Back-Alley Post-Bar BJ

by Jeff Watson about a year ago in erotic

The night got a whole lot better once the bar closed.

Back-Alley Post-Bar BJ
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It was 1 AM... an early Sunday morning. My adventurous girlfriend and I had been in a bar for the evening enjoying ourselves hanging out, dancing, laughing, flirting, and just generally having a great time. It was a lovely night out indeed, but it was about to get a whole lot more fun. I could tell it was going to be good by the impish and sexy smile on her face. What was on her mind?

As the bar closed, my girlfriend grabbed my hand, and we made our way to a dark spot in the alleyway next to the bar. She pulled me to a spot near a couple of garbage bins, pushed me against the brick wall, and, as people were streaming out for the night, she knelt down and started to undo my pants. This was an unexpected twist that was already proving to be the best part of the night.

I quickly felt the warmth of her lips kissing the head of my cock as strangers walked by us. It was a tad chilly outside, so the warmth of her mouth was even more exaggerated, and even more welcome. And when she finally sucked in my entire cock, it sent a shiver down my spine. She took it in as deep as she could, and I couldn't help but let out a loud moan. My cock was feeling nice and warm and was in an absolutely wonderful place. Her hand cupped my balls, squeezing gently as she began to bob her head back and forth, sucking on my cock.

My hands gravitated towards her blonde hair, grasping a good amount and pulling it just a bit, guiding her head with each stroke. I lost all sense of what was going on around us, the people leaving the bar and who might be seeing this display. I was just completely focused on the spectacular blow job I was receiving. My girlfriend at the time was always amazing, orally speaking, and she was outdoing herself this time. Perhaps she was extra turned on by the fact that we were so public and people could see what she was doing. A bit of an exhibitionist? She sure seemed to be enjoying what she was doing. I was also enjoying what she was doing.

Her tongue was wrapping itself around the head of my cock, moving down the shaft as she bobbed her head, and it wasn't long before I could feel the cum boiling within me, desperately wanting to come out. My cock was getting noticeably stiffer, more tender and more ready to explode. And she knew it. She could feel the hardness, she could tell by the way I was shifting and gyrating; heavier and with a strong sense of purpose. I was completely lost in what was happening now and was getting closer and closer... and closer and closer... thrusting in and out of her mouth... grabbing her hair tighter, being more forceful... moaning louder... and suddenly, BOOM, deep into her throat I shot my cum. It was one of the more intense orgasms that I experienced for quite a while. The cum just seem to keep coming, and I could feel her moans through my cock as she drank down every last drop that I was blasting into her mouth. It was all so exhilarating!

Once my cock stopped twitching and slipped out of her mouth, I began to do up my pants and started to become more aware of my surroundings. A few stragglers had been watching what was happening with smiles on their faces. I was in a rather unexpected place... being looked at by people who just saw my girlfriend suck my cock in a back alley. I was both a little bit embarrassed... and a little bit turned on by it all.

She grabbed my hand again, looked at me with a certain sparkle in her eye, and we began to dash away into the night, out of the alleyway, smiles on both our faces. We were both satisfied, tired, and ready to curl into bed for a warm night's sleep.

Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson
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