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Bad Dragon Musing

Young adult women musing about her favorite dildo website

By Abygael SilversPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Bad Dragon Musing
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I was logging into my favorite sex toy website, Bad Dragon. I was looking at all of the wonderfully, massive dildos they had, admiring them. For you see, a bad dragon dildo is a bit like art. Wonderful, beautiful art.

Being quite honest with you, as a rather tiny white woman, I’m quite intimidated by them. I often fantasize about owning one for myself one day. But damn, do those things frighten me quite a lot. At any rate, I would love to go over some of them with you in detail since I’m unable to make an order for myself at this time.

Let’s start with Ika! Ika is a tentacle-shaped dildo with a beautiful design. In my opinion, Ika definitely looks most beautiful in blue (I believe the color is called Ika’s signature?). An extra large Ika’s total length is approximately 15 inches long, usable length is 12. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend an extra large to most women, but I think it’s still good to know the dimensions. I think for most of my fellow gals, I would probably recommend a medium, you know?

Next off, I want to talk about Chance. Chance comes in two different versions, flared and unflared. I believe Chance is the longest dildo they have in stock. Chance’s extra large is 17.5 inches and usable length is 15 inches. Chance definitely looks best in Chance's Natural color. Now, for most women, I would probably recommend a small Chance over anything else since he is such a long boy.

The next dildo I am itching to talk about is Winston’s Tongue! This one might be my absolute favorite! It’s shaped like a tongue (obviously). So the extra large is actually 14 inches in length and 10.5 in usable length. Winston’s Tongue, in my opinion, looks really good in both it’s signature color and the natural color. I’m sure it also looks great in all the other colors as well! I think for this one, it really depends on what you’re looking for. For me, I would love a Winston’s Tongue in every size.

I also really love Pretzel! Pretzel is another dildo in which I really enjoy both the natural and signature colors. They’re both very pleasing to the eye in my opinion. But of course, the extra large Pretzel is 13 inches in length and 9.5 inches in usable length. I find Pretzel’s design to be very good looking, with all his curves and divots. For Pretzel, I think I would recommend getting the medium.

Lenneth is another really good one, definitely one of the prettiest dildos on their website. Lenneth does not come in extra large, but his large size comes as about 12 inches in length and 9.5 in usable length. Easily, the best color that Lenneth comes in is the pastel one, which I believe is his natural color. Extremely beautiful.

Finally, I want to talk about Stan. Again, Stan is a big favorite of mine, mostly due to his amazing size and girth. Extra large Stan’s total length is 15 inches and usable length is 12. What’s massively intimidating about Stan is his girth. He is a very thick boy. He’s about 5 inches thick, making him one of the scariest dildos on their website. Stan definitely looks best in his natural red color and I actually don’t think his signature color looks that good. Stan is meant to be this kind of angry-looking red and anything else just doesn’t make sense.

But anyway, these are some of my favorite dildos on Bad Dragon. I really respect and enjoy Bad Dragon’s products and I really hope they make custom orders available really soon!

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