is gonna get messy,” I grumbled at her. Again, she laughed. The delinquent that she is reached her hand down and palmed my heated cock. I couldn’t help but groan, taking to grinding against her semi-calloused hand. “Babe . . .”

She shushed me sweetly, too focused on the scent of chocolate and our arousal to care.

“So,” she started slowly, quirking an eyebrow at me, “When are you gonna stick this bad boy in me?”

I rumbled out a chuckle as I thrust against her.

Fierce. She’s a fierce one. Gets what she wants when she wants it, I guess. I nodded down at her.

“Hm.” Nipping at her lip, I could still taste the chocolate. “How ‘bout when these panties come off?” We made eye contact and burst out in a throaty laugh.

Yeah. We’re both ready for this.

Tucker Rodriguez
Tucker Rodriguez
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