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Babysitting Adventures

The saga continues

By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Babysitting Adventures
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

My name is Charlotte and I have been babysitting since I was fourteen. I thought of it as a great way to make extra money. Now that I am eighteen that is so true. I have a nice curvy body. My breasts are huge but perky. No sagging once the bra pops off. I am five foot two inches and have killer long red hair. I love sex. Some call me a nymphomaniac. I wear a cute little clitoris vibrator throughout the day. It makes a boring day a great day.

I just graduated and planned on getting a job to save for college. Take a year or two off and save enough to pay for my degree. One of my family's I babysit for was sad to see me quit. They drew up a job proposal that would allow me to go-to the local University and get my degree while I simply stayed at their home and sat and helped while I got my degree. They were both professors at it and had connections.

I thought it would be wonderful. I would get my degree and have money to spend while simply doing what comes naturally.

My mom was thankful and welcomed the help paying for my schooling.

The family was great. It was Jarod, the dad. Mary was the mom. They had twin girls aged eight now. They were both angels and looked just like their mom.

Things were starting off great. They helped me move in and let me get settled. I would have the twin girls most of the day as they still had summer semester to teach.

First couple weeks went by quickly. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then one night after the girls were in bed, I was watching TV in the living room. Mary came through completely naked. She sat down beside me and lit up a cigarette. She was all sweaty and her hair had some white stuff in it.

Mary asked, " Are you ok with my nudity?"

I replied, " It is fine, it is your house after all."

Mary went on, "Jarod is so darn big it takes forever for me to get him off. He is so turned on by the way those college girls dress during the summer it is hard to quell his monster. "

Just then Jarod walked in still hard as ever. He sat down next to his wife. His tool is still standing on end. The whole shaft and tip glistened with juices all over it.

Mary reached over and put out her cigarette. She then climbed aboard his lap and started riding him right next to me.

I was just in a tee with no panties. It was starting to turn me on watching them. I reached out and grabbed Mary's hand and pulled it under my t-shirt. I placed it on my kitty. It was starting to get wet. I used her hand to rub my nubbin. I pulled off my shirt to reveal my beautiful breasts. I was creaming from Mary playing with me. It felt great. Jarod reached over and was playing with my nipples which helped. I was coating her hand with my juices as I noticed Jarod watching us.

I stood up on the couch and straddled his face and spread my lips open so he could taste my juices. He was very shocked but accommodating. His long tongue darted in between my lips and onto my nubbin. He massaged it with his tongue. He was extremely talented. He was moaning the whole time because Mary was still riding him hard. His hot breath hitting my love nest was so intense. I could not hold back anymore. My body was shaking, and my juices started pouring out of my body. He was keeping pace and swallowing every bit of my sweet tea.

I spun around and got close enough to lick on Mary's nubbin while she was riding Jarod. His rod was so engorged, and he was coated in Mary's juice. She was pounding the hell out of him. She climaxed two more times while I was licking her nubbin.

Finally, Mary was slick with sweat and stood up. "It is your turn," she said.

I straddled Jarod's rod facing away from him so I could use either hole I wanted. I took him into my kitty first. Mary got on her knees in front of us and started licking my kitty.

I had to force his huge rod into my tight kitty. It was so wide and long. He was bigger than anyone I had with. My walls made way but felt everything. Even his pulsating rod quivering as I slid down his pole.

I looked down and Mary was massaging his balls as I rode up and down. Her tongue is still working on my hard little nubbin.

It was all too much. I felt like a virgin again. With Mary now sucking on my hard little nubbin and Jarod deep in me I was overwhelmed. My whole body was quaking. I let out a loud moan and released my first of many climaxes.

Jarod was close to exploding and Mary quickly pulled him from my hot nest and sucked his juices down her throat. He was moaning so loud. He kept jerking with each spasm. He was dumping a huge load into her throat. I watched as some drizzled out the sides of her mouth.

I pulled Mary up and started kissing her and licking up the leftovers. It was so good. I could not get enough. I wanted a hot load for myself. I got on my knees and stuffed his semi-erect rod into my mouth. I started sucking on it like lollypop. His head began to plump up. His rod followed. He was huge once again. His tip was extremely sensitive. I stayed working it. Biting on his tip and licking it. Then I would just suck the head into my mouth. I sucked with all my might. My nipples were so hard from the thoughts of what was happening. I grabbed his balls and massaged them nice and easy. Stroking them now hanging so low from the work of my love nest. He unloaded a heavy load. I hoped he had more. I grabbed the bottom of his shaft and massaged it while sucking the tip. My other hand I pressed my pinkie finger into his bottom. Slowly moving it back and forth. His rod started throbbing even more. He was so close. I took him into my throat and licked his balls with my tongue. That was all he needed. He was exploding again. It was better than before. He grabbed my head and held me there as I sucked down his juices. Swallowing his juices. He was totally drained. He let go of my head and laid back. His legs were still bouncing from the ordeal. His juices tasted sweet somewhat, but still salty.

Mary had been watching us and she was masturbating just watching us together. I grabbed my purse and pulled out my vibrator and went to work on Mary. I parted her lips. Turned on my vibrator and slipped it into her love nest. I started licking her nubbin. She was so sweet tasting. She tasted way better than Jarod. I was busy stroking long slow strokes in and out. My tongue licking her hard little nubbin. She was oozing all over the carpet as her juices flowed freely. Her body dripped wet from sweat. Her kitty dripping wet from all the excitement. She was in a constant state of moaning.

Jarod passed out on the couch and was now snoring. His limp rod just flopping around. It looked cute bouncing around all limps. Mary was wiping herself off with a towel she had grabbed from the kitchen cupboard.

I grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures of Jarod and Mary. Mary got into it and started posing for me. We had twenty, thirty pictures and then she grabbed her phone. She started taking photos of me. I grabbed my vibrator and put on a show. Mary just started filming it now. I gave a great performance. I rubbed myself off while sliding my vibrator in and out.

Mary was getting into it so much. She grabbed Jarod’s phone and we made a special ringtone for him to ring whenever we called. It was both of us moaning and saying give it to us hard Jarod. It was wonderful.

Mary had grabbed us some night caps and then she started talking to me real seriously. She started going into detail, really detailed detail. She was saying that Jarod has been able to get extremely hard but here of late I could never make him shoot his load. Like tonight we were at it for two hours before we came out. His rod is wonderful, but I just cannot get it to perform. He enjoyed you so much and he did explode twice. It has been nearly two years since he has done that. We were thinking of going to a counselor, but it seems we found his problem. He needs a nice young kitty to make him purr. We do not want to give you the wrong idea but since you are so good with handling his tool, we thought you could fill in the gap. You could do your schoolwork and take care of the girls. We will have our fun after they and you have been taken care of. We would like for you to sleep in our bed too. He has a massive hard-on when he gets up and it takes forever for me to calm it now. I figure if you slept with us, you could slide it into something before, he gets up and have its half-way there by the time he gets up. I mean if you like the idea. It would make my life much better. He has worn me out with his huge tool in my body for hours every day. It would let me get something done around here.

Mary went on and on. Basically, she wanted me to be Jarod’s little helper, and take care of the home and kids. She said she would make sure the money would match the services. She was loaded from her parents, passing on and leaving her a great deal of money. I told her it was a no brainer, and I would love to help even more around the home.

As the time went, I just started wearing a bikini around the house. It was easy access for you know what. They had a wonderful ground pool, so it made sense as a lot of our adventures lead to the pool. I showed Mary many a trick to get him off and as time went along Mary was able to please him even better than me now.


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